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What is the Adopt-A-Block Clean Neighborhoods Program? This program is designed to encourage volunteers from neighborhood associations, businesses, schools, churches, and civic groups to work in partnership with the City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Services Department to keep their neighborhoods safe and clean. You can improve the quality of life in your neighborhood by working with your neighbors and/or community partners to report violations such as graffiti, weeds, junk cars and abandoned buildings as well as report trash and debris in streets and curb lanes. Help educate your neighbors about city codes by distributing information or request a speaker for a neighborhood meeting. Work with the city to conduct neighborhood clean-ups that can make the difference for you and your neighbors.

Who is Eligible? All registered neighborhood based organizations as well as any business, school, church or civic group are welcome to participate. If you are not sure whether you are within a registered neighborhood based organization or if your group is looking to partner with an organization, contact the Adopt a Block Coordinator at 229-5406.

How Do I Get Involved?  Work with the Neighborhood Initiatives division to determine your Adopt-A-Block Clean Neighborhoods boundaries.  Conduct a general meeting with the neighborhood to garner interest and commitment.  Submit a list of volunteers who will commit to monitoring the neighborhood.

Responsibilities of Volunteers:  Monitor adopted neighborhood, and report violations as necessary for: o Graffiti o High weeds o Inoperable/junk cars o Abandoned buildings and buildings with code violations o Cleanliness of curb lanes in public rights-of-way  Conduct community driven cleanups to remove trash and debris:  Submit violation reports  Submit requests for assistance  Work with neighbors and partnering groups to maintain their properties

Neighborhood Benefits:  Adopted neighborhoods will be provided litterbags, gloves and tools to conduct resident driven neighborhood clean-ups. The City will pick up and dispose of full litterbags by the next business day.  Adopted neighborhoods will have access to city staff for assistance on the Adopt-A-Block program, including: • Scheduling and coordination of neighborhood clean-ups and related events; • Neighborhood meetings to explain the program and answer program questions; • Provide status reports as requested.

CITY OF LAS VEGAS ADOPT-A-BLOCK CLEAN NEIGHBORHOODS PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT The City of Las Vegas genuinely appreciates the time and energy of individuals in neighborhood associations and/or community organizations, and businesses that are committed to helping make Las Vegas neighborhoods safer and cleaner. Thank you for volunteering as an Adopt-A-Block Clean Neighborhoods sponsor. Name of Adopting Organization_________________________________________________ Primary Contact Person: __________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________ State: _________________ Zip: _____________________ Phone: ______________________ Fax: ___________________________ Cell: ____________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________________________ Boundaries of Adopt-A-Block Clean Neighborhoods Area: North ________________________ South ____________________________________ East __________________________ West ____________________________________ For a period of one year from the date of this agreement, the adopting organization agrees to:  Monitor their adopted areas monthly, distribute educational materials, conduct informational meetings, clean-ups and report violations as necessary, for trash and debris, graffiti, high weeds and/or inoperable/junk cars, abandoned buildings and buildings with code violations, and cleanliness of curb lanes in public rights-of-way  Submit monthly reports and requests for assistance on the above activities to the City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Services Department Adopt a Block Coordinator  Work with neighbors to maintain their properties  Help educate neighbors about City codes relating to property maintenance The City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Services Department agrees to:  Respond to requests for assistance (graffiti removal, notices of violation, etc.) in a timely fashion  Provide litterbags and pick up bagged litter  Recognize sponsoring organizations with an Adopt a Block sign after one year of successful participation in the Adopt a Block program. I understand, and agree to, the terms and conditions of this Adopt-A-Block Clean Neighborhoods Agreement: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Primary Contact Person Date ____________________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Neighborhood Association President/Contact (if applicable) Date

CITY OF LAS VEGAS ADOPT-A-BLOCK CLEAN NEIGHBORHOODS PROGRAM VIOLATION REPORT Please submit the following information for your neighborhood’s violation report to the phone, fax or email listed below. If there are no violations for the month, please submit that information in the report. The Adopt a Block Coordinator must receive a neighborhood report at least once a month. Phone: 229- 5406 Fax: 598-3938 Email: • Name of Sponsoring Organization _________________________________________________ • Contact Person: _________________________

• Phone Number: _______________

• Report Submittal Date: _____________________ • Email Address: _______________ • Address of each violation and a brief description (use a separate page if necessary): ___________________________

• Remember to monitor the neighborhood at least once a month. Report any trash and debris, graffiti, high weeds, inoperable/junk cars, abandoned buildings and/or buildings with code violations, and cleanliness of curb lanes in public rights-of-way. You may observe these violations during your normal daily trips whether you are on your way to work, the grocery store or just out for a walk. • If you have other questions about the Adopt-A-Block program, or need any assistance for your area, please call Lisa Campbell at 229 - 5406.

Adopt a Block Clean Neighborhoods Volunteer Project Report Thank you for volunteering and partnering with the city of Las Vegas. We appreciate your interest and efforts Group Name: ________________________________________________________________ Contact Name: _______________________________________________________________ Contact Phone Number: _______________________________________________________ Project Type:




If this is another type of project, please describe:

Project Date: ___________________________________________ Project Location: _____________________________________________________________ Total Number of Volunteers:

Total Number of project hours:

Comments: _________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Please also submit: 1. before picture of project 2. after picture of project 3. group photo 4. any other information you would like Please fax, email or mail to: Adopt a Block Coordinator Fax: (702) 598-3938 Email:, Mail: City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Services Department 400 Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101


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