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The Raw Gaia Way

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Raw Gaia produces award-winning, powerful skin-solutions teeming with the nutrition that skin craves and nothing else. If nature hasn’t named it, we don’t use it! We are the world’s premier all organic, raw and vegan skin care company and probably the manufacturer of the purest skin care products in the world. We don’t just create skin care; we create food for the skin! Raw Gaia’s products reveal Mother Nature’s secret for healthy and flawless skin: flower and plant based ingredients purely extracted which are brimming with skin nourishing compounds, including plant acids, enzymes, antioxidants and flavonoids which miraculously heal, nourish, feed and protect the skin.

Our product range is formulated to heal every type of skin issue: scars, inflammation, rashes, sun damage, extremely dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema and uneven skin tone as well as smooth out wrinkles. There is no skin problem Raw Gaia can’t help.

“Many of our customers have reported that their skin improved after only a few days of using Raw Gaia products. We have even received reports of overnight improvement.” Raw Gaia serves a global market due to growing demand for 100% natural, organic and skin beneficial products, and is a growing force in the skin care industry, retaining life-time clients and attracting new business with our uniquely effective products presented with distinctive flair.

01273 311 476 2


New MSM Beauty Cleansing Lotion and MSM Beauty Toner

Our First Ever Range Is Here Having mastered our flagship combination of powerful skin beneficial products in the form of our ‘MSM Beauty Range,’ we are proud to present all 5 products including the new MSM Beauty Cleansing Lotion and MSM Beauty Toner launched on Feb 1st 2013, to give your skin not just what it deserves, but what it “craves”.....

Perfect for use in combination as part of our MSM Beauty Range or individually, our new MSM Cleanser and Toner will dramatically boost your skin care routine purity and “product to skin benefit” ratio by at least 100% (unless you’re already using Raw Gaia products). MSM BEAUTY CLEANSING LOTION IN BRIEF A cleansing wonder, this product was perfected by our skilled in-house team using close to 100% pure and organic Aloe Vera Gel, known healer Jojoba Oil, wonder dry skin healer Argan Oil (straight from Morocco) and our honoured, skin beneficial 100% pure MSM Crystals.... It just loves your skin.... That’s why we invented it ;-)

MSM BEAUTY TONER IN BRIEF The MSM Beauty Toner is equally loving with its combination of Frankincense, Geranium and Juniper Floral Waters and MSM, Frankincense and Lavender Essential Oils. And you can keep them both close to hand at all times with our new 10 ml trial sizes... The only thing missing is our MSM Supplement itself, but buy the range with a mention of this brochure (online or over the phone) and get your free 225g of MSM Supplement at a value of £23.99 when you order the MSM Beauty Range for £99.99.!

For the full products description, how to use and home pampering tips please visit

Since MSM is our inspiration behind this masterful line up of dry and problem skin busting products, we don’t want your skin or your body to miss out! And remember, whether it’s about this range or any other products we manufacture, we are always on hand to help you no matter how big or small (or silly you may feel in asking). We treat every enquiry with complete confidentiality and understand your need for achieving the best skin possible. That’s what we’re here for ;-) And a big thanks to all of our wonderful customers who have supported us so far!



Best Sellers



The femme fatale of moisturisers.

Raw Gaia’s best-selling Organic MSM Beauty Cream and

What is more powerfully female than smooth and seductively scented skin?

Organic MSM Beauty Spray are the closely guarded secrets of women with a goddess-like glow.

Hypnotic Roses, Lavender, Geranium and Palmarosa use their floral scents to lure your skin into spellbinding perfection.

Our simple skin healing MSM and rejuvenating Organic Frankincense Essential Oil are the secret ingredients in these

Enchanting Actions:

powerful skin-savers.

đƫ!!,(5ƫ$5 .0!/ƫ0+ƫ!./!ƫü*!ƫ(%*!/ƫƫ

Organic Floral Rejuvenating Cream quickly becomes an obsession for women with dry and mature skin.

* ƫ3.%*'(!/

Experience the secret yourself, and be prepared to turn heads!

đƫ3%"0(5ƫ/)++0$!/ƫ* ƫ.!*!3/ƫ0$!ƫ/'%* đƫ!2!./!/ƫ,.!)01.!ƫ#%*#

MSM Beauty Cream was created for both problem skin and dry skin. It provides all-day moisture with an array of rich botanical


butters and ancient Myrrh Essential Oil. For combination and oily skin, MSM Beauty Spray is a lighter

A high-powered energy drink for skin in trouble.

formula which contains exotic Organic Argan Oil.

A high-powered energy drink for all skin types, especially for those with normal to combination skin. Organic Hemp Seed fuels the skin with nutrients and tackles the root cause of acne, eczema and allergic reactions. Organic Lemon and Sweet Orange help to rebalance oily & dry patches of skin.


Energising Actions:

đƫMSM, the secret for glowing skin đƫRegenerates damaged and scarred skin


đƫRestores prematurely aged skin


đƫDeeply moisturises

đƫ!(/ƫ/'%*ƫ )#! đƫ!1%( /ƫ/'%*Ě/ƫ*01.(ƫ%))1*%05


Hemp Heaven absorbs quickly leaving a velvety smooth finish to your skin. Don’t be surprised if you see overnight improvement in the health and texture of your skin! Power-up and re-balance your skin tone.




Give your skin a tropical vacation.

Simply twist the lid and let the scent of our bestselling Organic Coconut Butter carry you off to a lush tropical island. Massage the rich butter on to your body and let it quench your thirsty skin, replacing lost moisture and renewing your skin’s elasticity.

NEW! Rebranded from the ‘Living Facial Cleanser’

New and rebranded, this is the first of a new range called the ‘Skin Divinity’ Range – a great skin healthy option for anyone looking to upgrade their cleansing routine for cleanly cleansed pores to help produce the skin you deserve. Still with the same ingredients as the Living Facial Cleanser, it is still perfect to use in combination with the Floral Face Toner below.

Don’t forget your hair! A dab of Organic Coconut Butter worked through your hair before you shampoo will protect each hair strand from damage caused by brushing, wet-combing, hair dryers and straighteners. Another tiny dab on the ends after it is dry will keep your hair sleek and shiny.

Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray Actions: Ä‘ĆŤ%*#5ĆŤ3!!0ĆŤ.*#!ĆŤ%(ĆŤ.!".!/$!/ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ/'%*ĆŤ Ä‘ĆŤ+/!ĆŤ,.+0!0/ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ/'%*Äš/ĆŤ)+%/01.!ĆŤ..%!.ĆŤ Ä‘ĆŤ++0$!/ĆŤ%..%00%+*/

Actions: Ä‘ĆŤ!!,(5ĆŤ)+%/01.%/!/ĆŤ/'%*ĆŤ* ĆŤ$%. Ä‘ĆŤ.+0!0/ĆŤ$%.ĆŤ".+)ĆŤ#.++)%*#ĆŤ )#!

Ä‘ĆŤ! 1!/ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ,,!.*!ĆŤ+"ĆŤ,+.!/

You may not get to take an actual trip to the tropics, but with a few dabs of our Organic Coconut Butter you’ll look refreshed and rejuvenated as if you did.

FLORAL FACE TONER Let your skin loose on our award winning Floral Face Toner.


Our award winning Floral Face Toner (Green Parent Magazine 2012) is the ideal astringent based toning combination of 100% pure Organic Floral Waters and Cold Pressed Oils, carefully selected for their skin quenching properties that also happen to make our Floral Face Toner smell divine. Get serious with your skin by combining this with the above rebranded ‘Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray’ plus a Raw Gaia Moisturiser of your choice for unlimited compliments from your friends about how great your skin looks.

Shikakai Hair Wash turns every day into a good hair day.

Wave bye-bye to your hair bands because your bad hair days are history! Shikakai Hair Wash turns every day into a good hair day. A quick and easy shampoo with our mineral-rich Shikakai does it all: cleans, conditions, smoothes, shines and tames your mane.

Floral Face Toner Actions: Ä‘ĆŤ!)+2!/ĆŤ)'!ÄĄ1,ĆŤ* ĆŤ)/.ÄŒĆŤ0!.ÄĄ".!! Ä‘ĆŤ/$!/ĆŤ35ĆŤ %.0ĆŤ* ĆŤ!4!//ĆŤ+%(

Clarifying Actions:

Ä‘ĆŤ!*0(5ĆŤ.!)+2!/ĆŤ ! ĆŤ/'%*ĆŤ!((/ Ä‘ĆŤ*$*!/ĆŤ/'%*Äš/ĆŤ*01.(ĆŤ%))1*%05

Ä‘ĆŤ1.%Ăź!/ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ/'%* Ä‘ĆŤ%#$0!*/ĆŤ,+.!/ Ä‘ĆŤ1,,(%!/ĆŤ$!(0$5ÄĄ/'%*ĆŤ)%*!.(/ĆŤ


Start practicing your hair flicking technique now, because tomorrow you’ll want to show off your bouncy, shiny, well-behaved hair.




Now ‘Raw’ Shea Butter and even better for your skin!

New as of 1st Feb 2013.

Although previously we couldn’t determine if our wonderful Shea Butter was raw or not, we now have confirmation from new suppliers who work closely with the working women in Ghana that our Shea Butter is in fact raw (at least below 38 degrees celcius within the extraction process).

This quick accelerating best seller is immured with near 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel to provide for a consistency like no other in a cleanser that helps give anyone Goddess (or God) like status and inner feeling.

Now even more perfect for extra weather proofing protection in the cold Winter! See page 30 for a more extensive description.

So boost your vibration with our highly charged MSM Beauty Cleansing Lotion and let it give flight to your Goddess fancies.

Actions: Get it individually or as part of our new MSM Beauty Range for full skin loving impact.

đƫ40.ġ!)+((%!*0ƫ"+.ƫ!40.ġ .5ƫ/'%*ƫ.! đƫ!/0+.!/ƫ0$!ƫ,.+0!0%2!ƫ(%,% ƫ(5!.ƫ+"ƫ 0$!ƫ/'%*


đƫ ),.+2!/ƫ/'%*Ě/ƫ 1.%(%05

đƫ++0$!/Čƫ/)++0$!/ƫ* ƫ/+"0!*/


đƫ!(%*#ƫ* ƫ.!,.0%2!ƫ đƫ*0%ġ0!.%(Čƫ*0%ġ)%.+%( đƫ.+0!0/ƫ* ƫ.!#!*!.0!/



Our 2nd new instalment as of 1st Feb 2013, this Toning wonder generates skin quenching hydration for parched skin in need of a nutrient rich drink. Topped to the brim with a combination of Geranium, Juniper and Frankincense Floral Waters as well as Frankincense and Lavender Essential Oils, there is no longer an excuse for not having dewy, radiant skin.

Irresistably decadent.

Is anything more luxurious, more satisfying, than chocolate? Our Organic Chocolate Face Pack treats your skin and your senses to a chocolate feast! This chocolate pack promotes an even and radiant complexion by feeding the skin with all of the anti-aging antioxidants of pure and Organic Raw Chocolate (Cacao) Powder. It is blended with the skin-toning benefits of iron found in Red Clay, the anti-inflammation powers of turmeric and the anti-viral powers of Amla Fruit. Chocoholics of all ages and skin types rejoice! Our Organic Raw Chocolate Face Pack is perfect for you all. You know you want it…

đƫ!(,/ƫ0.!0ƫ*!Čƫ!6!)Čƫ,/+.%/%/ƫ * ƫ,.+(!)/ƫ/'%*

Actions: đƫ.+2% !/ƫ/'%*ġ*+1.%/$%*#ƫ2%0)%*/ƫ* ƫ )%*!.(/


đƫ1.)!.%ƫ!/!/ƫ%*ý))0%+*ƫ* ƫ !2!*/ƫ+10ƫ/'%*ƫ0+*!

đƫ+*!/Čƫ(*!/ƫ* ƫ+* %0%+*/


đƫ!,.0%2!ƫ* ƫ.!#!*!.0%2! đƫ!(,/ƫ,.!2!*0ƫ* ƫ0.!0ƫ*!


