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How To Select A Speed Dome Camera For Your Application If you are putting together a security system and looking to add speed dome cameras to your application, you will need to know the different features of dome cameras to determine the specifications needed for your application. Dome cameras are usually wall or ceiling mounted to achieve the field of view required. The camera device generally comes in a transparent dome, which is designed to hide the position of the camera. Choosing the right camera for your application is essential for maximum effectiveness. There is a wide variety of dome cameras to suit your needs. You can choose between an analog, IP, fixed or mobile dome camera to suit your purpose. PTZ dome cameras are versatile; they can tilt, pan, rotate and focus or zoom on different objects in a room or an area. Choosing a dome camera will also depend on the time of day you are looking to utilize the device. Thermal dome cameras are installed with infrared illuminators and can be used for night surveillance. The speed dome camera has the capability to record and convert fast moving objects to photographic images that can be stored on a medium. The modern speed dome camera has the capacity to typically record well over a thousand frames per second and can be played back in slow motion for study or research. Placing the high-speed camera in a dome helps to obscure the camera, making it impossible to tell the direction the camera is pointing. Most outdoor dome cameras are built with weatherproof materials to ensure protection from elements of the weather as well as vandalism. If your objective is to discretely deploy a security camera, then the mini or micro versions of the dome camera will be more suited for that purpose. These cameras come in a wide variety of housings to match different building structures. You can have an IP dome camera, which features inbuilt video analytics and basically receives power via an Ethernet cable, saving you installation costs. There are different types of speed dome cameras to suit any budget. These cameras tend to be more expensive when packed with more specifications. Getting a weatherproof camera that can be used outdoors will cost you more money than an indoor one. In the same vein, an analog or IP dome camera will be relatively cheaper than a PTZ speed dome camera. Knowing the right specifications to fit your application is a good way to maximize the effectiveness of your security system. The dual mode speed dome cameras that can be utilized for both day and night surveillance offer the best functionality. With this type of camera, you essentially get a robust weatherproof camera that can also be used indoors. They require less maintenance but effectively do the job.

How to select a speed dome camera for your application  

You can consider using speed dome camera units for your security. A dome camera features video capturing capabilities in high definition, wi...