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What was found in Alderney is truly astounding

History of the12th Guernsey Scouts Where it all began...

Golf in Guernsey

Why the island could be a golf holiday destination



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Happy Christmas! Sorry for those of you who feel it’s still too early but we’ve been listening to Christmas music at the office here at Donkeylogic and thought we should at least share some of the festive spirit! This December we hit the milestone of our 4th birthday and have two new staff members with us:- Steph in Design and Jamie in Systems, Data, Design & Support (our second allrounder). We are growing steadily as a business, expanding both our client base and our service offerings.

number of different sources (some volunteered and others coerced) and we hope you enjoy reading this latest edition - maybe in the comfort of your own home or in one of our parish’s great little eateries with a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine... If you would like to contribute to, or advertise in, the next issue please contact us on 733300 or email

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Castel Matters




The year has flown by, with a lot having happened in Castel Parish. The highlight must be the re-opening of the new Douzaine Building together with all the enhanced facilities it provides for the parish. The Douzaine consider that the re-development has raised its profile, highlighting the many benefits the parochial system brings. We have received numerous compliments from other parishes and it is interesting to note how some are now considering upgrading their own facilities, which must be a positive sign. Equally, it has provided a focus on Parish pride – something your Douzaine strives to achieve in a


number of ways. The extended Douzaine Room proved invaluable at the recent Parish Meeting where some 78 electors and ratepayers attended – the most I can recall for an ‘ordinary’ meeting. This was no doubt partly due to the elections, which attracted considerable interest, and the Parish is very grateful to all those who stood in what were three contested elections for Parochial Office. I take this opportunity to thank Chris Le Page for his 19 years of unstinting service as a Douzenier and wish him and Val every happiness for the future and also to Bob Falla for serving two full terms as Constable, which were not

Castel Matters

without its challenges. His resolve is very much appreciated and we look forward to him taking Chris’s place on the Douzaine. In the summer magazine I indicated the Parish’s concern on the future of waste collections affecting the Castel, with the impending introduction of the Waste Strategy 2018. Your Douzaine and indeed other Douzaines continue in the strongest possible terms to resist any proposals that would compel them to collect the new Waste Standing Charge (over which we as a Douzaine have no control) on behalf of the States of Guernsey. It must be pointed out that we remain committed to embracing the strategy

and, more importantly, to managing the refuse collection contractors. This will be done to ensure that costs levied by us on property owners are kept to a minimum without negatively impacting on the service levels householders currently enjoy, and which the Douzaine want to ensure continue. Finally I take this opportunity to wish all our parishioners and their families a very merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. - M A Fooks, Dean of the Douzaine

Give the gift of learning this Christmas


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Castel Matters


Vingtaine des Queritez

Mr J Webster 252952

Mr J Cook




Vingtaine des Grands Moulins

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Vingtaine des Grantez

Mr N Acton 255999


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Castel Matters


Vingtaine des Houmets


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Vingtaine de L’Eglise

1 Mr DJ Ozanne



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Vingtaine des Pelleys

Mr DE Chester 255352

Col. R Graham 254784


Castel Matters







The Castel Deputies do some reflecting...


1. How has your year been?

2. What is your most memorable Christmas?

BP: 1. My year has been OK but I have to say I’ve not been too pleased with the states wasting so much money on things that aren’t necessary to do at this present time. We must consider the events that may take place to the Bailiwick before committing money to any project that may not be necessary or affordable until we have a better idea of what the future may bring. 2. My most memorable Christmas was years ago whilst crossing the Bay of Biscay bound for southern Spain in a hurricane. All we could do was sit and brace ourselves in our cabins and cat nap as we could. Christmas lunch consisted of spam sandwiches followed by biscuits and a cup of tea.

RG: 1. 2017 has been a mixed bag in my role as a Deputy. I have begun to fulfil my pledge to call personally on all those parishioners on the electoral roll but many still remain to be visited. I enjoy the role of Constituency Deputy and I am fortunate to be a member of a very interesting States Committee, Home Affairs. In the States Assembly I have lost some votes and won others. That’s politics, folks. 2. Any Christmas is memorable for me if it enables the complete family to gather together. Each year before Christmas all eight of us - grandparents, son and daughter and grandsons - meet up for three days in London and do Christmassy things together.

Castel Matters

JLT: 1. Much of my time when not involved on Island in Policy & Resources Committee meetings has been spent representing Guernsey off-Island, be that in London, Europe, and this last year increasingly in France. Obviously Brexit related issues feature high on the agenda but more areas continue to emerge where we need to strengthen our relationships and improve understanding of the uniqueness of our constitution. My time travelling has often frustratingly been disrupted like many others from delays due to weather or transport issues and so I am as keen as anyone to see these improved! 2. One of my most memorable Christmases was when we had a retriever pup called Hugo. We were hosting a big family lunch and I had let Hugo out into the garden just before we sat down. As we were serving up Judith reminded me to let Hugo back in. I had barely opened the door and he bounded back in, straight past me into the dining room where a dozen folk were beginning to tuck into their festive roast. He had somehow found a dirty puddle to roll around in and decided to immediately shake himself dry thereby redecorating both dining room and diners. I got the blame of course!

