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Personal Note From Donnie Thank you for being a part of my fan club. For those of you who are new, we produce a newsletter every two months in order to keep you informed on what we are doing, where I am appearing and everything else that is happening in my world. We try to include everything we can that is ready for public consumption. Please keep an eye on our fan page at in order to keep abreast of news as it happens. I hope you are all enjoying the new ninth season of Whose Wedding is it Anyway? . It was certainly a lot of fun to film and we are very proud of it so far. There will be announcements coming soon about the show so stay tuned! You can pre-order my new book at this time. Go to the merchandise section of our main website, It was an amazing appearance writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it when it comes out. I am already in the process of writing my second book right now. No rest for the weary! We will be touring the country doing personal appearances and book signing parties starting in September. Keep an eye on the fan club for appearance dates. If you know of someone that might be interested in bringing me in for a book signing event or expo, let us know. There are lots of other things going on right now and you will see a lot of new information in the following pages so please read on. It will hopefully be of interest to you. I hope you like the look of our new newsletter format. As the fan club continues to grow, we are always striving to bring you a more interesting and comprehensive layout in order to make it more entertaining. I hope you enjoy the upcoming summer months and look forward to hearing from all of you when you have the time. Best regards from your friend,†Donnie

Donnie Brown Merchandise Oh, my! We are a couple of months in to our new project - Donnie Brown Merchandise - and it has been quite a lot of work! So far, we have added Customizable Chocolate products, Nirvana Candles, Personalized Wedding Gifts, and “I Heart Donnie Brown” fanware. You can also find links to pre-order Donnie’s book. We are particularly happy to announce the launch of the fanware. These are items specifically designed with Donnie’s fans in mind. Procucts include women’s clothing, mugs, tote bags, and more. Each item has the “I Heart Donnie Brown” logo. Some of the items have Donnie-isms (his quotes from the show), while

Celebrity Wedding Planner

others are geared for women who are planning to get married - “Bride,” “bride-to-be,” “Momzilla,” “Ringbearer,” etc. We are constantly adding products, so if you do not see something you want, or if you find a section that appears incomplete, know that we are working on it. We have even more stuff coming! We are working to add a really cool

new item, called Wedding Cake

Canopies. You may have seen this item on this season’s “Whose Wedding” episode (episode title: “Three’s Company”). Stay tuned - these arches are amazing! We hope you will take a moment to check out these items. The Customizable Chocolates and the Nirvana Cube Candles are particularly useful for weddings and events!

Check in to the merchandise page at to learn more!

Episodes Available For Purchase Many of Donnie’s episodes from past seasons, as well as other episodes from the series, can be purchased for $1.99 through iTunes. Here are the links to Donnie’s episodes. Just click an episode to go to the associated purchase page in iTunes. Note: you must have iTunes installed to purchase these shows. • Season 9 »» Three’s Company »» Mellow Yellow and the Chicken Fried Wedding Day • Season 8 »» The 20 Most Outrageous Moments »» Gold Medals and Family Matters »» Let Them Eat Meat Cake • Season 7 »» New Years, New Beginnings »» Leading With The Wrong Foot »» An Officer and a Wedding Planner • Season 6 »» Purple Paradise • Season 5 »» First Downs & Second Chances • Season 4 »» Poultry In Motion »» Yo-Ho-Ho! The Sky is Falling!

New episodes of season nine are currently showing - check your local listings. We are still filming and are working on new and exciting things to come your way. Get ready as you will be amazed at what you see!

Donnie Does New York! Donnie




back to New York in June, to do a media tour including television appearances, radio interviews and meetings with editors of major national publications. It is always a whirlwind when he hits the big apple and this is no different. See the upcoming appearances section in this newsletter for where and when to find Donnie live. There will be more added in the days coming so check back with

for updates to his schedule.

We’ve Been Nominated!! We sure could use your help!! The Dallas ABC affiliate, WFAA, is running it’s A-List awards for event professionals in the Dallas area. This is an event where people vote for the best professionals in the Metroplex. Donnie Brown Weddings is one of the contenders for the category of Wedding Planners, and we can use all the votes we can get! Please take a moment to visit the site and vote for us! You do have to register, before you can vote; but, it is very quick. With your help, we could be voted the BEST Wedding Planner in Dallas!!

Media Appearances Recent Articles & Interviews Inspiration by Bridal Canvas 15 May 2009, Vol. 1, Iss. 168 Celebrity Wedding Planner Donnie Brown USA Indulge Magazine 14 May 2009, pg. 28, by: Stephanie Allmon The Wedding Planner USA

Recent Live Broadcast Television Appearances

VIP Magazine 1 May 2009, Vol. 2009, Iss. 5, pg. 12, by: W. Donnie Brown Cooking with Donnie Brown: History of Kentucky Derby Hats USA

Whose Wedding is it Anyway? on Style Network, “Mellow Yellow and the Chicken Fried Wedding Day” Premiered Tuesday, April 12th (In continual repeat) Starring Donnie Brown

Living Well Weddings 24 April 2009, Vol. 2009, Iss. Spring-Summer, pg. 212-215, by: Staff Collective “Living Weddings” Planning Profile Jordan The Knot 20 April 2009, by: Tia Albright Green Weddings: Your Eco-friendly Wedding Guide USA Ultimate Destination Weddings Blog, Interview with Donnie about Destination Wedding Trends Women’s Wear Daily 14 April 2009, Vol. 2009, Iss. April 14, pg. 9, by: Rosemary Feitelberg Bridal Report: Outsmarting the Recession One Bride at a Time USA New York Daily News 12 April 2009, Vol. 2009, Iss. April 12, pg. Lifestyle 1, by: Mark Ellwood For today’s brides going on a reality TV show like Bridezillas can mean really big savings USA

