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Countryfile Ramble

Following the Millennium walk along the Talbot & Fauxquets Valleys

Cobo Community Centre An update on the new community centre and find out about the activities that are taking place


The New Douzaine Room

More information about the new Douzaine Room with architectural plans


Hello and welcome! In the last edition of Castel Matters you would have seen that Christine and Brian, who have produced the magazine for a number of years, decided to take (early) retirement from publishing the magazine. Having grown up, and still living in Castel parish, Justin Guilbert, the Managing Director of Donkeylogic, wanted to get involved to help continue the magazine for the Castel parishioners.

about taking on the Castel Matters magazine and hope that you welcome in the new design with the New Year. The team at Donkeylogic would like to thank Christine and Brian for doing an excellent job with the magazine and making the transition to us so painless. We would also like to thank all of the contributors to this Winter/ Spring edition of the magazine. If you would like to contribute or advertise in the next issue, please contact us on 252222.

For those new to Donkeylogic, we are an IT Consultancy company who specialise in Apple Mac and PC support, web and graphic design, management information, data services and system development. Our team of seven have been excited

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Castel Matters





At the moment of writing, summer seems to be continuing well into autumn, but I doubt anyone is complaining. At times in October there seemed as many people on the beach at Cobo as there were in August. It does appear that spring is becoming more unsettled, and the autumn more benign; maybe a changing climate or just a natural cycle, who knows. But for us growers/gardeners/allotmenteers, it does make life more interesting.

of a bi-annual Parish magazine, and after a lot of hard work Castel Matters was born, and they have produced every edition until their well earned retirement this year. On behalf of the Parish, many thanks to you both and also to all the contributors who make it an interesting and informative read.

The 2016 Summer/Autumn edition of Castel Matters was the last one produced by Christine Marquis and Brian Le Prevost. They approached the Douzaine in 2008, with the idea

I retire from the Douzaine at the end of the year, so for the last time may I, on behalf of everyone at the Douzaine, wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

We now begin a new era for the magazine and the baton has been passed to Donkeylogic. We wish them well in their new venture.


Castel Matters


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Castel Matters


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Castel Matters


At the November 2016 Parish meeting it was announced that Douzenier Nick Dorey would be retiring from Office after 29 years of dedicated service to the Parish.

It had not all been plain sailing and he knew from experience that Nick has spent many a sleepless night grappling with some of the problems affecting the Parish.

In a fitting tribute to the career of Nick Dorey, Douzenier Mick Fooks recounted that Nick had been Dean of the Castel Douzaine for the last 9 years. His retirement marked the end of a family era as he had succeeded another Dorey – Hirzel who had been elected Dean in 2001, he went on to say.

He added that one of Nick’s resounding achievements was the thriving Castel Parish allotment scheme. Knowing how dear it was to Nick’s heart he felt sure those who enjoyed the fruits, or vegetables, of his labours, would wish to join the Parish in thanking Nick. Indeed whilst taking more of a back step he hoped that Nick would still want to be involved and act as a conduit in the Douzaine’s efforts to see his scheme maintained, and hopefully extended.

He felt that it was impossible in this short review to do full justice to such a conscientious Parishioner particularly as Nick had contributed so much to every aspect of Parish life. It’s fair to say that all of the Procureurs, Constables, Douzeniers and of course the various staff were very grateful for Nick’s valued assistance in helping them integrate into the Castel Parish team. The fact that the Castel Douzaine continued to be so well respected by its peers, civil servants and of course members of the States of Deliberation could be directly attributable to the integrity and dedication of Nick and those who went before him.


Nick had also raised the Parish profile in his efforts to protect the environment, trying to create natural habitats and avoiding the creep of lawned areas – which he often referred to as ‘green desert’. Nick had never been one to dabble too much in politics but always made sure that you as parishioners had an opportunity to be involved, and where necessary express views at Parish forums. He has also been Returning Officer at the last two General Elections.

Castel Matters

He went on to further reflect on some of Nick’s achievements of the past 29 years and recalled in particular; • Fairfield and the acquisition of Les Cailles field. • As president he was a guiding influence on the Parochial Cemeteries Committee and oversaw much of the project to create our new cemetery. • The Grantez Mill site. • The upkeep and expansion of the Douzaine building and infrastructure. He recalled how Nick had been instrumental in the evolution of the splendid new Cobo Community Centre and his long association with the North Show, which saw him progress to President of the

Management Committee. In his view Nick epitomised all that was good in service to others, his calm inclusive style enabled healthy debate with positive results. Nick will be missed, but it was hoped that he would still take an avid interest in all things Castel. Mick encouraged everyone to join him in wishing Nick and Michelle all the very best in his well-earned retirement from the responsibility for what had clearly been a big part of his life and one for which he had every right to be intensely proud of. - The Castel Constables


Castel Matters


Prior to the Parish Meeting of November 2015, the Douzaine were aware and concerned that disabled access to the Parish Hall was inadequate to say the least, and the facilities within the building were equally problematic. Consequently the Douzaine commissioned plans to satisfy pending legislation. These were presented at the November meeting, where after much discussion, support was granted to the proposals, which would be amended and presented to the April Remede Meeting. The plans were accepted,

and tenders sought soon afterwards. At the moment of writing, the work, due to the fine weather, is about one month ahead of schedule, and should be wind and watertight by early December. Once complete, the building will present no barriers to its use by all parishioners, and the wider Island, and will be of great communal benefit for years to come.

