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j u st i m a g i n e. Three new thrilling collections bursting with possibilities! You’ll meet a hair-raising little ghoul with a green face. Our sweet little gingerbread girl will remind you of everything warm and wonderful about Christmas. Get ready to fall in love with our romantic doilies and fabric hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day! We have so much to show you!

j u st i m a g i n e. A set of tools with you in mind! How about a lighted rotary cutter, a flawless ribbon cutter and sealer and even a cute little mini iron? You’ll want ‘em because they’re all pretty and pink. You’ll need ‘em because they do all those tough little jobs so perfectly. So handy, so innovative, so fun to use! We guarantee you’ll fall in love with each one!

j u st i m a g i n e. All the coziness of creating with Imaginisce! Let’s get started!


Monster Mash collection

Proceed at your own risk! This collection of tricks and treats is delightfully wicked! The oversized die cuts are as big as the full moon. And the 3-D sticker stackers are hair-raising! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



Monster Mash Oooooooo-oooo! We’ve come to haunt and taunt you with these spookilicious papers with shiny spot UV finish. Hiding on the backside of each is another chilling design.

*Fall Medley, 400019

*Haunted Forest, 400020

*Tricks & Treats, 400021

*Spook Alley, 400022

*Pick of the Patch, 400023

*Enchantments, 400024

The die cut shown is the actual size from Ghoulish Delights which appears on page 8.


888 908 8111


Sticker Stackers

400019 *Fall Medley

12" x 12" 25/pack


12" x 12" 25/pack

*Haunted Forest

400021 *Tricks & Treats

12" x 12" 25/pack

400022 *Spook Alley

12" x 12" 25/pack

400023 *Pick of the Patch

12" x 12" 25/pack

Just like the zombie at your favorite spooky alley, these creepy stickers and journaling tags jump right out at ya! Beware!


12" x 12" *Enchantments 25/pack • • • •

65 lb. cardstock 12" x 12" Acid & Lignin Free Double-sided

*Indicates glossy spot UV

400033 *Magic Words

400032 *Boo-tiful Friends

1 sheet 5" x 12"

1 sheet 5" x 7"

*Indicates glossy spot UV

*Indicates glossy spot UV • 2012


Oversized Die Cuts

Snag ‘em Stamps

These cute little die cuts fell into the witch’s potion and came out ginormous! They’re so huge their terrifying! Check out the Frankenbride on pg 6 to see one in it's actual size.

Blistering Bats! These are the cutest little acrylic stamps to swoop in the night sky! Snag ‘em quick! They’re flying away fast!

400025 Frankenbride

400026 Ghost

400027 Mummy

400035 *Ghoulish Delights

Qty 1 2" x 2"

Qty: 1 2" x 2"

30 Die cuts fits in 5" x 7" package

400028 Pumpkin

Qty: 1 2" x 2"

400029 Sugar Skull

Qty: 1 2" x 2"


Qty: 1 2" x 2"



Qty: 1 2" x 2"

888 908 8111

Chipboard Stickers Fill your treat bag with these perfect, sturdy, chipboard stickers. They’re so cute, their deadly!

400034 *Chipboard Treats

1 sheet 5" x 12"

Canvas Stickers It’s a sticker…. In costume! Check out the warm canvas texture on a spooky sticker!

400031 Fright Night

*Indicates glossy spot UV

1 sheet 5" x 7" • 2012




Christmas Cheer collection

I believe in Santa c‘ ause this time he brought it all! Magical stickers, sparkling papers and chipboard stickers as sweet as Christmas cookies! I must have been a very good girl!


Christmas Cheer Can you feel it? It’s Christmas magic! It comes straight from these joyful cardstock designs. We’ve added a little spot UV finish for an extra Christmas sparkle!

The die cut shown is the actual size from Rejoice Die Cuts which appears on page 14.


*Snow Drift, 400036

*Candy Cane Forest, 400037

*Christmas Joy, 400038

*Be Jolly, 400039

*Happy Winter, 400040

*Warm Wishes, 400041

888 908 8111

Paper 400036 *Snow Drift


Sticker Stackers 12" x 12" 25/pack

*Candy Cane Forest

12" x 12" 25/pack

400038 *Christmas Joy

12" x 12" 25/pack

400039 *Be Jolly

12" x 12" 25/pack

400040 *Happy Winter

12" x 12" 25/pack


12" x 12" 25/pack

*Warm Wishes • • • •

Each of these 3-D stickers have an extra little present, just for you! — a layered accent popping out right on top! Try ‘em out on your next gift tag!

65 lb. cardstock 12" x 12" Acid & Lignin Free Double-sided

400049 *Gift Giving

*Indicates glossy spot UV

1 sheet 5" x 7"

Chipboard Stickers These stickers are so cute and sturdy and chunky, they’re holly jolly cute!

