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2004 Poetry Competition 1st Place Award: YOUR EYES Wilfred Higgins, Kingston, Ontario

Screen windows sift the night sound of lake-lips watering stones that gargle through my pillow’s baffle. I stir under cotton waves as loons tune the air in cottages that crowd the liquid shadow, cooling through us. This bobs with moist eyes that float through marshes to breed the lake alive under our eyes lidded by linen-dreams, that sieve memories swamping my childhood: For as a boy I scooped boggy life, I squashed in rubber boots that sucked music from the mud. I stalked peeping bubbles on green scum where my hands hooked thumps drummed into a pail. The bucket eyes blinked reptile-thoughts through mine and the snakes I neck-pinched swam air in sinusoidal time. As an interloper, I crunched reeds to flush the slimy, webbed and scaled before my wild eyes. The bucket sang my lullaby when I saw your peewee irises through pixie mist, bloomed beyond my birth-swamp like blue puddles whose blinks leapt my heart’s frog. But on this night in this cottage I

feel your chill under our cotton pool where I caress you as your ponds of love gel into reptile tears.

2 nd Place Award: P


AND THEY’RE OFF David Hillen, Hamilton, Ontario

Heart failure takes an early lead comes up fast on the rail looks in command rounding the first turn. Colitis is badly boxed in but she’s making her move now running a strong third. Osteoporosis is losing contact with the front pack just doesn’t have the legs today. Fibromyalgia brushes Cancer half way down the back stretch seems unsure of himself. Delirium is having a bad race She’s an erratic horse at best difficult to handicap. Arrhythmia is flying up the outside I have never seen a horse’s legs move that fast How long can he keep it up? Entering the far turn It’s Cancer moving up quickly into second place. Dementia, edging up all {the} race pushes past Emphysema who’s having trouble keeping this fast pace. Heart Failure drops to her knees tosses her jockey something seriously wrong there. Heading for the clubhouse It’s Late Onset Diabetes pushing to the front. Looking too close to call

Diabetes, Dementia, Cancer are neck and neck, two lengths ahead of the others. At the wire, it’s Cancer ... It’s Diabetes ... it’s Dementia ... ... it’s a dead heat.

3 rd Place Award: P


THE COURTESY OF GULLS Dorothy Trail Spiller, Massett, British Columbia

Gulls have no courtesy. They loiter loutish on the sand, a crowd of toughs, jostling, shifting foot to foot, unwilling to move one inch. Cast on the stranger insolence, eye of contempt, sharp beak, covetous appetite at the edge of the sea. Congregated among detritus of tides they stare, a stone’s indifference. I hear the whet of wings and sudden flight into the ark of air whistling abundant herring shoals alive to wind, their clashing screams a bright oratorio, a wing beat of celestial song, labels, mocks any leaden-footed human gazing helplessly below. Drops shit on every poet intruding on their shore.

4 Honourable Mentions SOAP FLAKES Caroline H. Davidson -- Ladysmith, BC VESTIGES

Kate Marshall Flaherty -- Toronto, ON PRAIRIE WINTER SKY Trish Shields -- Courtenay, BC HUSKIES Richard Vallance -- Ottawa, ON ..

CPA 2004 Contest  
CPA 2004 Contest  

CPA 2004 Winning Poems: 1st- Your Eyes 2nd- And They're Off 3rd- The Courtesy Of Gulls HM's included.