đƫ!+*#!/0ƫ* ƫ !0+4%"5ƫ0$!ƫ/'%*










dry to extra dry



fine lines

sun damage


Skin Care Reference Chart

MSM Testimonials 5ƫ3%"!ƫ+1#$0ƫ0$!ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)ƫ"+.ƫ$!./!("Čƫ10ƫ/$!ƫ/1##!/0! ƫ1/%*#ƫ0$!ƫ  ƫ .!)ƫ"+.ƫ)5ƫ/./ċƫ ƫ$ ƫ1.*/ƫ3$!*ƫ ƫ3/ƫƫ$%( ƫ* ƫ(0$+1#$ƫ0$!5ƫ,.0%((5ƫ$!(! ƫ 0$!5ƫ(!"0ƫ).'/ƫ0$0ƫ3!.!ƫ/0%((ƫ*+0%!(!ƫ* ƫ ƫ3+1( ƫ#!0ƫ!)..//! ƫ3$!*ƫ,!+,(!ƫ /'! ƫ3$0ƫ$,,!*! ƫ0+ƫ)!ċƫ"0!.ƫ,,(5%*#ƫ0$!ƫ.!)ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ%/ƫƫ(+0ƫ(!//ƫ,0$5ƫ* ƫ 0$!ƫ).'/ƫ$2!ƫ" ! ċƫ$*'ƫ5+1ċ

Christian Fitzpatrick, Avon

Ŏ%*!ƫü* %*#ƫ0$%/ƫ3+* !."1(ƫ  ƫ.!)ƫ ƫ/%),(5ƫ3%((ƫ*+0ƫ1/!ƫ*50$%*#ƫ!(/!ƫ+*ƫ)5ƫ "!ċƫ 5ƫ/'%*ƫ%/ƫ)1$ƫ/+"0!.ƫ/ƫƫ.!/1(0ƫ+"ƫ1/%*#ƫ.!#1(.(5ƫ* ƫ,/0ƫ/./ƫĒƫ(!)%/$!/ƫ $2!ƫ$!(! ċƫ ƫ"!!(ƫ%0ƫ*+1.%/$%*#ƫ)5ƫ"!ƫ* ƫ*!'ƫ* ƫ*+0%!ƫ%0ƫ'!!,/ƫ)!ƫ(++'%*#ƫ 5+1*#ƫ* ƫ".!/$ƫ/ƫƫ %/5ċċċċƫ/ƫ3!((ƫ/ƫ/)!((%*#ƫ %2%*!ƫ* ƫ! %(!ēƫ$*'/ƫ3ƫ%ēŎ

Jo Eales, Lewes

Ŏ ƫ$2!ƫ$ ƫ2!.5ƫ#++ ƫ.!/1(0/ƫ3%0$ƫ0$!ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)ƫ+*!.*%*#ƫ .5ƫ* ƫ/+.!ƫ /'%*ƫ.+1* ƫ)5ƫ!./ċƫ%*!ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ!!*ƫ1/%*#ƫ0$!ƫ.!)ƫ0$!ƫ/'%*ƫ$/ƫ$!(! ƫ* ƫ0$!.!ƫ %/ƫ*+ƫ.'! ƫ/'%*ƫ0$!.!ƫ*5)+.!ċƫ ƫ$2!ƫ !% ! ƫ0$0ƫ%0ƫ%/ƫ0$!ƫ!/0ƫ.!)ƫ"+.ƫ .5ƫ/'%*ƫ 0$0ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ+)!ƫ.+//ƫ/+ƫ".Čƫ/ƫ%0ƫ !!,(5ƫ*+1.%/$!/ƫ0$!ƫ/'%*ƫ* ƫ +!/ƫ*+0ƫ%..%00!ċƫ ƫ $2!ƫ2!.5ƫ/!*/%0%2!ƫ/'%*ƫ/+ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ0+ƫ!ƫ2!.5ƫ.!"1(ƫ3%0$ƫ)5ƫ$+%!ƫ+"ƫ!105ƫ,.+ 10/ċƫ +ƫ ƫ)ƫ,(!/! ƫ0$0ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ0ƫ(/0ƫ"+1* ƫƫ/+1* ƫ,.+ 10ƫ0$0ƫ ƫ*ƫ0.1/0ċŎ

Michelle Leech, Manningtree





Ŏ ƫ0'!ƫ5+1.ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)ƫ!2!.53$!.!ēƫ ƫ$2!ƫ2!.5ƫ/!*/%0%2!ƫ/'%*Čƫ1/! ƫ5ƫ*ƫ +2!.#.+30$ƫ+"ƫ* % Čƫ* ƫ**+0ƫ/0* ƫ*50$%*#ƫ0$0ƫ$/ƫ$!)%(/ƫ%*Čƫ/+ƫ1/%*#ƫ 0$!ƫ  ƫ.!)ƫ3/ƫƫ&+5ƫ"+.ƫ)!ċƫ$0ƫ % ƫ%0ƫ +ƫ"+.ƫ)!ĕƫ

Morning & Night




Morning & Night




!((Čƫ%0ƫ) !ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ"!!(ƫ*+1.%/$! Čƫ%0ƫ()! ƫ)5ƫ)%* ƫġƫ ƫ +.!ƫ0$!ƫ/!*0ƫ+"ƫ .*'%*!*/!ƫ* ƫ%0ƫ) !ƫ0$!ƫ0$.! ƫ2!%*/ƫ ƫ$ ƫ+*ƫ)5ƫ$!!'/ƫ %/,,!.ēƫ$*'ƫ5+1ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)ƫĢƫ5+1ƫ0.1(5ƫ.!ƫ)#%(ēŎ


Shelley Bowers, Manchester



Moisturisers and Creams Ŏ Ě ƫ.!((5ƫ0.%! ƫ!2!.50$%*#ƫ0+ƫü4ƫ)5ƫ .5ƫ/'%*ƫ* ƫ % ƫ*+0ƫ .!ƫ0+ƫ$+,!ƫ)1$ƫ".+)ƫ0$!/!ƫ,.+ 10/Čƫ10ƫ0$!5ƫ.!ƫ 0$!ƫü./0ƫ0$%*#/ƫ0$0ƫ$2!ƫ01((5ƫ!!*ƫ3+.'%*#ƫ* ƫ)5ƫ /'%*ƫ%/ƫ#!00%*#ƫ/+ƫ)1$ƫ!00!.ēƫ 0Ě/ƫ(!.!.Čƫ/)++0$!.ƫ* ƫ /%),(5ƫ$!(0$%!.ċƫ 1/0ƫ(+2!ƫ0$!ƫ(+.(ƫ!&12%*0%*#ƫ.!)ƫ * ƫ,,.!*0(5ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ +!/ƫ0++ēŎ

Sara Räisänen, Helsinki, Finland

ORGANIC FLORAL REJUVENATING CREAM The femme fetale of moisturisers. What is more powerfully female than smooth and seductively scented skin? Hypnotic Roses, Lavender, Geranium and Palmarosa use their floral scents to lure your skin into spellbinding perfection. Organic Floral Rejuvenating Cream quickly becomes an obsession for women with dry and mature skin.



100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Cacao Butter Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil Essential Oils of

Cold Pressed Organic Evening Primrose Oil shields the skin and protects it from damage caused by sun exposure, environmental stress, lifestyle, injury and time. Organic Geranium Essential Oil enlivens the tone of the skin, and over time reduces the appearance of scars and dark spots. Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil is a powerful immune system support and skin moisture regulator.

Overflowing with skin-perfecting vitamins, nutrients and conditioners, our Organic Hemp Heaven Moisturiser is heaven-sent to benefit people with troubled and damaged skin.

100% Organic ingredients:

Thick and rich, it absorbs quickly and deeply leaving a velvety smooth finish to your skin. Don’t be surprised if you see overnight improvement in the health and texture of your skin!

Cold Pressed Hemp Oil

Organic Hemp, boosted with Lemon and Sweet Orange, fuels the skin with nutrients and tackles the root cause of acne, eczema and allergic reactions.

Energising Actions:

Geranium, Lavender and Palmarosa.

Enchanting Actions: đƫ!!,(5ƫ$5 .0!/ƫ0+ƫ!./!ƫü*!ƫƫ (%*!/ƫ* ƫ3.%*'(!/

Cold Pressed Cacao Butter Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil Cold Pressed Wheatgerm Oil Essential Oils of Lemon and Sweet Orange

đƫ(%)%*0!/ƫ%*ý))0%+* đƫ()/ƫ%..%00%+*/ đƫ!(/ƫ/'%*ƫ )#!

đƫ3%"0(5ƫ/)++0$!/ƫ* ƫ.!*!3/ƫ 0$!ƫ/'%*

Heavenly scented and heavenly rich, our Organic Hemp Heaven Moisturiser transforms troubled skin into heavenly healthy, radiant skin.


đƫ!1%( /ƫ/'%*Ě/ƫ*01.(ƫ%))1*%05

The living nectars from these fragrant flowers swiftly smoothes and regenerates the skin, healing tissue damage and reversing signs of premature aging.



Moisturisers and Creams

60 ml jar

100% Organic ingredients:



Comfort your baby, or your baby-sensitive skin, with our pure, organic soothing cream with macerated calendula, comfrey and St. John’s Wort.

Rev up your skin care without smelling like a flower!

and Patchouli

This organic moisturiser is all male: earthy, spicy and slightly smoky scented. Blended especially for men, Organic For Her Sons is a healing and nourishing cream with the masculine, sensual and aromatic power of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli.

Manly Actions:

Macerated Calendula, Comfrey and St. John’s Wort in Sunflower Oil

Comforting Actions: Ä‘ĆŤ +%/01.%/!/ĆŤ/!*/%0%2!ĆŤ/'%* Ä‘ĆŤ!(%*#ĆŤ* ĆŤ,.+0!0%*#ĆŤ./$!/ĆŤ Ä‘ĆŤ.!0%*#ĆŤ!6!)ĆŤ* ĆŤ,/+.%/%/

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Cacao Butter Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang, Lavender

Cold Pressed Cacao Butter Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil

Moisturisers and Creams

Fresh organic blooms from Calendula, Comfrey and St. John’s Wort plants are immersed in Sunflower Oil and set in the sun until the oil is filled with the fragrance of flowers. Applied to the skin, the oil heals mild rashes and irritations while providing some relief from pain.

Ä‘ĆŤ !(ĆŤ)+%/01.%/!.ĆŤ"+.ĆŤ)(!ĆŤ/'%* Ä‘ĆŤ!(/ĆŤ%..%00! ĆŤ/'%* Ä‘ĆŤ()/ĆŤ.6+.ĆŤ1.* Ä‘ĆŤ00(!/ĆŤ*!

Organic Patchouli is a strong astringent, battling acne and other skin infections. Organic Ylang Ylang tones and stimulates the skin and calms irritations from shaving. Added to our moisturising oils and butters, it can heal, soothe, calm and hydrate the roughest of skin.

Organic For Her Babies Living Cream works beautifully in combination with Organic For Her Babies Floral Water Spray and Massage Oil. Ä—+.ĆŤ!.ĆŤ%!/ĆŤ %2%*#ĆŤ.!)ĆŤ%/ĆŤ"1(+1/ĆŤÄĄĆŤ%0ĆŤ(!./ĆŤ*,,5ĆŤ./$ĆŤ2!.5ĆŤ"/0ÄŒĆŤ%/ĆŤĆŤĆŤ 3+* !."1(ĆŤ)+%/01.%/!.ĆŤ* ĆŤ)'!/ĆŤ)5ĆŤ 1#$0!.ĆŤ/)!((ĆŤ !(%%+1/Ę

Organic For Her Sons Living Cream lets you have great skin and smell like a man.

Megan, Illinois Ä—+0ĆŤ+*(5ĆŤ%/ĆŤ%0ĆŤĆŤ#+.#!+1/ÄŒĆŤ.!)5ĆŤ0!401.!ÄŒĆŤ%0ĆŤ(/+ĆŤ$/ĆŤĆŤ(+2!(5ĆŤ/)!((ĆŤ* ĆŤ/!!)/ĆŤĆŤ 0+ĆŤ/++0$!ĆŤ* ĆŤ.! 1!ĆŤ"%(ĆŤ.! *!//ĆŤ()+/0ĆŤ%))! %0!(5ċĘ

Nicky, Milford Haven

60 ml jar





Wash away makeup and daily debris, chemical-free, for healthy, vibrant skin.

Treat yourself and restore the natural vitality of your skin with a cleanser that soothes, smoothes and softens, taking away the dirt and toxins of the day while replenishing your skin with a stunning array of the potent charms of plants chosen for their healing and protective properties.

Raw Gaia’s Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray is full of living plant enzymes in the potent organic floral waters, essential oils and cold-pressed oils that gently clean the skin without stripping it. Organic Tea Tree and Juniper are nature’s potent skin cleaners while Organic Lemon and Sweet Orange provide gentle rebalancing properties.

When cleansing, it is vital to protect your skin’s natural balance, working with it to allow it to breathe, heal and regenerate itself healthily and removing only that which is unwanted. A rich blend of Aloe Vera with luxurious organic cold pressed and essential oils and our flagship MSM will cleanse, clear and calm the skin, whilst dramatically improving its natural ability to heal, repair and rejuvenate.

Combined with additional expertly formulated botanical extracts, our Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray leaves your skin feeling clean, moist and glowing.

Ideal for all skin types and a special treat for mature, dry, sensitive skin, or troubled skin (including eczema, acne or psoriasis).

10/100ml 100% Organic ingredients: Witch Hazel Floral Water Tea Tree Floral Water Juniper Floral Water Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Actions: đƫ!)+2!/ƫ)'!ġ1,ƫ* ƫ)/.Čƫ0!.ġ".!! đƫ/$!/ƫ35ƫ %.0ƫ* ƫ!4!//ƫ+%( đƫ!*0(5ƫ.!)+2!/ƫ ! ƫ/'%*ƫ!((/ đƫ*$*!/ƫ/'%*Ě/ƫ*01.(ƫ%))1*%05 đƫ1%0! ƫ"+.ƫ((ƫ/'%*ƫ05,!/

Ingredients (100% Organic): Organic Cold Pressed oils of: Jojoba, Avocado, Grapeseed, Argan, Linden Blossom MSM Aloe Vera Gel (97% pure Aloe Vera Gel with 2% seaweed extract)

Cold Pressed Wheatgerm Oil

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Essential Oils of; Tea Tree, Juniper,

Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, Wildcrafted Myrrh Essential Oil

Sweet Orange, Lemon and Eucalyptus.

Actions: đƫ1%( /ƫ+**!0%2!ƫ0%//1! đƫ.!0!/ƫ'!.0%*Čƫ+((#!* đƫ!(%*#ƫ* ƫ.!#!*!.0%*# đƫƫ,.+)+0!ƫ$!(0$5ƫ!((ƫ/0.101.!ƫ.!*!3( đƫ*0%ġ%*ý))0+.5Čƫ*0%ġ)%.+%(Čƫ*0%ġ 0!.%(

Fragrance (Plant derived): vegetable based preservative (1% of aloe

" Ě)ƫ0.5%*#ƫ5+1.ƫ'%*ƫ%2%*%05ƫ(!*/%*#ƫ,.5ƫ*

ƫ$2!ƫ!!*ƫ"+.ƫĂƫ 3!!'/ċċċ* ƫ%0ƫ.!((5ƫ3+.'/ēƫ 5ƫ*!ƫ%//1!ƫ%/ƫ-1%'(5ƫ %/,,!.%*#ċ"

vera gel)

Silvia Racano, Italy





100% Organic ingredients: Rose Floral Water



Just a few spritzes will tone, soothe and refresh all skin types.

