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Talk Photography #03 January 2018

Yuvrajsinh Barad Street photographer gives us a taste of India. Portraits of common people, faith, celebrations and festivals.

Sven Schubert Love of animals and the art of photographing the beautiful companions

Fine Art of Pierre Gable Beautiful B&W photography through the eyes of Pierre.

Artistic B&W Ankica Vuletin

Cover: Artistic Portraits

An interview with Italian photographer Roberta Tocco.

Contents January 2018

Cover: Artistic Portraits with Roberta Tocco


Italian based photographer, Roberta Tocco paints a beautiful picture with every photograph. Enjoy an interview with the talented aspiring photographer.

Editor's Letter p.4 Interview with Md Amir Hossain p.6 Md Amir Hossain is a photography currently studying in universtiy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He's fallen in love with photography, particularly street photography, life style and nature photography. He's striven to be a photographer despite the fact that his family disapproves of such a dream.

Interview with Pierre Gable


Pierre Gable shares with us his beautiful work and experiences. He's traveled all over the world to partake in photography and has won some awards for his artistic work. He has beautiful and interesting stories of his favourite images and has some wonderful advice for fellow photographers. 2 Talk Photography January 2018

Interview with Yuvrajsinh Barad


Yuvrajsinh Barad is a photographer from India. He enjoys photographying a variety of different genres including street photography, portraits, and wildlife. You'll enjoy his photography of life on different people in India as well as photography from some of the festivals and celebrations in his country.

Pet Photography with Sven Schubert


Sven tells us about his passion for photographing animals and pets. You'll love seeing the work of this animal loving photographer as he takes great care to capture the beautiful critters as best as possible

Artistic Portraits with Ankica Vuletin p.90

Talk Photography January 2018 3

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Don MacDonell

Talk Photography November 2017 5

Md Amir Hossain

6 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 7

Welcome Amir, first could you tell us about yourself and how you got started in Photography? “I am Md. Amir Hossain. I am studying for my BBA at North South University Dhaka, Bangladesh. I started photography 3 years ago and now it is a part of my life. Basically photography is my hobby. At first my family did not support me, but now they support me.”

What kind of Photography do you enjoy and why? “I love street, life style and nature photography. First of all, l want to know about Bangladeshi villages and the life of people on the street and how they enjoy their life. That’s why I love street and life style photography. Secondly I love nature photography and I started my photography with nature photography. I love travelling, and when I am travelling in any place of Bangladesh I can see natural beauty and it makes me feel good.”

How would you define your photography? “In my opinion, before becoming a photographer we need to understand how much we love photography, what our feeling is about photography. I think photography is closely related to our mind, emotions and feelings. That’s why I am try to focus on emotions, feelings and reality in my pictures.”

What inspires you in your photography? “I am inspired by my friends. At first I captured photos by mobile phone, than my friends suggested for me to try photography.”

What advice have you received that helped you when you were starting out in photography, and how did the advice help you? "When first time I meet Prito Reza (a photographer in Bangladesh) he told me, ‘If you are not brilliant you’re never disappointed! You just have to work hard - that's it!’" 8 Talk Photography January 2018

"The Beginning is from Zero, believe in yourself and capitalize your dream" - Advice from Amir

Talk Photography January 2018 9

10 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 11

“This is the picture of street life people. I captured this photo at midnight. When I capture these types of photos I can see their war of life. The man in the picture is a vhan(a type of freight car) driver. After capturing this picture I I asked him, "what happened? I think you're worried". Than he replied "I am worried about my family because I am now over 50 years old. Now I am not able to work anymore. I have a daughter who's 26 years old named Aysha, her husband divorced before 2 years ago and left her with their one child. They now depend on me. Now what can I do?" (A true story) 12 Talk Photography January 2018

"A story of an orphan child. “When I was three years old my mother died and my father married again. My step mother always beat me, my father is a rickshaw puller when he came home after working one day, I told him everything but he didn’t believe me. My step mothers persecution continued to grow and finally I ran away from home and came to Dhaka. Now I am go from place to place collecting bottles. At the end of the day I sell these bottles to earn some money, usually around 80 or 120tk (about $0.97$1.45USD). Every morning I cannot eat breakfast because I cannot afford it. At noon some foundations come here and they give us lunch I can also buy lunch from Rojina aunty for only 15tk. After lunch I play with my friends behind the railway station. In the evening I sell all my collected bottles. I can use the money I buy some dinner. Then I sleep at the railway station with my friend’s dog. Now he is my best friend."

