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Non-Profit Org.

First Lutheran Church LCMS 1200 Pinecrest Court Placerville, CA 95667

U.S. Postage Paid Placerville, CA 95667

Phone 530.622.3022 email: firstlutheran@sbcglobal.net Change Service Requested

First Lutheran Church 1200 Pinecrest Ct Placerville, Ca 95667

first4others.org Also see us on Facebook

First News First Lutheran Church LCMS March 2020 Monthly Newsletter VOL. 66 NO 3

First News is a monthly publication of: First Lutheran Church of Placerville 1200 Pinecrest Court Placerville, CA 95667 firstlutheran@sbcglobal.net www.first4others.org Pastor Kevin Foley..................................903-2120 Church Office…………………………….622-3022 Director of Music, Wendy Payton……….622-3022 Editor, Donna Kemppainen……………..320-2425

March Adult Bible Study 9:00am Children’s Sunday school 9:00am Worship 10:00am

First Lutheran Church Our Every Sunday Worship Schedule: 9a Adult Bible Study 9a Sunday School 10a Worship w/Holy Communion

Lenten Worship Schedule Every Wednesday from March 4 thru April 1: 12 noon 6pm 7pm

Lenten Worship Soup Supper Lenten Worship

Soup suppers will continue throughout Lent. Cards of Hope After you eat you can go to the “Cards of Hope” table and color a card for a cancer patient. We will have them out at the first soup supper. If there is an interest in doing them we will have them out at each one. Set your clocks forward one hour Saturday before you go to bed, March 7.

rolled out. Everyone laughed, though Elijah gave it his best shot, it was at the wrong basket! (Personally for the team that has scored three baskets in three games I think we would have all celebrated.) How often do we give an honest effort to do the good works that Over the last month I Christ has called us to do, only to find out that we were shooting at the wrong have been coaching basket, not that we had bad intentions, co-ed kindergarten basketball and reflecting today in my office I was stunned just that at some point even our good intentions didn’t work out! how much this reflects the Christian For all the chaos and insanity of trying walk. to teach 10 5-6 years old how to dribble, In this league there is no score and no standing. Which for my team in particu- catch, pass, shoot and defend, I love lar this is a good thing, if someone was it! If you ask Elijah he’ll tell you that we keeping points we have lost 14-4, 12-2, have lost every game, but if you ask me, we’re winners, not because of how and 4-0 in our first three games but no one keeps score. In our life with Christ it many points we have scored, but is definitely a good thing that He is not keeping score. If a score were to be kept, the deficit that we all trail by would be insurmountable. Yet in Christ we have the victory, sins forgiven and washed, score erased. We win! No matter how many times I tell the kids what to do or where to go, I am astonished by their inability to actually follow directions and do what they are being asked to do. In the same way, God has clear instructions for us to follow and yet every day we either don’t listen or don’t care what our coach in heaven has been trying to teach us for years. The other amazing thing at these games is I’m not sure that I am able to be heard over the voices of 40 parents because we’ve worked hard, done our screaming their own instructions in a best and gotten better as the season little gym that echos every noise. We went on. Maybe if we look at our fight have the same thing as we walk the against sin, you would say that we’ve Christian life here on earth, there are hundreds of voices, if not thousands of come up just a bit short, hopefully we are walking the Christian journey better voices in the media, and social media, and better. The truth is us improving, friends and family that are at times while it is great, we are still not victoriscreaming instructions to us and it can ous on our own. However if you ask the honestly be difficult to hear his voice above the chaos of other voices yelling God who created us, His Son who redeemed us and His Spirit who lives in and screaming at the same time. The us, we are victorious because Christ good news, his sheep know his voice! has conquered sin and death and given At our second game Elijah got a rebound and with tons of voices yelling us new life in Him. things at the same time he calmly Next up, coach Foley takes on t-ball, looked at the basket, did most everyshould be fun! thing he has been taught, and took a Victorious in Christ, great shot at the basket, the ball bounced on the rim several times and Pastor Kevin Foley

Confessions of a Kindergarten basketball coach and the Christian life!

Letters to Marian Dear Marian, A few Sundays ago the service included the first communion of two communicants and it was a real blessing to see young people in the church confirming their beliefs by one of the sacraments. Witnessing that ceremony got me to thinking how long it's been since I studied or meditated on the Lutheran catechism. .