400050 *Happy Holidays

1 sheet 5" x 12"

Canvas Stickers Pretty to look at and fun to touch! These fabric stickers are comfy cozy!

400051 *Peace on Earth

*Indicates glossy spot UV

1 sheet 5" x 12"

400048 Christmas Cheer • 2012

1 sheet 5" x 7"


Oversized Die Cuts

Snag ‘em Stamps

Santa wanted to tuck these die cuts in your Christmas stocking but they’re way too big! Have you ever seen such a jolly assortment of Christmas cheer? Take a peek at the gingerbread girl on page 12 for the actual size. Thanks, Santa!

Hold these little acrylic stamps under the mistletoe ‘cause I just want to kiss them all! Just imagine how speedy my Christmas tags will be this year!

400042 Candle Tree

400043 Gingerbread Boy

400052 *Rejoice

30 Die cuts fits in 5" x 7" package

400044 Gingerbread Girl

400045 Partridge & Pear Tree



888 908 8111

Qty: 1 2" x 2"

Qty 1 2" x 2"

Qty: 1 2" x 2"

Qty: 1 2" x 2"


Qty: 1 2" x 2"

400047 Snowflake Trio

Qty: 1 2" x 2"

*Indicates glossy spot UV • 2012



Love You More collection

I couldn’t possibly love you more than I do…. You’ve got everything I ever dreamed of, heart-warming papers, kissable buttons, and lovey-dovey doilies. I admit it, I’m smitten!



Love You More This romantic double-sided paper makes the perfect valentine for that special someone. Or, just cut apart the Love Notes paper to charm eight special guys! (In case you can’t decide!)

The sticker shown is the actual size from Love Birds which appears on page 19.


Border Love, 400064

Love Notes, 400065

Heart Attack, 400066

Make A Wish, 400067

Bee Mine, 400068

Hugs & Kisses, 400069

888 908 8111


Button Pack

400064 Border Love

12" x 12" 25/pack

400065 Love Notes

12" x 12" 25/pack


12" x 12" 25/pack

*Heart Attack

400067 *Make A Wish

12" x 12" 25/pack

400068 *Bee Mine

12" x 12" 25/pack


12" x 12" 25/pack

*Hugs & Kisses


Cupid's Arrow, 400070

*Cupid's Arrow

12" x 12" 25/pack

400071 *Groovy Love

12" x 12" 25/pack

400072 *Brave Heart

12" x 12" 25/pack

• • • •

Ahhh, sweet love. These charming little buttons are more delectable than the tastiest chocolates!

400075 Push My Button

16 buttons 5-1", 6-3/4", 5-1/2"

Washi Tape Love has no borders, But if you would like to circle a border, why not do it with this lovely paper tape.

65 lb. cardstock 12" x 12" Acid & Lignin Free Double-sided

400076 2 rolls Stuck On You 22 1/2'x1 1/2" 22 1/2'x3/4"

Sticker Sheets Groovy Love, 400071

Another reason to be stuck on love...these wonderful sticker sheets. You can spell out your love and then accent it with hearts and love birds!



Love Letters



Love Birds

Brave Heart, 400072 • 2012



Mesh Die Cut Hearts

These dainty paper doilies couldn’t be more perfect—the look of lace, a touch of romance with a sprinkle of magic!

Oh my heart has wings! (and soft, fuzzy texture too!) Add a little heart to your next card, or tag or scrapbook page!



Lovely Lace Doilies - Red, Pink, Grey


8 pcs 4 1/2"

888 908 8111

Lotsa Hearts Mesh Die Cut Hearts

12 pcs 3 sizes- 1 1/2", 2", 3"

FALL/WINTER - CHA 2012 Order Form


Company:____________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name:________________________________________________________________________________

4752 West California Avenue Building A, Suite 1000 Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 801.908.8111 / Fax: 801.908.8120

Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________ City:________________________________________ State:______________________ Zip:_________________ Email:_______________________________________ Order taken by:___________________________________ Customer #:_________________________________ PO#____________________________________________ SO#________________________________________

Monster Mash Item #


PAPER - 25 Pack 400019 Fall Medley 400020 Haunted Forest 400021 Tricks & Treats 400022 Spook Alley 400023 Pick of the Patch 400024 Enchantments

Qty $ per pk Sub total (WHSL $0.50 - MSRP $0.99/sheet) $12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50

SNAG ‘EM ACRYLIC STAMPS - 12 Pack 400025 400026 400027 400028 400029 400030

(MSRP $0.99) $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00

Frankenbride Ghost Mummy Pumpkin Sugar Skull Eddie

Item #


STICKERS - 6 Pack 400031 400032 400033 400034

Fright Night 5"x7" Canvas Stacker Boo-tiful Friends 5"x7" Sticker Stacker Magic Words 5"x12" Sticker Stacker Chipboard Treats 5"x12" Chipboard Sticker