Talk Photography January 2018 13

I captured this picture when I was working for a foundation that fed orphan children. We created an event for celebrating birthdays with orphan children. Through that event I have seen children who were very happy and said “We are very happy because we don’t know our date of birth. When people asked our birthday we couldn’t answer the question. But now we can answer this question.” This is the picture of one of the moments. 14 Talk Photography January 2018

“This is the village people life style picture. I captured this photo when I was travelling in Sylhet, Bangladesh. An old man named Azgor Ali was a humorous man. When I talked to him I felt that I was talking to my grandfather, who had died before I was born. The man has 6 children, and was going to the market because his wife demanded him to buy something for her. Finally he went to market after half an hour and he bought a beautiful sari for his wife.�

Talk Photography January 2018 15

16 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 17

18 Talk Photography January 2018

Pierre Gable

Talk Photography January 2018 19

Welcome to Talk Photography could you tell us about yourself and how you got started in photography? "I was born in France in 1969, I started photography at the age of seven, so I was a child. Photography and the image in general has always accompanied my life, from childhood to adulthood. I always walked with a frame in my head, ideas of framing, the desires to keep what I could see beautiful around me. My mother gave me a little Instant Kodak, I began by photographing cats in my neighborhood and make portraits of my classmates. Now I have been living for the past 15 years in Provence area, a magical place to deal with light, once home to the great masters Willy Ronis and Cartier Bresson, and not far from the mountain Sainte-Victoire well-known of the great painters. Many of my pictures are taken in my area, it is a country of light and shadow or coexist softness and harshness, a country of contrasts. Today, as a freelance photographer, i work for literary publishers and involves in promoting various artists (concerts, CD booklets, web advertising, video clips, etc.) I am also invited to festivals and I participate in artistic institutional projects. In 2010 I was the guest of honor The Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival in Florida-USA, the following year I had the chance to win the Grand Prize HIPA which was beautiful and very inspiring theme “Love on earth”. I exhibited my works in the USA, in Brazil, in Dubai and in different places and festivals in France."

What kind of Photography do you Enjoy and Why? "I enjoy both the work of portraits and landscapes, most are made of black and white, I have a predilection for black and white. Many of my portraits are portraits of children and older people, they are people who touch me particularly, they let go with the camera and do not try to hide the reality or seduce, they are natural. I use both digital and analog cameras. There are many photographs of children, the world of childhood fascinates me, the imaginary, the daydream, present glances or sometimes lost in imaginary worlds, children ask themselves less questions than us about what the real world is. It’s always for me, happiness to photograph them in their environment or directed in staging. I have a passion for the image; from what it shows, but also from what we see there. I first used a camera before being overwhelmed by a deep desire to tell the world around me, nature, objects, 20 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 21

22 Talk Photography January 2018

people and their environment differently. Through my photographic work, I try to honor those who give me this chance to grasp a brief moment of their existence."

How would you define your photography? "My images reflect me, they express what I feel, fear, love, revolt, what I am with my part of childhood, the man I have become... They propose my universe made of light, soft and threatening skies; that is what strikes the most in my images: a burning light, tormented or end of the worlds. I am very sensitive also to mysterious things, shadows and lights, places and mystical symbols. I am very influenced by literature, cinema and music."

What challenges do you face in your photography? "I love photographing my models in abandoned houses, places full of mysteries, so I have to look for places like this in my area, interview people, locals and so on. I work my shots in natural light, so I need a minimum of preparation in these very dark places. I also love street photography, you have to play with luck, the unexpected, and of course the respect of the right to the image. Sometimes I have to make a series of portraits without having met the person and I only have a few hours to finalize a portrait that will go on a visual (cover of book or disc). A challenge also to put at ease the model when we do not know each other and that the place where I will realize the portraits is a little worrying."

Talk Photography January 2018 23

24 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 25

26 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 27

How do you overcome those challenges? "It is not easy to make a model understand that my photography studio is improvised and miles away, in a house in ruins that can be scary and without working with flashes etc. I only use natural light; I speak as much as possible with the model, I do my best to put them at ease and try in a short time to make him/ her understand my photographic universe, I make repetitions places. I am very focused during a photo shoot. I try to know in advance all the places where I will make my images, the weather is also very important; when the sky darkens and the storm is near, I rush out! I am also lucky to live in a beautiful region of contrasts, shadows and lights. For street photography it is patience and anticipation that are important. Sometimes I post to a place with the frame and I'm waiting for something to happen, it may be just a cat, a reflection or even a shadow."

