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Spotlight on Service: CAREGiver Cathy Waters Catherine “Cathy” Waters admittedly likes to talk. After running a custom framing business for twenty years, she prayed about changing careers and becoming a CAREGiver. With divine guidance, she came to Home Instead Senior Care® two years ago. “I felt a calling, which may seem crazy. I needed something and needed to do something,” said Cathy. “CAREGiving appeals to me because I hope that my being there makes a person’s day a little bit happier, a little bit brighter. Hopefully, because of my care, they’ll feel a little bit loved.” Today, Cathy finds the job of CAREGiving everything she expected it to be plus more. “I’ve gotten to be close to one of my clients that I never thought I’d be that close to. (CAREGiving) has impacted my life. With my own family, I try to give them more time; have more patience. This work has made me think of the blessings God has given me.” Admittedly, CAREGiving has its challenges just as any other profession. Said Cathy, “the job is rewarding but hard because there are days when your client is never satisfied. You have to remember you are there to make their day better and not take it personally.” Cathy most enjoys seeing how her clients smile when she walks in in the mornings. Cathy tries to start each new client shift with a song, often using music to comfort them. She’ll sing with her clients once she finds music that they will be familiar with and has even cobbled out a dance or two. “I’ll ask them if they like WWII songs and then sing them for my clients.” Most unique to Cathy Waters is that she shares her CAREGiver profession with her husband, Art, who also works for Home Instead. While they didn’t intend to share a career in CAREGiving,

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To us it’s personal. Cathy admits it probably appealed to her husband because “I’d come home and say how I’d helped someone.” She adds, “He had a calling, too.” One other advantage, “he brings me back to earth after a challenging day by reminding me why I got into this profession.” Having a spouse who shares your profession can provide invaluable support during difficult times. The hardest part of CAREGiving, said Cathy, “is seeing your client get worse; especially Alzheimer’s and dementia patients…seeing the disease take them away.” Cathy primarily serves one client, with additional fill-in shifts when needed. Working closely with one person has allowed Cathy to have a deep relationship with her charge. “In between tasks, I’ll sit with her and hold her hand. I treat her like a girlfriend and she loves it. We laugh and exchange hugs and kisses.” With a compassionate mind and a song in her heart, Cathy Waters is a great example of Living Home Instead and the principles of relationship-based, people-centered care. And, we’re pretty sure her clients won’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but her.

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Spotlight on Service: Cathy Waters  

Meet CAREGiver Cathy Waters and read how the role of serving others has changed her life. Feeling as though she was called to this job, Cath...