DIE CUTS- 6 Pack 400035

Ghoulish Delights

Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $3.99) $12.00 $12.00 $12.00 $12.00 (MSRP $3.99) $12.00


Entire Collection


Monster Mash Combined Total

Christmas Cheer Item #


PAPER - 25 Pack 400036 400037 400038 400039 400040 400041

Snowdrift Candy Cane Forest Christmas Joy Be Jolly Happy Winter Warm Wishes

Qty $ per pk Sub total (WHSL $0.50 - MSRP $0.99/sheet) $12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50

SNAG ‘EM ACRYLIC STAMPS - 12 Pack 400042 400043 400044 400045 400046 400047

Candle Tree Gingerbread Boy Gingerbread Girl Partridge & Pear Tree Reindeer Snowflake

(MSRP $0.99) $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00

Item #


STICKERS - 6 Pack 400048 400049 400050 400051

Christmas Cheer 5"x7" Canvas Sticker Gift Giving 5"x7" Sticker Stacker Happy Holidays 5"x12" Sticker Stacker Peace on Earth 5"x12" Chipboard Sticker

DIE CUTS - 6 Pack 400052

Rejoice Die-Cuts

Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $3.99) $12.00 $12.00 $12.00 $12.00 (MSRP $4.49) $12.00


Entire Collection


Christmas Cheer Combined Total

Love You More (shipping NOVEMBER) Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total (WHSL $0.45 - MSRP $0.89/sheet) Border Love $11.25 Love Notes $11.25 Heart Attack $11.25 Make a Wish $11.25 Bee Mine $11.25 Hugs & Kisses $11.25 Cupid's Arrow $11.25 Groovy Love $11.25 Brave Heart $11.25

Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $3.99/$6.99) Push My Button - Assorted Button Pack $12.00 Stuck on You $21.00 Lovely Lace Doilies $12.00 Lotsa Hearts - Mesh Heart Die Cuts $12.00

PAPER - 25 Pack


400064 400065 400066 400067 400068 400069 400070 400071 400072

400075 400076 400077 400078


Entire Collection


Love You More Combined Total

12" x 12" Sticker Sheet - 12 Pack 400073 400074

(WHSL $1.50 - MSRP $2.99/sheet) Love Letters $18.00 Love Birds $18.00

Brand new to this catalog

i-top Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $32.99) i-top Tool $49.50

i-top TOOL - 3 Pack 001309

i-top HEAD SETS - 3 Pack 001310 003012

(MSRP $4.99-$5.99) 28mm Head Set (Large) $7.50 34mm Head Set (X-Large) $9.00

i-top TOPPER TEMPLATE - 6 Pack 001321

(MSRP $2.99 ) Template (S, M, L & Circle) $9.00

i-top PAPER PUNCHES - 3 Pack 001324 001325 001326 003013

(MSRP $16.99/$13.99/$10.99/$24.99) 28mm Large $25.50 22mm Medium $21.00 16mm Small $16.50 34mm X-Large $37.50

Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $3.49) 002484 22mm Snaps $10.50 002485 28mm Snaps $10.50

i-top SNAP DADDIES - 6 Pack

i-top TWIST DADDIES - 6 Pack (MSRP $3.49) 002486 16mm Twists $10.50 002487 22mm Twists $10.50 002488 28mm Twists $10.50

i-top INNOVATIONS - 6 Pack (MSRP $3.99) 002489 Alligator Clips $12.00 002490 Bobby Pins $12.00 002491 Headbands $12.00 002492 Rings $12.00

i-top BRAD DADDIES - 6 Pack


001311 001312 001313 003014


(MSRP $2.99-$3.99) 16mm Brads $9.00 22mm Brads $9.00 28mm Brads $9.00 34mm Brads $12.00

i-top MAGNET DADDIES - 6 Pack 002178 002179 002180

(MSRP $4.99) 16mm Magnets $15.00 22mm Magnets $15.00 28mm Magnets $15.00

i-top BADGE DADDIES - 6 Pack 002181 002182 002183 003015

(MSRP $2.99-$3.99) 16mm Badges $9.00 22mm Badges $9.00 28mm Badges $9.00 34mm Badges $12.00

(MSRP $4.99) Earring Kit $15.00 MAGNI-TOP NECKLACES - 6 Pack (MSRP $9.99-5.99) 004015 Silver Plated Necklace $30.00 004016 Closed Link Necklace $18.00 MAGNI-TOP BRACELET - 6 Pack (MSRP $6.99) 004017 Cupronickel Plated Bracelet $21.00