CG: 1. Politically, 2017 has been a very busy year for the Scrutiny Management Committee which I lead. Castel Parish matters have also kept me busy. On a personal front, it has been a difficult year in several respects. I am of course hoping for a better year in 2018, which will be my first full year as a forty year old! 2. Probably Christmas 1985. I received a snooker table and I can remember - as a boy of eight - challenging members of my family to games of snooker before and after the roast turkey. MD: 1. It’s been a very busy year for the States Assembly and Constitution Committee and the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure with States debates on: waste strategy, reducing air pollution, re-alignment of the coastline at L’Ancresse East and the referendum on our voting system. Recently, I’ve spent many hours on alternative proposals for secondary education and the College for Further Education. 2. I had many great Christmases when I was a child and have memories from parties at my parents’ and uncles’ & aunts’. The most memorable must be the magic and joy of Christmas when my three children were young.


Castel Matters


Eclipse Technologies is a family business, run by Sharon, her son Jason and her mum Rose. The family decided to start the business in 2005 after Southside Computers was taken over by PC Island, which then formed NSEW. Sharon was working for Southside during the take over period and Jason was also an employee of Southside for many years. Eclipse have a diverse clientbase, offering retail and repair services

to both businesses and home users. They stock a wide range of laptops, desktop PCs, printers, wireless devices, printer ink and data storage devices. Eclipse are local to Castel, based along Rue de Bouverie (behind the Rockmount) and the friendly team will always be happy to help. Please Note: Whilst Route de Cobo is closed, you will need to access our premises from the Route de Carteret end of Rue de Bouverie.

Your friendly local computer shop Laptops • Desktops • Printers Ink • Repairs • Accessories

 Rue de Bouverie (behind the Rockmount)

Mon-Fri Sat 8 6

01481 256969


9am-5.30pm 9am-4.30pm

 EclipseTechnologies

Castel Matters


The Constables and Douzaine believe it would be helpful to remind all parishioners, but particularly the many who have hedges bordering the road or pavement of what we like to term their ‘civic responsibilities’. Autumn is a particularly good time of year to cut back hedges which extend over pavements and roads, safe in the knowledge that the plants will recover with the spring growth. There has been significant improvement within our Parish where established landowners are increasingly cutting by the stipulated times – 15 June and 30 September. It may be, however, that newcomers to the island are less aware of the requirements of the relevant legislation but soon come to realise that without the hedges being cut it would be difficult to negotiate the islands roads and lanes and, in particular, the narrow footpaths. It is now almost two years since the law was changed to allow for civil penalties to be imposed by the Douzaine on those landowners/tenants who do not cut and immediately afterwards clear the cuttings from the roadway. The penalties currently stand at an initial fine of £50 plus a further charge of £5 per day thereafter until the problem is remedied.

It is hoped that, in the future, landowners who have persisted in failing to take appropriate steps to ensure that the debris is immediately removed from the roadway might stop to consider the adverse effect such a failure undoubtedly has on their neighbour’s properties and the public highway in general. We appeal to those non-compliant landowners to adopt a more socially acceptable and lawful position by instructing their contractors not only to cut but to clear up as well. Likewise contractors should in our view only accept the work if it includes an instruction to clear up. So the message is – have a look at your hedge. Take extra care to ensure that at all times road signs, including traffic lights, which are there for the benefit of all road-users, are never obstructed by vegetation. We should all be striving to make the parish a better and safer place to move around, please help us.

7 9

Community Matters



The Cobo Wives meet in the Cobo Community Centre at the Guet, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 7.30pm. Activities may include a variety of speakers, outings, and inevitably some good meals out! This year, for example, among other fascinating speakers, we learnt about the history of lighthouses around Guernsey and have been introduced (via some wonderful photographs) to the birds that live in, or visit, Guernsey! In the summer months, we take a little bit of exercise by walking (nothing too strenuous!) followed by a light supper at the home of whoever has volunteered to be the host for the occasion.


We support local charities by holding jumble sales from time to time and also assist at the St Matthew’s Church Annual Bazaar, by running a number of stalls. If you are interested and think you would like to join us, please do call either Val on 07781 419025 or Marion on 256613 for more details.

Community Matters



8:00am: Buttercup Preschool

8:00am: Buttercup Preschool 6:00pm: Gita Yoga with Angele 7:15pm: Burlesque Dancing

9:15am: Powertone with Ross 10:15am: Fitblast Easy 60+ with Ross 2:00pm: Whist 4:45pm: Rainbows 6:00pm: Brownies 7:00pm: Guides 7:30pm: Burlesque Dancing

TUESDAY 8:00am: Buttercup Preschool 1:45pm: MooMusic Baby (0-1yrs) 2:45pm: MooMusic Mini (1-2yrs) 3:45pm: MooMusic Maxi (2-4yrs) 6:00pm: Fitblast Easy 50+ with Ross 6:00pm: Mindfulness with Sam

WEDNESDAY 8:00am: Buttercup Preschool 9:00am: Donkey Linedance Class 1:15pm: Yoga with Alice 4:00pm: Streetdance with Brandi 6:00pm: Strong Fitness with Brandi 6:30pm: Powertone with Ross