A powerhouse of Essential Oils and our high quality Organic Floral Waters, this gently astringent, conditioning Toner is excellent for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive or problem skin.

The powerful flower purity of organic essential oils and floral waters will give you a glowing complexion with a goddess attitude.

Toning improves skin structure and texture, closing the pores after cleansing and helping to guard them against dirt and external pollutants; an excellent opportunity to deliver vitalising nutrients as you set yourself up for the day.

Our Organic Floral Face Toner lets you fall in love again with your healthy complexion.


Orange Blossom Floral Water Essential Oils of Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Roman Chamomile and Lavender

Floral Face Toner Organic Actions: Ä‘ĆŤ%*#5ĆŤ.*#!ĆŤ(+//+)ĆŤ(+.(ĆŤ0!.ĆŤ.!".!/$!/ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ/'%*ĆŤ Ä‘ĆŤ+/!ĆŤ,.+0!0/ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ/'%*Äš/ĆŤ)+%/01.!ĆŤ..%!.ĆŤ Ä‘ĆŤ!.*%1)ĆŤ* ĆŤ().+/ĆŤ0+*!ĆŤ* ĆŤ(*! Ä‘ĆŤ$)+)%(!ĆŤ* ĆŤ 2!* !.ĆŤ/++0$!ĆŤ* ĆŤ()ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ/'%*

The combined regenerative properties of Lavender, Frankincense and MSM help to promote the skin’s healing ability, stimulating the production of healthy new skin cells, while the uplifting effects of Geranium keep the skin supple and work with Juniper to decongest sluggish skin, clear pores, treat breakouts and prevent spots. Suitable for all skin types and especially good for dry, mature skin or for treating problems such as eczema, acne or psoriasis.

ĹŽ ĆŤ3/ĆŤ.!!*0(5ĆŤ%*0.+ 1! ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ(+.(ĆŤ%(ĆŤ+*!.ĆŤ3$%$ĆŤ ĆŤ1/!ĆŤ /ĆŤĆŤ/,.%06ĆŤ 1.%*#ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ 5ĆŤ!/,!%((5ĆŤ3$!*ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ!*0.(ĆŤ$!0%*#ĆŤ %/ĆŤ+*Ä‹ĆŤ+0ĆŤ+*(5ĆŤ +!/ĆŤ%0ĆŤ/++0$!ĆŤ10ĆŤ/)!((/ĆŤ)6%*#ĆŤ0++Ä‹ĆŤ 0Äš/ĆŤĆŤ .!(ĆŤ,(!/1.!ĆŤ0+ĆŤ$2!ĆŤ"+1* ĆŤ,.+ 10/ĆŤ0$0ĆŤ*+0ĆŤ+*(5ĆŤ3+.'ĆŤ10ĆŤ .!ĆŤ/+ĆŤ3!((ĆŤ,'#! ĆŤ* ĆŤ,.%! Ä‹ĆŤ$*'ĆŤ5+1ĆŤ3ĆŤ%Ä“ĹŽ

Actions: Toning and conditioning Regenerative and healing Anti-microbial Decongests blocked pores Cleansing and detoxifying

Caoilfhionn Lee, Reading, UK


Ingredients (100% Organic): Ä‘ĆŤ.#*%ĆŤ(+.(ĆŤ0!./ĆŤ+"ĆŤ!.*%1)ÄŒĆŤ 1*%,!.ÄŒĆŤ.*'%*!*/! Ä‘ĆŤĆŤ  ĆŤ Ä‘ĆŤ(+!ĆŤ!.ĆŤ!(ĆŤÄ¨ÄŠÄˆĹŒĆŤ,1.!ĆŤ(+!ĆŤ!.ĆŤ!(ĆŤ* ĆŤÄ‚ĹŒĆŤ/!3!! ĆŤ* ĆŤÄ ĹŒĆŤ *01.(ĆŤ2!#!0(!ĆŤ,.!/!.20%2!ÄŠ Ä‘ĆŤ.,!".1%0ĆŤ!! ĆŤ40.0 Ä‘ĆŤ.#*%ĆŤ//!*0%(ĆŤ%(/ĆŤ+"ĆŤ.*'%*!*/!ÄŒĆŤ 2!* !.ĆŤ Ä‘ĆŤ.#.*!ƍĨ(*0ĆŤ !.%2! ÄŠÄ?ĆŤ2!#!0(!ĆŤ/! ĆŤ,.!/!.20%2!ĆŤ


Exfoliants ORGANIC MSM BEAUTY SCRUB We’ve captured in just one jar a powerful exfoliator, a cleansing facial and a magical skin-healing MSM moisturising pack for your bare skin beauty!

50 g

MSM Crystals gently scrub away the top layer of dead skin cells revealing deeply clean and fresh skin. The healing powers of Organic Frankincense and Myrrh banish all roughness and imperfections. We also add a touch of Hemp Seed and Calendula Oil to heal and soothe inflamed, itchy skin.

BAMBOO AND PUMICE EXFOLIATOR Brighten, tighten and smooth out your complexion with our Bamboo and Pumice Exfoliator.

Organic Ingredients: Finely ground eco-friendly Bamboo Finely ground Pumice Stone

Actions: đƫ!)+2!/ƫ 1((ƫ ! ƫ/'%*ƫ!((/ đƫ ),.+2!/ƫ%.1(0%+*ƫ0+ƫ0$!ƫ/'%* đƫ.%#$0!*/ƫ* ƫ.!".!/$!/ƫ0$!ƫ/'%*

Actions: đƫ!)+2!/ƫ .5ƫ/'%*ƫ!((/

We grind Bamboo and Pumice stone into a smooth fine powder that effectively and gently removes dead skin cells to reveal living, radiant skin. Exfoliating your skin every week will also improve circulation to the skin, speeding up healing and renewal of the skin.

đƫ)++0$!/ƫ/'%*ƫ%),!."!0%+*/ƫ* ƫ%*ý))0%+* đƫ+*!/ƫ* ƫ0%#$0!*/ƫ0$!ƫ/'%* đƫ!!,(5ƫ)+%/01.%/!/ƫ

100% Organic Ingredients: MSM Beauty Scrub Ingredients

A quick scrub will improve the tone and texture of any skin type. Simply wet your face and dip wet fingers into the powder. Gently massage the powder in small circular motions over your face and neck and then rinse. If you have dry or sensitive skin, It is best to mix it with your favourite Raw Gaia Organic Cold Pressed Oil before applying to your skin.

Cacao Butter Shea Butter Coconut Butter Hemp Seed Oil Calendula Oil Grapeseed Oil Avocado Oil Essential Oils of Frankincense & Myrhh 60 ml/120 ml


MSM Crystals


Face Packs ORGANIC RAW CHOCOLATE FACE PACK Is anything more luxurious, more satisfying, than chocolate? Our Chocolate Face Pack treats your skin and your senses to a chocolate feast!

50 g jar

100% Organic Ingredients: Raw Chocolate Powder Sun-Dried Red Clay Turmeric


Alone, our raw chocolate powder applied to the skin can help to reverse damage and heal the skin. But, we enhance our pack with the skin-toning benefits of iron found in red clay, the anti-inflammation powers of turmeric and the anti-viral and anti-microbial purifying powers of amla fruit.

Raw Gaia’s Green Clay Face Pack is the 5 minute solution for clear, smooth and supple skin.

Chocoholics of all ages and skin types rejoice! Our Organic Raw Chocolate Face Pack is perfect for you all. You know you want to indulge!

Sun-dried sea plants and natural iron oxides lend our green clay its dark green-brown colour, fresh aroma and nourishing vitamins and minerals. The clay draws out environmental pollutants, tightens the pores and alleviates the aging effects of sun damage.

Amla Fruit Powder


Actions: đƫProvides skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals đƫTurmeric eases inflammation and evens out skin tone

2 beauty products in 1 jar!

đƫSoftens skin đƫSmells heavenly

Behind the closed doors of the world’s most exclusive spas, the rich and famous are paying big bucks to slather themselves in green mud. You don’t have to empty your wallet or travel the world for high-end skin therapy. Our Green Clay Face Pack lets you slather up in the privacy of your own bathroom for pennies per treatment while enjoying all the complexion-purifying benefits of a world class face pack.

For hundreds of years, Moroccan Lava Clay has been used as a deep cleansing face pack for beautifully clear skin.

Moroccan Lava Clay

100% Organic ingredients: Wild Crafted Sun-Dried Green Clay

Actions: đƫ1.%ü!/ƫ0$!ƫ/'%* đƫ%#$0!*/ƫ,+.!/ đƫ1,,(%!/ƫ$!(0$5ġ/'%*ƫ)%*!.(/ƫ

Ideal for sensitive skin, our Sun Dried Green Clay Face Pack gently draws out toxins and environmental pollutants that may be lying under the skin in order to heal and clean while giving your face a nice lift and glow, helping to keep your skin fresh and toned. Perfect for relieving skin congestion, spots, inflammation, fatty deposits and dry skin.

Moroccan Lava Clay is the most mineral-rich of all of the clays, full of silica, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Containing an ion-exchange resin that binds with particular impurities in the skin, it absorbs excess oil from the skin and scalp balancing the oil production of oily skin so when you rinse away the clay you also wash away the toxins from your skin.

100% Organic Ingredients:

65 g jar

Actions: đƫ!!,ƫ(!*/ƫ0$!ƫ/'%* đƫ/+./ƫ!4!//ƫ+%( đƫ %*!.(/ƫ*+1.%/$ƫ/'%*

50 g jar



Body Butters

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Coconut butter

Actions: đƫ!!,(5ƫ)+%/01.%/!/ƫ/'%*ƫ * ƫ$%. đƫ.+0!0/ƫ$%.ƫ".+)ƫ #.++)%*#ƫ )#!

Body Butters



Give your skin some tropical pampering. Simply twist the lid and let the scent of our best-selling Organic Coconut Butter carry you off to a lush tropical island. Massage the rich butter on to your body and let it quench your thirsty skin, replacing lost moisture and renewing your skin’s elasticity.

Conquer your chapped lips, dry hands, cracked heels and flaky skin! Now 100% raw (extracted below 38 degrees centigrade) and imported from an ethical workers project in Ghana, our Shea Butter is even better for your skin considering the retention of the nutrients that benefit the skin.

Don’t forget your hair! A dab of Organic Coconut Butter worked through your hair before you shampoo will protect each hair strand from damage caused by brushing, wet-combing, hair dryers and straighteners. Another tiny dab on the ends after it is dry will keep your hair sleek and shiny.

The women workers in Ghana get to negotiate pricing for their hand picked and hand processed Shea Butter which means they get a great deal and the Shea Butter remains of the highest quality grade possible The Goddess of dry skin, our Organic Shea Butter absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply providing long-lasting moisture and a protective weather-proofing layer to the skin that keeps drying elements out and hydration in.

Organic Coconut Butter is appropriate for all skin and hair types requiring extra hydration. At room temperature, our Organic Coconut Butter is semi solid. If it is kept in a warm location, or rubbed between warm hands, it will melt into transparent oil.

Our Shea Butter is the answer for all dry skin conditions: slather it on your whole body or dab it on dry spots. Your body will be smooth and soft in no time.

Our Organic Coconut Butter is sourced from small scale, ethical growers who harvest and extract the butter as a local cottage industry.

15ml/120ml (90g) jar

100% Organic Ingredients: Wild Crafted and fairly traded Shea Butter Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil

Actions: đƫ40.ġ!)+((%!*0ƫ"+.ƫ !40.ġ .5ƫ/'%*ƫ.! đƫ!/0+.!/ƫ0$!ƫ,.+0!0%2!ƫ (%,% ƫ(5!.ƫ+"ƫ0$!ƫ/'%* đƫ ),.+2!/ƫ/'%*Ě/ƫ 1.%(%05 đƫ)++0$!/ƫ.+1#$Čƫý'5ƫ /'%*

You may not get to take an actual trip to the tropics, but with a few dabs of our Organic Coconut Butter you’ll look refreshed and rejuvenated as if you did.



Hair Care

Eye Protection

SHIKAKAI HAIR CARE Wave bye-bye to your hair bands because your bad hair days are history! Shikakai Hair Wash turns every day into a good hair day. A quick and easy shampoo with our mineralrich Shikakai does it all: cleans, conditions, smoothes, shines and tames your mane. Wild crafted from the fruit harvested from the seed pods of the Acadia Concinna tree, the fruit is dried and ground to a powder and then mixed with water to make a hair-paste. Shikakai powder naturally cleanses when massaged into the hair, strengthening the roots and tips of your hair. It even promotes hair growth.

REVITALISING EYE OIL 100% Organic ingredients:

Fewer wrinkles for you!

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil

Protect the delicate skin around your eyes with a sophisticated palate of plant oils.

Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Raw Gaia’s Shikakai is naturally free from damaging and drying chemical agents, so it is a good choice for people with treated hair or sensitive scalps.

Revitalising Actions: đƫ +%/01.%/!ƫ* ƫ,.+0!0ƫ0$!ƫ!5!/ đƫ!)+2!/ƫ!5!ƫ)'!ġ1,Čƫ0!.ƫ".!! đƫ!(,/ƫ.!2!./!ƫ/%#*/ƫ+"ƫ#%*#

Please Note – To be used on non-blonde hair colour only due to the slight risk of discolouration.