(MSRP $3.99) Pendant Variety Pack $12.00


Entire Collection


i-top Combined Total

i-top BUTTON DADDIES - 6 Pack 002184 002185 002186 003016

(MSRP $2.99-$3.99) 16mm Buttons $9.00 22mm Buttons $9.00 28mm Buttons $9.00 34mm Buttons $12.00

i-rock Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $12.99) i-rock Tool $19.50

i-rock HOT FIX TOOL - 3 Pack 002260

i-rock GLAM ROCKS - 6 Pack

(MSRP $3.99/$4.99) 002270 Pearl $12.00 002271 Metallic Pearl $12.00 002272 Rhinestud $12.00 002273 Color Fusion $12.00 002274 Mirror $12.00 002988 Red $12.00 002989 Black $12.00 002990 Silver Tears $15.00 002991 Squares $15.00 002992 Hearts $15.00 002993 Masculine $12.00 i-rock STENCIL KITS - 6 Pack (MSRP $4.99) 002261 Flower $15.00 002262 Swirls $15.00 002265 Frames $15.00 002997 Small Flourishes $15.00 002998 Crown $15.00 002999 Bracket & Border $15.00

Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $12.99) 002267 Crystals $19.50 002268 Pink, Black & Clear $19.50 002269 Jewels $19.50 002994 Glitter $19.50 002996 Rhinestuds $19.50 i-rock JEWEL SETTER STIX - 6 Pack (MSRP $3.99) 002275 Jewel Setter Sticks $12.00

i-rock HOT ROCKS COMPACTS - 3 Pack

i-rock JEWEL TRAY - 6 Pack 002987

(MSRP $3.99) Jewel Tray $12.00

i-rock LIGHTED TWEEZERS - 6 Pack 003507

(MSRP $9.99) Lighted Tweezers $30.00

i-rock BLING PAD - 6 Pack 003508

(MSRP $5.99) Bling Pad $18.00

i-rock MINI IRON - 3 Pack

(MSRP $16.99) 003513 i-ron $25.50

i-ron MOTIFS - 6 Pack 003502 003503 003504 003506

(MSRP $4.99) Bling! Bling! Bling! $15.00 Swirly Whirly $15.00 Queen Bee $15.00 Fleur de Bling $15.00


Entire Collection

i-rock Combined Total


POGO Item #

i-bond Description


Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $7.99) $16.00


Entire Collection

Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $15.99) i-bond Glue Gun $24.00

i-bond GLUE GUN - 3 Pack 002897

i-bond GLUE STICKS - 6 Pack $16.00

POGO Combined Total

002984 002985 002986

(MSRP $4.99) Mini Glitter $15.00 Mini Solid Color $15.00 Mini Clear $15.00


Entire Collection


i-bond Combined Total

d-stress Item #

i-punch Description

Qty $ per pk Sub total d-stress ROTARY TOOL - 3 Pack (MSRP $15.99) 002896 d-stress Rotary Tool $24.00

d-stress REPLACEMENT TIPS - 6 Pack

(MSRP $5.99) 003091 d-stress Sanding Replacement Tips $15.00 400000 d-stress Brush Replacement Tips $15.00

Item #

Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $12.99) 003083 i-punch Hole Punch $19.50 ENTIRE i-punch REPLACEMENT PADS - 6 Pack (MSRP $3.99) 003547 i-punch Replacement Pads $12.00


d-stress CASE & TIPS - 3 Pack *new shipping MID SEPT 003510

(MSRP $16.99) d-stress Case & Tips $25.50


Entire Collection


i-punch - 3 pack

Entire Collection


i-punch Combined Total


d-stress Combined Total

Little Snips

Hybrid Petal Roller

Item #

Qty $ per pk Sub total LITTLE SNIPS - 6 Pack (MSRP $4.99) 003509 Little Snips $15.00

Item #




Entire Collection



Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $7.99) Petal Roller - Hybrid $24.00

HYBRID PETAL ROLLER - 6 Pack 003683 003044

(MSRP $4.99) Badge/Pin Combo $15.00


Little Snips Combined Total

Entire Collection


Hybrid Petal Roller Combined Total


i-tool Basics Kit

Item #

Qty $ per pk Sub total i-magicut - 3 Pack (MSRP $24.99) 003948 i-magicut Ribbon Cutter $30.00

Item #


i-let SETTER TOOL - 3 pack




i-magicut Replacement Wires (2 wires) $9.00 Entire Collection

Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $24.99) i-tool Basics Kit $12.50


(MSRP $9.99) i-let Setter Tool $15.00




i-let SETTER TOOL - 1 each


Entire Collection


i-magicut Combined Total

i-tool Basics Combined Total

CutBright LED Rotary Cutter

Gini Storage Totes (*NEW ITEM shipping SEPTEMBER)

Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total CutBright LED ROTARY CUTTER - 3 pack (MSRP $24.99) 400003 CutBright LED Rotary Cutter $30.00

Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $119.99) Gini Storage Tote - Black Patent $144.00 Gini Storage Tote - Raspberry Patent $144.00