What inspires you in your photography? "I am very inspired by the world of childhood, poetry, I am also obviously a witness of my time. Above all, I love human encounters, discovering ways of life, and being interested in people. I like discovering places and other cultures. These things inspire me."

28 Talk Photography January 2018


"This image is a beautiful story, made at dawn in the mountains by a morning of mists, a tribute to the tree, man and nature. This image has been touring the world and was projected on the biggest building of the world in Dubai in 2012. I had the chance to win the grand prize of photography HIPA in Dubai. This very refined image made me travel and meet great photographers like Steve McCurry, Reza Deghati etc." Talk Photography January 2018 29

30 Talk Photography January 2018


"This portrait is made in an incredible place, a house abandoned at the beginning of the century, we see an old bathtub and an old shoe in this bathroom where there is a beautiful summer light. To realize this image, we climbed the stairs that threatened to collapse with ropes. There was a very strange atmosphere in this place that was both gentle and disturbing."

Talk Photography January 2018 31

MAMIE ROCK "I was working in a retirement home where I animated photography workshops and I ask this granny to do something funny for me, a grimace and there she naturally begins to make me horns, a sign really, very funny and of course, rock and roll!"

32 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 33

34 Talk Photography January 2018

ANGELS ON THAMES "I love this portrait, I had just met these two American girls Devon and Hollis in London, I realized a series of portraits for my friend Greg (and he had just introduced me to his two daughters, they were instantly present and wonderful to the image, the whole series is incredible, Devon and Hollis are wonderful and beautiful. We did, two years later another series of images, this time in Atlanta. I try to photograph every year, around the world at different ages, it's a beautiful story of meetings and friendships."

Talk Photography January 2018 35

EVERT L - WE ARE ALL PASSENGERS "This portrait is a street portrait made in Lacoste in the south of France, the man was a great Swedish sculptor met randomly from a typical street who told me about his life as an artist, his passion for sculpture and art. I was under the spell of this erudite and formidable man, when it was time to leave, I saw the old cat coming down the street and Evert who came back difficult, a beautiful allegory of “life�. Evert died a few months later and I have never been able to give him this portrait." 36 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 37

What advice have you received that helped you when you were starting out in photography, and how did the advice help you? "I did not receive any photography advice, just this quote of a great photographer: "If you make images, do not speak, do not write, do not analyze, do not answer any questionnaire. Do not trample the secret gardens. To suggest is to create: to describe is to destroy." Robert Doisneau"

What advice would you give to fellow photographers, both beginners and more seasoned photographers? "Listen to your heart, it is the passion which makes progress, not to listen too much to the advice precisely not to go too much on forums or certain “purists� spend their time to criticize the technique without even being moved on the image. A beautiful photograph, it is not only a pretty model well photographed but especially what the person releases, it is a little of his soul which one puts in box, it is necessary to be interested with others and not self-centered. There are also more and more extremely retouched photographs, in HDR with a lot of effects and plugins, I think that it distorts the places, we lose the reality and the emotion of places. I think it's important to let your imagination go, photography is an artistic process that cannot be controlled, it's a passion! I obviously think that you have to master the technique because without technique, creativity cannot express itself, know the techniques of framing, be inspired and inspiring."

38 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 39

Yuvrajsinh Barad

40 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 41

Tell us about yourself Yuvrajsinh, and tell us about your photography. "I am a simple man who loves making photographs. I was born in India in 1994. Photography has been like my childhood since, I have much interest in creativity. I completed my graduation and the year after I have did one year basic animation and became a graphic designer. After that I launched a graphic design company, called ‘Eyegraph’. we had 3 partners but there was some issues that made us end up closing. Then I started photography and exploring new destinations and captured new creativity of nature. And today, at this young age i have photographed many things with many more photographs to come."

How did you get started in photography? "I Bought my camera to capture pictures for myself. The better photographs that I took I started posting to Facebook and Instagram. After that I spent time at photography events and workshops and discovered I had a lot more interest. Now photography is a serious hobby of mine. For this interview I looked for my best photographs and seeing them I feel very happy."