The Douzaine Room before renovation began.


- Nick Dorey

Castel Matters

The new Douzaine Room plans courtesy of Chris Workman.


Community Matters



In September this year the Centre completed it’s first full year of operation. The Board of St Matthew’s Community Centre LBG and everyone associated with the project, are so grateful to all the organisations and individuals who have helped to make the Centre a success. We now begin year two with the building paid, a £15k surplus and a very healthy level of bookings, which will ensure further financial success at the end of year two. Thanks to a generous grant, the full cost of the Centre is covered and with the defects period at an end, we can make the final payment to J.W.


Rihoy Ltd. The financial success so far achieved, means the Centre can begin repaying the 2017 Bonds and to make provision for repayment of our loan. Whilst on the subject of finance we are most grateful to Grant Thornton Ltd who have recently completed a full audit of the Centre accounts. The Churchwardens of St Matthew’s Church have secured planning permission to enable the field at the top of La Guet Lane to be used as a car park. It is subject to conditions, including creating new gateways and with a limit on the number of times it can be used. Nevertheless, this is a

Community Matters

great asset both to the church and the centre and we must now try to find the funds to build the new gateways. It is so pleasing to see such a good mix of Community and Commercial bookings. The centre now hosts a huge range of regular Community events and of course takes bookings for non-regular events such as meetings, parties and training courses.

It is an enjoyable job and not in the least onerous. If you would like to join the team and help out with this community facility we would be pleased to tell you more. - Colin Guilbert

If you want to know what is going on and/or booking information, do contact us on the links provided. With the ever increasing popularity of the Centre as a venue, we need more help with the day to day operation and administration.

257032 ď‚• ďƒ ď‚Ź


Community Matters

If you’re a local person,thinking of forming a local company for a local business, call us. We’re local too, and we can help.

 12 740300


Community Matters


At the Cobo Community Centre, Thursday afternoons tea and cake are a special part of the afternoon along with good company, friendship, maybe a game of cards or bingo and sometimes a short talk from a visiting speaker. Since last autumn when the Centre opened volunteers from St Matthews and Castel churches have been organising a “Guet-together afternoon” on alternate Thursdays at the new centre at Le Guet.

live in residential homes and some who live independently but are maybe living alone and we have now made new friendships with people living in the area. It would be good to encourage more people to drop in and so if you would be interested in joining us for the afternoon please contact Sue Guilbert, telephone number 254464 for more details. - Sue Guilbert

We wanted to bring together past and present members of the two congregations, some of whom now


Community Matters


With the Great British Bake Off in our minds, Câtel WI would like to share a recipe for mini cheesy scone bites. These tasty little bite size pieces are perfect for our WI afternoon teas which we hold every month, taking turn to play hostess. They would also be perfect for any seasonal catering you might have planned. Just put them out and watch them disappear!

we are a charity with a focus on education and learning. But more importantly we are a community of women who enjoy meeting for talks, walks, swims and outings. We have a book club and enjoy many craft activities. We are looking forward to a packed calendar of events for 2017, when we will be celebrating 70 years of the Câtel WI.

Sharing afternoon the great members.

We meet on the first Monday of every month at 7:30pm at Delisles Church Hall. New members are always welcome.

recipes and enjoying teas are just a few of activities enjoyed by our Like all Women’s Institutes,

  

01481 256969 EclipseTechnologies

Rue de Bouverie (behind the Rockmount)

Laptops Desktops Printers/Ink Repairs Accessories

Your friendly local computer shop - Monday - Saturday, 9:00am - 5:30pm (4:30pm Sat)

Community Matters

MINI CHEESY SCONE BITES Ingredients: 3/4 cup of milk 1 cup of grated strong cheddar 1 cup of plain flour 1 heaped dessert spoon of baking powder 3 - 4 teaspoons of dried mustard powder Method: 1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees fan (gas mark 6). 2. Mix together all of the dry ingredients. 3. Add the milk to make a sticky mixture. 4. Spoon the mixture into greased muffin tins. For 24 bite size nibbles, put 3/4 teaspoon of the mixture into greased mini muffin tins for 10 - 12 minutes. For 12 bigger scones, use a greased standard muffin tin and bake for 15 20 minutes. Our contact for new members is our current President, June Cunningham who can be reached on 723393 or our Secretary Betty Watson on 235760.


Community Matters

SUMMER EXPLORATIONS Some memories of warmer times...

end of Vazon was more productive than the South end of Cobo. To start with I looked under stones and quickly learned that stones with a space underneath were likely to hide something of interest. My grandpa told me to always turn stones back after looking or all the stuff underneath would die and be wasted.