Ingredients: Pure dried, ground Shikakai

The skin around the eyes requires extra hydration. Fewer pores around the eyes mean that the skin can provide less natural moisture and this leads to dryness and premature wrinkles. Bursting with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Organic Sea-Buckthorn and Grapeseed Oils hydrate and protect the eye area while reversing premature signs of aging through dehydration. The special plant acid in these oils energises the skin cells and rebuilds collagen. Organic Revitalising Eye Oil is also an effective and gentle eye make-up remover when applied to cotton wool and gently wiped over the eye area.

Actions: đƫ(!*/ƫ* ƫ+* %0%+*/ƫƫ $%. đƫ(!*/ƫ* ƫ()/ƫƫ 0$!ƫ/(,

30 ml jar

100 ml jar



Floral Waters Juniper, (known as Rocky Mountain evergreen tree) Decongesting, purifying, cleansing, calming



Rose, (known as ‘Rosewater’)

Brimming with enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients, Raw Gaia’s fresh Floral Waters are preserved only with pure Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract. All Floral Waters are anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti-viral.

Orange Blossom (known as ‘Neroli’)


ACTION Regenerator, fast acting antiinflammatory and skin regenerating enzymes rebuild healthy skin cells

Balances and regulates oil production in the skin, powerfully anti-infective, frees clogged pores, calms inflammation

Soothes and hydrates, stimulates blood circulation to the skin, improves skin’s texture

All in one tonic restores skin to beautiful health

First aid for your skin’s wellbeing

Chamomile (also known as German Blue Chamomile) Quiets pain and inflammationƫ

SKIN TYPE Oily skin acne prone, eczema, psoriasis

All skin types, excels as therapy for aging skin, repairs scars, stretch marks, cutsƫ

Stabilises oily skin, wonderful for eczema

Regenerates your mood and mind, promoting clarity and creativity

Balances and stabilises your mood and hormones for a more peaceful you

Witch Hazel

Tea Tree


ACTION Gently normalises damaged blood vessels

Nature’s antibacterial cleanser

Invigorating and clarifying for tired skin

Widely used antiseptic for home and body, gentle for all skin types treating an infection

Invigorates and enlivens normal, dry and oily skin, powerfully effective if used twice a day

Cleanses the air, inhaling improves respiration

Invigorates mind and memory

SKIN TYPE All skin types, especially nourishing to dry, aging and sensitive skin

All skin types, ideal for sensitive and problem skin in need of restoration

All skin types, eases pain, cleans cuts, soothes bug bites

Ideal emergency treatment for burns, rashes, rosacea or any skin upset

AROMATHERAPY Decongests a foggy mind, calms nerves and emotions

There is a Floral Water for every skin type and skin condition. Spritz your favourite Floral Water directly on your face or mix the Floral Water with your favourite body oil or body butter for nourishing skin drink applied to your whole body.

Treats acne, psoriasis, eczema, cuts, bites and bruises

AROMATHERAPY Soothes an agitated spirit and promotes a feeling of wellbeing.

Restores a worried mind, brightening a blue mood


First aid for your heart’s wellbeing, easing, cleaning and soothing

Quiets emotional pain, and quiets upset babies

Clean, woodsy fragrance


Cold Pressed Oils COLD PRESSED ORGANIC ARGAN OIL A rare Moroccan oil for beautiful skin and hair.

Skin Type

Suitable Cold-Pressed Oils



















Sensitive Problem

Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Organic Argan Oil is a clean and quickly absorbing skin moisturiser. The thick texture of the oil can be applied very lightly making it perfect for oily skin requiring only a little moisture and for dry hair needing a leave in conditioner. It can also be applied to the tips of your dry hair for lustre and beautiful shine or apply throughout as an intensive hour long conditioner before shampooing out. It can also be used to calm ‘frizz’ and define curly hair.

Hemp EveningPrimrose


Borage Seed


Apricot Kernel


Borage Seed

Apricot Kernel


Borage Seed

Apricot Kernel



It smells lovely on its own, but mixed with a drop of your favourite organic essential oil it will scent your skin and hair all day long. Raw Gaia’s Organic Argan Oil is produced by Moroccan women who use traditional methods to undertake the lengthy work of extracting the rich oil from the Argan Seed.


This amazingly versatile oil provides beautiful benefits for all skin types and is especially perfect for oily skin. Perfectly suited for: All skin and hair types. Especially beautiful for oily skin and dry hair.

100% Organic Ingredients: Cold Pressed, Organic Argan Oil

Actions: đƫ!,%./ƫ .5ƫ$%.ƫ* ƫ /ƫ.%((%*0ƫ/$%*! đƫ!)+2!/ƫ!5!ƫ)'!ƫ1,Čƫ0!.ƫ".!! đƫ %#$0ƫ)+%/01.!ƫ đƫ/ƫ$!(ƫ )#! ƫ/'%* đƫ..%!.ƫ+%(ƫ"+.ƫ!//!*0%(ƫ+%(/

50 ml bottle



Cold Pressed Oils 100 ml bottle

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil

Actions: đƫ *0!*/%2!ƫ$5 .0%+* đƫ ),.+2!/ƫ/'%*Ě/ƫ.!/%(%!*! đƫ!2!./!/ƫ/'%*ƫ )#! đƫ ),.+2!/ƫ0$!ƫ,,!.*!ƫ+"ƫ/./ đƫ!#!*!.0!/ƫ#! ƫ* ƫ )#! ƫ/'%*

Cold Pressed Oils


100 ml bottle


Organic Rosehip Oil lavishly hydrates the skin and increases the skin’s resilience.


Cold Pressed Hemp Oil

The ultimate skin healer! Carefully captured from the flowers and seeds of the Hemp plant, our Organic Hemp Seed Oil brims with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in the đƫ!(/ƫ*!Čƫ,/+.%/%/Čƫ!6!)ƫƫ exact 3:1 ratio that is uniquely suited to heal your skin. It also includes small amounts * ƫ(!/%+*/ of gamma linoleic acid which improves the consistency of the natural oils produced by your own skin. GLA helps pores stay unclogged and less visible. đƫ+"0!*/ƫ .5ƫ/'%*

Carefully extracted from the brilliant red seeds of the organically grown Chilean Wild Rose, Organic Rosehip Oil nourishes starved skin with vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. It actively reverses damage caused by sun exposure, environmental stress, lifestyle, injury and time. Used daily, it will improve scars and stretch marks.


All rose extracts are uniquely restorative for aging skin. Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for aging skin.

The perfectly combined EFAs and GLA in Organic Hemp Seed Oil act quickly to reduce inflammation and redness, alleviating skin problems like acne and eczema, and soothing allergic reactions. It also protects skin from signs of aging by helping to produce a healthy balance of moisture.

Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for aging skin.

Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for troubled skin.



A gentle moisturiser for sensitive skin, Organic Jojoba Oil is incredibly light, absorbing completely and quickly into the skin, keeping it soft and supple. Extracted from Jojoba Beans, the oil was traditionally used to treat cuts, sores and bruises, as well as sunburn. 100 ml bottle

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Actions: đƫ!)+2!/ƫ!5!ƫ)'!1,Čƫ0!.ƫ".!! đƫ!*0(!ƫ)+%/01.%/!. đƫ++0$!/ƫ%*&1.%!/ đƫ!2!./!/ƫ/1*ƫ )#! đƫ..%!.ƫ+%(ƫ"+.ƫ!//!*0%(ƫ+%(/

Itchy skin relief! Every cell in the body needs the right sorts of fats to function effectively, including the skin. Organic Evening Primrose Oil brims with essential fatty acids (EFAs) which promotes healthy skin. 100 ml bottle

Jojoba may increase the production of elastin in the skin, reversing the aging effects of sun damage.

100% Organic Ingredients:

Frequently, an over-production of skin oil, or “sebum” stems from stripping the natural and healthy protective oil barrier that floats on the top of the skin; harsh cleansers and chemical skin treatments are usually the culprit. The structure of our Organic Jojoba Oil very closely resembles the skin’s natural oil barrier. When it is applied to skin that has been stripped and is oily, jojoba helps the skin rebuild its protective oil barrier and regain balance. Thus, the skin stops over producing sebum. Excess sebum, unlike Jojoba Oil, can clog pores.

Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil

Actions: đƫƫ.%$ƫ)+%/01.%/!. đƫ! 1!/ƫ%*ý))0%+* đƫ!(%!2!/ƫ%0$5ƫ/'%*

Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for sensitive and oily skin.


Inflammation and dryness are leading causes of itchy skin. The particular EFAs in Organic Evening Primrose Oil, gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), moderate the skin’s inflammatory response and maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier that shields skin from dehydration. Also, human study research has demonstrated the effectiveness of Organic Evening Primrose Oil to relieve the unbearable itchy symptoms of skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for itchy skin, dehydrated skin and dermatitis.


Cold Pressed Oils

100 ml bottle

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil

Actions: Ä‘ĆŤ+1.%/$%*#ĆŤ)+%/01.%/!.ĆŤ"+.ĆŤ/!*/%0%2!ĆŤ/'%* Ä‘ĆŤ.+0!0/ĆŤ/'%*ĆŤ".+)ĆŤ!*2%.+*)!*0(ĆŤ/0.!// Ä‘ĆŤ..%!.ĆŤ+%(ĆŤ"+.ĆŤ!//!*0%(ĆŤ+%(/

Cold Pressed Oils


50 ml bottle

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Borage Seed Oil

Apricot is a member of the Rose family, and like all rose extracts, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil has a special affinity for the skin.

Actions: Rich in Vitamins A, B & E, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil provides vital nourishment to the skin and offers it protection from environmental stresses. The texture is similar to Jojoba Oil, clean and light, but Apricot Kernel Oil is even safer for use on sensitive skin.

Ä‘ĆŤ!(,/ĆŤ0+ĆŤ$!(ĆŤ .5ĆŤ* ĆŤĆŤ )#! ĆŤ/'%*ĆŤ* ĆŤ/(, Ä‘ĆŤ++0$ĆŤ/1*1.*! ĆŤ/'%* Ä‘ĆŤ..%!.ĆŤ+%(ĆŤ"+.ĆŤ!//!*0%(ĆŤ+%(/ Ä‘ĆŤ.+2% !ĆŤ !!,ĆŤ)+%/01.!

Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for sensitive skin.

COLD PRESSED, ORGANIC BORAGE SEED OIL A heavy-duty, extra-emollient moisturiser. If you have extra dry skin or you live in a dry climate, Organic Borage Seed Oil is your answer. Organic Borage Seed Oil is a rich moisturiser and is the richest oil source of Gamma Linolenic Acid. It will soothe sunburned and chapped skin and soften the flakiest skin. Because this oil can feel a little heavy we recommend combining it with a lighter carrier oil such as Apricot Kernel Oil or applying it at night. Our Organic Borage Seed Oil is easily damaged by light, heat and humidity. To prevent oxidation, it should be stored in a cool, dark place and refrigerated after opening. Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for extra dry skin.


100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil

Actions: Ä‘ĆŤ!."!0ĆŤ)+%/01.%/!.ĆŤ"+.ĆŤ+%(5ĆŤĆŤ


Reap all the healthy benefits of grapes for your skin. We’ve known for years now that grapes, rich in polyphenols and other antioxidants, are great for our health protecting us against the ravishes of time, toxins and stress. 50 ml bottle

Organic Grapeseed Oil provides the same health protections for our skin, fighting free radicals that cause signs of premature aging. Mildly astringent and low-residue, Organic Grapeseed Oil is the perfect moisturiser for acne-prone skin. Used regularly, it improves skin tone and texture and leaves a beautiful satiny finish to the skin.

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Wheat Germ Oil


* ĆŤ*!ÄĄ,.+*!ĆŤ/'%* Ä‘ĆŤ.+2% !/ĆŤ".!!ÄĄ. %(ĆŤĂź#$0%*#ĆŤ *0%+4% *0/

Ä‘ĆŤ!! /ĆŤ*10.%0%+*ĆŤ/0.2! ĆŤ/'%*

Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for oily and acne-prone skin.

Ä‘ĆŤ%(ĆŤ"+.ĆŤ .5ĆŤ/'%* Ä‘ĆŤ+)%*!ĆŤ3%0$ĆŤ+0$!.ĆŤ+%(/ĆŤ0+ĆŤĆŤ




Power-packed nutrition for your skin! Brimming with skin-smoothing Vitamin E, along with vitamins A, B, C, D, minerals and protein, Organic Wheatgerm Oil fully nourishes the skin. All of this nourishment energises the skin to build new cells, repair skin damage and strengthens the capillaries that deliver nutrients and regenerates tissue. Organic Wheatgerm Oil may be too thick to use on its own, but it can be used as an extra hydrating face pack for intensive skin nutrition or diluted with a lighter oil to help boost its nutritional value. Perfectly suited for: All skin types. Especially beautiful for damaged and malnourished skin.


Massage Oils


100% Organic Ingredients: Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil Essential oils of Ginger, Bergamot and Black Pepper

MASSAGE OIL FOR HER BABIES Babies love to be touched. A gentle massage before bedtime will build a comforting bond with your baby and encourage restful sleep.

Get fast, natural relief from minor backaches, muscle and joint pain. Our Massage Oil for Aching Muscles provides deeply penetrating pain relief from pure and potent botanical extracts.

Crushed and soaked in Vitamin E rich Organic Sunflower Oil, Calendula and Chamomile Flowers deepen the relaxing skin protecting qualities of our Organic massage oil. We add a touch of Lime Blossom for its sleep aiding quality for the perfect sleepy-time massage.

Simply massage the oil, infused with warming Organic Ginger, Bergamot and Black Pepper into your tired, sore muscles and achy back and joints. The spicy scent will also reinvigorate and refresh an overused and tired brain.