What kind of Photography do you Enjoy and Why? "I try to capture people’s faces and emotions, I like to take photos of Sadhus (monk) because I like the simpleness. I like travel photography as well as wildlife and portraits. I like to travel with my camera, wildlife photography has a different kind of fun, knowing the habits of birds and their behaviour, for example."

What inspires you in your photography? "Great natural light that I see everyday gets me excited to take pictures. And beautiful people or beautiful locations that I see in daily life or on my travels. Also great photography by others inspires me, I get more inspiration by seeing good photos. I have to do a few clicks every day, I also get to learn something new, seeing the good work of other people, I get a lot of inspiration."

42 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 43

44 Talk Photography January 2018

MOTION BLUR "When the sadhu meditates on Lord Shiva during the evening. When I was going to my hotel I saw this sadhu sitting in meditation, so I stopped there and people began to come in a large number. When I saw many people I thought of trying a slow shutter speed shot. I did not have Tripod, so I placed my camera on a pillar. I was able to capture this beautiful picture, like a painting."

Talk Photography January 2018 45

BABY AND AGHORI "This photo is from Junagadh (India). Maha Shivaratri seems to be a fair of Aghori sadhu,thousands of people are gathered from the different states as monks. Then I saw a monk who had raised a child, And it was saying that this is the nature of Shiva, And the child was crying. Then he went in and asked me to take a photo, In the photo you will see the emotions of the child and the monk."

46 Talk Photography January 2018

BHARWAD CHILLAM LRK It was evening time and I was going to take photos of the sunset in LRK. Then I saw a cow man on the road, He was smoking with chilam. I stopped my vehicle to see, and asked to take photos, I took several and got a variety of photos of the moment.

Talk Photography January 2018 47

48 Talk Photography January 2018


"I took this photo at evening Ganga Aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat, Varanasi on the Ganga River. This photo was taken close to Vishwanath Temple and is probably the most spectacular ghat."

Talk Photography January 2018 49


"I captured this image during the holi celebration. After the day everyone prays to God. During the time I saw this man who was lying on the ground praying. I immediately went over to him to capture the moment."

50 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 51

CHILLUAM BABA "A Sadhu`s is smoking ganja during the chillum Maha Shivaratri festival. This image was taken in Junagadh (india) Ganja is of great importance in the life of Aghori monk, He considers it the offering of Lord Shiva. I enjoy capture smoke in my photographs it took about 30 minutes to capture the perfect moment. Aghori's nature is a bit bad, so it was necessary to get his permission to capture the image."

52 Talk Photography January 2018

BARSANA HOLI BOY COVERFACE This is one of the photographs of the festival of Holi. When all the colors were flying, a boy came out of it, so I stopped him and asked to take the photograph, then he said take it, and this beautiful photo I got.

Talk Photography January 2018 53

Roberta Tocco

54 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 55

"Hello, my name is Roberta, I am 27 years old and I live in Catania, Italy. At the age of 20 I started taking photos just for fun and curiosity. It felt like it was the most natural thing in my life. I think I was born with this "gift" and I'm very grateful for that. I also love drawing, painting and video making. In general, I am obsessed with art because it constantly gives me positive vibes. I love artistic portraits, I'm always fascinated by people and their inner world. through photography you can tell different shades of the soul and this is pure magic."

"My point of view and style has evolved in these past seven years with me, that as a girl I became a woman. I have tried to evolve and experiment with different types of light and concepts, but there have always been constant elements. In three words I would describe my style as delicate, emotional and dreamy. There is no action in many of my photos, because my interest is in the emotion. I want to be evinced. They are often invented fairytale characters that are dreamy and melancholic." 56 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 57

"Photography is my mirror, the expression of my soul, there are concepts that I love and are repeated many times, like fragility, nostalgia, beauty, inner conflicts, youth, introspection, femininity, and dreams. I always find myself in minimal things, natural light and very simple concepts. What I want is to express my feelings and bring out the hidden beauty from what I see. The self-portraits are the hardest thing. I think I'm the most difficult subject to please Because you are naked with yourself, it is very difficult to take off your mask and be yourself, show your fragility, accept your body. But it is also a wonderful experience, at that moment you are present to yourself with the mind and the body."