FRIDAY 8:00am: Buttercup Preschool 9:30am: Little Bear Feet with KDDance 2:00pm: Derby and Joan 4:30pm: Rainbows 6:00pm: Brownies

SATURDAY 8:15am: Pilates with Steph 9:30am: Yoga with Steph 10:15am: MooMusic Mixed (0-4yrs) 10:30am: Yoga with Jade

SUNDAY 9:00am: Donkey Linedance Class 6:30pm: Pregnancy Yoga with Anita The activities schedule is regularly updated on


Community Matters



Children from 4 to 12 years old are very welcome to come along to the Guetaways Sunday Club, held on the 3rd Sunday of the month in the Cobo Community Centre, from 10:30am to 11:30am. Parents are welcome to stay and help if they would like to – especially with any smaller children under 4 years old!

After club you are welcome to pop in to church with us to show what you have done, receive a blessing and have a drink and a biscuit.

Activities we enjoy: singing; stories; cooking; art and craft; playdoh; construction toys and games - so old clothes or aprons are advisable!

You can phone or text Val on 07781 419025 for any more info - we’d love to hear from you! - Val Guilbert

On Christmas Eve we all dress up and help with the Birthday Party for Jesus at St Matthew’s church at 5 o’clock – do join us if you can!

Community Matters


This traditional creamy Italian pasta dish is the perfect comforting meal for winter evenings. Thanks to Saumarez Park Tea Rooms for the recipe. Serves 5. Ready in 20 minutes. Ingredients: 6 Perelle Best local sausages 500g of Italian penne pasta 320g sweet tenderstem broccoli 250g Italian dolcelatte cheese 50g of freshly grated parmesan cheese 5 tablespoons of Guernsey cream Olive oil Salt & black pepper to season White wine as required (and peperoncino if you like it)

Method: Steam the broccoli in a pan of boiling water, adding salt as required. Chop the sausages and fry, flashing with white wine (adding a touch of peperoncino if you fancy it). Add the broccoli to the sausages and boil the pasta in the same water. Drain the pasta “al dente” and add to the broccoli and sausages. Add chopped dolcelatte cheese, cream and parmesan and a touch of black pepper. Stir together and serve - perhaps with some Italian red wine! Buon appetito!


Community Matters

WALKING VAZON • A brief walk around ‘Old Vazon’. Probably the best place to start is at Vistas - here one will find parking, a café/restaurant and toilets. This is also a good place to start as the meeting place with the sea and land – memories of sand and sunny summers, the slipway which was removed in WW2 and the stone used to make a bunker. Mines laid on the beach to prevent invasion as the bay is a good landing place, (Wales and France in 1387). To the South can be seen the vestiges of the German light railway cutting and the Loophole Tower No 12. Going inland along Rue des Goddards we pass a number of old cottages and an enormous greenhouse - arriving at “Le Carrefour Nicolle” crossroad where the No 20 bus used as a terminus for Vazon. On up the road to the commercial area of Co-op “Locale” and Smilers, then on to the next crossroad with

Retôt on our left and Les Queritez on our right. On this junction lived the Girard family at Le Carrefour, the Nicolles at Ocean Villa and Pontac - which was where the Vazon Air Rifle club was held.

The remains of a tree in the Vazon Sea wall something to try and find.

Turn right up towards Castel School and St Germain. At the top of the small hill turn right into a track and follow till you come out again at Rue de la Hougue. If we turn right, we come to two Napoleonic coastal batteries and can enjoy the view out over La Grande Mare. Retrace your steps along the road to the South and come out on the main road. On the corner opposite, is a green lane called “La Bissonerie” which leads to Kings Mills

12 14

Community Matters

and used coastline.





At the end, you can turn right looking at the old school on your left and the remains of the old Forge on the corner. Turn right down Rue des Bels towards Pam Dorey’s studio. Follow the road past the farm on the corner we come out onto Rue des Bergers where Jean Le Tocq may have lived. Turning left, we soon encounter the Societe Guernesiaise Nature reserve which has two bird-hides available. We have seen barn owls here. Carrying on, we can either go on up the road and turn left to the Fleur

du Jardin pub, or take the first right along Sous les Jardins to the West. At the west end, the road turns left back onto the main road, or right along a green lane that takes us back to the coast along the La Grande Mare golf course. When we come out at the coast road, turn right towards the tower and either go down the steps to the beach, or walk along the sea wall back to the car park. During the Spring/Summer/Autumn, guided walks are available with accredited guides. - Peter Guilbert


Water Damage Prevention is better than claim

For more information on how to protect your property from water damage visit: The Islands’ Insurance Brokers Ltd is licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) under the Insurance Managers and Insurance Intermediaries (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2002 as an ntermediary for general insurance (reference 13696)