14x14 i-mat - 3 pack

400060 400062


GINI 12"X12" PAPER HOLDER - 6 pack

(MSRP $14.99) 14" x 14" i-Mat $22.50

CutRight RULER - 3 pack 400005

(MSRP $16.99) CutRight Ruler $25.50

CutBright REPLACEMENT ROTARY BLADE - 3 pack 400006

(MSRP $5.99) CutBright Replacement Rotary Blade $9.00


(MSRP $9.99) Gini - 12x12 Paper Holder $30.00


Entire Collection


Gini Combined Total


Entire Collection


CutBright Rotary Cutter Combined Total

Clicut Item #


Qty $ per pk Sub total (MSRP $9.99) Clicut Retractable Pen Knife $30.00

CLICUT - 6 Pack 004020

8x8 i-mat - 6 Pack 004019

(MSRP $9.99) 8"x8" i-mat $30.00


Entire Collection


Clicut Combined Total

Brand new to this catalog

Terms & Conditions An opening order requirement of $300.00 and reorders are $100.00 for all US and Canadian customers. An opening order requirement of $500.00 and reorders are $300.00 for all International customers. Damages or shortages must be reported within 5 days of receiving shipments. Please keep any damaged boxes. Our goal is to ship your order complete but some shortages may occur from time to time. If so, please remember to reorder out of stock items. Imaginisce does not fill backorders. There will be a 20% restocking fee on all returned products. In order to qualify for a Net 30 account, you must complete an Imaginisce Credit Application Form. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing of application. First order must be paid for with credit card. A $30.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks. (Net 30 accounts) Prices are subject to change without notice. Orders will be shipped only if your account is current. We must have a copy of business license and sales tax ID prior to shipping.

Payment Information Circle Payment Type: Circle Credit Card Type:

Net 30

Credit Card





Credit Card Number: _____________________________________________ Expiration:___________________________ CVC2 (Validation) Code:________________ Name as it appears on card:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address as it appears on billing statement:______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Notes: (Shipping instructions, promises, terms requests, etc.)

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • 2012




Gotta Buy Basics collection

There's been an imagination explosion here! Check out the i-rock—a cordless tool to add bling to anything! Would you believe… a magic ribbon cutter that cuts and seals the ends of ribbons? How about a handy six-in-one hole punch or a cordless glue gun that shines a little light right on your project! You gotta buy this stuff! These products are proven winners tried and true, tested and retested. You'll find yourself reaching for them over and over and over…


™ Create brads, buttons and more You’re about to grip your new favorite tool! The i-top transforms an ordinary brad or button into a custom accent in just 2 easy steps. You’ll be making custom brads, buttons, magnets, badges, snaps or twists in just seconds! You just can’t top it!

Lighter tool

New ergonomic handle

more space to work in What's this? It's a QR scan! If you have a smart phone, you can download an app that allows you to scan these little squares. That means you can watch a quick how-to video right on your phone! Place these great little squares in your store and watch for them on your point of purchase display. Your customers will thank you!

Easier to grip

New extra large size (34mm)

001309 i-top Tool

Heads included make 16mm & 22mm pieces. Large head set and new Extra Large, available separately,

simple how to steps

Large Head Set

Extra Large Head Set

When your idea is really big and you need a big brad to match, switch out the carriage on your i-top to this big baby. Perfect for accommodating a photo topper. We’re thinking big here!

When your idea is really, really, really big, switch out for this jumbo sized head! Now we’re talkin’!

001310 Die Carriage - Large


2 pieces 28mm

888 908 8111

003012 Die Carriage - Extra Large (for use only with i-top 2.0) Comes with die cut template (with "V" cuts).

2 pieces 34mm

Brad Daddies

Badge Daddies

Button Daddies

You’re a grown up now. It’s time to start dressing your brads however you want! (And you don’t have to clean your room, either!)

“Vote for i-top!” Badge Daddies are the bomb. One for Susie's back pack and one more for each of her friends'.

Cloth wraps ever so smoothly around the i-top shells. The charm of homemade buttons is BACK!

001311 brad blanks - 10 sets Brad Daddies - Small 16mm


Badge Daddies - Small

6 sets 16mm


Button Daddies - Small

10 sets 16mm

001312 brad blanks - 8 sets Brad Daddies - Medium 22mm


Badge Daddies - Medium

8 sets 22mm


Button Daddies - Medium

8 sets 22mm


002183 Badge Daddies - Large

6 sets 28mm


Button Daddies - Large

6 sets 28mm


6 sets 34mm

003016 Button Daddies - Extra Large

6 sets 34mm

Brad Daddies - Large

brad blanks - 6 sets 28mm

003014 brad blanks - 6 sets Brad Daddies - Extra Large 34mm

Badge Daddies - Extra Large

Paper Punches

Topper Templates

Punch out the perfect paper shape for your next brad, button, magnet, badge, twist or snap topper.

