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Don Stolan JRN371 October 14, 2012 Week 6 Dr. Pearson

Freelance Assignment #3

So I had some success last time writing and bidding for a job that I was offered but did not end up taking. I decided to use many of the same principles in this weeks assignment as well. However, this week I wanted to look for a different kind of article one that I could use the How-to article and online press releases to showcase my ability in financial writing, as well as writing press releases. I really wanted to write a press release for a company. I found a company that wants web articles and press releases based on credit. I logged into Elance and searched financial while filtering for press releases on the left side. The filter option really allows you to focus more on what you are looking for, although the results will be fewer they will be more specialized for what you are looking for. I learned a big lesson last time, that is not every job is what it is cracked up to be. You have to ask questions, and find out more about the assignment before you take it on. The job I was offered was to create fake online posts for a company reviewing there website, like I was a client. I would not want to be deceived this way online, as I am an avid user of customer feedback in my purchasing decisions. I really read through the postings thoroughly weeding out any that seemed fishy or not on par with my moral compass. I selected a company that does credit monitoring, they had a goal not just to promote there company but also to educate the consumer, there post was straight forward and more detailed than others. I bid at 70 an hour for my expertise included my article on How to approve yourself for a mortgageas well as the press releases published on yahoo and yahoo finance. I am confident that my bid although I think is at the top of the budget range will be considered for the job. I used the simple formula to indicate a passion, touch on my success and unique selling proposition and briefly give the impression that I understood the task at hand and how to complete it.


Freelance Assignment 3  
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