01481 738038

Community Matters


With increasing numbers of homes being made uninhabitable by burst water pipes, owners are being encouraged to take steps to reduce the likelihood of flooding. In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of insurance claims being made by Islanders because of water damage in the home. In some instances, small undetected leaks have led to such severe flooding that the family has had to move to temporary accommodation. Stuart Wilson, Director, Islands Insurance, said: “We want to make all islanders aware of the impact that water damage can have, how common these incidents are becoming, and what steps can be taken to help prevent or minimise claims. “Insurance can cover property repair, the replacement of damaged contents, and cover the costs of alternative accommodation, but nothing can compensate for the stress and trauma of not being able to use your own home while it is drying out, nor can insurance replace personal possessions.

calculates that a fifth of all domestic property claims are caused by water leaks. In the UK, £2.5 million is paid out by insurers each day, and insurance companies predict that if the number of Escape of Water claims continues to rise, premiums and water damage excesses are very likely to increase. Mr Wilson said, ‘This is not only an issue with old houses; many Escape of Water claims come from modern design new builds, and properties which have been recently refurbished or which have had an extension or en suite bathrooms added. ‘Homeowners can do simple things to reduce the risk. A burst pipe may not sound like much, but it can have a huge impact. Taking a little action now could reduce the likelihood of problems in the depths of winter and, while we are here to support our customers, prevention is always better than a claim.’ For your free checklist and more information, visit

The Association of British Insurers


Outdoor Matters



Since the first allotments were taken up in 2009, the number has risen from six to a very healthy twenty-two. In some cases an allotment has been temporarily halved, and shared by people who want a smaller area. For those who are still in work, their allotment provides a place where they can grow their own food and flowers, but can also get away to enjoy a quiet time in a peaceful & secluded spot. For those who are retired, the allotments have become a central feature in their lives. They love their plots and also the social side, and firm friendships have been made. When the bell rings, coffee is on the go in the shed (clubhouse) and the world is put to rights.


The possibility of providing allotments for those with disabilities and mental health issues has been looked at, as it has been shown in the U.K. that schemes of this kind have been of great benefit. Plots used would need to be more specialised in terms of access, raised beds, toilet facilities etc. and would require input from those involved in this area of care. Currently, only the lower part of the old vinery site is being used. The upper part is available for expansion, but would require a waiting list of at least ten people, as there will be a cost to clear and provide water on the sites. If you’re interested in taking on an allotment, want to see the area or talk to those involved, contact the Douzaine Office on 255644 or email

Outdoor Matters


For the second year, the Castel parishioners and others joined walkers up and down the Country in walks to support Children in Need. This took place on Sunday 15 October and some 20+ walkers raised £95.00 which has been donated to the charity. The walk again started at Fairfield and proceeded down through the lanes to the Castel Hospital and L’Aumone before entering one of the first green lanes - that which runs from the oneway lane at Le Villocq through towards the former Telecoms Museum.

Parish they had never been through on lanes which they have only passed. It is hoped to arrange another one next year to coincide with the Countryfile rambles. The Constables and Douzaine have traditionally held a walk in the autumn and since the introduction of the Castel Millenium walks this has involved various routes. In all the Parish built up a network of some 10 miles linking many parts of the Parish via Ruettes Tranquille and green lanes.

From there, we used the small gate in Saumarez Park to enter La Generotte before entering other Parish green lanes and Ruettes Tranquille which took us to Le Tertre and St Germain. The walkers then descended through the lanes to La Bissonerie, before emerging at King’s Mills, then turning back towards Fairfield through Rue a Gots and the Rue des Vallees towards the green lane which emerges in the Frie Plaidy, before returning to Fairfield. In all, the walk took just under two hours. As always, we have had some very good feedback, with many remarking that they saw parts of the


Outdoor Matters



Photographed by Jeff Holden

Photographed by James Machon


Photographed by Stu Mauger

Outdoor Matters

Photographed by James Machon


Outdoor Matters


With its gorgeous beaches, top-quality restaurants and three completely different golf courses, Guernsey has all the ingredients to be a prime location for golf tourism – and La Grande Mare’s new pro is determined to see the island maximise its potential. Having run golf courses in Turkish holiday resorts for the last 20 years, it’s fair to say John Dent knows what golf tourists are looking for in a location. One of only 40 or so PGA Pro Fellows in Europe, he has brought vast experience and enthusiasm to La Grande Mare at a time where its owners have committed to investing significant sums in its golf offering. ‘My background and expertise is in resort golf so we are trying to bring that mentality to La Grande Mare,’ said John. ‘We want to get more people visiting the island to play golf. ‘Guernsey is a wonderful island; it’s got some of the best beaches and restaurants – I must have eaten out about fifty times in the last three months and I haven’t had a bad meal yet – and I’ve been speaking to a lot of my contacts in Europe about them bringing teaching groups over for a golfing holiday. Guernsey has everything it needs to be a golf holiday destination.’


The concept that John is seeking to develop would, he said, not only benefit La Grande Mare, but also the courses at L’Ancresse and St Pierre Park. ‘These sorts of visitors, whether that be teaching groups, ladies or a group of men coming for a short break, might stay here and play a couple of rounds at La Grande Mare, but they will also want to play a round at L’Ancresse and maybe St Pierre Park too. Then they’d go into Town for some shopping or a night out. What is not to like about a trip like that in Guernsey?’

