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OKC Dentist Most of the time a person's teeth are in good shape and do not cause any problems. When a toothache occurs it is often sudden and causes a person a great deal of pain. The majority of toothaches originate because of tooth decay. Bacteria often grows in the decaying part of a person's tooth. The pain is caused by infected gum tissue swelling and pressing against other teeth. One of the best ways to get rid of the pain is by getting the swelling down. When a toothache problem arises, most people go to their dentist to have the problem checked out. Unfortunately, toothaches can occur when the services of a dentist are not available. A person that finds him or her in this predicament needs to seek relief on their own. A person that is suffering from a toothache should use some of the following tips. One of the ways that many people have found relief from tooth pain is by chewing on pieces of onion or garlic. Onions and garlic having antibacterial properties and help reduce the bacterial count in a person's mouth. Another way people relieve their toothache pain is through the use of cloves. Some people find that slowly chewing on whole cloves during the day help ease the pain. Other people prefer to grind up the clove and combine it with water to make a paste. They then apply the paste to the tooth area that is giving them pain. The salt rinse method is another popular way people get rid of their pain. The salt rinse method involves mixing three to four tablespoons of salt into a 12 once cup of warm water. Once the salt dissolves a person takes a sip of the water and swish it around in their mouth. After swishing it around in their mouth for thirty seconds they spit it out. Doing this several times a day helps to bring the infection to the surface. When a person gets a toothache they usually see their dentist right away. If a person has to put off seeing their dentist, a person can use the above methods to temporarily reduce their tooth pain. If you are suffering from a toothache and live in the Oklahoma City area, then you need to see an OKC dentist for help. Dr. Kirby is a trusted dentist in the area and will help you with any dental issues you dealing with. He is a reputable dentist with a fabulous staff and wants to make sure your health is at an optimal level. Find Dr. Kirby and his OKC dentist office online at

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