• When I was little and got more adventurous and was allowed to go to the beach by myself I used to explore the beach and quickly realised that the most interesting places were either the pools or the low water zones.

Most of the time, I would find small chancres and these could be as small as 1 inch (25mm) across, sometimes when I got older and could turn over bigger stones, they were big enough to eat (140mm or 5.5 inches) and lady crabs (50mm or 2 inches).

The first things I used to notice in the pools were called shrimps, but were actually prawns as I found out later. After WW2, almost every rock pool had them in abundance. They could be caught by hand and also by means of a small net on a bamboo. I carried a small bucket with me and could fill this up quite quickly and then walk home where my mum or gran would boil them for us to have for our ‘tea’. For me the best pools were in the area below the Guêt.

My father’s favourite treat was to have a plate of boiled lady crabs and to pick them out with some bread and butter. He would not be hurried with these and said that would spoil his enjoyment. Among all of these were shore crabs and these were not eaters.

I graduated from these to the low water zone and I found that the North


If I turned the stones over carefully, I would find porcelain crabs, ‘hairy’ crabs and other small things like brittle stars and starfish, whelk eggs in mats and sea anemones clinging to the underneath of the stone. Sometimes something looking like a black shoelace would turn out to

Community Matters

be a pipefish. If I was very lucky, I might find a sea spider or a sea slug as well as the winkles, whelks, top shells, squat lobsters and butterfish. The star find for me was a cowrie with its delicate pink shell or a rock with an octopus under it which you could tell from the piles of shells outside the ‘burrow’. Sometimes I would find an ormer of legal size and take it home. As time went on, I explored larger pools and discovered that Vazon had sticklebacks (15 spine) as well as fluorescent green rockfish.. The larger pools also contained juvenile bass, mullet and other small fish swimming around in small shoals. In

addition to these, when using a shrimping net at the sea edge on very low tides, I could catch juvenile flatfish of most kinds, pigmy cuttlefish and of course sand shrimps which blend so well with the sand. To look at these it was good to have a bucket or container and then to release them whilst they were still ok. Always avoiding damaging them in any way. However, BEWARE of weaver fish which are found at very low tides. They have poisonous spines and are very harmful to humans of all ages. It is always advised to wear some footwear for protection from these (or the odd piece of glass). - P.E. Guilbert


Community Matters

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Community Matters

TOUCH RUGBY • Touch Rugby is relatively new sport to Guernsey as it was first introduced only 11 years ago and held at KGV. If you have not heard of Touch Rugby, it is a very fast paced game between two teams with only six players on the pitch from each team at any one time. They compete against each other to get the most scores as possible, without making contact with the opposition (also known as a ‘touch’). Each team are allowed to make six touches to the opposing team before there is a turnover where the possession of the ball changes. The sport requires a lot of cardiovascular endurance and speed as well as dodging out of the way of the opposition in order to score. Guernsey Touch is very fortunate to have a number of great coaches who lead the training sessions for the Island teams. They also hold three leagues that we hold throughout the year; Summer, Autumn and Super

leagues. The main one being the Summer League which is full of lots of “mini” leagues; Business, Mixed, Men’s and Women’s. The mixture of leagues is great. I have met so many people from all over the island who are all really friendly and welcoming. They have also allowed me to develop skills and helped me understand the rules. Earlier this year, Guernsey Touch sent three teams over to Jersey to compete in the European Touch Rugby Championships as well as entering a team into the Junior European Touch Rugby Championships in the Netherlands and were very successful. We are always looking for more players so if you are interested, please get in ‘touch’: - Harry Burns


Outdoor Matters



The Castel Parish embraced the appeal and set up the first ‘Countryfile Ramble’ in Guernsey which took place on Sunday 9 October from the Fairfield.

this magazine, it is intended to repeat details of the various walks which can be enjoyed throughout our beautiful parish. This is therefore the first of a series.

Some 30 walkers/ramblers took part and a total of £136 was raised for Children in Need for which we thank you. The Castel Parish was one of the first to engage when the popularity of walking took off at the end of the nineties and commissioned a series of Millenium Walks. The walk which took place in October was just one of these, and, through


Talbot and Fauxquets Valley This route/option is the most user friendly in order to negotiate steep ascents/descents.

Outdoor Matters


Leave the Fairfield and travel along the pavement adjacent to the TV mast.


Take the first lane on the left – Rue des Morts. At the end of this lane – progress straight across into a green lane which will lead you to the Rue des Vallees.


When you emerge from this green lane, turn left and walk some 150 metres and you will come across another green lane which quickly descends into the Talbot Valley on your right.


At the bottom either climb the steps and walk through the Ron Short Walk – which will lead to back on the main road. Or continue down the main road and up to and across Candie Road and down to the triangle in Rue a L’eau (Perry’s Ref: 22D1) on which is sited a lovely Parish sponsored floral display at the entrance to the Rue Paintain. Rue Paintain is considered one of the most picturesque walks in Guernsey – as it makes its way through conservation areas. The Douzaine was instrumental in closing this Green Lane to vehicular traffic in 1990 which has halted erosion and other damage being caused by vehicles. There are gates in place at both ends of the lane.