One of the selling points is that the three courses on the island are completely different. La Grande Mare is a woodland course, L’Ancresse is a links course and steeped in history, and St Pierre Park is an attractive par 3. These are interesting times for golf fans locally, with the current redevelopment of St Pierre Park’s driving range into a multi-purpose centre for golf and the investment at La Grande Mare.

Outdoor Matters

Under John’s guidance, the course at La Grande Mare has undergone something of a relative overnight makeover in the three short months since his arrival. Gone are the siton mowers, with their heavier and un-loving touch on the fairways and greens, and in at John’s insistence is handcutting. The result has been faster, truer greens that have members excited at the direction the course is taking. John has also overseen changes to the layout of a number of holes, a reduction in green size – to help increase quality - and the planting of more trees to help with drainage and definition of the course. ‘Members love the improvement,’ said John. ‘This is a challenging course, you really have to work your way around it. In many ways it is the complete opposite of the Royal in how you have to play it. The whole club is buzzing at the moment, we have fantastic ladies’ membership with lots of competitions and we are trying to create a modern club that will attract new members and visitors alike.’

Other notable changes include investing large sums into the driving range and club shop. The range has had a complete makeover. Formerly a rather barren rectangle of grass, the range now has bunkers to avoid, pins at various distances to aim for and all new mats to play off. In terms of the shop, aside from all new gear, there is an increased focus on using the latest technology to help aspiring golfers ensure they have the right clubs for their game. In a further sign of the club’s commitment, it spent about £50,000 on the Trackman technology. ‘It’s used by pro golfers and most take it on tour with them,’ John explained. ‘It measures everything about your swing, from trajectory to club and ball speed, to distance and spin. We use it a lot during lessons now but also when players are fitted for new clubs.’ Anyone visiting the club will be shocked by its rapid transformation, and it’s clear the improvements are just the start of the big plans John and La Grande Mare have for the future of golf in the island.






Membership from £46 per month

Winter is the best time to develop your game, so we have two great value offers for you to choose from.

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NUMBER ONE FESTIVE DINING & PARTIES Have you seen our Christmas menus yet? We have some delectable dishes on our menus whether its a 3 course Christmas meal or a 5 course celebration dinner for New Year’s Eve. Don’t miss the festivities at La Grande Mare this year.

THE GIFT OF AFTERNOON TEA Our ever popular Christmas themed afternoon tea is back and what better gift to give a loved one than an afternoon spent enjoying cakes and festive treats.

CHRISTMAS BREAKS & STAYCATIONS Come and enjoy some R&R with us this winter. If it’s a Christmas break you’re after we’ve got some great offers - book a 3 night stay and get a fourth night free, or book a 5 night stay and get 2 extra nights free.

For reservations please

call 256 576

WINTER LETS FROM £325 PER WEEK Are you looking for some temporary accommodation this winter? We have high standard, 4-star self-catering accommodation available. Minimum booking of 6 weeks, includes health club facilities and parking.

Speak to Jill on: 01481 256 576

Outdoor Matters


It began rather like a scene from one of my novels. An email came in saying a skull had been unearthed beside a road in Alderney, in a trench being dug for an electric main across the dunes of Longis Common. From the start I was pretty sure the skull was ancient – there were reports of Roman burials in that area dating back to Victorian times. The depth of 1.2 metres was also about right. Notice was too short to get a flight, but an Alderney colleague was able to examine the evidence. The police decided this was not a crime scene and we archaeologists were in business. When more skulls were found later that week, I was able to catch a flight to inspect the site, helped by colleagues from the Alderney Society. Only a hundred metres or so from the finds stands the best preserved late Roman small fort in Britain – the Nunnery. There is I believe a whole Iron Age and Roman landscape


buried under 1-2 metres of sand at Longis, possibly a whole village and even an earlier fort. The site overlooks Longis Bay with France 9 miles in the distance. It was a hot day for digging and very bright sunlight makes it hard to spot archaeological features, and even harder to photograph them. Workmen showed me lengths of wall – presumed Roman – emerging from the 300m long trench. We walked the trench and spotted something sticking out of the side. It was an Iron Age pot that had been clipped by the excavator scoop. I could easily dig it out of the sand with my hands, scooping fragments of pot, charcoal and burned bones into bags to be ‘excavated’ later. We have just had this Carbon-14 dated to the first or second century BC. My colleague and I then tackled a second skull, which was jutting into the trench just over a metre down, within a stone-lined cist whose lid had been partly torn off by the excavator (and was still protected by ‘Police Do Not Cross’ tape). I dug again mostly with fingers. The skull appeared to have belonged to a woman, resting with her chin on her chest, looking at her feet. Her face was almost intact and I found the lower mandible as well as some vertebra.

Outdoor Matters

If we had not removed these remains, they would have been lost or destroyed. The ribs and lower bones were safely under the road so they were left in place. The more we walked the trench, the more archaeological features we found. Only a few metres from the cist was a full skeleton minus its head. It was the body that belonged to the skull that had been taken into the police. Excavating a full skeleton was a different matter to retrieving damaged skulls and it was time to halt the inspection and call for reinforcements.

