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GF Ferre shirt HK$950 – HK$990 Moschino pants HK$1,390 Converse sneakers HK$259 – HK$299

Ferrari top HK$650 – HK$750 Diesel jeans HK$1,250 Step 2 sandals HK$890

Burberry shirt HK$1,200 – HK$1,300 Diesel jeans HK$1,450 Adidas sneakers HK$459

Pacific Place Seibu Pacific Place, 88 Queensway Tel. 2971 3888

Scotch & Soda checked shirt HK$750 Rare top HK$650 – HK$690 Scotch & Soda pants HK$950 Diesel sneakers HK$1,190 – HK$1,250

Become a fan of Seibu Hong Kong

Scotch & Soda printed top HK$650 Evisu jeans HK$1,290 Camper sandals HK$699 – HK$899

Left Replay & Son top HK$450 – HK$490 Right Scotch & Soda checked shirt HK$750

Replay & Son jacket HK$1,390 – HK$1,450 Evisu top HK$550 Replay & Son jeans HK$1,290 – HK$1,350 Diesel sneakers HK$1,050 – HK$1,150

Give your active youngster som e str with these cool and casual pieces eet cred up with his energy and free spirit. that keep playtime clothes, you will have himPerfect best and trendiest without a fus looking his s. Rare jacket HK$1,390 – HK$1,490 GF Ferre top HK$750 – HK$850 Moschino jeans HK$1,650 – HK$1,750 Diesel shoes HK$1,190 – HK$1,250

Moschino top HK$590 – HK$790 D&G jeans HK$1,550 – HK$1,750 Converse sneakers HK$299

Causeway Bay

S ho p 2 0 1 , W i n d s o r H o u s e , C a u s e w a y B a y

Te l : 2 8 9 5 3 8 0 8


B u c k l e M y S h o e , L 1 , P a c i f i c P l a c e S e i b u , 8 8 Q u e e n s w a y, A d m i r a l t y

Te l : 2 9 71 38 8 8 Te l : 2 3 5 6 8 0 7 7


S ho p B 4 4 , B a s e m e n t , Tr e a s u r e W o r l d , S i t e 1 1 , W h a m p o a


5 / F, N e w Ya o h a n , A v e n i d a C o m e r c i a l d e M a c a u


W a ngj i ng O n e C i t y C e n t e r , C h a o y a n g B e i j i n g


Bagou Hualian Wanliu Center, Haidian Beijing

3/ .





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