Economical and compact - simply trace and cut. Three paper templates (with "V" cuts) and one circular template for fabric.

001326 Paper Punch - Small


001324 Paper Punch - Large

001325 Paper Punch - Medium


003013 28mm

Paper Punch - Extra Large • 2012


001321 Templates

4 templates 16mm, 22 mm, 28mm, & Circle


Magnet Daddies Whoa! This i-top tool ROCKS! Now super strong Magnet Daddies. Make a super strong magnet out of your favorite photo, fabric or paper!


Magnet Daddies - Small

8 sets 16mm


Magnet Daddies - Medium

6 sets 22mm

002180 Magnet Daddies - Large

4 sets 28mm

And to complete your jewelry collection... here are the parts to use in conjunction with your magnet daddies that you have just created to make earrings, neckaces, and bracelets. And the fun part is...since you made these with magnets, you can quickly switch them out.



What a perfect way to match your outfit exactly! Choose either the large or medium pendant on this lovely silver plated chain, and add your own embellishment.

Bright and colorful, demur and sophisticated, or maybe just cute and goofy... you choose. You create what goes on the jump rings. Attach i-top buttons or use the variety pendants.

Earring Kit Customize your ears to match the occasion, maybe it's a birthday party, holiday, or maybe it's the movie you're all going to...the choices are limitless. These work with the medium magnet daddies.



3 pcs Silver Plated Necklace 18 inch chain 1 large, 1 medium pendant with jump rings Magnet daddies sold separately

1 pc Bracelet 8" Cupronickel Plated Button daddies and Pendants sold separately

Variety Pack So many choices, so many options... put these on a chain, a cord, or maybe a ribbon. Or create your own earring with hooks or hoops.

003511 Earring Kit Magnet daddies sold separately


2 pairs 16mm


3 pcs Necklace 18 inch chain 1 large, 1 medium pendant with jump rings Magnet daddies sold separately

888 908 8111

004018 4 pcs Variety Pack 2 large, 2 medium pendants with jump rings Magnet daddies sold separately

Twist Headbands

Twist Daddies Remember when you’d search for the right color flower to match your outfit? Search no more! Make your own interchangable fashion statement by creating a custom topper and twist it on to the post on headbands, or alligator clips. Hey! You look great!

Get creative! Design your own twist cover, build it with the i-top tool and easily twist it onto any i-top headband with any combination of flowers and custom center.

002491 To be used with Twist Daddies 002486 Twist Daddies - Small

Qty: 3 Black, White, Pink

16mm 10 sets

Twist Alligator Clips This is the perfect way to show off your new embellishment. Create your center, add flowers and voilá you can wear it in your hair or clip it anywhere.

002487 22mm Twist Daddies - Medium

8 sets

002489 White To be used with Twist Daddies

6 clips 1 3/4"

002488 28mm Twist Daddies -Large

6 sets

Snap Daddies

Snap Rings

Create a custom top for a ring or hair pin, add your favorite flower and snap into place. So easy to make… so easy to change! I think I’ll wear pink—no, blue—I think I’ll add a photo! Snap! This is fun!

Snap Daddy rings fit any finger­—the band is adjustable.


8 rings

To be used with Snap Daddies

Snap Bobby Pins 002484 22mm Snap Daddies - medium 8 sets

Change your look with just a snap. That's what is so great about them.

002485 28mm

002490 To be used with Snap Daddies

Snap Daddies - large

6 sets • 2012

8 pins 2"


This tool will rock your world! The i-rock will affix rhinestones, jewels, pearls or mirrors to paper, fabric and even furniture to create a dazzling masterpiece! It’s so easy! No need for messy glue. And with it’s stylish pink design, you might even want to carry it just for the fashion statement! I do! Runs on 3 AA batteries (not included).

See how much fun this tool can be!


Qty 1 cordless crystal & stud heat-setting applicator

i•rock Tool

Compacts Tuck it in your purse, or even in the glove box of your car. This compact is a real beauty! Each mini hot rock is self-adhesive and just needs a touch of heat from the i-rock tool to totally dress up any project. And you get 800 or more of them! Lucky you!

002267 Crystal

800 clear gems 2.3mm to 6mm

002994 800 pcs Glitter Hot Rocks 2.5mm & 4mm Pink, Red, Gold, White, Blue, Green


002268 Pink, Black, Clear


800 gems 2.3mm to 6mm

800 gems Rhinestuds 3mm & 4mm Silver, Black, Red, Green, Blue, PInk

888 908 8111

002269 800 jewel-colored gems Jewels 4mm Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise, Green

Glam Rocks These kissable gems come in 11 dazzling styles-plus a set of jewel setter stix. How can I possibly decide? I’ll just have to get them all!