Leaving the gate at the top turn left and make your way eastwards walking out of the Fauxquets Valley – past orchards of apple trees used to produce the now famous Guernsey Rocquette Cider.


The lane joins the main Candie Road for a few yards – turn left (Les Valinguets) – on the main road and go down Candie Road for some 50 metres and turn right into another Ruette Tranquille, which takes you towards the Petanque Centre. Walk inland and turn back towards the TV mast (your starting point) and then make your way down a steep no through traffic road to Les Niaux (Perry’s Ref: 23F3).


Turn down the main road for some 50 metres and then enter another Ruette Tranquille – named Rue du Torval and an upward climb. At the top of the Rue Torval you can turn immediately left and then right, or turn right towards Le Ponchez and Les Touillets – both will lead you towards the television mast and Fairfield. Overleaf is a map of the route we took.


Outdoor Matters



Outdoor Matters











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Optional competition structure Great clubhouse facilities

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Outdoor Matters




Outdoor Matters

Youth Matters


LA MARE DE CARTERET HIGH A very warm welcome to our new Year 7’s and their families, it is always a delight to welcome new faces. The beginning of term is an exciting time with thoughts of what lies ahead but what a start! We had fantastic Year 11 Results in the summer - our best ever, followed by a Royal Visit. We were honoured to be able to welcome Prince Edward to our school and show examples of work from our Duke of Edinburgh students past and present. Congratulations to those students and staff who participated in the Swimarathon and also the Island


Schools Cross Country. We have also welcomed our prospective Year 6 students and during that evening our current students represented the school to such a high standard. Physical Education The netball season is in full swing with Matches completed against Blanchelande, Grammar School and St. Sampson’s so far this term with Les Beaucamps, Ladies College and the tournaments to come. Year 7 started the season well with wins over Blanchlande and St. Sampson’s. Year 8 have found it very competitive this year and despite not yet winning, they continue to grow in competitiveness and teamwork.

Youth Matters

Year 9 had a close loss against Blanchelande and Grammar School but won against St. Sampsons. Year 11 have only had two games so far and lost 14-13 to St. Sampsons. Keep battling girls! The boys have had a very competitive football season so far with many hard fought matches between all the secondary schools. The commitment shown by the boy’s football teams is outstanding with over 100 boys each week representing, coaching or officiating the school’s football fixtures. In Year 7 the boys finished 3rd this year behind a very strong Grammar School and St. Sampsons High School. In Year 8 there has been great improvement from last year with some cracking results against Elizabeth College and The Grammar School. Year 9 recently were the Guernsey Press Team of the Week and received national recognition from the English Schools FA as they stopped a 4 year (20 game) loss by beating a very determined Elizabeth College team. Years 10 and 11 were unlucky to be knocked out of the Cup Competition against a very strong St. Sampsons team.

Swimarathon A fantastic morning was had at the Skipton Swimarathon this year at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre. Over 70 students and staff completed the fundraising event. £450+ was raised for this fantastic charity. Special mention goes to the Year 7 boys team who won the Under 14 trophy for accumulating over 70 lengths in the water. We look forward to taking part again next year! Cross Country Over 60 students from La Mare took part in the Island Schools Cross Country event held at Footes Lane. In what were perfect running conditions the course allowed for many LMDCHS students to run personal best times. Jack Le Tissier won the Year 7 race and place 2nd in the combined Years 7 and 8 race. Kylie Vaudin, in Year 8, ran a superb race and finished in the top 5 of her combined Years 7 and 8 race. Charlotte Martel was the first LMDCHS runner home in the girls Years 9 and 10 event finishing in the top 15 and finally Louis Le Cheminant won the Years 9 and 10 boys event.


Youth Matters

A Royal Visit The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme has had a very successful start to the year. On 22nd September we were privileged to receive a Royal Visit from The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward. The Royal party visited the school as part of the Diamond Anniversary Celebrations of the DofE Award. The visit involved students from Years 9-11 who showcased what LMDC offers in terms of the award scheme. Workshops in knot tying, blind obstacle course, expedition and route planning were all demonstrated. The visit also entailed two former students, Scott Dorrity and Will Dodd, who are undertaking their Gold Award, talking about their DofE journey which started here at LMDC. The afternoon culminated in His Royal Highness being shown a photographic display of The Queen Mother’s visit to open the School in the 1970’s.

high school on the island to receive a visit and the students did a fantastic job in showing the importance of taking part in the award scheme.