Joined by a team of colleagues for a single day the following week, we tackled what we could of the archaeology exposed in over 100m of the metre wide trench. Local helpers also started searching through the spoil cast up by the mechanical excavator. It was a race against time as the project needed to push forward and vertical sections don’t stay in place in sand very long. We removed the skeleton, and later this was dated to the first century BC, slightly later than

the cremation. Around a dozen stone-lined burial cists appeared to have been exposed by the narrow pipe trench, indicating there could be a substantial graveyard spreading across the road and into the field beyond. What appeared to be stone buildings protruded into the trench at the end of the cemetary, and we wonder if these were Roman. St Anne’s School students ran a short follow-up project to check the extent of a wall running parallel to the Road which again could have been Roman. There is clearly much more to find on Longis Common. The finds were brought back to Guernsey to be cleaned and examined, with specialists in Jersey and the UK also helping our work. Our bone specialists will examine the parts of skeletons we found to discover more about these ancient Alderney residents. Three bronze brooches known as ‘fibulae’ were found, including indications that some may have been silvered. Two bracelets made of shale and a third of silvered bronze were also found. Some of the objects will go on temporary display in the foyer of Guernsey Museum in January 2018, before returning to Alderney Museum for when it opens next Easter. - Jason Monaghan


Youth Matters


LA MARE DE CARTERET HIGH This term is always one of our busiest with new activities, new teachers and students, we have had a fantastic opening to the academic year and have great hopes for our Year11 as they progress this year. Congratulations to those students and staff who participated in the Swimarathon, we again had great representation from the school and have been awarded 2 trophies. Our art students were very privileged to have their work entered and exhibited at the Sovereign Arts Award and many congratulations to former Year 11’s Rebecca Le Tissier


and Paige De La Mare who were finalists. Paige scooped 2nd prize in a piece of work inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. It was a huge achievement for the both of them. School Production: School of Rock The school production of School of Rock is well on its way in rehearsals and has such a huge cast representation from all year groups which is fantastic to see. We can’t wait until the shows at the Performing Arts Centre on December 6th and 8th at 7pm and both matinee and evening performances on 9th December. Please do come along to support the school’s biggest

Youth Matters

production! Tickets are on sale now and are exclusively available from the Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts by telephoning 749999. MFL The Languages Department has had a flying start to this school year with two competitions, starting with the Languages Day tag hunt on 26 September, when students had to find the flags of different French speaking countries in school and name them. Earlier this month, French students also took part in the Vocab Express Champions League which is an international online competition lasting over a week. 232 students participated from La Mare which put us in the medium schools category up to 500 students. Our School managed to finish 6th overall which is a huge achievement for such a small school. Special recognition goes to our top 3 students, Francesca Cronshaw, Gemma Le Page and Dulcie Walters. Well done to all our competitors and to Vazon House who won both of the competitions. Physical Education To re-cap from the previous academic year, what a fantastic year it was overall for the PE department. From being privileged to hosting the RBS Six Nations trophy to having Sky Sports Ambassador and Commonwealth basketball player Andrew Bridge in to work with our

students on mind-set and resilience. One of the highlights in this year’s sporting calendar was the Island Schools Athletics held in the Summer Term at Footes Lane. It was fantastic to see so many different La Mare High School students competing and willing each other on. A fantastic day for all the students who attended and we look forward to next year! Ardêche Trip In July, our students spent a week at an activity centre in the South of France in the Ardêche region- the perfect opportunity to use their skills/ words learnt in French to practical use.

Activities included canoeing down the Ardêche river, mountain biking through the countryside and completing a high ropes course. The students pushed themselves to their limits and created lasting memories. - Mrs V.A. Godfrey, Headteacher Follow the school’s Twitter account @lamarehighschoo for news and updates.


Experts in long haul, tailor-made, cruises & honeymoons...

NEWS FLASH: BROCHURES FOR 2018-19 NOW AVAILABLE. FANTASTIC EARLY BOOKING RATES, ASK FOR DETAILS! Whether your looking for a short break or a once-in-a-lifetime faraway holiday, contact our friendly team on 252211 World Travel • Maison Saumarez • Route de Cobo • Castel • Guernsey • GY5 7RZ T 01481 252211 e-mail:

Youth Matters

LA MARE DE CARTERET PRIMARY Well this has certainly been an eventful term. We opened our Community Cafe which was a resounding success; thank you to Mrs Mackay and Mrs Lowe for running it and to all the parents who donated cakes. We raised ÂŁ484 for MacMillan Cancer Support. This year we brought our Year 4 trip to Lihou forward to the Autumn term. The children loved being castaways for 24 hours and undertaking a whole host of fabulous activities such as archery, rock-pooling and night walks. Now in its third year, our sea swimming programme was another great success. Due to the tides we had to push it back to the end of September but the sea remained at a balmy 17 degrees! We remain the only school on the island who take all the children from Rec to Year 6 sea swimming. The skills the children

learn in this activity are immeasurable. The La Mare sporting calendar has started with a flourish, beginning with football and netball clubs for year 5 and 6. There have been a number of matches with the normal grit and determination we have come to expect from our children. The boys football teams have started strongly showing collaboration and resilience throughout. They have won, drawn and lost matches but have always represented the school with enthusiasm and pride. The girls started their first match in fine form, battling for every single ball. They fought hard and defended valiantly, but finally lost out to Castel 5-1. The girls performed incredibly well for their first outing and did La Mare proud. The girls’ A and B netball teams have had a very successful start to the season so far and have shown great determination in moving the ball down the court. They have been clearing out, driving in and shooting well. Whether you are staying on the island or going away, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. - Kim Hutchinson, Headteacher