002270 Pearl

002271 Metallic pearl Gold, Silver, Bronze

002272 Rhinestuds Magenta, Orange, Turquoise

300 psc. 4mm

300 psc. 4mm

300 psc. 4mm

002988 Red

002989 Black

300 psc. 2.5mm & 4mm

002991 Brown Squares

300 psc. 2.5mm & 4mm

002992 Hearts Magenta, Pink, Red

150 psc. 6x6mm

300 psc. 3x6mm

002993 Masculine Blue, Green, Brown

300 psc. 4mm

002990 Silver Tears

300 psc. 3x3mm & 4x4mm

i•rock Jewel Tray “How in the world am I going to get all these gems back into the bottle?" Yep. We read your mind. Here you go. You’re welcome!

002273 Color Fusion Pink, Green, Blue

300 psc. 4mm


300 psc. 4mm

Mirror Gems Silver

Back 002275 Jewel Setter Sticks

4 psc.

002987 Jewel Tray • 2012

Qty 1 pink plastic tray


i-rock Mini Iron

Iron-On Bling Motifs

With its collapsible handle and compact size, portability is a cinch! Take this mini iron to crops and quickly apply new iron-on bling to your projects. Better yet, use this iron with the i-rock stencil kits! Just set up the stencil and apply heat! Presto! A perfect project every time!

These shiny motifs are ready to go! Apply them to clothes, cards, and projects and you've got instant glam. Works perfectly with the i-rock mini Iron.

Check out how easy this little iron and bling motifs are to create finished projects are.


2 1/2" x 3 3/4''

Bling! Bling! Bling!

(cord not shown)

Handle folds flat for easy storage!


Qty 1 2 1/2" x 4" x 2 3/4"

i-rock Mini Iron


2 1/2" x 4 1/4''

Swirly Whirly Helpful Hint Two ways to bling it up! Use the iron on motifs for perfect placement, or use individual glam rocks anywhere you feel like it! Dress up a screen printed t-shirt, belt or shoes!


2 1/4" x 3 1/2''

Queen Bee

003506 Fleur de Bling


888 908 8111

2 3/8" x 2 3/8''

i•rock Stencil Kits Everybody’s dying to know, “How do you make these stunning designs?” You and I know the magic is a stencil—perfect placement every time. But don’t worry, I won’t say a thing. It’ll be our little secret!


Flowers stencil, 4" x 6''

4 black, 4 pink flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems pink, black, clear



Small Flourishes, 4" x 6''

4 pink, 4 white flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems black, clear, pink



Swirls stencil, 4" x 6''

4 green, 4 pink flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems pink, green, clear



Crown, 4" x 6''

4 dark pink, 4 pink flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems clear, dark pink, pink



Frames stencil, 4" x 6''

4 purple, 4 pink flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems pink, purple, clear



Bracket & Border, 4" x 6''

4 pink, 4 blue flowers, 1.5'' 100 gems clear, blue, pink


Lighted Tweezers

Bling Pad

These tweezers come with an LED light to brighten up every crafting project. You'll always know where and what you're picking up (including all those sparkly i-rock gems).

Never lose your i-rock bling again! This pad has the perfect amount of grip to keep your gems from getting lost. Just pour your precious bling onto the mat, and they stay put, until you need them.

003507 Lighted Tweezers

Qty 1 4" x 3/4" x 3/4"

003508 Bling Pad • 2012

Qty 1 4 1/4" x 4 1/4"


cutting i-Magicut™ Now this you just gotta get! It could easily be your new best friend... your new best friend that doesn't take any effort, and will cut all your ribbon for you in nice clean straight lines, AND THEN on top of that, sear the ends so that they don't fray.

This could quite possibly become your newest favorite tool see how much fun they are!


1 tool 5"x2 1/4"x1 1/2"

Ribbon Cutter

i-magicut Replacement Wires

simple how to steps

400013 Replacement Wires


888 908 8111

2 wires


CutBright Replacement Rotary Blade

Introducing a rotary cutter with headlights! It always help to add a little light to the subject!

Easy replacement— smooth easy cutting!

400006 Replacement Blade

1 blade (45mm)

14x14 i-Mat Exactly like the 8 x 8 cutting mat but with 6 more inches of perfect pinkishness!

400004 Pink Self Healing Mat

14" x 14" 1 mat

CutRight Ruler It's practical because it's big. It's super cool because it's pink!

400003 CutBright LED Rotary Cutter

1 tool (45mm)


6" x 13"

Acrylic Pink Ruler


8x8 i-Mat

Finally, the perfect craft knife! No lid, no dangerous blade! This nifty tool has a retractable blade with a simple little click. Go ahead and put it in your purse!

A compact size cutting mat is smart. But a stylish pink decorative cutting mat is fabulous! You deserve it!