La Mare’s School Production - coming Spring 2016! Rehearsals have begun for the next big show for the Performing Arts Department. “Hairspray” is coming to La Mare! 1st - 3rd March 2017. Stay tuned for more information on the school’s Twitter account @lamarehighschoo. - Mrs V.A. Godley, Headteacher

Overall, we were extremely honoured to have been chosen as the only


Youth Matters

LES BEAUCAMPS HIGH A Students guide To A Cutting Edge School That Cares Since the start of the new autumn term, Les Beaucamps has made a strong commitment to create fresh new events, activities and fundraisers - for charity, education and fun. This Christmas term welcomes a Christmas fair and raffle, as well as starting a brand new partnership with Pixel and the Tumaini Fund, designed so pupils and staff alike can support and communicate with another secondary school in desperate need of essentials, providing them with items such as a water pump and new toilet facilities. Through the partnership, the school can closely follow the efforts of the Tumaini Fund’s work, and how the developing school progresses and improves throughout the year.

In the spring and summer terms, countless more events and fundraisers are set to take place, including the Spring Fair and the much anticipated Activities Week. This is a time where hardworking staff and students get time to learn new skills and enjoy new experiences, taking themselves out of the classroom, and revitalising themselves through countless activities such as fishing, art, sports and trips to Sark, France and London. Les Beaucamps is a school to be proud of, not just in its dedication to excellence but also in its concern for others through raising money for both local charities and those further afield. As a student of the school, I’m proud to be part of Les Beaucamps and all that it stands for. - William Roberts, Year 10

It’s also important to note the school’s incredible dedication to sports; from after school clubs of rugby and football, to professional off island tours. Plus, accelerated reader, when students compete against other forms to see who can read books the fastest, is another great way to encourage reading and thus improvement of pupil’s English skills.


Youth Matters


As you may know, we recently had our Healthy Week! There were so many lovely opportunities and experiences for the children, so here are just a few of the things we did... Year 3 had a yoga club at lunch times. They recapped the yoga positions that they had practiced in Year 2 and were reminded about the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Year 2 were learning all about healthy eating. They designed their own fruit salad and then made it the following day. Children in Reception also enjoyed eating fruit. They listened to the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and were given the opportunity to taste some of the different fruits that Handa had in the story. Most of the children enjoyedtasting the exotic fruits and were surprised at what a passion


fruit looks like on the inside! Year 5 had a very busy week. They started their ‘30 Runs in 30 Days’ challenge, raising money for Les Bourgs Hospice. They have also been making their own stress balls used to relieve stress and have fun! Lots of children had the opportunity to do some cooking in Healthy Week. Year 6 went over to LMDC High School and used their wonderful cooking facilities. During the week, Year 4 looked at how to make healthy sandwiches and Year 1 made a delicious fruit salad. All of the children from Year 1-6 had the chance to go sea swimming during the week too! This was a fantastic opportunity for the children and they all left the beach with huge smiles on their faces! - Alison Elliott, Deputy Headteacher

Youth Matters


The staff and pupils have had a very busy term so far. Lessons have continued at pace as well as a plethora of extra-curricular activities. In October, Year 3 brought in food donations for a local Residential Home and went and delivered them to the elderly residents. They decorated the food bags and chatted to the residents about what they have been getting up to at school. In addition to this, our Gardening Club had grown prizewinning onions. You may have seen reports of this in The Guernsey Press! The pupils also made onion soup in our recently refurbished kitchen and went and had lunch with the residents as well. The residents said they loved chatting with the pupils. Our sports teams have continued with great success this term. Our football teams have won the vast majority of their matches and have progressed to the knock-out competition. Our

netball team have won all their matches so far and are looking forward to the tournament later in the academic year. Our Head Teacher, Ms Paley, was recently part of a delegation of educators from across the island who visited China for a week. They spent time in schools, observing lessons and discussing educational strategies. She reported back a thoroughly interesting and worthwhile experience. Over Christmas, there will be a variety of activities occurring in school. Both Key Stages 1 and 2 will be putting on their Christmas productions, classes from Key Stage 2 will be going iceskating at Le Friquet Garden Centre, we will hold our annual carol service along with the usual mix of Numeracy, Literacy and IT lessons as usual. - Peter Curtis, Deputy Headteacher


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Youth Matters

SCOUTS + GUIDES The Scout movement is ideal for energetic youngsters who want to try their hand at canoeing, camping and helping the community. The 8th Guernsey (Reliant Sea Scout Group) meet at Le Douit Baudin near Saumarez Park.

• • • •

Beavers meet on Mondays from 5:15pm to 6:30pm. Cubs meet Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Scouts meet Fridays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the summer and 7:30pm to 9:30pm in the winter. Explorers meet Fridays from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Group Scout Leader, Robert Prigent, can be contacted on 241696.

The 12th Guernsey Group meet in the Maurice Lihou Building at Les Beaucamps High School.

• • •

Beavers meet on Mondays from 5:30pm to 6:45pm. Cubs meet on Fridays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Scouts meet on Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Group Scout Leader, Pat Queripel, can be contacted on 722710.

Guiding is for girls to make friends, learn skills and have fun.

Rainbows: Mondays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm at St Matthew’s Community Centre. Contact Saffron on 07781 413977.

Rainbows: Wednesdays from 5:00pm to 6:00pm at Delisles Church Hall. Contact Sandra on 255915.