Youth Matters

CASTEL PRIMARY As I write, it barely seems possible that Christmas production rehearsals are in full swing and decorations are starting to appear around the school. The summer term has long gone and the excitement of Christmas time in school is growing rapidly! We recently launched our new website ( so please feel free to take a look and see what has been going on. Lots of key information can be found there. Since the last edition, trips, opportunities and learning have all continued at real pace at Castel Primary. In a culinary theme, we have seen Reception making and cooking pumpkin soup over the fire pit at the bottom of the field and our Gardening Club made leek soup and delivered it to the residents of St John’s Residential Home. Year 2 have completed a project on ‘Mini-beasts’. They’ve been out and about looking for the mini-beasts that live within our school grounds and then designing and making their own creatures. Year 1 have been taking their ‘Everywhere Bear’ to Guernsey places of interest (Le Guet, Fort Grey and Candie Museum) so he could write recounts about where he had visited - some real-life inspiration for writing!


Year 3 have made Egyptian masks as part of a History/Art unit. Year 4 used technology to hold a live video link-up with a school in India. They’ve been doing a project on the country so this was a real insight into school life there. Year 5 went on a trip to the Folk Museum to further develop their History work and Year 6 made videos in Maths to be used by younger pupils to help them with their calculation methods. Castel’s football and netball teams have had continued success in their matches; with the football team again making it through as one of four teams to represent Guernsey at the Channel Islands tournament. Our Year 6 quiz team entered and got through to the final of the De Putron Challenge. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite manage to defend the title that we won last year. We had the pleasure of a visit from the Lieutenant Governor and his wife who toured the school in October. They called in to all the classes and met all our pupils who were happy to share their work. We wish everyone in Castel, and the wider Guernsey community, a very merry Christmas and happy New Year! - Peter Curtis, Deputy Headteacher

Youth Matters


The 12th Guernsey (St Matthew’s) Scout Group started as an offshoot of the 8th Guernsey (Sea Scout) Group because of the numbers and interests of the young people. The group was registered in April 1966, but started in November, and is based in the Castel Parish. They initially met at the Rink (now the Café) at Saumarez Park, before moving in 1973 to the Cobo Institute at Le Guet, and finally settling in 1989 on the same site as the Les Beaucamps Secondary School. The site was formerly the base for the Guernsey Militia Training Camp presecond World War. In 1985, Tony Sebire took over as Group Scout Leader and developed the Group. By 1986, the group consisted of two Beaver Colonies, two Cub packs, two Scout Troops, a Venture Unit (Pegasus) and also a Scoutlink Section. Venture Scouts have since been superseded by Explorer Scouts and are now organised on an area basis, but the other sections meet in their Headquarters at Les Beaucamps. The 12th Guernsey Scout Group did not have a group badge until 1986. In order to tie the Group into one big family with a single identity, Tony

Sebire designed the group badge. The Group symbol depicts the horse Pegasus named after their Venture Scout Unit, and the bugle was added to show that the Group meets in a former Guernsey Militia hut, which was once part of the Guernsey Militia Training Camp based at Les Beaucamps. The badge is sewn on the neckerchief and the Group is affiliated to the local church, St Matthews. Within the grounds of Les Beaucamps was once part of the German site, Batterie Rhinozeros, which was armed with 3 x 21 cm guns. The observation tower for the Batterie, demolished in 1975, was near the site of the current TV mast at Les Touillets. Incidentally, the communications bunker which forms the base of the current tower was at one time used by the 12th Scout Group.

The Group at Le Guet in December 1966.


If you’re a local person, thinking of forming a local company for a local business, call us. We’re local too, and we can help.

 740300 

Youth Matters

SCOUTS & GUIDES The Scout movement is ideal for energetic youngsters who want to try their hand at canoeing, camping and helping the community. The 8th Guernsey (Reliant Sea Scout) Group meet at Le Douit Baudin near Saumarez Park.

Beavers meet on Mondays from 5:30pm to 6:45pm.

Cubs meet on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Scouts meet on Fridays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Guiding is for girls to make friends, learn skills and have fun.

Contact Claire on 07781 154992.

Beavers meet on Mondays from 5:30pm to 6:45pm.

Scouts meet on Wednesdays from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

Cubs meet on Fridays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Group Scout Leader, Pat Queripel, can be contacted on 722710.

Rainbows: Fridays, 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Cobo Community Centre. Contact Lesley on 254333.

Brownies: Mondays, 5:45pm to 7:00pm, Cobo Community Centre. Contact Claire on 259248.

Rainbows: Wednesdays, 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Delisles Church Hall. Contact Sandra on 255915.

Group Scout Leader, Robert Prigent, can be contacted on 241696.