Finished with Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, our Organic For Her Babies Massage Oil is an all-in-one wonder oil, calming upset babies and young children and soothing skin irritations, rashes and cradle cap.

Actions: Ä‘ĆŤ/!ĆŤ0%.! ÄŒĆŤ$5ĆŤ)1/(!/ Ä‘ĆŤ!/0+.!ĆŤ)!*0(ĆŤ(.%05 Ä‘ĆŤ.+"!//%+*(ĆŤ)//#!ĆŤ+%( Ä‘ĆŤ%(5ĆŤ/!("ÄĄ)//#!ĆŤ"0!.ĆŤ!4!.%/!

100 ml bottle


Ä‘ĆŤ.+)0$!.,5ĆŤ0$ĆŤÄĄĆŤ&1/0ĆŤ ĆŤĆŤ/,(/$ĆŤ0+ĆŤ .1**%*#ĆŤ30!. Ä‘ĆŤ.5ĆŤ.1/$%*#ĆŤ+%( Ä‘ĆŤ%(ĆŤ1.*!.ĆŤ"+.ĆŤ.+)0$!.,5

Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and Sweet Orange

Ä‘ĆŤ +%/01.%/%*#ĆŤ .5ĆŤ/'%*

Ä‘ĆŤ.!0ĆŤ"+.ĆŤ. (!ĆŤ,


Ä‘ĆŤ++0$%*#ĆŤ* ĆŤ$!(%*#ĆŤ./$!/




A massage for your mind. Formulated with botanical extracts that unwind your mind, our Organic Chill Out Massage Oil is the perfect end to a stressful day.

Are you feeling grumpy, achy, crampy and a little bloated? Take a quick break from your busy life and pamper your hurting body.

The scent of Organic Ylang Ylang, straight from the warm South Seas, will ease you into relaxation. Organic Chamomile soothes your skin and your spirit, easing a blue mood and mental exhaustion. The stimulating scent of Organic Sweet Orange will clear the cobwebs from your mind and relieve mental fatigue.

100% Organic Ingredients: Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil


Actions: Ä‘ĆŤ0.!//ĆŤ.!(%!2%*#ĆŤ.+)0$!.,5 Ä‘ĆŤ!("ÄĄ)//#!ĆŤ+%( Ä‘ĆŤ.+"!//%+*(ĆŤ)//#!ĆŤ+%(

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Don’t suffer through another month! Let Massage Oil for Women ease your pain and tension and lift your spirits.

100% Organic



Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil Macerated Chamomile Flowers in Sunflower Oil Macerated Calendula in Sunflower Oil Macerated Lime Blossom in Sunflower Oil

100 ml bottle



100% Organic ingredients:

Mother Nature’s therapeutic blend of organic essential oils, Massage Oil for Women, relieves female-specific problems: menstrual pain, PMT, inflamed breasts, fluid retention and symptoms of menopause. This combination of organic essential oils such as Vetiver and Geranium helps with physical and emotional exhaustion, depression, pre-menstrual tension and helps balance energy levels.



50 ml bottle


ingredients: Ä‘ĆŤ.+)0$!.,5ĆŤ0$ĆŤÄĄĆŤ&1/0ĆŤ ĆŤÄĽĆŤĆŤ /,(/$ĆŤ0+ĆŤ.1**%*#ĆŤ30!. Ä‘ĆŤ.5ĆŤ.1/$%*#ĆŤ+%(

Cold pressed Apricot Kernel Oil Essential Oils of Geranium, Vetiver and Eucalyptus




For the Bath

For the Bath SEA SALTS BATH SOAKS: GRAPEFRUIT & LIME PALMAROSA & CHAMOMILE Our Organic Sea Salts will help you wake up or chill out! Zingy and zesty, our Organic Grapefruit and Lime Sea Salt Bath Soak will rouse your mind and reenergise and revitalise your skin. The citrus scent and botanical powers of Organic Grapefruit and Lime will awaken your senses, refresh your skin and bring you clarity of mind. Our Organic Palmarosa and Chamomile Sea Salts unwinds your mind and unknots your muscles. Joined with immune boosting Organic Palmarosa and Organic Chamomile Essential Oil turns bath time into a relaxing detox tea for your entire body. The lovely fragrance of flowers and Chamomile will remain on your skin for hours, extending your relaxation.


65g bar/5 melts

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Cacao Butter Sweet Orange Essential Oil

You can add a handful of Organic Sea Salt to a warm bath and you can also reap the benefits in the shower by rubbing a small amount of the salts over your skin. It will gently exfoliate away dead skin and increase the circulation to the surface of the skin.


Let the sumptuous aroma of Organic Sweet Orange and the highest quality Organic Raw Chocolate feed your body and soul.

đƫRe-energise body and mind đƫRegenerate, firm and heal the skin đƫMineralises and softens the skin

Relax while the ingredients soften and moisturise your skin, leaving it nourished and smooth. Dissolve just one bath melt in a tub of warm water and relax.


Alternatively, use one melt in a foot bath to instensly moisturise dry feet.

Organic Actions:

410 g

410 g

Grapefruit and Lime Sea Salt Bath Soak

Palmarosa and Chamomile Sea Salt Bath Soak 100% Organic ingredients:

100% Organic ingredients:

đƫRaw Chocolate provides skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals whilst deeply moisturising your skin đƫSweet Orange tones your skin

Sun Dried Sea Salt Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil

Sun Dried Sea Salt

Macerated Rose Petals in Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Cold Pressed Avocado Oil

Essential Oils of Chamomile and Palmarosa

Macerated Red Carrot Root in Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

đƫSmells heavenly

Sun Dried Calendula Flowers Essential Oils of Grapefruit and Lime



Raw Soaps

Other Products

ORGANIC COOL AND REFRESHING, ROSE GERANIUM AND LAVENDER SOAP Soap for sensitive skin and those who refuse to use chemical filled soap, these are the ideal sink-side soaps for face and hands – gentle, cleansing and nourishing and wrapped in biodegradable corn starch packaging. Packed with potent essential oils, our range of soaps are combined with our skin-friendly butters and oils. Cool & Refreshing Soap provides moisture and hydration to sensitive skin and is particularly helpful at clearing acne and soothing irritated skin. Rose Geranium Soap is ideal for any skin type, but it excels at balancing combination skin.


Lavender, the gentle healer, is the star of this soap. Widely loved for its mildness and sweet scent, Lavender cleans the skin as it helps soothe irritation and calm inflammation.

100 ml spray atomiser bottle

100% Organic Ingredients: Roman Chamomile Floral Water Lavender Floral Water Rose Floral Water


110 g bar

110 g bar

Cool and Refreshing ingredients:

Rose Geranium/Lavender ingredients:

đƫHelps heals rashes

Cold Pressed Cacao Butter

Cold Pressed Cacao Butter

đƫCalms skin and mood

Cold Pressed Coconut Butter

Cold Pressed Coconut Butter

đƫCleanses delicate skin - suitable from birth

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Sustainably sourced Red Palm Oil

Essential Oils of Tea Tree, Cedar Wood, Clary Sage and Lemon

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

Sustainably sourced Red Palm Oil


Calendula Flower Extract

Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Geranium Soap)/Lavender

With effective yet delicate Organic Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Rose, this super saving organic Floral Spray soothes baby’s skin and treats rashes, redness, rosacea and heat rash. Organic Chamomile has a naturally mood calming effect while Organic Lavender and Rose add moisture to the skin. As a mild skin toner, it gently relieves nappy rash. It is also an ideal skin Cleanser or Toner for people with very sensitive skin. As a cleanser, apply to cotton wool and wipe over face and neck. This is a great product for the nappy change bag and can be used from birth, with cotton wool to gently cleanse your babies bottom during nappy changes which is far more effective compared to using just water alone.

Essential Oil (Lavender Soap)



Other Products

Other Products

ORGANIC LIVING BEAUTY MASSAGE BAR For when you really need a massage. The ultimate for a soothing, calming self-massage, our organic Living Beauty Massage Bar softens your skin and relaxes your muscles and your mood. Skip the masseur and simply wet our organic massage bar and rub on to damp skin in deep massaging strokes concentrating on sore, tight and stiff muscles. It is especially relaxing during a long soak in a warm tub with our Sea Salt Soak or can be used during or immediately after a bath or shower. An essential bump bar for expectant mums who want to minimise the chance of stretch marks.

Lip Protection

50 g bar

Actions: đƫ+"0!*/ƫ* ƫ/++0$!/ƫ0$!ƫ/'%*


đƫ!(4!/ƫ0$!ƫ)1/(!/ đƫ %*%)%/!/ƫ0$!ƫ$*!ƫ+"ƫ/0.!0$ƫ).'/ƫ

DETOX LIVING MASSAGE BAR Purify and boost your immune system while your body relaxes. With just a few smooth strokes of our Organic Detox Living Massage Bar, you will receive a relaxing dose of body and mind clarifying stimulation from the organic essential oils Black Pepper, Fennel, Juniper and Rosemary. Simply rub the bar on your skin in deep massaging strokes, as desired. Used as a preventative or treatment during cold and flu season, or just to give your immune system a boost and your body a warming massage, our Organic Detox Living Massage Bar will leave you feeling relaxed. It is especially effective during a long soak in a warm tub with our Sea Salts Bath Soak or can be used during or immediately after a shower.

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Cacao Butter Lavender Essential Oil

100% Organic ingredients: Cold Pressed Cacao Butter Essential oils of Black Pepper, Fennel, Juniper and Rosemary


Saturate your lips with moisture and pucker up with sweet tasting lips!

5/15 ml

Our Organic Vanilla Lip Balm is infused with real Mexican Vanilla Orchid (2*%((ƫ,(*%"+(%) that imparts a sensual texture to the balm and adds a yummy flavour and aroma.

100% Organic ingredients:

Organic Shea, Mango and Castor Bean Oils are lip-drenching emollients that protect, heal and seal your lips.

Castor Bean Oil

If your lips are extra dry and flaky, exfoliate them with a dab of Organic MSM Beauty Scrub before smoothing on the lip balm.

đƫ!**!(ƫ%/ƫ*ƫ%))1*!ƫ0+*%ƫ* ƫ.!/0+.!/ƫ 0$!ƫ$!(0$ƫ+"ƫ0$!ƫ*!.2+1/ƫ/5/0!)

Shea Butter Cold Pressed Mango Butter Vanilla Essential Oil

Actions: đƫ!(/ƫ* ƫ/+"0!*ƫ(%,/ đƫ.!2!*0ƫ$,,%*#

đƫ 1*%,!.ƫ,1.%ü!/ƫ0$!ƫ+ 5Čƫ%),.+2!/ƫ %.1(0%+*ƫ* ƫ/0%)1(0!/ƫ0$!ƫ(5),$ƫ* ƫ .!/,%.0+.5ƫ/5/0!)

Your lips will be smooth, soft and beautiful!

đƫ+/!).5ƫ%/ƫ3.)%*#ƫ* ƫ,((%0%2!Čƫƫ /++0$%*#ƫ$!/ƫ* ƫ,%*/ƫ* ƫ/0%)1(0%*#ƫ 0$!ƫ.!/,%.0+.5ƫ/5/0!) đƫ('ƫ!,,!.ƫ%/ƫ*(#!/%ƫ* ƫƫ *0%ġ/,/)+ %Čƫ.!(%!2%*#ƫ$%((/ƫ* ƫ )1/1(.ƫ$!/



Gift Sets All of our Gift Sets are discounted at approx 20% if you were to buy the individual products as a combination, neatly put together in a white box and gift wrapped to perfection.”


MSM CRYSTAL BEAUTY KIT CONTENTS 1. Organic MSM Beauty Scrub 2. Organic MSM Beauty Cream

3. Organic MSM Beauty Spray 4. MSM Supplement

Indulge in all of our best-selling MSM products in one convenient kit with a 15% saving. Our pure MSM, known as the “beauty mineral” will feed your skin and nourish your body from both the inside and out. Our super skin smoother, Organic MSM Beauty Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells with the help of organic cold pressed oils, plant butters and essential oils resulting in moisturising, healing and protecting your skin and giving you a fresh-faced glow.


Our best selling MSM Beauty Cream, famed for helping scars, dry skin, problem patches, blemishes and sensitive skin, is the secret to a Goddess glow and won’t let you down. MSM Beauty Spray is a light liquid comparison to the MSM Beauty Cream with soothing Floral Waters thrown in. Our spray absorbs quickly and instantly begins to regenerate skin damage. Then beautify your whole body from the inside out with our MSM supplement with just a teaspoon or two added to your daily diet you will radiate health from head to toe.


Gift Sets


CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4.

Moroccan Lava Clay Organic Living Facial Cleanser Organic Floral Face Toner Organic Floral Rejuvenating Cream

Naturally gorgeous skin is every woman’s dream. Our Raw Beauty Gift Set provides all the nourishment your skin needs for beautiful skin. Moroccan Lava Clay balances oil production in all types of skin as well as hydrating dry skin. It also clears your pores of impurities and removes deeply embedded grime. Our Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray works like magic! Simply let our carefully selected ingredients cleanse your skin. Our skin-purifying and award winning Floral Face Toner will please all skin types with the Organic Floral Waters and Essential Oils of Rose Otto, Neroli, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Chamomile and Lavender. Lastly, our Floral Rejuvenating Cream is prepared with the nutrient-rich oils of Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Palmarosa, Lavender and Geranium. Our Raw Beauty Gift set is the fast-track to flawless skin: clean, clear, soft and radiant.



Ingredients Index


Some botanical extracts and oils are so powerful and effective that we use them as foundational ingredients in many of our products. There are no fillers in our products so each ingredient makes a significant and beneficial contribution to our full range of products.

This ingredient is in: Our Floral Waters range

Naturally anti-microbial and full of antioxidant, Grapefruit Seed naturally preserves the freshness and potency of our more delicate products.