Rainbows: Fridays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm at St Matthew’s Community Centre. Contact Lesley on 254333.

Brownies: Mondays from 5:45pm to 7:00pm at St Matthew’s Community Centre. Contact Claire on 259248.

Brownies: Tuesdays from 6:15pm to 7:45pm at Delisles Church Hall.

Contact Debbie on 255043.

Brownies: Fridays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at St Matthew’s Community Centre. Contact Claire on 201085.

Guides: Mondays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at St Matthew’s Community Centre. Contact Colleen on 257686.

Guides: Wednesdays from 6:15pm to 8:00pm at Delisles Church Hall. Contact Yvonne on 258018.


Spiritual Matters



As you may or may not know I will be retiring at the end of February next year and Gill and I will be leaving Guernsey. It will mark something of a momentous change in our lives. It will be a new beginning for us and we will be stepping into unknown territory. In a few weeks we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus… God with us. God came among us in the person of Jesus to call us all to new beginnings. When I first began my journey with Christ little did I expect it to lead to ordination to the priesthood. Little did I expect that it would lead me to Australia, Bermuda and Guernsey...


and who knows where the journey will continue. There have of course been many great times but there have also been worrying times, fearful times and uncertain times, the usual ups and downs of life. However in all of it there has been this underlying sense of support and guidance from God… God always walks with us on our journey. The Bible is full of stories of new beginnings….. think of the towering figures of the Old Testament. People like Abraham, Moses, the prophets, King David. In the New Testament we find Jesus calling all sorts of people to new beginnings. People like the first disciples, people like Matthew

Spiritual Matters

the tax collector, people who were classed as sinners and outcasts, people who were sick and lame. Perhaps the greatest new beginning was St Paul, a man driven to persecute the church but called by Christ to serve him. Is Christ calling you to a new beginning? Is he offering you new life? What things do you need to leave behind? What things hold you captive that you need to be freed from? Christ came into the world to set us free from all the things that can hold us captive, our sins, our fears, our addictions, whatever they may be, our alienation from society and from each other.


Sunday 11th Dec 11:00am

Christingle Service

So this Christmas, as you celebrate the birth of Jesus remember that he is always holding his hand out to each one of you, whoever you may be and whatever you may have done in the past. His hand is extended to you to lead you to a new beginning, to a new life, to wholeness and to peace. All you have to do is place your hand in his and let him lead you. May God bless you this Christmas time and in the years to come. Yours, Reverend Stephen Bailey


Sunday 4th Dec 5:00pm

Christingle Service

Sunday 18th Dec 6:00pm Lessons and Carols

Friday 9th Dec 7:30pm Lights of Love Service

Christmas Eve 5:00pm Birthday Party for Jesus 11:30pm Midnight Service

Sunday 11th Dec 6:00pm Lessons and Carols Christmas Eve 11:30pm

Midnight Service

Christmas Day 10:00am Joint Service at St Matthews with Castel


Spiritual Matters


Sunday 10:00am 11:00am 6:30pm Tuesday 2:00pm Thursday 7:30pm Friday 7:00pm

Sunday School The Lord’s Table Gospel’s Service Women’s Meeting Prayer + Bible Study Youth Night

For more information contact 251042


Sunday 10:30am 6:00pm

Fellowship Meeting Sunday Meeting

Tuesday 7:30pm

Tuesday Meeting

For more information contact Mr L Davies on 255000



Sunday 10:45am 6:00pm

Celebration Worship Evening Meeting

Tuesday 1:00pm

Parent + Toddler

Friday 6:00pm 7:30pm

Acorn Club (3-8yrs) Transformers (8-11yrs) Vibe (11yrs+)

For more information contact Pastor Matt Gregor on 259822


Sunday 10:30am

Sunday Worship and Junior Church

For more information conatct Rev Mark and Deacon Sian Street on 234105

Spiritual Matters



St Joseph + St Mary

Sunday 8:00am 10:30am 6:30pm

Sunday Mass Sunday Mass Sunday Mass

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7.30am


Tuesday/Thursday 9.30am Mass

Sunday 10:30am 6:00pm

Sunday Worship Evening Worship

For more information contact Majors Jamie and Claire Hill on 244631


Notre Dame du Rosaire Saturday 5:30pm

Wednesday 12:05pm

Saturday Mass Wednesday Mass

Our Lady Star of the Sea Monday 12:00pm Saturday 6:00pm Sunday 9:30am

Midday Mass Saturday Mass Sunday Mass

For more information on any of the churches contact the office on 720196

Tuesday 7:30pm

Meditation Sessions

Meetings for Guided Meditation are held regularly and other meetings for study and discussion are also held. The meetings are open to people of all schools of Buddhism and indeed to people of any or no religion. For more information contact Richard Moorman on 255445


Puzzling Matters



Place numbers 1 to 9 in each column, row and 3x3 box. EASY


Answers can be found for all three puzzles at the back of the magazine.


Puzzling Matters

WORD WHEEL Find as many words as you can in the wheel. All words much use the central letter. There is at least one 9 letter word.