Retractable Knife

1 tool includes 2 replacement blades • 2012

Pink Self-healing Mat

8" x 8" 1 mat



i-let Setter Tool


Another little set of tools to complete your crafting tools. All the heads to set all your eyelets.

Here you go! Everything at once, all contained in it's own little case. Perfect for throwing in your crafting bag or set. Paper Piercer Hammer Eyelet Setter (with 2 Tips) Scissors Tweezers Dual Tip Embossing Tool 4"x4"Mat 6" Ruler


Qty: 1 10 pieces

Tool Set

400001 i-let Setter Tool Set

Qty: 1 5 pieces

Hybrid Petal Roller

Badge/Pin Combo

This little beauty is your magic wand! And now we have a new tool for all the Roly Rosie flowers...this petal roller is made a little differently to not only accomodate the thickness of the Fabric Roly Rosies, but also the thin paper versions for when you feel like paper crafting.

Now that you've made your lovely Roly Rosie or Pop Up Posies... don't you want to show them off? All the time? Sure you can carry them with you but why not wear them in your hair or on your clothes? Use the i-bond to adhere to the clip?


Hybrid Petal Roller Tool

5mm ball and quilling tip



888 908 8111

4 badges 1" dia. x 1 3/4"

i-bond The perfect addition to your tool box, this glue gun runs on 4 AA batteries! Very ergonomic in your hand. And best of all, an LED light at the end so that you can actually spotlight what you are working on! Comes with a stand that flips out and back for when you are not gluing as well as an on/off switch. (Batteries not included)

Mini Glue Sticks

002984 Glitter-Mini Glue Sticks purple, silver, white, magenta

24 pieces 4"x0.28"

Lighted nozzle for easy application Collapsible stand

002985 Color-Mini Glue Sticks pink, black, white, brown

24 pieces 4"x0.28"


002897 i-bond Glue Gun

Qty: 1 Cordless Hot Glue Gun

002986 Clear-Mini Glue Sticks

24 pieces 4"x0.28"

POGO This press-down applicator places a single circle of adhesive onto your project. Just click and stick without having to touch any sticky surface.

7 mm actual size of adhesive dot


250 adhesive dots POGO adhesive dispenser • 2012



i-punch Replacement Pads

Six punches in one! Choose a size, give a squeeze, and punch through leather, chip board or multiple sheets of cardstock.

Punching a ton? No worries. When the acrylic pad on your i-punch shows wear, just slip on a new one. So smart! So pretty.

Replacement pad

003547 Replacement Pads

Qty: 3

Punches in the following sizes:

Little Snips 2 mm

2.5 mm

3 mm

3.5 mm

4 mm

6 mm

003083 i-punch hole punch tool

Qty: 1

Need to snip off those loose threads? What about cutting out your specialty paper or fabric toppers for the i-top tool? These scissors are perfect for portable crafting!

003509 Little Snips


888 908 8111

Qty: 1 4 1/2" x 3/4" x 3/8"


d-stress Replacement Tips

The hassle-free way to distress your edges! Now it's easy to get that archival touch for photos, cards, and other paper crafts—right down to the finest detail. This tool comes with three different crafting tips. Running on 2 AA batteries, you can take this ergonomic tool with you and work anywhere! (Batteries not included)

When you need to sand a project, these replacement tips come in handy! Three fine sanding tips or three brushes, in our most popular styles.


3 tips

d-stress replacement tips

engraving tip metal sanding tip


fine sanding tip

002896 d-stress tool

3 tips

d-stress brush replacement tips Cordless rotary tool

d-stress Storage Case and New Tips This stylish case comes with three new tips! It is the perfect place to hold your d-stress tool, and the original tips as well as some extra batteries!

(d-stress tool, original tips and batteries not included)

embosser tip ink brush tip buffer tip


Qty 1

Storage case with tips • 2012


gini craft bags storage tote bags These new bags are not only durable, but also fashionable. Perfect for when you are going on a trip and want to take your crafting supplies with you. Not only do they have the wheels and extendable handle to make traveling so easy, but they will conveniently fit under an airline seat. The inside measures 13'x13 1/2"x 8 1/2". it will accomodate our new 12"x12" paper holder. Plenty of pockets throughout, 9 to be exact. One of them being a water bottle holder on the outside so that it can be kept separate from your paper supplies. Very important because it's always important to hydrate, especially in those paper crafting marathons.


Qty: 1

Black Patent

12"x12" paper holder Made from a tough plastic, this case is perfect for protecting your 12"x12" sheets of paper. You can use these for when you are on the go, or store your papers in them on a shelf. And since they are still a bit see-thru, you will be able to tell at a glance which papers are inside.


Qty 1

Raspberry Patent


400063 12.2' x 12.6"x1.6"

888 908 8111

Qty 1

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