Below is an index of these foundational ingredients along with an explanation of their potent contribution to beautiful skin.

APRICOT KERNEL OIL, COLD PRESSED AND ORGANIC This ingredient is in our Organic: MSM Beauty Cream Floral Rejuvenating Cream Hemp Heaven Moisturiser For Her Babies Living Cream For Her Sons Living Cream Aromatherapy Massage Oils


Rich in Vitamins A, B & E, these vital nutrients are necessary for healthy skin. It absorbs quickly and cleanly. Apricot Kernel Oil provides a barrier to the skin, shielding it from environmental stresses.

We use this ingredient in our organic: Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray MSM Beauty Cream Revitalising Eye Oil For Her Sons Living Cream

MSM Beauty Spray

Raw Gaia also offers it as a single note product.

Raw Gaia also offers it as a single note product.

ARGAN OIL, COLD PRESSED, ORGANIC AND WILD CRAFTED This ingredient is in our Organic:

Jojoba may increase the production of elastin in the skin, reversing the aging effects of prolonged sun exposure. This clear, light oil absorbs completely into the skin and keeps the skin soft and supple.


A light texture and lovely scent, apply Argan Oil directly to both skin and hair without worrying about greasy residue. Instead, you’ll have smooth, shiny hair and smooth, glowing skin. Full of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Argan provides light moisture to the skin and hair.

This ingredient is in our Organic: Floral Face Toner

Versatile and well-known, Lavender is the gentle healer and skin calmer. It can soothe irritation and reduce scar tissue.

Floral Rejuvenating Cream For Her Sons Living Cream

Raw Gaia also offers it as a single note product.

Raw Gaia also offers it as a single note product.

CACAO BUTTER, COLD PRESSED AND ORGANIC We use this ingredient in our organic: MSM Beauty Cream Floral Rejuvenating Cream Hemp Heaven Moisturiser


Cacao Butter repairs dry and damaged skin, regenerating skin cells and restoring elasticity. It promotes healthy and smooth skin and excels as protection against the weather.

We use this ingredient in our organic: Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray

Lemon is a potent skin healer, similar to Tea Tree but with a more pleasing aroma. It is also an effective daily exfoliator and a cooling skin freshener.

Living Beauty Massage Bar Hemp Heaven Moisturiser

For Her Babies Living Cream

Cool and Refreshing Raw Soap

For Her Sons Living Cream Detox and Living Beauty Massage Bars Raw Chocolate Bath Melt Raw Soaps



Ingredients Index

Ingredients Index

MSM We use this ingredient in our Organic: MSM Beauty Cream MSM Beauty Spray MSM Beauty Scrub

ROSEHIP OIL, COLD PRESSED AND ORGANIC MSM is an essential component in the formation of collagen, elastin, cartilage and keratin. Adequate dietary levels of MSM promotes flexibility, tone and strength of muscles, bones, joints and other tissues like skin, hair and nails.

We use this ingredient in our organic: MSM Beauty Spray Revitalising Eye Oil Floral Rejuvenating Cream Palmarosa and Chamomile Sea Salts Bath Soak

Here are a few of MSM’s energising actions: đƫ Increases cell wall permeability, allowing nutrients and water to flow freely into and out of cells. đƫ Vitamins and minerals bond with MSM, maximising our rate of absorption so that the body can gain maximum benefit from nutrition. đƫ Promotes higher levels of oxygen in the blood stream. đƫ Reduces inflammation and swelling by equalising the pressure on both sides of a cell wall. This may reduce pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism. đƫ Dietary protein works with MSM in the daily task of rebuilding and repairing healthy skin.

We use this ingredient in our organic: Skin Divinity Cleansing Spray

An all in one skin tonic, orange extracts support clear and pure skin and stimulates the cell regeneration. It calms both the skin and the mind.

Hemp Heaven Moisturiser Raw Chocolate Bath Melt

Raw Gaia also offers the essential oil as a single note product.

WHEATGERM OIL, ORGANIC We use this ingredient in our:

The vital living plant material from this tree is distilled to produce nature’s super-food for the skin.

Living Facial Cleanser Hemp Heaven Moisturiser

Raw Gaia also offers it as a dietary supplement.

The Vitamin E and other skin-essential antioxidants in Wheat Germ Oil nourishes the skin, combats free radicals, strengthens the capillaries that deliver nutrients and regenerates tissue. Wheat Germ Oil is extra emollient, improving the texture of dry complexions. Raw Gaia also offers it as a single note product.


Raw Gaia also offers it as a single note product.


Raw Gaia’s potent and powerful MSM is a byproduct of Rapeseed Oil production and over 100% pure.

We use this ingredient in our Organic:

Rosehip Oil rehydrates the skin and increases the skin’s resilience. It actively reverses damage caused by sun exposure, environmental stress, lifestyle, injury and time. Used regularly, it will improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Rose extracts have been used since ancient times to soothe and hydrate the skin. Rose stimulates blood circulation to the skin to speed up delivery of nutrients and improve the skin’s texture.



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the creams, oils and moisturisers? Rub a very small amount in the palms of your hands and apply it directly on to your skin. The creams, oils and moisturisers will naturally melt into a liquid with your body heat. For an especially smooth and satiny finish, apply the moisturisers to damp skin or spritz with your favorite Floral Water or MSM Beauty Spray.

What is the difference between the MSM Beauty cream and the MSM Beauty spray? The MSM Beauty Cream and the MSM Beauty Spray are equal in potency and healing properties. The only difference is that the cream is made from a base of Cacao Butter and the spray base is Argan Oil. So, the spray is a lot lighter than the cream. If your skin is dry, or you have normal skin but the weather is harsh, we recommend the MSM Beauty Cream. The MSM Beauty Spray is perfect for oily skin or when a light moisturiser is required, such as in the morning.

How should I store the creams, oils and moisturisers? All of our products should be stored at ambient room temperature and away from direct sunlight. If the weather is hot and the creams and butters turn to liquid, it won’t affect the properties of the product. You may safely store our products in the fridge. They will be cool and extra refreshing. If a cream or butter has melted, put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes. Once it has slightly cooled down, stir it until it reaches a creamy texture. Place it in the fridge again until it becomes solid.

How should I use the Shikakai Hair Wash? Our Shikakai Hair Wash acts as both shampoo and conditioner. You simply need to make enough paste, combining the Shikakai powder and water, to cover all of your hair and scalp. Work the paste through your wet hair and massage it into your scalp. You can let it sit in your hair as a mask while you shower, and then rinse. It rinses away cleanly. Shikakai is not suitable for use on blond hair.

Raw Gaia’s creams, butters and moisturisers feel different from others. Why? What’s the difference? The purity and living botanicals in our products make them feel softer, smoother and cleaner. Your nose and your skin can tell the difference between what is truly real and natural, and what is synthetic.

Do you have any other products to nourish my hair? Our cold pressed Organic Argan Oil and Coconut Butter are excellent moisturisers for the hair. Coconut Butter can be used as a hair pack to relieve dry, flyaway hair. Argan Oil can be used as a daily conditioner for hair in need of extra emollience. Argan Oil can also be applied directly the tips of the hair to protect against split ends.

Can I use any of your creams, butters or moisturisers on the rest of my body? Absolutely.....! Your skin will love you for it! They actually work great on damp skin, following a bath or shower and then pat dry skin with a towel.

What are essential oils, and how do I use them? Essential oils are the fragrant oils of aromatic flowers, plants, buds, fruit, stems and roots. These plant parts are gently steamed which releases the aromatic oils. The oils float to the top of the cooling steam and are collected. Essential oils are not just fragrant, but also powerful in healing, soothing, cleansing and toning the skin. They smell amazing. Potent and concentrated, a drop or two of the Essential Oils of Lavender and Tea Tree may be applied directly to the skin. However, most should be diluted in a carrier oil, like any of our cold pressed oils, at a rate of a few drops per ml of carrier. Essential oils can also be added to your bath water, burned in an oil burner or dropped in a diffuser.

What’s the average shelf life of the creams and moisturisers? Our products have a 18 month shelf life in normal conditions. They last much longer if stored in the fridge. However once opened they should be used within 6 months. How do I find the full list of ingredients in your products? The list of ingredients that you see on each product page, each bottle or jar, is the full list. That’s it. Nothing else!

What are floral waters, and how do I use them? Floral Waters are the gentle and mild liquid that remains after the essential oils are collected after distillation. They contain all of the living plant enzymes and energy, just in a milder concentration.

The MSM Beauty Cream is not completely smooth. Is this normal? The MSM Beauty Cream contains very small flakes, or crystals, of MSM. These are nonabrasive and will quickly be absorbed into the skin when you apply the cream. Please remember that a little goes along way and you only need a small amount.

Floral Waters can be applied directly to the skin as frequently as desired. They are effective cleansers, toners and healers, and they also smell delicious.

What products can you recommend for eczema or psoriasis sufferers? For cleansing, we recommend our Organic Living Facial Cleanser and Organic Floral Face Toner. You may also try Juniper Floral Water as a toner for your skin.

I have sensitive skin. How will I know what products will work best for me? Raw Gaia products were specifically designed for sensitive skin. I am pregnant but want to moisturise my skin. What do you recommend?

For moisture, we recommend the Organic Hemp Heaven Moisturiser as the ingredients have been specially blended for eczema and dry skin conditions. You could also use Cold Pressed Borage Seed Oil if you are sensitive to essential oils.



Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary Of Terms ESSENTIAL OILS

The jury is out on whether essential oils are safe during pregnancy. During the first trimester of pregnancy, we do not recommend using any products that contain essential oils in case they affect your unborn baby. We recommend using either our For Her Babies Cream, which is very simple and contains no essential oils. Or, try a cold-pressed oil, like Borage or Argan Oils, which are completely safe and natural and are very moisturising. It is generally considered that essential oils are used at a lower strength of no more than 2.5% of the product. Raw Gaia products contain less than this.

We encourage women in their first trimester of pregnancy to avoid using products with essential oils for the safety of their unborn baby.

I have acne during pregnancy. What do you recommend? During the first trimester, we do not recommend using any products that contain essential oils as they may potentially affect your unborn baby. We would recommend using Jojoba Oil because the structure of Jojoba Oil so closely resembles natural sebum and may trick the skin into producing less natural sebum which, unlike Jojoba, can clog pores. In addition, Jojoba Oil’s antimicrobial properties help to protect the skin from harmful bacteria helping to reinforce the epidermis. You can also use the Green Clay or the Moroccan Lava Clay Face Pack once a week to draw out toxins.

Glossary Of Terms ANTIOXIDANTS


are the collected aromatic molecules of plants. These oils are powerful and easily absorbed into the skin. While every oil is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, some are more potent than others and each one has particularly useful applications for the skin and health. They are very powerful, and they are frequently diluted in a carrier oil before use.


is the liquid that is co-produced with essential oils during distillation. They have the same properties as the essential oils but are more gentle and mild.


are polyunsaturated fats that are vital for good health but our bodies cannot make them. Omega 3 EFA’s include: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Omega 6 EFAs include: linoleic acid (LA), gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and arachidonic acid (AA). EFAs are needed by the body to carry out vital biological processes and are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. They also contribute to the skin’s natural oil barrier, which keeps the skin hydrated, healthy and radiant. EFA deficiency results in dermatitis: dryness, inflammation, whiteheads and blackheads. You will receive the most benefit if you include EFA rich foods in your diet, while also applying EFA enriched skin care products.

are substances that may protect cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Free radical damage may lead to cancer, and it is one of the causes of wrinkles and age spots. A diet and skin care rich in antioxidants feed your skin and protect your health.


Consists of unprocessed, plant material that has not been heated above 40oC. Heat and processing denatures the living enzymes present in botanicals. These enzymes play a vital role in building the proteins that are the building blocks of our bodies.


or veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of any animal products, including meat, seafood, dairy, honey, fur, egg, leather, wool and silk. Other less known products are beeswax, carmine, casein, gelatin, lanolin and whey.

are substances that soften and soothe the skin. They are used to correct skin dryness and scaling. They are a key component in the manufacturing of lipstick, lotions and other cosmetic products.

The Vegan Society in the UK will only certify a product if it is free from animal involvement of any kind, including animal testing.