Try and find all oft the Christmas themed words.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •



Parish Matters


YOUR DOUZAINE The Douzeniers work for you by offering their services free of charge to administer the parish. This system has worked well for over a hundred years and we hope for it to continue. The Douzaine undertakes a number of parochial duties which include:

• • • • • • • • • •


Election organisation Cemetery management School committees Moorings Refuse and recycling Parish rates Noxious weed reports Quarry inspection Salle Publique licences Dangerous roads

• • • • • • • • • •

Flag days Cistern inspection Civil Defence Parish meetings Road name signs Dog Tax collection Stream inspection Liquor licencing Seats, siting and upkeep Auctioneers licences

• • • • • • • • • •

Barbed wire Crown & Anchor licences Fuel storage Hedge and tree inspection Illegal dumping Abreveurs and troughs Bookmakers licences Dangerous buildings Sunday trading licences Bornements and permits

Parish Matters

Mark Dorey Richard Graham

Chris Green Jonathan Le Tocq Barry Paint

YOUR DEPUTIES We asked the Castel Deputies about their thoughts on Christmas. 1. What is your favourite Christmas song?

3. What is your favourite part of the Christmas dinner?

2. What is at the top of your Christmas list?

4. What is going to be your New Year’s Resolution?

MD: 1. Merry Christmas Everybody (by Slade). 2. Everton to win the FA Cup - I am a born optimist! 3. The turkey and gravy using a Jamie Oliver recipe. 4. To cycle more.

JLT: 1. O Little Town Of Bethlehem. 2. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all. 3. Brussel sprouts of course - and the accompanying family fun around the table. 4. To lose at least the 15kg I put on as Chief Minister and get fitter!

RG: 1. Silent Night. 2. The gathering of all my children and grandchildren for three days. 3. The crisp-coated, soft-centred roast potatoes which my wife does brilliantly. 4. To continue to be as charitable and polite as I possibly can to my fellow Deputies, despite our differences.

BP: 1. I like most Christmas Carols. 2. Making sure my family have a good Christmas Day. 3. The fish starter I always make and the turkey stuffing I also make myself. 4. The same one I broke last New Year’s Day! (I’m only human!)

CG: 1. The Carol Of The Bells or Stop The Cavalry. 2. Ken Clarke’s new autobiography. 3. The anticipation of it in advance! 4. To use my telescope to look at the stars more often.


Parish Matters

PARISH INFORMATION Barbed Wire It is an offence to use barbed wire on the outside boundary of a hedge or fence when it borders a public place, road or way at a height less that 6ft from the road surface. Bornements or Permits A Bornement is required in respect of any building work within 1.5 metres of any public road. Application must be made in writing to the Constables. The fee is £25 for each application. Cisterns, Wells + Pits These must be covered or fenced in such a manner as to prevent any person from falling in accidentally. Dog Tax £10 per dog must be paid in January of every year in respect of all dogs except for service dogs. There is a fine of £500 for non-payment. Douzaine Room The Douzaine Room is available for hire on application to the Parish Secretary. Fairfield Fairfield is a delightful area and is available for use by the public. It is available to be hired for events. Please contact the Parish Secretary.


Floral Guernsey Helpers are required to form a new committee. If you are interested please contact the Parish Secretary on 255644 for further information. Hedges Hedges bordering a public road must be cut back between 1 - 15 June and 15 - 30 September every year. Noxious Weeds Reports relating to noxious weeds can either be made to the Douzaine Office on 255644 or to the States Horticultural Department on 234567. Owners + Refuse Rates The owners and refuse rate is levied on householders based on the TRP values of their dwellings. Only those properties that are charged a refuse rate are entitled to refuse collection. Parochial Rates are levied annually and cover the period from 1 January to 31 December in any given year. Parish Meetings Two meetings are held every year in April/May to approve expenditure (known as the Remede) and in November to elect Parish Officials.

Parish Matters

Parish Office The office is located at: La Chambre de la Douzaine, Les Beaucamps Road. It is open from 9am - 12pm weekdays. ď‚• 255644 ďƒ Quarries Theses must be adequately protected by private land or fenced to ensure they are not a danger to the public. The quarries are inspected in the autumn by the Parish Constable. Recycling Recycling of glass, paper, cans, cardboard and clothing can be taken to the amenity site at Vazon. Collection details can be seen overleaf. If any parishioner is genuinely unable to access the recycling banks within the parish and have no one able to do it for them, please contact the Douzaine Room. Arrangements can be made to collect recyclables on a regular basis.

Refuse Waste Two bags of refuse waste per household are allowed each week (more information overlead) by 10pm. Wheelie bins can be used but the refuse waste must be in sacks. Do not put glass or any containers of liquid in the sacks, these should be put out seperately in a box. No garden waste should be included. This can be taken to the tip at Chouet or Friquet. Streams Controlled streams are inspected twice a year between 1 - 30 June and 15 - 30 September. Owners must cut vegetation and clean streams so an unrestricted flow of water is ensured. If you need any clarification on any parish matter, do not hesitate to contact the Parish Secretary on 255644 or the Douzenier for your Canton.


