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narrative. Contractors and developers may destroy physical evidence of a people’s existence and cover it with their own objects of importance. But the ineradicable essence of those former inhabitants will always remain. A place remembers even when it seems to forget. The new face of the Suncrest Town Center does little to erase the history of the place itself. Simply because we cannot name it does not mean it is not there, or that we cannot feel it. As at any vanishing point, the lingering weight of history refuses to be lifted, and it hangs over that place like a shroud. History does not favor the righteous or the wicked. When our civilization erodes or is conquered, only our history shields us from



oblivion. The monuments we build will be torn down, our homes razed and built over. Our graveyards will be paved or plowed under. But what will always remain will be our history and its sometimes invisible, yet pressing, presence. Sherwin reminds us that our places have memories, ones that can be seen even as they vanish.


Mural, Point Pleasant Riverfront Park, Point Pleasant, WV 2012 Opposite (from top)

Soybean Field, Buffalo, WV 2012

Grave Creek Mound, Moundsville, WV 2012

Joe Brennan is an artist/collector working at Sotheby’s as a Union Property Handler. He lives with his wife, their baby girl, and chihuahua in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

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