Global Digital Excellence Awards 2021 - Book of the Night

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Peak Ace AG

Established in 2007, Peak Ace AG is an integrated performance marketing agency based in Berlin, Germany – a one-stop shop for flexible, data-driven solutions for performance marketing channels, including paid advertising, organic search (SEO), content marketing and marketing technologies (CRO & digital analytics).

WebDigital Elevated Performance

The award for Global Biddable Agency of the Year would be an honour treasured, earned and shared by every one of our Peak Acers. It’s the people that make Peak Ace great. We live by the philosophy that fostering a culture of mutual respect and inclusion makes for the best work for our clients. In 2020, we have shown how investing in your employees garners incredible results, company-wide – for brand recognition, client acquisitions and growth.   Anyone can start an agency with the goal to turn a profit. But we believe that making sure your employees are the fabric of your company culture, empowered to drive the business forward and, most importantly, passionate about the work they do – that’s how you build a successful and sustainable agency.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS The winning agency for this category displayed incredibly strong client examples with impressive results, highlighting their attention to detail and their performance driven culture. We as judges appreciate that this last 12 months has proven extremely challenging to keep motivation and job satisfaction up. It was fantastic to see this agency gaining consistent feedback, did check-ins and provided wider initiatives to allow senior team members to keep their teams engaged.