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Who we are Crown Interactive delivers innovative, cost-effective, service aggregation solutions to the Telecom, Media and Technology-based sectors. Starting in 2005, this London-based business has gained ground-breaking expertise integrating business systems with evolving information technology. Based on the local demands of emerging markets, a new operation has been launched with head office in Lagos, Nigeria. Our uniquely qualified and highly skilled team includes a diverse make-up of Nigerian and international technology professionals. The company is guided by our operating principles of professionalism, integrity, efficiency, innovation, and unsurpassed customer service. Crown Interactive is launching a world-class Service Aggregator platform in Nigeria using the cutting edge Infonova Business Support Systems (BSS) platform. The service offering includes comprehensive order-to-cash services for local and international service providers who are seeking to outsource their business support systems with a minimum of capital expenditure. Additionally, Crown Interactive has established a Nigerian-based products operation with exclusive distribution rights to provide highly innovative 3G data and voice Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) for individual consumers and small-to-medium businesses.

Who we help Whether you are a channel partner (such as a retail outlet) or a service provider, we can help you to see the benefits of our services and products. We can provide services and devices for telecommunications companies, ISPs, media providers, utility service providers and device manufacturers, just to mention just a few. If you have a customer base that you provide services to, our system can help you to grow your business and increase your average revenue per customer. With our help, you can increase your average revenue from your existing customer base and also increase your customer base itself in a cost effective way, which can reduce overheads and increase your efficiency.

How we help solve challenges We understand that you are likely to face challenges such as how to attract new customers, how to increase average revenue per user, and how to expand your consumer base. You may be looking to offer a more-user friendly environment, and to work with other service providers and channel partners to bundle complex products. We can help you put the pieces of your puzzle together.

Crown Interactive can offer you differentiated products and services. Some of the solutions we offer include: - Selling value added services with minimal increase on capital expenditure - Expanding your user base by enabling channels and service providers to collaborate and bundle complex products under one umbrella and revenue share. - Proving a pre-integrated system and fully fledged convergent solution - Making revenue assurance easier, with billing, collections, debt recovery and fraud all handled within our system - Enabling you to respond dynamically changing per month the partners you collaborate with and products sold - Offering Triple/Quad play for purchase online - Responding rapidly to a changing market and to demanding customer requirements - Providing expert consulting and training services - Providing 3G customer premise equipment - Raising revenue while saving money! [Note: the above section may be rewritten.]

Our products and services A key component of Crown Interactive’s offering in Nigeria is our world-class Service Aggregator platform in Nigeria using the cutting edge Infonova Business Support Systems (BSS) platform. In addition, we offer further products and services, including expert consulting services, training and 3G customer premise equipment.

Introducing our multi-tenant platform for Nigeria Crown Interactive exclusively offers Infonova’s multi-tenant OnDemand Next Generation Business Support Systems (BSS) to the Nigerian market. This platform provides easy interconnectivity between Channel Partners and Service Providers. The platform enables: Easy Cross Selling / Up Selling

Increased Average Revenue per User (ARPU)

Expanded Customer Base

The specifics of our platform Crown Interactive brings you a simple, intuitive and highly automated system which will synchronize with existing systems or replace them. It is: · Designed to manage your entire portfolio, customer base and business partner relationships · Front and back office BSS fully designed in Java as a multi-layer “multitenant” platform · End-to-end order-to-cash solution for consumer, business, wholesale and white label service portfolios · Specifically designed for Telco 1.0 and 2.0 multi-layer business models and expanded to meet the needs of ISPs and utility companies · Service providers (Virtual Service Providers) and channel partners (virtual service operators or tenants) get their own product management configuration, customer management, fulfilment, billing and collections capabilities · Web-based applications for operators, CSRs, end customers and channel partners · Includes workflow management notification & end task management, reporting and analysis and WebAC framework

Managing and linking together products and services Above all, our multi-tenant OnDemand Next Generation Business Support Systems (BSS) platform adds value by helping you manage and link together a variety of products and services including: Platform and Business Management - Deal with service providers and their services in a contractual way - Empower each tenant to bundle and price services for their target customers - Manage multiple sales channels Use Content Management applications Product Management - Bundle and price legacy and next generation services in consolidated catalogues - Centralise and synchronise product information

Customer Management - Customer Relationship Management - Customer Self Management - Ticket Management Order Management



Our Consulting Services Crown Interactive provides best practice consultants, who are subject matter experts in service management. Crown Interactive consultants maintain valuable business expertise by constantly keeping abreast of industry trends. Crown Interactive is a member of TM Forum and also of various Technology Partners Networks. These Industry relationships allow Crown Interactive consultants to deliver solutions that are fit for purpose and easily scalable.

Our Training Services Crown Interactive provides both corporate and individual training. Our aim is to deliver a very high standard of training to all our clients in Business Analysis and Software Testing. As a Business Analysis consulting firm our consultants and trainers have the industry experience and are not just teaching from a theoretical perspective. All our existing clients have found our courses extremely useful and practical and their successes shows that our training programs add value to our clients and help them achieve high performance in their job.

3G Customer Premise Equipment Crown Interactive is pleased to offer unique equipment that can be used for both home and office. . . [Further details to follow here, ideally with pictures of the Nigeria at 50 device and the Homeplug.]

Helping you make your next move Why choose Crown Interactive? Crown Interactive… · Unifies, simplifies and automates critical customer service processes · Offers time-responsive and cost-effective solutions · Improves your CSR and Service Agent experience across your existing OSS and BSS systems · Complies with regulatory policies and procedures · Uses the eTOM framework to validate the enterprise processes · Applies best practices obtained from our various projects · Highlights areas for improvement through Business Process Re-engineering and Technology How to contact us? Contact or stop by our Lagos office. . . Visit us website . . .


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