Is there a book or pamphlet in the church library that would help me to brush up on that topic? O.L. Der Purrsen Dear O.L.D., What an admirable goal! Yes, the library has a book, recently added to the collection, titled Why Am I Joyfully Lutheran? It was written in 2018 by Matthew C. Harrison, President of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. In it, the author addresses the teachings found in the Ten Commandments, the Apostles' Creed, Lord's Prayer, Baptism, Confession and Communion. Each clause is explained and annotated with scripture references. It is written in a concise manner and intended for study. It will be filed in Theology/Doctrine, Section 1 and be available for checking out on March 1, 2020. The library is for you – Check It Out! Marian, the Librarian

ior Lutheran Church and Holy Cross Lutheran Church came together and initiated a program of The Lights for Christ program developed by Holy Cross outreach to Lutheran Church in Wichita, Kansas and Divine Savior the chilLutheran Church in Zacapa, Guatemala will impact 12 dren of the local Zacapa landfill, which they call the Lights for Christ (Luces de Cristo) Program. This proimpoverished Guatemalan children and their families gram helps children living in the landfill by addressing who live in the Zacapa garbage dump by offering the their physical and spiritual needs. The children receive life-saving Gospel of Christ, food and clothing, health an academic and Christian education at Divine Savior and sanitation care, and school transportation to ‘the Lutheran School in Zacapa. Their uniforms and books poorest of the poor’ with scholarships to attend Divine are provided by the Lights for Christ program. The famiSavior Lutheran School. This education program colies who live at the landfill have very limited vers most of their basic needs and equips these chilmeans. The children are often needed to help gather dren in grades 7-12 to reach out into their community with the gospel. This request funds 90% of the project- recyclables from the landfill to help provide an income for the family. Education and medical care through the ed costs for these youth to continue their education Lights for Christ Program is one means to help these through high school. Since this scholarship program began, Guatemalan children and their families are wor- children out of the cycle of poverty. The home in this shiping at Divine Savior on a regular basis. Divine Sav- photo is where one of the Lights for Christ families lives.

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League grant #8—$95,000 Lights for Christ Scholarships in Guatemala Divine Savior Lutheran Church, Zacapa, Guatemala

"God will meet you where you are, in order to take you where He wants you to go” 5

Smile for today: Sometimes, I shock myself with the smart things I say and do. Other times, I try to get out of the car with my seat belt on.





Adult Bible Study Studying Genesis 9a Sunday School 10a Worship w/Holy Communion 7p


8:15a NIA Exercise 5:15p Bells of Praise 5:30p Study of Acts Led by John Mooney 6:15 Jubilate




Adult Bible Study Studying Genesis 9a Sunday School 10a Worship w/Holy Communion



8:15a 12p 6p 7p




March 2020



8:15a NIA Exercise 5:15p Bells of Praise 5:30p Study of Acts Led by John Mooney 6:15 Jubilate 6:30 Property Board



8:15a 11:45a 12p 6p 7p



NIA Exercise 10a Lenten Worship Soup Supper Lenten Worship

AA 7p 7p


NIA Exercise 7:30a Women’s 10a Luncheon Lenten Worship Soup Supper Lenten Worship


“Joy in the Word” 8:15a 9:30a






Adult Bible 8:15a NIA Exercise 10a Study 5:15p Bells of Praise Studying Genesis 5:30p Study of Acts 9a Sunday School Led by John Mooney 10a Worship 6:15 Jubilate w/Holy Communion

Men’s Breakfast “Joy in the Word”

Fellowship Meeting

13 8:15a

14 NIA Exercise


18 8:15a 12 6p 7p

AA 7p 7p

NIA Exercise Lenten Worship Soup Supper Lenten Worship

19 10a

Al Anon * AA

“Joy in the Word”


Adult Bible Study Studying Genesis 9a Sunday School 10a Worship w/Holy Communion



8:30a NIA Exercise 5:15p Bells of Praise 5:30p Study of Acts Led by John Mooney 6:15 Jubilate

24 6:30p


Adult Bible Study Studying Genesis 9a Sunday School 10a Worship w/Holy Communion

Newsletter articles due


25 8:15a 12p 6p 7p


7p 7p


NIA Exercise 7:30a Lenten Worship 10a Soup Supper Lenten Worship


8:30a NIA Exercise 1pm Stephen Ministry 5:15p Bells of Praise 5:30p Study of Acts Led by John Mooney 6:15 Jubilate


NIA Exercise Card Making and lunch 10am

Al Anon *AA


Men’s Breakfast 8:15a “Joy in the Word”

AA 7p 7p












Set your clocks one hour ahead

Al Anon * AA

11:30ish Game Day


NIA Exercise LWML



11:30a Altar Guild



Al Anon * AA





NIA Exercise Private baby shower downstairs noon-4pm

Home Made Cards and Lunch Saturday, March 21 at 10am Fireside Room

Finance News Donna Kemppainen

Donuts: Bal Fwd, Dec 31 Income, Jan Expenses, Dec Balance : Dec 31

This is a Thrivent Action activity, the purpose is to make and send encouraging words of God to non-believers

$ 174.47 $ 47.25 $<105.00> $ 116.72

The Plan: there will be a couple of different cards that you can make. Everything will be pre-cut to save time. We are hoping to make a minimum of 50 cards, more is better!

