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Cast of Characters Trenton the Eighth The eighth high king of the city-state Trentonium. Morick Wizard and sometimes ally of the eighth, now driven completely mad. Raphael Morninglight Celestial messenger of Michael Crucible, the greatest god of good in the lands of Mythas. Scene The Red Desert Time Early morning right after the destruction of the Blessed by the wizard Avestamese.

ACT I SCENE 1 Setting A bright a desolate desert composed mainly of red rocks and sand. AT RISE: Trenton the Eighth is dragging the unconscious body of Morick the Wizard through the desert almost absentmindedly. His armor is singed and damaged, and both men seem to be injured. MORICK I kill ya, kill you all. TRENTON pauses for a moment letting go of the back of Morick's shirt, and touches the bleeding wound on his side. To MORICK, pulling a leather bladder of water from his belt. TRENTON Yes you want to kill everyone, and that most certainly includes me. But we are in the desert and if you throw another of your fits it could very well be the death of both of us. TRENTON drinks from the bladder. MORICK I kill ya, kill you. MORICK pauses looking back at TRENTON. TRENTON What is it? MORICK hangs his tongue out and starts panting like a dog. TRENTON goes over to him and pours some of the water into his mouth.

I-1-3 TRENTON Satisfied? Morick I... TRENTON What? I wouldn't think that the madness that infects you'd be so easily cured by so few drops of water. MORICK I kill ya, I kill you, I kill you. MORICK smiles. And suddenly TRENTON drops to both knees. TRENTON I don't know. Too much desert, too injured. I'm starting to think that I'll never see my beloved Trentonium again. MORICK Kill you. TRENTON Yes Morick, death is coming. It's coming for both of us. after we are dead, only Ravan will remain of the Blessed.


TRENTON spits onto the desert floor. TRENTON My wife, she whose rage and Avestamese's hand was the death of so many of the others. Those vain enough to believe that by sole right of being gifted by the gods they deserved to be called the Blessed. MORICK I kill ya, I kill you, I kill you. Lightning flashes and thunder roars from the left side of the stage, and RAPHAEL enters the scene. RAPHAEL Behold for I have come. TRENTON If you are death then I'm glad. Although I admit your appearance is far more pleasant than I had expected. RAPHAEL smiles.

I-1-4 RAPHAEL I'm not Death, high king of Trentonium. I am Raphael, one of the divine messengers of Michael Crucible. And I haven't come to take you. I've come to relate to both of you that all hope isn't lost. TRENTON looks down at his own wounds and then at MORICK. TRENTON It isn't? RAPHAEL No. Certainly not. For this world is the domain of his most righteous Michael Crucible. And he cares so much for all that he wouldn't let everything fall into such despair. TRENTON Crucible? RAPHAEL Yes, it is Michael who sent me, his messenger to the both of you to give you good tidings and hopefully restore both of your hope and faith. TRENTON Restore? RAPHAEL Yes. TRENTON By saving us? RAPHAEL takes a long drawn out pause. RAPHAEL No. Not directly, but the message I have to share with you will surely ease your troubled mind. TRENTON gets back on his feet. TRENTON Sadly I'm not surprised. So relate to us your message from the most divine god of the West. And leave us to our bitterness, and our despair. MORICK I kill you, kill you.

I-1-5 RAPHAEL Very well king of the middle region. Michael Crucible instructed me that the two of you, as former members of the group fortuitous to be blessed by the gods, that all is not lost. Although the majority of the Blessed were slaughtered by the former student of Morick the Mage... TRENTON ...Or driven mad. MORICK I kill ya, I kill you, I kill you. RAPHAEL Avestamese was a villain most foul. Of that there can be no doubt. But Michael Crucible loves the world so much that he'll not allow the actions of one man to plunge everything into despair and desolation. Therefore he's used his vast powers to save it once again. MORICK I kill you. TRENTON Quiet Morick. TRENTON turns to Raphael. TRENTON Please continue. RAPHAEL As I was saying. Once again the divine hand of Michael Crucible reaches down to a mortal world in deep need of salvation. And therefore he's used his most righteous powers to resurrect Neri, grand and just warrior Queen of Staverlarium. TRENTON What? RAPHAEL Yes so this is not a time for despair. For Michael Crucible has restored Neri to the world. For it has a deep need for her guidance. TRENTON Guidance that she receives directly from him. RAPHAEL Yes.


And what about the others?

Very appropriate.

I-1-6 RAPHAEL The others? TRENTON Yes the others. The rest of the Blessed that were brutally slain or driven mad. What will the greatest god of good do for them? RAPHAEL They were not his to save. TRENTON Is he not the greatest of all gods? RAPHAEL Yes. But they were not his to save. And their lives were not so crucial for the salvation of the world. TRENTON But Neri's life was? RAPHAEL Indeed it was. TRENTON Neri was crucial for the salvation of the world? RAPHAEL That is correct. TRENTON But no one else? RAPHAEL No Trentonium king. No other member of the Blessed will be brought back from the dead by his hand. But it's his hope that the knowledge of Neri's resurrection will ease the mind of you and the man she was to marry. MORICK I kill ya, kill you. TRENTON slumps down to the ground as if mortally wounded. Raphael rushes to his side. Are you alright high king?

RAPHAEL Your face suddenly turns so pale.

TRENTON pushes Raphael's hand away from his and starts lAUGHING.

I-1-7 MORICK I kill ya, kill you, kill you. RAPHAEL Has madness overcome every surviving member of the Blessed besides Neri? TRENTON pulls his sword and menacingly approaches RAPHAEL. TRENTON None of us survived.

She did not survive!

Not as we were.

RAPHAEL Aye but you are wrong. For Neri was completely restored body and soul. And all the damage that was done to her by Avestamese and your wife was undone. I should kill you. spoken.

TRENTON I should kill you for the words that you've

RAPHAEL You would do well to respect those that are greater than yourself. You're injured, and at best only half-divine. And I would rather not have to kill you. TRENTON More of the even-handedness of Michael Crucible? He won't save me or any of the others, but his messenger won't kill me. RAPHAEL Unless I have to. MORICK I kill you, kill you, kill you. TRENTON laughs. TRENTON Very well Raphael, divine messenger of Michael Crucible. My apologies for being so audacious as to threaten one such as yourself. Raphael bows. You are forgiven. so. Troubled?

RAPHAEL And I'm sorry that my message has troubled you

TRENTON I guess in a way it did. (MORE)

I-1-8 TRENTON (CONT'D) These last few days have been very difficult, even for a man who is as you say half-divine. So again I hope that you'll forgive my rudeness, and possibly return a message to your lord Michael Crucible. Fair enough.

RAPHAEL What is your message?

TRENTON Tell him that in his own way he's saved me from the death and despair that crept in after Avestamese and his men nearly killed me. Tell him that both are replaced by despite for him, and all of the gods of Mythas. For all their malicious tampering. RAPHAEL Is that all? No.

TRENTON I also have a message for Neri. RAPHAEL

Go ahead. TRENTON Tell her that I lament because she's under the protection of the most powerful of the gods. TRENTON walks over to MORICK. TRENTON So I'll console myself by taking her love away, and putting him in a place where even Michael Crucible would have to crack the very world asunder to retrieve him. MORICK I kill you, kill you, kill you. RAPHAEL exits to the LEFT. And TRENTON exits to the RIGHT dragging MORICK along with him. THE END.

The Final Act of the Blessed and the Cursed  

This is the last act of a play that I am planning to use excerpts in my third novel in the novel series "The Drink of the Gods".

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