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CONGRATULATIONS ♦ Agency award winners The Mosaic Agency Excellence Award recognizes exceptional performance by staff working in Mosaic agencies. This award is given to teams and highlights how critical it is for an agency to have a strong team in order to achieve excellence in all aspects of operations. In this the first year of the award, six agencies were selected based on the following criteria, and one of the six was further recognized by the Operations Team as the top Mosaic agency award winner. Criteria for the award include: • • • • • •

Exemplify consistently high results on quality indicators Meet or exceed budget performance Demonstrate exceptional performance on goals identified in Mosaic strategic plan Demonstrate exceptional performance on goals identified in agency plans Show substantial progress in providing services aligned with Mosaic values Add or sustain effective new or innovative services aligned with Mosaic values

The Regional Vice Presidents submitted nominations for agencies in his or her region to the Operations Team, which includes Raul Saldivar, COO; Holly Morrison, SVP of Operations; and the Regional Vice Presidents, Nancy Davis, Molly Kennis, Penny Massa, Marva Weaver, Tammy Westfall, and Marlin Wilkerson. The team reviewed the nominations, selected the six award winners and identified the top agency. Winning Executive Directors were notified, and they nominated the team members to be honored. Beginning next year, all staff—agency, regional, and national will have the opportunity to nominate outstanding agencies to be considered for this award. And the 2013 winners are (drum roll): Northeast Kansas (Kansas City) for strong agency leadership and leadership development, host home expansion to four additional counties in Kansas, solid financial performance, and influence at the state level through participation in trade association governance. Team: Lana Smith, Bridgette Allen, Kelsi Foster, Lori Bolejack, Jennifer Christianson Des Moines, Iowa continues to stand out as an agency of excellence by bringing Vision to Action to Mosaic, reducing overtime substantially, growing by an average of $1M in revenue per year over the last five years and operating with turnover below the national target. Team: Carol Mau. Jen Zajicek, Teresa Tekolste, Linda McManus, Mike Knode, Laura Hotman Central Nebraska (Grand Island, Hastings, York, Kearney) for regional leadership in nursing and sustainable funding, expanding services to Kearney, focusing on employment with 15% of people receiving day services employed in the community, and dramatically reducing turnover to below the national target. Team: Sheila Krolikowski, Curtiss Dill, Jessica Schenck, Lisa Sampson, Nate Panowicz

Connecticut has a long history of excellence with a strong performance in managing relations with the union and employees; low turnover;--consistently below 30%; long standing, effective and growing self-advocacy group—the Dream Catchers; excellent quality systems; and now have 16 host homes—a fairly new service for them. Team: Andrea Ferrucci, Nancy Vito, Dawn Kolenda, Sandy Gregory, Jim Eccleston Waco, TX consistently performs well on all quality indicators, has a solid reputation with the local authority—who contacts the agency to serve people when other providers can no longer provide services, supports an additional seven people in host homes, and demonstrates strong financial performance. Team: Debbie Fraysier, Sue Carter, Tracy Davis, Lorene Donaho, Dawn Cleveland Denver/Northern Colorado--the Denver agency met the criteria for the award and was led by the Northern Colorado leadership team to do so. This is a joint award going to both agencies. Denver performed better than budget financially, received full program approval from both primary regulators in the state of Colorado, achieved 100% on Factor 8A, improved Basic Assurances scores, and successfully closed one group home. At the same time, the same Northern Colorado team developed and executed a strategic plan to close four group homes in six months. The team wanted to improve the quality of life of people currently living in group homes and also to improve the financial performance of the agency. This involved moving 36 people. The communication with the people in service, families, and staff throughout the process was exemplary—executed with empathy and clarity. The leadership was outstanding in focusing on the desires of people in service and developing a strong action plan. They budgeted to lose 20% of the people served—thinking that some people and their families would prefer the group home model and elect to move to other service providers. This did not happen—the team successfully found options for everyone and not one person left the agency during this transition. The financial impact of the change in service model is significant—the agency is projecting a $450,000 improvement in performance this fiscal year over last. Forall of the reasons cited above the Operations Team selected Denver/Northern Colorado as the first winner of the top Mosaic agency award. The team includes Sally Montgomery, Stephen Shaughnessy, Jessica Eppel, Nicole Berg, and Erica Jones. Congratulations to all of the 2013 winners for jobs well done!!

FREE RESOURCES ♦ At your fingertips<> has created a directory of community service organizations that provide free or low cost ramp building services for members of their community that cannot obtain them on their own for financial reasons. An article with more information can be found at

ENGAGEMENT ♦ Follow up Mosaic employees recently completed an employee engagement survey. Employee engagement relates to the level of an employee's commitment and connection to an organization. For us, engagement boils down to the extra effort employees are willing to give based on their emotional connection to Mosaic. An employee engagement survey is a tool to measure engagement. iI also enables internal and external bench marking and can provide data to differentiate a leader's impact. Employee engagement is important. Many business results are strongly related to engagement. High employee engagement is linked to lower absenteeism, reduced turnover, less employee theft, fewer employee and patient safety incidents, decreased error rates, higher productivity and higher profitability. One of the most important things a manager can do to positively impact employee engagement is to communicate and follow up on survey results. When you conduct an employee engagement survey you set the expectation that something is going to happen. Most fair minded employees realize they won't get everything they want as a result of providing feedback through a survey, but the expectation of some change is there. It is strongly recommended that managers create customized action plans to address specific issues identified by their survey results. Coming soon...Executive Directors will have reporting access to their agency survey results and access to online action planning tools. Want highly engaged employees? Follow up! MORE INFORMATION: PAULA.BURTON@MOSAICINFO.ORG

HOST HOMES ♦ Resource site Step 1: Share this link with your Host Home Providers: (Do not access in Ready Access. Does not view properly.) Step 2: HHP clicks on the link that says, “Host Home Provider Login” User name: hosthomeprovider Password: mosaic Step 3: Access the information on the site: • HIPAA information and a Business Associates resource document • Insurance option information and application • MORE TO COME ….... SHARE and check it out for yourself! We will be working on this site in the coming months and additional information will be added.


CALENDAR ♦ It’s a date!

October 1-4 24 28

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December 12

Deadline for nominations for ANCOR DSP Recognition Awards

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