Parish Matters

REFUSE COLLECTION MONDAY EVENING: Belle Vue Clos De Cache Rue De La Carlton Estate Charruee Rue De La Chemin Robin Cobo Route Du + La Planque Chou Rue Croix Rue De La Emrais Clos Des Emrais Ruette Des Forfaitures Rutte Des Francis Rue Des Galahad Rue Du Grandes Mielles Clos Grandes Rocques Road + Estates Haye Des Puits Hougue Du Pommier Route De La Houmets Rue Des Lilyvale Crescent Mare De Carteret Route De La Mielles Clos Des Ollivier Courtil Port Soif Road Presbytere Rue Du Pretre Rue Au Ronce Rue Au Ronde Cheminee Rue De La Saline La Saumarez Route De Saumarez Ruette Touillets Rue Des Varendes Clos Des



TUESDAY EVENING: Albecq Clos D’ Banquette La Bouverie Rue De Camp Clos Le Carteret Route De Cherfs Estates Les Cobo Coast Road Cobo Route De Cornielles Ruette Des Courtil Cobo Carteret Clos De Deane Clos Douit Boudin Le Feugre Le Fries Ruette Des Genats Estate Genrotte Ruette De La Giffardiere La Hougue Rue De La L’Aumone Estate Lande Rue De La Marottes Ruettes Des Masse Rue De La Neuve Rue La Percee La Pre De La Cotte Querites Les Renouards Rue Des Retot Salle Clos De St Germain Rue Terramar Court Tour Ruette De La

WEDNESDAY EVENING: Albecq Rue D’ Baissieres Les Barmere Clos De Beaumont Clos De Beaucamps Les Briocq Ruette St Cache Clos De La Cauvains Les (Clos Des Cauvains) Chemin Des Monts Cobo Route De Cordage Clos De Croix La Delisles Rue Des Efforts Ruette Des Eglise Rue Du Eturs Rue Des Foire Rue De La Goddards Clos De Goddards Rise Goddards Rue Des Houguette La Landelles Les, I Mare Estate La Mare Route De La Mares Es Litres Mont D’Aval Le Neuve Rue La Perruque Rue De La Petite Mare De Lis Clos La Petits Puits Clos Des Preel Rue Du Queux Lane Rocquette Clos De Sous La Mer Sous Les Courtils (Including all estates) Tamaris Rue Des Tertre Le Tertre Route Du (Including all estates) Village Rachelle

THURSDAY EVENING: Beauvoir Clos De Belles Rue Des Bergers Rue Des Boulains Rue Des Candie Road Chemin Des Monts Clos Au Compte Route Des Cohu Rue Estates Courtil Simon Lane D’Enfer Rue Dos D’Ane Rue Du Douit Rue Du Fauxquets Rue Des Fresnes Rue A Frie Plaidy Rue Du Gele Rue Du Grandes Moulins Les Grantez Rue Des Guildown Clos Hamel Rue Du Haut Séjour Ruette De Haye Rue De La Hechet Rue Du Highland Estate Hougue Rue Des Hurette Rue De La Julienne Ruette L’Eau Rue A Marais Rue Des Meadow Drive Morts Rue Des Pelleys Les Piette Rue Ponchez Ruette Porte Rue De La Pre De Quertier Puits Les Saumarez Clos De Talbot Valley Torval Rue Vallees Rue Des Vazon Coast Road Villocq Clos De Villocq Estate Le Villocq Lane Le

Parish Matters

RECYCLING The local recycling bank at Vazon will take: • Glass (coloured and clear) • Steel cans • Aluminium • Paper • Plastic • Textiles • Cardboard • Cartons Kerbside recycling will be collected on the same night as the refuse waste collection.

Blue Bag Cartons, tins and cans, aerosols, aluminium, plastic bottles, food/drink packaging. Clear Bag Cardboard, paper, magazines, envelopes.

To find out which bag is put out each week, go to:





Parish Matters

GLOSSARY Bornement n A permit required from the parish douzaine in Guernsey to make alterations to property within 9m of the public highway. Constable n There are two constables per parish. They carry out the decisions of the Douzaine and manage the day to day affairs of the parish. Each constable has a maximum length of service of 3 years. Canton n An area within the parish which is managed by two Douzeniers. Castel has 6 Cantons. Deputy n A member of the States of Guernsey. They represent the parish as politicians. Douzaine n The main body in each parish. The Douzaine is made up of 12 Douzeniers. Douzenier n A member of the Douzaine. They have a number of responsibilities which they partake in voluntarily. All 12 Douzeniers meet monthly. Parishioner n Someone who lives in the parish.





WORD WHEEL: The 9 letter word is MARMALADE.



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Castel Matters: Winter '16 / Spring '17  

The Winter 16/Spring 17 edition of Castel Matters, the Castel parish magazine.

Castel Matters: Winter '16 / Spring '17  

The Winter 16/Spring 17 edition of Castel Matters, the Castel parish magazine.