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This is an important election as it will elect an Ard Comhairle tasked with implementing serious reforms of our party’s structures and procedures. I am seeking election because I want to be part of that renewal process. I am passionate about Fianna Fáil, what it stands for and what it can still achieve in our communities. I will bring that passion and commitments allied with my communicational and organisational skills to the top table and ensure that the correct decisions are taken.

•Radical reform of Ard Comhairle Structures •Improved communications between members and the Ard Comhairle •Forbáirt na Gaeilge mar theanga bheo i bhFianna Fáil •Transparency and Accountability

Who is Donnacha? What is the Ard Comhairle?

Why do I want to ser ve: What will I bring to the Ard Comhairle? My priorities

For too long, the Ard Comhairle has been seen to be aloof and not representative of the members of Fianna Fáil. Decisions taken by this body were not informed by the wishes of the members and communication with the organisation was non existent

Donnacha Maguire is my name and I want to represent you on the Fianna Fáil Ard Comhairle. I am a Meath man, hailing from Kells. Having studied my BSc Physical Education and Chemistry in the University of Limerick, I subsequently did an MA in Public Affairs and Political Communications in Dublin Institute of Technology. I am 27 years of age and have been a member of Fianna Fáil since 1998 (yes you read that right; I was 13).

Donnacha Maguire for Committee of Twenty

The Ard Comhairle is the executive body charged with administering the party in between Ard Fheiseanna. It is there to REPRESENT the members of Fianna Fáil to ensure that the best interests of Fianna Fáil are served. It is composced of representatives of various sections of the party – Ógra, Constituencies, Councillors Forum, Parliamentary Party and Twenty members of the party elected at the Ard Fheis. This is where you come in! You elect the Committee of Twenty and I want your vote!

Donnacha Maguire for Committee of Twenty

The Courage to Challenge



I have been a member of Fianna Fáil for the past 13 years having joined in 1998 in secondary school. I am passionate about our republican and community focussed ethos. It must be at the centre of our rejuvenation. Our organisation needs to be renewed from the top down and bottom up. I believe that everything should be up for discussion. Our members have an amazing skills set and they need to be utilised in the months and years ahead. Over my period of time in Fianna Fáil, I have served in a number of positions including: •Cathaoirleach of Meath West Ógra.

If elected to the Ard Comhairle, I promise to ensure that two-way communication between the ordinary members of the party and those on the Ard Comhairle is prioritised.

My commitment to the membership of Fianna Fáil is that I will not seek re-election to the Ard Comhairle if progress is not made on the above issues over my term.

I will ensure that reports from Ard Comhairle, where suitable, are circulated to officers of Cumainn and Comhairle Ceantair / Dáil Ceantair. Some of my priorities include:

I am asking you to give me the opportunity to serve our party on the National Executive, to bring my skills and experiences to this level of the party and to ensure that the voice of the grassroots is heard at the highest levels of our organisation.

•Radical reform of the Ard Comhairle. •Improving communication between members and Ard Comhairle. •Forbáirt na Gaeilge mar theanga bheo i bhFianna Fáil.

•Rúnaí of both North Meath and North East Meath CC’s.

Donnacha Maguire Kells, Co. Meath

•PRO of the Kells Fianna Fáil Cumann .

M: 0851021598

•Member of the National Youth Committee of Ógra Fianna Fáil

Donnacha Maguire for Committee of Twenty

I have the courage to challenge the status quo and with your help, we can bring back Fianna Fáil to what it was always was – a grassroots political movement of the Irish people. Please vote DONNACHA MAGUIRE NO. 1 on the 3rd March or your next highest preference.

E: FB: www.facebook. com/MaguireC20

My proposals for a reformed Ard Comhairle

The Courage to Challenge

Donnacha Maguire Committee of Twenty Manifesto  

Election Manifesto for Donnacha Maguire - Candidate for the Fianna Fáil Ard Comhairle

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