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Buddy & Hostfam iGV Department

Dear Applicants, We would like to thank for your interest in taking this role. We know that it will be so hard to communicate and get along with foreigners from other countries through the difference of culture custom and habit. But just believe by doing this role, the impact that you will gain is bigger than you imagine. It isn't for society and AIESEC in UNSRI itself but also yourselves. Before you start to fill this booklet, make sure that you notice all written things, when you believe that all suit your condition, it means that you have been to challenge yourself as an agent in spreading peace. Don't let anything be your barriers exceed your thought, exceed your limitation. Prepare to break your limit through this experience!

Warm Regards, iGV AIESEC in UNSRI

What is Buddy? Buddy is a friend of EP ( Exchange Participant ) who has responsibility to take care, accompany, guided the Exchange Participant when they are doing the Internship in Palembang. Benefits : International relation Present Indonesia culture to foreigners Learn global culture Global experiences

What is Host Family? Host Family is like the EP's homestay and EP's family in here. the EP's is your new family member. we need your help to accomodate EP for stay in our home. In here the EP will be stay for 6 weeks. Benefits : Foreign language speaking practice International friendship experience Present Indonesia culture Learn Foreigner's culture

Important Information Requirements (for Host family) :

Requirements (for buddy) :

Friendly family for the EP

Active Person

High commitment and responsibilities

High commitment and responsibilities

Open minded family


100% understand what EP will do

Mobile and open minded 100% understand what EP will do

Notes :

 Send email :

Fill all the question in each section

To :

All files must be in PDF format


This format of your application file "Buddy-iGV" or "Hostfam-iGV"

Personal Information Full Name Nick Name Gender Place/ Date of Birth Address Email Mobile Phone Home Phone ID Line Instagram Hobby From whom and what you got this opportunity from?

General Question Why do you want to become (Buddy/Hostfam) ? What is your motivation towards that? What do you expect to get from your experience as a buddy/hostfam? What are the main challenges that you might face as a buddy/hostfam ? what will you do in order to overcome them?

Specific Question Why do you think the position of (buddy/hostfams) is important for you? What kind of support should the intern have from buddy and Hostfam? How was your support given by your parents and closest people in your life about your involvement in this role? What kind of your transportation do you have ? Or you usually using public transportation? Please kindly to explain? ( only for buddy ) Can you provide the private room or you will sharing your room with them? Please kindly to explain ( only for hostfam )

Contact Person

Youges Putra Merly Paradika +628-78-9723-6044 @yougesputramp

Booklet for Hostfamily and Buddy Application  
Booklet for Hostfamily and Buddy Application