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Removing Your Mental Blockages - Final /self-improvement/www-digitalbloggers-com-donnadekker-removing-your-mentalblockages---final Written by Donna Dekker Articles written: 36 Joined: 29 September 2016 Niche: Health and Fitness Internet and Businesses Online Self Improvement To become successful at anything you need to remove your mental blockages. By mental blockages, I mean doubts, fears and mental baggage. Without removing these things you will not move forward. When I say "successful at anything", I mean anything. Things such starting an exercise regime, losing weight, quitting smoking or starting a new business. All these things will require you to change in some way. We have looked into "the ego" a little and discussed how it does not like change. It will do anything it can to prevent change as it sees change as a threat. The ego will bring up any doubts, fears or other mental blockages in an attempt to prevent your success. You need to be able to recognize when the ego brings up negative thoughts in your mind in order to be able to overcome them. A Summary of Actions You Must Apply to Overcome the Ego's Attempts to Prevent Your Change: 1. The most important thing you need to be able to do is Control Your Mind. To do this we discussed ensuring to implement 15 minutes of positive thought into every one of your days. See this as a treat. You get to spend 15 minutes in your own blissful place, be that a beautiful past memory or a vision of a future you desire. Remember to really feel the emotions these thoughts bring to you as it is those feelings that will create more of those same type of feelings in the future. The second way to gain control of your mind is to practice going into a state of "no thought" whenever you can. Quiet your mind. You can do this anywhere. Perhaps when stopped at traffic lights, lining up at the supermarket or anywhere you find you have a spare moment. You need to be able to control your mind to become successful 2. Observe Your Thoughts. For this to happen you need to be able to bring yourself into the present moment. If you have no mind control you will not be able to do this. Observing your thoughts means you will be able to recognize when you are having doubtful, fearful or other nonproductive thoughts. Remember all thoughts move you closer or further away from your desires. 3. Overcoming past issues of regret, non-acceptance, and resentment.


Are any of these thoughts moving you closer to your desires? The past is the past. The past has made you who you are today - and that's beautiful. 4. Losing judgment. We are taught to judge by such things s family, friends, colleages and the media. If you really care, research all the facts, find out all sides of the story. If you do not care enough to do the research, there's no point making judgments. Are the judgments you make helping you achieve your desires? 5. Overcoming Negativity. It's a debilitating disease. The more we are focussed on negativity, the more negativity we are likely to attract into our lives. It serves no purpose other than to move us away from our desires. 6. Eliminating Worry. The time is now. Energy focusing on what has happened in the past or what might happen in the future is really a waste of headspace. The past has happened. Everything happens for our greater good. As far as the future is concerned, there are too many variables to contemplate. It is far better to focus positive thought in the present moment than use that headspace to worry about what is really an unpredictable future. 7. Smashing Negative Self Talk. Negative self-talk is killing you - it has to stop! Remember, it is just your scared ego trying it's best to prevent you from changing - change needed for your success. Do not believe what it's telling you because it's just not true! Love yourself. You are amazing and beautiful. You are a perfect Spiritual being. 8. Overcoming Fears. Fears are only keeping your trapped. Remember, "nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood", Marie Curie. Fear is usually about what "might" happen. It's impossible to be able to deal with what "might" happen. Know you can deal with whatever happens when it happens. Have faith in your abilities. You've dealt with far worse. Finally: Never judge yourself harshly when you recognize you are thinking in a manner that does not serve you. What you resist persists. Simply recognize you are having the thoughts, question them and ask yourself, "Are these thoughts helping me achieve my desires?" When you recognize your thoughts are not moving you forward, either let go of them (maybe go into your positive thought for a while or even into your "no thought" state) or think about the positive alternative. For example, if the thought was, "I can't do anything right, I'm a failure", think of times you have done things right. Draw energy from that thought. Know you can achieve success when you really desire it. Overcoming past issues, losing judgment, overcoming negativity, eliminating worry, smashing negative self-talk and overcoming your fears will require you to be able to observe your thoughts and use mind control. Being able to Control Your Mind and Observe Your Thoughts are the basics to overcoming blockages together with consistency.


It will take consistent effort Lastly, if you enjoyed reading my series of Removing Your Mental Blockages, you may like to read the book "Creating A Bug Free Mind" by Andy Shaw. Here are a few chapters to check out. I have barely touched the surface of what is taught in his book. It has helped me immensely. If it can help you too then that would be awesome. Yours in Keeping Functional and Natural, Donna Dekker.


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To Be Successful at Absolutely Anything, You Will Need To Overcome Limiting Thoughts.