58 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 59

60 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 61

62 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 63

64 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 65

“To make this photo, I worked with a wonderful team and there was a lot of energy during the shoot, I remember it was December 30th and it was a very cold day. The model, Elena, was very good and brave, I'm very grateful. The photographs turned out great.� 66 Talk Photography January 2018

“This photo is part of a series of self-portraits that I started doing in during a dark time for me. For the first time I realized I was a very fragile and an imperfect person. The self-timer helped me express my pain and my feelings. In a moment when I thought I had lost everything, I did not lose desire, and photography helped me a lot to accept myself as I am.�

Talk Photography January 2018 67

“When I was little I remember that the terrace was a magical place, a game, a meeting place, it was the place where there were huge sheets and where you played hide and seek. But when you come back as an adult it's different because you realize that time has flown by. It was a very hot day in August, I took some clothes from my mother's closet, I asked my sister to pose, and everything went very naturally. Everything was in harmony. I felt like I was back in time. I wanted to tell my roots, my dreams, the desire to warm myself up in the sun like a sheet and let the thoughts go away.� 68 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 69

70 Talk Photography January 2018

“I think this image represents my style. I like this photo because it reminds me of childhood, and there is a light that I love a lot that is the light of winter that filters through the window. I took it at my house on a cold January day. I like it because it expresses exactly what the body is for me, it's like a temple, so delicate and fragile but beautiful because it's unique.� Talk Photography January 2018 71

Sven Schubert

72 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 73

Thank you Sven, please tell us about yourself and how you began as a photographer. "I am a skilled carpenter and I came across photography through sports. I started to take photos of inline skating and longboarding. As I got more interested I began photographing friends and relatives and even started doing families, babies and weddings. After commercially registering I got very busy and I gave up my full time job. I’m now photographing in a 150 square meter studio and doing photos of animals for large feed manufacturers."

What kind of Photography do you Enjoy and Why? "I photograph many animals for dog food manufacturers as well as private individuals. At the same time, I'm always looking forward to doing family photos or wedding assignments. But my focus is mostly on photographing animals. All kinds of animals. I even had a skunk and a raccoon for a shoot for my new Project ‘Underground’, not too long ago."

How would you define your photography? "That’s a good question. I try to keep it alive and real. I do not like a lot of stuff. Many may talk to me in the studio at the shoot, the dogs and children are allowed to move and look around first. I do not like shoots in which children and dogs are forced only to reach a great expression."

What challenges do you face in your photography? "Photographing larger animals in studio environment is a challenge, I set a few goals for myself every year that I do not always manage but much more important to me is that it is made and not just a destination!"

What inspires you in your photography? "I’m inspired by the environment, TV series, movies ... but also a lot of other great photographers like Calvin Hollywood, Krolop & Gerst, Schwaighofer-Art Felix Herandez and many more. I think photographers can learn a lot from each other, especially if the styles are different." 74 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 75

76 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 77

78 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 79

80 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 81

82 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 83

84 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 85

86 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 87

88 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 89

Ankica Vuletin

90 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 91

92 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 93

94 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 95

96 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 97

First could you tell us about yourself and how you got started in Photography? "First, I would like to thank you for your interest in my work. Although I have been an amateur photographer for many years now, I am always pleasantly surprised by these calls for cooperation. My beginnings are like those of many others. Visually in digital photography, is something that really fascinates me."

What kind of Photography do you Enjoy and Why? "I'm given to black in white photography, but of course in my work there are sometimes those in the colour. The black white photo is closer to me, more my reflection of my visual expression. Through these few tones I can easily express what is really important to me. Emotions."

How would you define your photography? "It's hard to describe them, but I will try. Sometimes they are trying to look through the fog of life, pointing to something we think we see, but it rarely succeeds. Some cadres are very subtle and sensible. Some of them again may be charged with ions of intense sensuality, which I am a bit of a fan of eroticism. Common motives are women. Strong women. There is, of course, a display of forgiveness, love in all forms, longing, suffering, strength, motivation, optimism."

What inspires you in your photography? "It's always emotion. I'm sensitive to emotional movements. I let the senses capture the moment and try to make it more credible to tame the chains of my photos."

What advice would you give to fellow photographers, both beginners and more seasoned photographers? "Tips are difficult and demanding to give, we are all individual. I think it is most important to have a full heart in photo work. Satisfaction with creation is important. I always try to convey the message that finds the way to whoever looks at the photo. Of course, we all see a different message, but that is the fun part of photography. I just have fun, so I would recommend it to others as well. There is no room for rivalry in art. Be your own and be original." 98 Talk Photography January 2018

Talk Photography January 2018 99

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