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Making every day count.

Community Benefit Report 2012

As the newest health care system in Illinois, Presence Health has a bold vision to transform health care. It begins in each of our communities as we work together to empower people to achieve better health for themselves and others. Prevention, wellness and collaboration are key. Each of us taking the small steps that change the big picture of health. I invite you to read this report and find examples of what we’re doing to achieve this ambitious goal.

Together, we can make tomorrow better by making sure today counts. — Sandra Bruce, President and CEO, Presence Health

Presence Health at a glance. We are passionate about improving health. Here is a 2012 snapshot of the ways we reached people in their community and the impact we had on everyday life:

22,000+ dedicated employees

2,300,000+ outpatient visits

4,000+ expert physician partners

12 hospitals

90+ primary and specialty care clinics

440,000+ emergency department visits

27 senior care centers 1,300,000+ total days residents

124,000+ hospital admissions

stayed in our senior care centers

8,800+ babies delivered

176,000+ home health visits

847,000+ people served in community benefit programs

The state of our health. Presence Health provides health care access to more than 4.5 million people with over 150 sites of care in Illinois.

Areas we serve

How is the health of our communities? To find out just that, we reached out to collaborate with others—charitable organizations, business leaders, educational institutions and ordinary citizens. Committees were formed in Presence Health service areas to identify the greatest needs and look for the best solutions. Based on these findings, four themes emerged as the highest priority health needs across our communities:

+ Access to Care + Chronic Disease + Obesity + Mental Health

To learn more about the health of each of our communities, please visit

Get the story. Look inside to learn more about Presence Health. You’ll see some of the ways we impact community health, meet a few of the people benefiting from our services and find a listing of some of the programs we’ve set up to tackle the top priorities.

Making an impact with $168 million in community benefit. In 2012, Presence Health’s contributions added up to over $460,000 per day to improve the health of our communities and increase access to care.

$52.3 million Financial Assistance (at cost) The cost of providing free or discounted health services for those who could not afford to pay and met the criteria for financial assistance.

These calculations are based on Internal Revenue Service Form 990, Schedule H. Additional benefits provided by Presence Health include $216 million in bad debt expense and $26 million in Medicare shortfall.

Expanding access to care

Dental care and nutrition Richard McNally is receiving dental care through the Smilehealthy Partnership at Presence Covenant Medical Center. Richard is one of almost 2,000 people who came to the ER in 2012 with dental issues. Smilehealthy is working to increase access to dental care and prevent the need for emergency dentistry. Uninsured patients receive dental treatment and nutrition education while learning the importance of good oral health.

$59.2 million Medicaid (at cost) The unpaid costs of public programs for those with low income or a disability.

$7.6 million Community Health Improvement The cost of providing activities and programs aimed at improving community health, including assessing community needs and program administration.

$34.3 million Health Professions Education The cost of educating future medical professionals in programs that result in a degree, certificate or license in a health care field.

$11.3 million Subsidized Health Services The cost of providing clinical services despite the financial loss to Presence Health.

$389,000 Research The expense of conducting research studies and publicizing the results to increase the health knowledge of community members.

$2.6 million Cash and In-Kind Contributions The value of contributions and services provided to other community organizations.

Fighting chronic disease

Managing diabetes Sandy Herrara learns how to keep tabs on her blood sugar from diabetes educator Rita Famera. Through Life with Diabetes at Presence Mercy Medical Center, Sandy is aiming to be an A1C Achiever, a recognition that will mean she has her diabetes under control. The goal of this program is to improve community health by helping people successfully manage their diabetes over time.

Every day, we address the top health priorities in our communities and change lives for the better through programs like these:

Expanding access to care

Fighting chronic disease

Homebound Elderly Program Presence Life Connections Provides nursing and social services to low-income, socially isolated elderly community residents at no cost, empowering seniors with health challenges to remain in their home rather than a hospital or nursing home.

Fit for Life Presence Resurrection Medical Center, Chicago

New Beginnings Presence Holy Family Medical Center, Des Plaines Offers a healthy start for young, uninsured moms-to-be with comprehensive care throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Includes prenatal exams, education and emotional support.

Women Out Walking Presence Saint Francis Hospital, Evanston

Faith in Action Presence United Samaritans Medical Center, Danville Provides spiritual, emotional and physical support to help seniors stay independent and avoid premature placement in nursing homes. An interfaith network of trained volunteers assists seniors with transportation, shopping, home repairs and more.

Step into Health Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago

Confronting obesity

Summer camp for teens Mia Venegas learned to change her eating and exercise habits at the “We CANDO it” (CANDO—Child’s Awareness on Nutrition, Diabetes and Obesity) summer camp, offered at no cost by Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center. Designed to motivate and educate teenagers on the importance of healthy lifestyle habits, this camp covers everything from self-esteem and puberty to alcohol and drugs.

An 8-week program aimed at helping people develop healthier lifestyle habits. The program combines nutrition education and cooking tips with weekly weigh-ins and exercise classes.

Encourages Evanston women to lead healthier lifestyles and become more active. Physical activity is logged online and educational sessions on women’s health issues are offered to all participants.

This community outreach program presents healthy eating tips and nutritional education to Chicago Public School children in first through fourth grades.

Confronting obesity

Improving mental health

Walking Club at Portage Park Presence Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center, Chicago

Strengthening Families Program Presence Behavioral Health

Promotes fitness and mobility through weekly walking and exercise sessions with a physical therapist. Includes education from dietitians, nurses and occupational therapists. Joliet Partners for Healthy Families Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Joliet In partnership with Joliet schools, parks, community organizations and governmental leaders, this coalition provides after-school programming to students in need. It also assists agencies in making policy, systems and environmental changes to help make Will County a healthier place to live. Fit ‘n Healthy Challenge Presence St. Mary’s Hospital, Kankakee A 10-week health and wellness program aimed at combating obesity through a body, mind and spirit approach. Participants meet for regular exercise sessions and educational workshops, log their daily steps and take advantage of health screenings.

Improving mental health

Day rehab program Every week, occupational therapist Janette Gilmartin of Presence Behavioral Health leads a community-based outing to help her clients work on the basic skills they need to be productive members of society. Janette is empowering her clients with mental illness by teaching them how to cope with symptoms, deal with emotions and restore meaning to their lives.

For Spanish-speaking families with children aged 6–11, this 14-week program teaches conflict resolution, healthy communication and effective parenting skills. Kane County Mental Health Council Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Elgin Presence Mercy Medical Center, Aurora A strategic partnership of caring organizations, the Council was created to improve the quality of life in Kane County through better coordination of mental health services for children and adults. Community Mental Health Action Teams Presence Health As part of a comprehensive effort in our communities, these action teams are working to increase affordable mental health/addiction services and to develop better access and linkages to the services that already exist.

How we define a healthy community. A place where people are connected and everyone feels comfortable, safe and protected. Where people support each other and come together to make life better for themselves, their family and their neighbors. There is a focus on being and staying healthy. And where everyone has access to affordable health care when they need it.

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Inspired by the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, we Presence Health, a Catholic health system, provide compassionate, holistic care with a spirit of healing and hope in the communities we serve.

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Community Benefit Report 2012