They raised the cost of donuts, they ae now $8.50 per doz., $25.50 per week, $102.00 per month, $.70 per donut. Flowers Bal Fwd Jan Income flowers Exp Dec poinsettias Exp Dec flowers Exp Jan flowers Balance Jan 31:

Congregation’s help: Give us names and addresses of those you would like us to send a card to. The back of the card will be stamped with “Made especially for you,

by members of;”

$ 667.03 $ 305.00 $ <297.69> $ <194.85> $ <173.20> $ 306.29

First Lutheran Church, Placerville

Inside message will be something like: “We ask for

blessings on your day”, "God loves each of us as if there were only one of us” Augustine, "God never said that the journey would be easy, but He did say that the arrival would be worthwhile" - Max Lucado , "Christ literally walked in our shoes." - Tim Keller and so on…

We purchased a silk arrangement for use when we are out of flower money. Thank you all for your support of the flowers!

Lunch will be served. For the purpose of buying supplies and food we need to know how many plan to attend. So please sign up on the sheet that will be posted on the tri-pod in the Narthex. EVERYONE is welcome, we need to spread our knowledge of the Lord’s Word to everyone. Always remember:

March Birthdays 1 3 5 5 5 12 13 15 15 15 15 16 16 16 19 26

Raymond Engler Tom Davis Anne Hall Carol Hetle Jerry St. Pierre Donna Kemppainen Liz Lawless Marcia Davis Mindy Durand Diane Lemke Wendy Payton Evelyn Belendez Cameron Jones Brice Venables Conrad Salonitas Laurie Hertzberg

- John MacArthur

March Anniversaries 6 Bob & Gerry Henkell 25 Rick & Pat Gundran 26 Cameron & Sandy Jones


Happy Anniversary

Birthday 7

44 yrs 35 yrs 14 yrs

ASHES TO ASHES AND DUST TO DUST: Why Lutheran’s Receive Ashes on Ash Wednesday Many non-Lutherans wonder why their Lutheran friends or family members wear ashes on their forehead at the beginning of Lent. Are they showing off? Are they trying to stand out? Is it some weird secret church ritual? What does it mean? Should I get them too? There are three reasons why Lutherans go to church to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday.   

First, the ashes remind people of their sinfulness. Second, the ashes remind people of their mortality. Third, the ashes remind people that they have been redeemed.

Since ancient times, God’s people have used ashes as a sign of humble repentance (Jonah 3:5-9; Job 42:6; Daniel 9:3: Matthew 11:21; Luke 10:13). This tradition was carried on by the early church and remains an important tradition today. When one willingly goes up to a pastor and receives ashes on his/her forehead, they are admitting that they are sinners in desperate need of salvation. They are admitting that they have sinned not only against their neighbors, but against God Himself. The ashes demonstrate that without God, all people are spiritually dead. The ashes remind the wearer of their need to repent and confess in order to be turned back to God. The ashes demonstrate our pleading that the Lord would purify us. The ashes serve as a tangible and visible sign of our failure to love God as much as He loves us. The receiving of ashes on Ash Wednesday also reminds people of their mortality, which is the direct result of God’s condemnation of our sin. God said to Adam, “You are dust and to dust you

Skylar Ahlm and John Salonitas celebrated their first communion in February.

shall return” (Genesis 3:19). Ashes serve as a solemn reminder that the price of sin is death. Death is uncomfortable. And, that’s why ashes are so important. They are the physical reminder that God created man from the dust of the earth and one day all men will return to the dust of the earth. The ashes force us to remember that we are merely mortal and that God alone is sovereign and reigns for all eternity. Ashes also tell us the good news of the Gospel! The ashes are given in the shape of the cross. In receiving the ashes, we remember that our Lord Jesus took on the fullness of our humanity. He who was sinless became our sin. Through the cross of Christ, the power of death has been destroyed. Through the cross there is life. The cross-shaped ashes on our foreheads proclaim the good news that sin and death have been conquered. In many Lutheran Ash Wednesday services, the Lord’s Supper immediately follows the receiving of ashes. We, who were once dead in our sins, we who deserve to die, come to the Lord’s Table literally wearing the cross of Christ. Here, at the Lord’s table, those who have humbled themselves before the Lord, who have admitted their sin, who know they deserve death, are instead given the new life that is only found through the body and blood of our loving Lord Jesus. Here, at the Lord’s table, those marked with the cross of Christ are raised up, strengthened through God’s mercy, love, and grace, and sent forth into the world to proclaim the good news! Interestingly, the ashes Lutherans receive are traditionally made out of the palm branches used previously on Palm Sunday, a day when people rejoiced and praised Jesus only days before they turned on him and yelled “Crucify Him!” This serves as a powerful reminder that people are sinful, death is real, but Resurrection Day (Easter) is coming!

