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18 Guerilla Weight Loss Tips You Can Implement Instantly


Let's be clear on one thing.


Tips, rules, tools, myths, secrets, solutions, or miracles. Whenever you look, the choices are bewildering.

This series of articles will cover 105 key points, across 11 categories - from choice of food to diningout tactics, worst mistakes, craving-busters, the best gadgets, etc.

Experts in health, nutrition, and fitness have been asked to rank these selections. If you're looking for an easy fix, sorry, can't help you here. What you'll discover instead, are tactics professionals agreed upon to be the best ways to lose and keep off the kilos for a healthy lifetime.

Dining Out

Advice from our experts were unanimous - try your very best to back away from the all-you-caneat buffet. It could be the open invitation, or the feast-or-famine hard-wiring in our DNA. In actual fact, with a well-thought-out selection, few of us will walk away from the smorgasbord of calories. Research has shown that the more varied choices there are in front of us at any meal, the more calories we will consume. Which leads neatly to the second and third strategies here.

1. Avoid all-you-can-eat buffets. 2. Order entree-sized meals for yourself or share a main. 3. Forget dining etiquette: You don't need to clear your plate. 4. Keep your hands off garlic bread and herb breads.

5. Order dressings or sauces on the side. 6. Opt for tomato-based sauces on pasta. 7. For desert, choose sorbets or fruit salads. Or don't even have it. 8. Fill up on water.

What's on

r u o Y

? e t a l P

How do we decide on good rules to eat and drink by with so many choices?

Actually, it's clear: simpler is always the healthier option.

6. Low-GI foods such as oats, legumes and sweet potato. 7. Foods low in saturated and trans fats such as rice, nuts and pasta. 8. Low-fat dairy foods such as skim milk and low fat yogurt. 9 Zero-calorie teas. 10. Spicy foods that may speed up your metabolism, such as chili.

1. Unprocessed foods - those closest to their natural state. 2. "Naked" foods: fresh fruit and vegetables not covered in fat, salt or sugar. 3. Protein from lean animals, fish and/or plants sources at every meal (eg, skinless chicken, salmon or beans). 4. High-fibre foods such as wholegrain breads and sweet potato. 5. Plain water (up to eight glasses a day).

Do something everyday and gradually, it becomes second nature. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to take up the most effective methods and make them part of our everyday lives.

"The best time of the day to exercise is when you can do it and the best exercise is the one you like and can do regularly." -Tim Crowe, Dietitian & Nutrition Sciences If everyone who gets this info forwards it Lecturer to everyone they know, you can be sure that we'll help at least 1 person lose weight. So, please be a true friend and send this article to all the friends you care about.

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Stay tuned for Part 4 of this series!

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