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Every Adventurer needs to recharge and refresh, but keeping with the adventuring spirit dive into the Korean Culture without leaving comfortable Orange County. As you enter ISpa Irvine you are greeted with a traditional bow. Traditional Korean culture emphasized the importance of an intricate greeting system. As early as in the Three Kingdoms period (57 B.C. until A.D. 669), Koreans used more than 100 gestures when greeting, each appropriate for a specific situation with respect to one's gender, location, degree of respect and seniority. (Pfc. Hwang Joon-hyun) In modern times, however, bowing in Korea is a part of everyday life. It is sometimes nothing more than a little gesture to go along with a 'thank you' or 'excuse me.' To make a polite bow, simply lower your upper body by about 15 degrees as a sign of courtesy. You do not have to bow to your close friends, but it is never a bad idea to bow as you say hello to an elderly person. Feel free to return the bow upon entry, but it is not required. Upon paying the $25 entry fee you are handed a pair of shorts and a shirt along with a locker key. The locker key has a number which is used for charging additional services with. Once you enter the men's or woman's locker rooms you will notice a small locker, this is for your shoes and socks. The number on the key corresponds to the locker number. Once you get inside the main locker room you will find a large locker for the remainder of your items with your key number. The interior locker room rivals the look and appeal of any other day spa you would expect to find in a Las Vegas Hotel, equipped with multiple jacuzzis ranging in temperatures from ice cold to scolding hot, steam rooms and sauna, complimentary toiletries, showers and a relaxation room. What make this place an adventure is the bathhouse or Jjimjilbangs, it is not really a bathhouse as you would expect from television. This section is co-ed and the shorts and shirt you were given at the front are required to be worn. The Jjimjilbangs area boasts several saunas that have different healing properties. With names like fire room and forest room you will think you are in a whole different world takes an adventuring attitude to give them all a try. There are five saunas in total The fire room is built using imported red clay bricks that exert far-infrared ration and produces minerals that cause a cathartic effect which helps the body heal and eliminates waste, it also provides a calming sensation. The Sadatorium has not opened yet as they are still waiting for permits but has similar healing properties to the fire room, the forest room, is lined with aromatic wood that exerts a chemical called terpene. It is known to help with problematic skin and calming nerves. The ice room amounts to a large refrigerator that help cool down heated muscles, eliminates wrinkles and improves elasticity in rough skin by contracting blood vessels. The most unique room is the organic Himalayan salt room. The salt in this room absorbs bodily toxins to provide speedy cell repair, enhance the immune system, and prevent the body from becoming acidic. Resulting physical improvements also help increase skin elasticity. it is also beneficial for its ability to disinfect bacteria and treat chronic fatigue. From the moment you walk in you will be amazed at the difference in culture this 35,000 square foot spa has to offer. The floor is all radiant heated, everyone is relaxing and laying on the floor, the back drop is of an ancient Korean building or stage. Part of the Jjimjilbangs includes a cafeteria with authentic Korean food and deserts with short tables and seating on the heated floor. There are traditional style meeting rooms. The Jjimjilbangs is a great place to bring your ipad, as they have free WiFi and plan your next adventure, take in the spirit of Korea right here in Orange County, they are open until midnight and offer services such as massages, haircuts, and hot shaves for men. Children are welcome too with there own play area, leave yourself a

few hours and treat yourself to one of their massages, where they hold on to rails in the ceiling and walk on your back. It takes some trust but is quite amazing. ISpa Irvine located across The District shopping center on Barranca and Jamboree (Pfc. Hwang Joon-hyun)

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