KBS kids busy working on their craft. 3

March Mar 1

Mar 8

Mar 15

Mar 22

Mar 29


Stephen Cass

Stephen Cass

Dale Lambert

Stephen Cass

Stephen Cass


Larry Adloff Jack Hertzberg

Larry Adloff Rich Yanick

Larry Adloff Jack Hertzberg

Larry Adloff TDA

Larry Adloff TBA

Ash Wed

Bob Rios-noon Rich Yanick-7pm


John Salonites

Kylie Venables

Greg Mott

Mike Lawless

Greg Mott


Gayla Mott

Liz Lawless

Mindy Durand

Marcia Keeney

Martin Bross


Kathy & Jerry Kathy & Jerry Kathy & Jerry Kathy & Jerry Kathy & Jerry Tong Tong Tong Tong Tong Barb Calvo Barb Calvo Barb Calvo Barb Calvo Barb Calvo Roberta Hendry Roberta Hendry Roberta Hendry Roberta Hendry Roberta Hendry Anne Hall Helen Ohlman

Carol Schultz Judy Bryld

Mindy Durand

Jerry & Kathy Tong

Ida Brady

Bob & Mindy Durand

Jerry & Kathy Tong

Brenda Anderson Helen Ohlman

Ida Brady Donna K.

Carol Schultz Donna K


Steve Kemppainen

Steve Kemppainen

Stephen Cass

Bill Leitz

Steve Kemppainen

Comm. Aids

Joann Diedrich Priscilla Bilyeu

Joann Diedrich Priscilla Bilyeu

Joann Diedrich Priscilla Bilyeu

Joann Diedrich Priscilla Bilyeu

Joann Diedrich Priscilla Bilyeu

March Greg & Gayla Mott

April Carol Schultz Ida Brady Carla Mc Fadden

May LaVonne Monroe Frances Thomure Liz Lawless

June Greg & Gayla Mott

July Carol Schultz Ida Brady Carla Mc Fadden

Altar Guild


Newsletter Teams

Saying that you are moral because you believe in God is like saying you are an economist because you play Monopoly.

Faith doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always mean God changes your situation. Sometimes it means he changes you. Steven Furtick


Announcements Altar Guild Class March 8, after church There will be a training class today for anyone interested in being a part of the Altar Guild. We need at least 5 more volunteers. If you are interested or just want to see how it’s done and why it’s done, come join us.

Soup suppers will precede each evening Lenten Worship at 6:00. Please bring a pot of soup, bread or dessert to share. There will be “Cards of Hope” available for you to color and sign. They will then be sent to cancer patients.

Each Altar Guild member only serves 4 times each year. It is a very gratifying duty. Contact Donna Kemppainen if you have questions. UPDATE FOR ARTS & CRAFT FUNDRAISER We need: Clear shrink wrap cello (for the gift baskets) Thanks to Mary and Norma we no longer need baskets. Donated NEW items to make themed baskets: Wine Italian food ingredients Coffee & Mugs Tools Pet supplies of every kind Assorted nuts & treats Pizza pan/stone Movie tickets Chocolates & Candy Games Gardening supplies Gift Cards If you are willing and able to assist with any of these items, please bring them to church (or call me) no later than March 22nd. Thank you! Laurie Hertzberg (530) 312-0169 Dear Pastor and Congregation, Thank you so much for the cards, and calls after my surgery. I appreciate having Communion at home while I recuperated. God Bless you, Norma Shelley

Amazon smile link, for all your on-line shopping: smile.amazon.com/ch/94-6088072

Game Day Sunday, March 15 11:30ish We will BBQ hot dogs for lunch and play games!  If you have a favorite game, bring it, otherwise we will have games on hand to play.  There will be a sign-up sheet on the tri- pod stand, please sign up so we will have an idea how many to buy food for. 

LWML meetings are the first Friday of each month at 9:30am. Typical agenda for LWML meetings on the first Friday of the month at 9:30 Open with prayer Collection of mites Reading letters and news from District Grants, (National grants are posted in the bulletin.) reading of letters or blogs from college students or their missionary parents who are supported through LWML. Business of LWML: Treasurer's report, information of upcoming retreats, rallies, or conventions. Program: which is usually a Bible study. Closing prayer 10:45 Fellowship including snack and beverage.

Right Now Media Text “Rightnow FLCOP” to the number 41411, –set up a user account with the link. Now featuring; “This is the Day” by Tim Tebow “Defeating Repetitive Sin”, Vince Miller ”Puzzled by The Bible?” Lisa Laisure “The Bedbug Bible”

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First Lutheran Church Newsletter  

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First Lutheran Church Newsletter  

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