Whose Wedding is it Anyway? on Style Network, “Three’s Company” Premiered Tuesday, April 5th (In continual repeat) Starring Donnie Brown

Arizona Republic 7 April 2009, pg. D-1, by: Randy Cordova Wedding Eyes Happy Endings USA VIP Magazine 1 April 2009, Vol. 3, Iss. 16, pg. 44, by: W. Donnie Brown Cooking with Donnie Brown USA

Look for Donnie in these upcoming Magazine and Newspaper Features Cosmo (July 2009) Lubbock Magazine (July/August 2009) Men’s Health (Later in the year. Date to be determined.) Ft. Worth Star Telegram (June 7 issue) Brides Magazine (September/October 2009) Modern Bride (October/November 2009)

Recent Live Appearances Good Day Dallas (Fox Channel 4 Dallas, TX) Thursday, May 14th 8:30 AM CST Morning Living (Martha Stewart Radio on Sirius/XM New York Studio) Wednesday, April 8th 7:30 AM EST Cocktails with Patrick (Cosmo Radio on Sirius/XM New York Studio) Tuesday, April 7th 6 PM EST Frank DeCaro Show (OUTQ Radio on Sirius/XM New York Studio) Tuesday, April 7th 11 AM EST Upcoming Live Appearances Frank DeCaro Show (OUTQ Radio on Sirius/XM New York Studio) Friday, June 5th 1:35 PM EST

From My Kitchen To Yours Yield: 5 servings

• 2 T olive oil • 1 medium red onion • 3 cloves fresh garlic minced • 1 jalapeño pepper seeded and minced • 4 pounds ground white turkey meat • 1.5 c water • 16 oz diced tomatoes • 8 oz black beans • 2 T Donnie’s Power Powder • 1 t cumin • Several sprigs cilantro  (coarsely chopped) • Salt and pepper to taste • 4 c brown rice  (yield after cooking just more than al dente)

Like your food spicy? Love chili, but not the calories and fat that comes with it. This recipe for turkey chili tastes fantastic and can be added in to any reasonably healthy diet. Healthy Turkey Chili • Sauté the onion and garlic in the hot olive oil a large high-sided skillet. • When they become translucent, add the turkey and mix and stir until you get a complete incorporation of the ingredients and the turkey is broken down well. • Add the dry seasoning ingredients including salt and pepper and mix well. • Add the jalapeño and the water; stir to a light boil. • Add the tomatoes and cilantro. • Bring to a full boil over medium. • Add the black beans and let continue to cook for approximately 30 minutes again on medium heat stirring occasionally. • Serve over brown rice and garnish with a sprig of cilantro. Enjoy!

Book Announcement! Donnie has completed the editing process for his first book, which has now been sent to the printers. He has been working with the world renowned publisher, Stewart, Tabori and Chang to create this incredible wedding planning book. It will be published in hard back and will be 208 pages of informative text on how to plan your wedding the donnie brown Donnie Brown way. It will be populated from the couture to the cake with beautiful photography by Dallas, TX based Carmine and Hilary LiDestri of Visual Image You can pre-order a copy of the book now. For links to online Photography. stores that are offering the book ThE muST-havE GuIDE from ThE STar WEDDING plaNNEr of

Whose Wedding is it AnyWAy?



On bookshelves October 1, 2009!

for pre-order, please visit Donnie’s site: m e r ch a n d i s e / b o o k D o n n i e BrownWeddings.aspx

Wedding Tips The most important thing you can do to make your wedding a success is to build a budget and stick to it very carefully. I cannot tell you how many clients come in that have already started spending money with no budget or real plan. The categories are as follows: (percentages are approximations - every event is different) 1. Accessory Items (Guest book, pen, champagne flutes, cake knife and server) 2. Accommodations 3. Cake (Should be around 5% of your budget) 4. Catering (Should be around 33% of your budget) 5. Ceremony Entertainment 6. Ceremony Facility Fee 7. Favors 8. Floral/DĂŠcor (Should be around 15% of your budget) 9. Gifts 10. Gown (Should be around 7% of your budget) 11. Makeup/Hair 12. Photography/Videography (Should be around 10% of your budget) 13. Reception Entertainment (Should be no more than 7% of your budget) 14. Transportation 15. Tuxes/Formal Wear 16. Wedding Planner Fee (Will be around 15% of your wedding budget)

Keeping Up With Donnie Now, you can follow donnie on Facebook and Twitter! Follow Donnie on Twitter:

Follow Donnie on Facebook:†

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Donnie is Available for Speaking Engagements. For more information contact him at the following official representatives.

Publicist (For Media Requests)

Visit Donnie’s Websites (merchandise and Press Kit) Donnie Brown Weddings & Special Events Five Star Floral Design and Events and, of course, The official Donnie Brown Fan Club!

Ashley Lanaux Sarah Hall Productions PR (212) 529-1598 670 Broadway, Suite 504 New York, NY 10012

Literary Agent (For Literary Requests) IMDB is the largest listing of movies, television shows, actors, directors, producers, etc. There, you can find just about anything you want to know about movies and television - including Donnie Brown. Click here to check it out!

Jan Miller Nena Madonia Dupree Miller and Associates (214) 559-2665 100 Highland Park Village, Suite 350 Dallas, Texas 75205

For Personal Appearances and book signing engagements

Donnie is a Certified Wedding Planner through JWI

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