Raw Gaia Testimonials

Raw Gaia Testimonials

+1.ƫ 2!* !.ƫ(+.(ƫ0!.ƫ%/ƫ0$!ƫ!/0ƫ"(+.(ƫ30!.ƫ Ě2!ƫ!2!.ƫ1/! ēƫ$!ƫ"%./0ƫ 5ƫ ƫ.!!%2! ƫ)5ƫ+. !.ƫ ƫ ,,(%! ƫ%0ƫ)*5ƫ0%)!/ƫ+*ƫ)5ƫ"! ċƫ 0ƫ/)!((/ƫ3+* !."1(ƫ* ƫ()%*#ƫ* ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ+%(5ƫ/'%*Čƫ/+ƫ/+)!0%)!/ƫ ƫ 1/!ƫ%0ƫ%*/0! ƫ+"ƫƫ"!ƫ)+%/01.%/!.ċƫ2!.5ƫ0%)!ƫ ƫ1/!ƫ%0ƫ0$!ƫ/'%*ƫ+*ƫ)5ƫ"!ƫ!+)!/ƫ".!/$!.ƫ* ƫ/)++0$!.ċƫ ƫ(/+ƫ$2!ƫ/!*/%0%2!ƫ!5!/ƫ* ƫ5+1.ƫ 2!* !.ƫ(+.(ƫ0!.ƫ!/%(5ƫ.!)+2!/ƫ%..%00%+*ƫ* ƫ!5!ƫ.! *!//ċƫ$0ƫ ƫ+* !."1(ƫ,.+ 10ēƫ$*'ƫ5+1ƫ3ƫ%ƫ"+.ƫ.%*#ƫ+10ƫ1/ē

Ěƫ)ƫ0.5%*#ƫ5+1.ƫ %2%*#ƫ%(ƫ(!*/!.ƫ* ƫ$2!ƫ!!*ƫ"+.ƫĂƫ3!!'/ċċċ* ƫ%0ƫ.!((5ƫ3+.'/ēƫ 5ƫ*!ƫ%//1!ƫ%/ƫ -1%'(5ƫ %/,,!.%*#



$*'ƫ5+1ƫ/+ƫ)1$ƫ"+.ƫ0$!ƫ/'%*ƫ.!ƫ 2%!ƫ5+1ƫ#2!ƫ)!ƫ"+((+3%*#ƫƫ.!0%+*ƫ0+ƫƫ3!((ƫ'*+3*ƫ$%#$ƫ!* ƫ .+)0$!.,5ƫ.* ċƫ+1.ƫ!4,!.0/ƫ.!+))!* ! ƫ0$!ƫ.*'%*!*/!ƫ(+.(ƫ0!.ƫ,(1/ƫ0$!ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)ċƫ !((ƫ"0!.ƫăƫ 5/ƫ+"ƫ1/!ƫ0$!ƫ .5ĥ/+.!ƫĥ%0$5ƫ.!/ƫ$2!ƫ()+/0ƫ+),(!0!(5ƫ#+*!Čƫ* ƫ!2!*ƫ!00!.ƫ0$!ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ .!ƫ !(%#$0"1(ƫ0+ƫ1/!ƫ* ƫ$2!ƫ(!"0ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ/+"0ƫ* ƫ3!((ƫ)+%/01.%/! ċƫ ƫ3%((ƫ+*0%*1!ƫ0+ƫ1/!ƫ5+1.ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ* ƫ 3%((ƫ2+% ƫ!%*#ƫ/! 1! ƫ%*0+ƫ15%*#ƫ)+.!ƫ!4,!*/%2!ƫ* ƫ(!//ƫ*01.(ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ%*ƫ0$!ƫ"101.!ċ

ƫ$2!ƫ0+ƫ/5ƫ$+3ƫ)1$ƫ Ě)ƫ(+2%*#ƫ5+1.ƫŎ+.ƫ!.ƫ%!/ƫ %2%*#ƫ.!)Ŏƫ3$%$ƫ ƫ1/!ƫ/ƫƫ"!ƫ)+%/01.%/!.ċƫ ƫ $2!ƫ/!*/%0%2!ĥƫ+%(5ƫ/'%*ƫ* ƫ+2!.ƫ0$!ƫ5!./ƫ"0!.ƫ0.5%*#ƫ/+ƫ)*5ƫ %""!.!*0ƫ)+%/01.%/!./ƫ".+)ƫ$%#$ƫ/0.!!0ƫ0+ƫ +.#*%ƫ+*!/ƫ0++Čƫ0$%/ƫ$/ƫ!!*ƫ)5ƫ+(5ƫ.%(ċƫ%./0ƫ+"ƫ((ƫ!%*#ƫ1*/!*0! Čƫ!!/ƫ34ƫ".!!ƫ* ƫ3%0$ƫ2!.5ƫ"!3ƫ %*#.! %!*0/Čƫ Ě)ƫ)6! ƫ0ƫ$+3ƫ3!((ƫ%0ƫ$/ƫ%),.+2! ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ* ƫ!4,!.%!*! ƫ*+ƫ+%(%*!//ƫ".+)ƫ%0Čƫ/ƫ5+1ƫ&1/0ƫ *!! ƫƫ2!.5ƫ/)((ƫ)+1*0ċƫ 0ƫ(/+ƫ3+.'! ƫ,!."!0(5ƫ3!((ƫ1* !.ƫ)5ƫ)%*!.(ƫ)'!1,ċƫ+ƫƫ%#ƫ0$*'ƫ5+1ƫ3ƫ %Čƫ* ƫ'!!,ƫ1,ƫ0$!ƫ#++ ƫ3+.'ē


PRIYA GOEL, Peterborough

!40ƫ0%)!ƫ5+1ƫ$2!ƫƫ$++(0!ƫ.2%*#Čƫ.0$!.ƫ0$*ƫ.!$ƫ"+.ƫƫ ./ƫ.Čƫ0.5ƫ/(0$!.%*#ƫ5+1.ƫ/'%*ƫ3%0$ƫ3ƫ %Ě/ƫ3ƫ$++(0!ƫ!ƫ'ċƫ 5ƫ3$+(!ƫ0$.++)ƫ3/ƫ"%((! ƫ3%0$ƫƫ.%$ƫ++ƫ.+)ƫ* ƫ"0!.3. /ƫ)5ƫ /'%*ƫ"!(0ƫ/)++0$ƫ/ƫƫ5Ě/ƫ+00+)ċƫ%0$ƫ1)!.%Čƫ3ƫ+ƫ* ƫ! ƫ(5ƫ0$%/ƫ,.+ 10ƫ,'/ƫƫ,+0!*0ƫ *0%+4% *0ƫ,1*$ē

ƫ/+(10!(5ƫ +.!ƫ5+1.ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ,.5ċƫ 0ƫ%/ƫ.!((5ƫ!""!0%2!ƫ%*ƫ$!(%*#ƫ0$!ƫ/'%*ƫ* ƫ.!/0+.%*#ƫ$!(0$5ƫ#(+3ƫ * ƫ!(/0%%05ċƫ ƫ$2!ƫ01((5ƫ/0+,,! ƫ1/%*#ƫ((ƫ)5ƫ.!)/ƫ* ƫ)+%/01.%/!./ƫ(0+#!0$!.ƫ/%*!ƫ ƫ %/+2!.! ƫ%0ċƫ ƫ1/!ƫƫ(!*/!.ƫ* ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ,.5ċƫ* ƫ)+/0ƫ%),+.0*0(5Čƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ%/ƫ/+ƫ$!(0$5ƫ0$0ƫ ƫ*+ƫ(+*#!.ƫ1/!ƫ*5ƫ "+1* 0%+*ƫ+.ƫ+0$!.ƫ)'!ƫ1,ƫ+*ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ!%0$!.ċƫ$*'ƫ5+1ƫ"+.ƫ/1$ƫƫ#.!0ƫ,.+ 10ēƫ

LAURA BOND, Freelance journalist, London

Elena M, Denmark ƫ/+(10!(5ƫ(+2!ƫ3ƫ%ƫ,.+ 10/ēƫ.0%1(.(5ƫ0$!ƫ3ƫ$++(0!ƫ!ƫ'ƫ3$%$ƫ/)!((/ƫ !(%%+1/ƫ* ƫ (!2!/ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ.!((5ƫ(!*ƫ* ƫ/)++0$Čƫ* ƫ0$!ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)Čƫ %2%*#ƫ%(ƫ(!*/!.ƫ* ƫ(+.(ƫ!ƫ +*!.ƫ3$%$ƫ ƫ1/!ƫ %(5ċƫ Ě2!ƫ.!((5ƫ*+0%! ƫ0$0ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ%/ƫ(!//ƫ0!),!.)!*0(ƫ* ƫ%/ƫ!10%"1((5ƫ)+%/01.%/! ċƫ Ě)ƫ2!.5ƫ$,,5ƫ0$0ƫ Ě2!ƫ"+1* ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ0$0ƫ $!.!ƫ0+ƫ)5ƫ2(1!/ċƫ+3ƫ ƫ*ƫ!ƫ/ƫ+*"% !*0ƫ+10ƫ3$0ƫ ƫ,10ƫ +*ƫ)5ƫ+ 5ƫ/ƫ3$0ƫ ƫ,10ƫ%*ƫ)5ƫ+ 5ēƫ$*'ƫ5+1ƫ3ƫ%ē

ƫ)ƫ2!.5ƫ/0%/"%! ƫ3%0$ƫ5+1.ƫ,.+ 10/ēēēƫ ƫ1/!ƫ0$!ƫ+%(/Čƫ0$!ƫ$%''%ƫ%.ƫ/$Čƫ0$!ƫ+ 5ƫ100!./ƫ* ƫ0$!ƫ

%2%*#ƫ%(ƫ(!*/!.ƫ* ƫ(+.(ƫ!ƫ+*!.ƫ* ƫ0$!5ƫ.!ƫ((ƫ2!.5ƫ*%!ƫ/+ƫ Ě)ƫ.!((5ƫ$,,5ƫ0+ƫ$2!ƫ"+1* ƫ* ƫ !ƫ1/%*#ƫƫ0$!)ēƫƫ$!ƫ$%''%ƫ%.ƫ/$ƫ%*ƫ,.0%1(.ƫ)'!/ƫ)5ƫ$%.ƫ/+"0ƫ* ƫ#%2!/ƫ%0ƫ2+(1)!ċƫ 1/0ƫ,!."!0ē


REBECCA STEUR, Netherlands ƫ+1#$0ƫ/+)!ƫ+.#*%ƫ+( ƫ,.!//! ƫ+%(ƫ".+)ƫ5+1.ƫ3!/%0!ƫƫ"!3ƫ3!!'/ƫ#+Čƫ* ƫ*!! ƫ/+)!ƫ)+.!ƫ(.! 5ċƫƫƫ ƫ.!((5ƫ(+2!ƫ%0ƫĢƫ* ƫ ƫ*Ě0ƫ3%0ƫ0+ƫ#!0ƫ)5ƫ$* /ƫ+*ƫ/+)!ƫ)+.!


ƫ$2!ƫ+*(5ƫ!!*ƫ1/%*#ƫ0$!ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ"+.ƫăƫ 5/ƫĨ %2%*#ƫ%(ƫ(!*/!.Čƫ(+.(ƫ0!./ƫ* ƫ!),ƫ!2!*ƫ +%/01.%/!.ĩƫ* ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ%/ƫ(.! 5ƫ*+0%!(5ƫ/+"0!.ƫ3%0$ƫƫ)+.!ƫ!2!*ƫ0+*!ċƫ$!ƫ+*0./0ƫ!03!!*ƫ0$!ƫ *01.(ƫ%*#.! %!*0/ƫ%*ƫ0$!/!ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ+),.! ƫ0+ƫ0$!ƫ)//%2!ƫ)+1*0ƫ+"ƫ$!)%(/ƫ%*ƫ((ƫ+0$!.ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ%/ƫ *ƫ! 10%+*ƫ%*ƫ%0/!("ċƫ ƫ$2!ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ(.! 5ƫ0+( ƫ((ƫ)5ƫ".%!* /ƫ0+ƫ2%/%0ƫ5+1.ƫ/%0!ƫ* ƫ+. !.ēē

ƫ$2!ƫ.!!*0(5ƫ#+0ƫ0+ƫ'*+3ƫ+10ƫ3ƫ%ċƫ ƫ,1.$/! ƫ-1%0!ƫƫ"!3ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ* ƫ$2!ƫ"+1* ƫ/+)!ƫ"2+1.%0!/ƫ (.! 5čƫ.!!*ƫ(5ƫ!ƫ'ƫĨ(+2!ƫ0+ƫ)%4ƫ/+)!ƫ!ƫ.!!ƫ//!*0%(ƫ%(ƫ%*ƫ%0ƫ"+.ƫ !!,ƫ(!*/%*#ĩČƫ 2!* !.ƫ (+.(ƫ0!.ƫĨƫ)1/0ƫ$2!ƫ!2!.5ƫ)+.*%*#ƫ* ƫ*%#$0ēĩƫ* ƫ +&+ƫ+( ƫ.!//! ƫ%(ƫĨ%*/0! ƫ+"ƫƫ)+%/01.%/!.ƫ )ƫ* ƫ,)ĩƫ ƫ3%((ƫ !"%*%0!(5ƫ+*0%*1!ƫ0+ƫ1/!ƫ0$!ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ* ƫ*Ǒ0ƫ3%0ƫ0+ƫ"%* ƫ/+)!ƫ*!3ƫ"2+1.%0!/ƫ"+.ƫ)5ƫ /!*/%0%2!ƫ/'%*ƫ2!.5ƫ/++*ē

CERI JONES, Shrewsbury




Raw Gaia Testimonials

Raw Gaia Testimonials ƫ(+2!ƫ0$!/!/ƫ,.+ 10/ċƫ ƫ$2!ƫ+1#$0ƫ/!2!.(ƫ)+%/01.%/!./ƫ".+)ƫ3ƫ%ƫ* ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ0+ƫ/5ƫ0$0ƫ0$!5ƫ.!ƫ0$!ƫ (+2!(%!/0ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ!2!.ƫ1/! ċƫ$!5ƫ/)!((ƫ3+* !."1(Čƫ"!!(ƫ)6%*#ƫ* ƫ5+1ƫ'*+3ƫ0$0ƫ0$!5ƫ.!ƫ,'! ƫ 3%0$ƫ$!(0$ƫ#%2%*#ƫ!*!"%0/ƫ0$0ƫ"!! ƫ5+1ƫ".+)ƫ0$!ƫ+10/% !ƫ%*ċ

5ƫ3%"!ƫ+1#$0ƫ0$!ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)ƫ"+.ƫ$!./!("Čƫ10ƫ/$!ƫ/1##!/0! ƫ1/%*#ƫ0$!ƫ  ƫ.!)ƫ"+.ƫ)5ƫ/./ċƫ ƫ $ ƫ1.*/ƫ3$!*ƫ ƫ3/ƫƫ$%( ƫ* ƫ(0$+1#$ƫ0$!5ƫ,.0%((5ƫ$!(! ƫ0$!5ƫ(!"0ƫ).'/ƫ0$0ƫ3!.!ƫ/0%((ƫ*+0%!(!ƫ * ƫ ƫ3+1( ƫ#!0ƫ!)..//! ƫ3$!*ƫ,!+,(!ƫ/'! ƫ3$0ƫ$,,!*! ƫ0+ƫ)!ċƫ"0!.ƫ,,(5%*#ƫ0$!ƫ.!)ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ %/ƫƫ(+0ƫ(!//ƫ,0$5ƫ* ƫ0$!ƫ).'/ƫ$2!ƫ" ! ċƫ$*'ƫ5+1ċ

NADJA FURLAN, Great Yarmouth, UK


ƫ3/ƫ+.%#%*((5ƫ%*0.+ 1! ƫ0+ƫ3ƫ%ƫ5ƫ$2%*#ƫƫ"%(ƫ3%0$ƫƫ0$!.,%/0ƫ3$+ƫ1/!/ƫ5+1.ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ* ƫ3('! ƫ 35ƫ%*ƫ3+* !.ƫ+"ƫ$+3ƫ,1.!Čƫ*01.(ƫ* ƫ100!.(5ƫ !(%%+1/ƫ0$!5ƫ.!ƫ0+ƫ1/!ċƫ ƫ)+/0ƫ.!!*0(5ƫ,1.$/! ƫ5+1.ƫ $//+1(ƫ(5ƫ!ƫ'ƫ* ƫ$2!ƫ"+1* ƫ%0ƫ0+ƫ(!2!ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ/!.%+1/(5ƫ*+1.%/$! ƫ* ƫ,.0%1(.(5ƫ/)++0$ƫ* ƫ ƫ$ /+"0ġƫ/ƫ%"ƫ Ě2!ƫ!4"+(%0! ƫ3%0$ƫ0$!ƫ#!*0(!/0ƫ0$%*#ƫ'*+3*ƫ0+ƫ*01.!ċƫ ƫ!*&+5ƫ0$!ƫ0%#$0ƫ"!!(%*#ƫ+*ƫ,,(5%*#ƫ%0ƫ* ƫ 2! ƫ ! ƫ0 !."1 1/+%*#ƫ)!ƫƫ(+0ƫ+"ƫ (!2%*#ƫ%0ƫ"+.ƫƫ3$%(!ƫ/ƫ ƫ*ƫ0!((ƫ%0/ƫ !0+4ƫ#++ *!//ċċċ,.0%1(.(5ƫ$* 5ƫ3$!*ƫ Ě)ƫ+*ƫƫ $!ƫ ( ƫ 3 3%0 5ƫ0 ! .+ $ƫ + !0+4ƫ)5/!("ēƫ Ě((ƫ!ƫ15%*#ƫ)+.!ē ( 0 $ !  ƫ / % ( '5 ƫ 1 / ! ƫ % 0 % ƫ  ( + . ƫ3%* ƫ ƫ/) ( + + 0 % / ƫ 0 + ƫ 0 $ ƫ  0 ! 0!.ċ ƫ*+ .ƫ/ KAREN DODGSON, Edinburgh, Uk $ƫ" !ƫ$ ƫ 0% ƫƫ %. 3 * ! ƫ  ƫ * ƫ 0 $ ! % * % / $ Č ƫ %# 0 $ ! ċ ƫ    $ " ! ƫ 0 + ƫ /3 0/ƫ ƫ ƫ ƫ !2 ! ! * $ ƫ # .! + . !0ƫ/ %  " % " . ! *%* !.ƫ* ƫ%/ ƫ0$ ! 0 .! ƫ%0Ě/ !2! +/!ƫ3 ƫ$%.Čƫ *!ƫ%* *0ƫ.!) ƫ*+0ƫ0 #ƫƫ3 ƫ/+ !! 5+ .5 %0 * ƫ$  $ ƫ+0$!. $ƫ(+* 1ƫ$2 %.ƫ-1 %*/ċƫ #(! Čƫ 'Čƫ ƫ/, ƫ#++ ƫ !  5 "+ *'/ ƫ 5 .5 * ƫ 0+ ƫ ( % 05 ƫ+5 ! ƫ ƫ $ ƫ 0  ƫ  (+ ƫ 1 . % * ! ƫ  ƫ . ƫ )5 ƫ / * ! 3ƫ * ƫ) %.Čƫ0.5 .5ƫ!. ġƫ%0ƫ$ ".%!* ! %0ƫ # ƫ 0 5 / + ƫ ƫ$% !2 ! * / % 0 % 2 %ƫ0 ƫ '! ! $!ƫ $ ƫ! (%ƫ $ 0 ƫ * 0 1 . !ƫ/' .ē * ƫ 5+ 1 (ƫ )+)%( (+.(ƫ +)!ƫ/ ,/ƫ/5 5ƫ%0ƫ3 (5ƫ(( ƫ+2! %*Čƫ1 ( ! %* +" 0! ƫ) +   0ƫ .ƫ * 1 " * ! ƫ $ ƫ  ( + .  ( 0 ! . ēƫ .ƫ* #ƫ$+3 /ƫ*+0ƫ 0 / 0  0 )5 ƫ $  * + 0 $ ! ƫ(+2 ƫ /0 . 1.! %.ƫ*+3 ƫ0!. %.ƫ % !  + ( Č 5 ƫ ƫ0$! * ċ *  ƫ )5 #!. / ! ƫ  ƫ $  / ƫ  ƫ ƫ ƫ / , . ƫ $  % / ƫ % 0 ƫ / + ) ƫ 3+ Čƫ* 5 " ) .ƫ/) !0%) ƫ*+ 6%*# %*!ƫ(1/ ƫ%0ƫ+*ƫ0 ! ƫ / ( ! ( ,(%0 $!ƫ 0 .! ƫ , .+ ƫ ! * / ē ƫ " 0 ! / 10 ƫ* ƫ0$ /(,ƫ .ƫƫ /ēƫ /ēēƫ 3 ! * * 5+ ƫ0 ƫ* ƫ/(, *!ƫ3 Ǒ0ƫ3 ƫ " ! ! $ ! * ƫ + $ ) (/ƫ %0ƫ ƫ ++( 1*0 ƫ* +10ƫ0$ CAMILLA ALLGULANDER, %(ƫ5+Sweden ƫ + ) ! ƫ ( ! * 1ƫ# !0ƫ # ƫ$% "+.0 0$/ƫ ( .ƫ3 /$ !ċƫ ƫ "+ . ƫ ƫ ƫ3ƫ%Čƫ* ƫ$2!ƫƫ1/! ƫ*50$%*#ƫ!(/!ƫ"+.ƫăƫ5!./ċƫ 5ƫ/'%*ƫ%/ƫ/+ƫ$!(0$5ƫ* ƫ ƫ#!0ƫƫ(+0ƫ+"ƫ

ƫ0'!ƫ5+1.ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)ƫ!2!.53$!.!ēƫ ƫ$2!ƫ2!.5ƫ/!*/%0%2!ƫ/'%*Čƫ1/! ƫ5ƫ*ƫ+2!.#.+30$ƫ+"ƫ*ġ % Čƫ* ƫ**+0ƫ/0* ƫ*50$%*#ƫ0$0ƫ$/ƫ$!)%(/ƫ%*Čƫ/+ƫ1/%*#ƫ0$!ƫ  ƫ.!)ƫ3/ƫƫ&+5ƫ"+.ƫ)!ċƫ$0ƫ % ƫ%0ƫ +ƫ"+.ƫ)!ĕƫ !((Čƫ%0ƫ) !ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ"!!(ƫ*+1.%/$! Čƫ%0ƫ()! ƫ)5ƫ)%* ƫġƫ ƫ +.!ƫ0$!ƫ/!*0ƫ+"ƫ.*'%*!*/!ƫ* ƫ%0ƫ) !ƫ 0$!ƫ0$.! ƫ2!%*/ƫ ƫ$ ƫ+*ƫ)5ƫ$!!'/ƫ %/,,!.ēƫ$*'ƫ5+1ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)ƫĢƫ5+1ƫ0.1(5ƫ.!ƫ)#%(ē


/ƫƫ0!$!.ƫ* ƫ/01 !*0ƫ+"ƫ 1* (%*%ƫ+#ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ!+)!ƫ%*.!/%*#(5ƫ)+.!ƫ/!*/%0%2!ƫ0+ƫ3$0ƫ ƫ,10ƫ%*ƫ * ƫ.+1* ƫ)5ƫ+ 5ƫ+2!.ƫ0$!ƫ,/0ƫ5!./ċƫ ƫ,.0%1(.(5ƫ"+1* ƫ0$0ƫ*5ƫ/5*0$!0%ƫ$!)%(/ƫ/,+%(0ƫ)5ƫ !*&+5)!*0ƫ+"ƫ)5ƫ5+#ƫ,.0%/!ƫ 1!ƫ0+ƫ0$!ƫ$./$ƫ/)!((/ċ +1.ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ/)!((ƫ* ƫ"!!(ƫ(+2!(5ƫġƫ ƫ,.0%1(.(5ƫ(%'!ƫ0$!ƫ%0.1/ƫ/)!((ƫ+"ƫ0$!ƫ!),ƫ!2!*ƫ +%/01.%/!.ƫƫ "%./0ƫ0$%*#ƫ%*ƫ0$!ƫ)+.*%*#ƫ3$!*ƫ ƫ#!0ƫ1,ƫ0+ƫ +ƫ)5ƫ,.0%/!ċƫ ƫ(/+ƫ(+2!ƫ0$0ƫ5+1ƫ,'#!ƫ0$%*#/ƫ3$!.!ƫ,+/ġ /%(!ƫ%*ƫ#(//ƫ+00(!/ƫ.0$!.ƫ0$*ƫ,(/0%ƫ/+ƫ0$0ƫ ƫ +*Ě0ƫ$2!ƫ0+ƫ$2!ƫ0$!ƫ(!$%*#ƫ$!)%(/ƫ+*0)%*0%*#ƫ )5ƫ,.+ 10/ċ


$*'ƫ5+1ƫ"+.ƫ5+1.ƫ3+* !."1(ƫ.3ƫ/+,/ċċƫ+.ƫ)*5ƫ5!./ƫ ƫ/!.$! ƫ"+.ƫƫ/+,ƫ0$0ƫ3+1( *Ě0ƫ .5ƫ)5ƫ $* /ƫ+10ƫ* ƫ3%0$ƫ5+1.ƫ/+,/ƫ ƫ$2!ƫ"+1* ƫ&1/0ƫ0$0ċċƫ ƫ$2!ƫ!!*ƫ1/%*#ƫ0$!ƫ/+,/ƫ"+.ƫ3!((ƫ+2!.ƫƫ5!.ƫ *+3ƫ* ƫ)5ƫ$* /ƫ.!ƫ/ƫ/)++0$ƫ/ƫ0$!5ƫ$2!ƫ!!*ƫ"+.ƫ5!./ċċƫ$*'ƫ5+1ƫ#%*ƫƫč+ĩ

+),(%)!*0/ƫ+10ƫ0$!ƫ#(+3%*#ƫ+(+1.ƫ* ƫ$!(0$5ƫ(++'ƫ+"ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ċƫ



ƫ$2!ƫ!!*ƫ1/%*#ƫ5+1.ƫ  ƫ!105ƫ.!)Čƫ0$!ƫ"(+.(ƫ30!.ƫ* ƫ  ƫ1,,(!)!*0ƫ"+.ƫćƫ3!!'/ƫ*+3ƫ* ƫ Ě)ƫ(+2%*#ƫ0$!ƫ,.+ 10/ēƫ$!*ƫ ƫ1/!ƫ0$!ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ%0ƫ"!!(/ƫ/ƫ0$+1#$ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ%/ƫ!%*#ƫ"! Čƫ*+1.%/$! ƫ* ƫ !10%"%! ċƫƫ$!5ƫ/)!((ƫ %2%*!ēƫ$0ƫ#+!/ƫ%*0+ƫ0$!ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ%/ƫ2!.5ƫ%),+.0*0ƫ"+.ƫ)!ƫ/ƫ ƫ3%/$ƫ0+ƫ+*(5ƫ1/!ƫ *01.(ƫ* ƫ,1.!ƫ/'%*.!ƫ/ƫ*01.!ƫ%*0!* ! ċƫƫ+)!ƫ+"ƫ)5ƫ+( ƫ(!)%/$!/ƫ.!ƫ(/+ƫ %/,,!.%*#ēƫ Ě)ƫ+"0!*ƫ +),(%)!*0! ƫ+*ƫ)5ƫ/'%*ƫ* ƫ ƫ)ƫ.!+))!* %*#ƫ5+1.ƫ,.+ 10/ƫ0+ƫ)5ƫ/01 !*0/Čƫ")%(5ƫ* ƫ".%!* /ċƫƫ ƫ (++'ƫ"+.3. ƫ0+ƫ0.5%*#ƫ5+1.ƫ+0$!.ƫ#++ %!/ē

ƫ$2!ƫ/,!*0ƫ5!./ƫ0.5%*#ƫ0+ƫ"%* ƫƫ*01.(ƫ* ƫ#!*0(!ƫ"%(ƫ.!)Čƫ3$%$ƫ+0$ƫ/)!((/ƫ* ƫ"!!(/ƫ#++ ƫĢƫ5+1.ƫ +.ƫ!.ƫ%!/ƫ.!)ƫ$/ƫ((ƫ0$0ēƫ 5ƫ/'%*ƫ$/ƫ!+)!ƫ/+"0!.Čƫ/)++0$!.ƫ* ƫ5+1*#!.ƫ(++'%*#ē





Recommend a friend for 25% off your next order! Just give them this brochure, tell them they can get 15% off (or split the share 20%/20%) and then contact us for more details.

01273 311 476

Raw gaia beauty 2013 brochure  
Raw gaia beauty 2013 brochure