The 12th Guernsey Group meet in the Maurice Lihou Building at Les Beaucamps High School.

Rainbows: Mondays, 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Cobo Community Centre.

Brownies: Tuesdays, 6:15pm to 7:45pm, Delisles Church Hall. Contact Debbie on 255043.

Brownies: Fridays, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, Cobo Community Centre. Contact Claire on 07781 154992.

Guides: Mondays, 6:30pm to 8:00pm, Cobo Community Centre. Contact Claire on 07781 154992.

Guides: Wednesdays, 6:15pm to 8:00pm, Cobo Community Centre. Contact Yvonne on 258018.


Spiritual Matters



As we enter the Winter Season, we are beginning to think about Christmas and all the things we have to do before the big day arrives. For 10 years my family and I spent Christmas in New Zealand where Christmas is in the summer, I thought that I would like a summer Christmas, but I never did get used to it. I love to sing Christmas Carols, especially those which speak about the cold and dark of winter; however, in New Zealand they used to sing a song called ‘Christmas on the Beach’, with my whole being I thought “that is so wrong!” This is how the song went:


“We don’t want no holly or mistletoe. We don’t want no Christmas tree with artificial snow. We don’t want no snowman made of cotton wool. We’re not a bunch of fools. Chorus: Christmas on the beach. Christmas on the beach. Pack your picnic hamper up, we’re gonna have a feast, underneath the huge Pohutukawa tree. Christmas on the beach. We don’t want no reindeer. We don’t want no sleigh. We just want some sunshine and a good old holiday. We don’t want to suffocate in our shoes and socks. We don’t want to sit around the box.”

Spiritual Matters

But Christmas is about more than the cold and winter or the summer and the beach. It is about God with us – Emmanuel. The miracle of Christmas is that God chose to come to be with us in Jesus Christ. Jesus was born in an earthy, smelly stable, not in a temple or royal palace. Christ comes to us in our human condition, no matter who we are. The Christmas Season is preceded by the Advent Season, during the advent season we get ready for Jesus birth and in Ste Marie du Castel and St Matthew’s we have Christingle Services,


Sundays 8:00am Book Of Common Prayer 11:00am Eucharist Visit our website

Lessons and Carols, Crib Service, Birthday Party for Jesus and our Midnight service on Christmas Eve. Together we come to experience the wonder and joy of Christmas and to celebrate God with us. As you get ready for the Christmas season why not take a break from all the shopping and wrapping and come and join us to share in the joy and wonder of the Christ who is the heart of the Christmas Celebration. Yours, Reverend Karen Dack


Sundays 9:30am Wednesdays 10:00am

Eucharist Holy Communion 37

Spiritual Matters


Sunday 10:00am 11:00am 6:30pm Tuesday 2:00pm Thursday 7:30pm Friday 7:00pm

Sunday School The Lord’s Table Gospel’s Service Women’s Meeting Prayer + Bible Study Youth Night

For more information contact 251042.


Sunday 10:30am 5:00pm

Fellowship Meeting Sunday Meeting

Tuesday 7:30pm

Tuesday Meeting

For more information contact Mr L Davies on 255000.



Sunday 10:45am 6:00pm

Morning Service Evening Service

Tuesday 1:00pm

Parent + Toddler

Friday 6:00pm 7:15pm

Acorn Club (3-8yrs) Transformers (8-11yrs) Vibe (11yrs+)

Watch our Sunday Morning Service online at For more information contact Pastor Matt Gregor on 259822.


Sunday 10:30am

Sunday Worship

For more information contact Rev Mark and Deacon Sian Street on 234105.

Spiritual Matters



St Joseph + St Mary

Sunday 8:00am 10:30am 6:30pm

Sunday Mass Sunday Mass Sunday Mass

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7.30am


Tuesday/Thursday 9.30am Mass

Notre Dame du Rosaire Saturday 5:30pm

Wednesday 12:05pm

Sunday 10:30am 5:20pm 6:00pm

Sunday Worship Prayer Meeting Evening Worship

2nd Thursday of the month 8pm Midweek Worship For more information contact Majors Jamie and Claire Hill on 244631.


Saturday Mass Wednesday Mass

Our Lady Star of the Sea

Monday 12:00pm

Saturday 6:00pm Sunday 9:30am

Midday Mass Saturday Mass Sunday Mass

For more information on any of the churches contact the office on 720196.

Tuesday 7:30pm

Meditation Sessions

Meetings for Guided Meditation are held regularly and other meetings for study and discussion are also held. The meetings are open to people of all schools of Buddhism and indeed to people of any or no religion. For more information contact Richard Moorman on 255445.


Puzzling Matters



Place numbers 1 to 9 in each column, row and 3x3 box. EASY


Answers can be found for all three puzzles at the back of the magazine.


Puzzling Matters

WORD WHEEL Find as many words as you can in the wheel. All words must use the central letter and be at least 3 letters long. There is at least one 9 letter word.


Try and find all of the winter themed words.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •



Parish Matters


YOUR DOUZAINE The douzeniers work for you by offering their services free of charge to administer the parish. This system has worked well for over a hundred years and we hope it continues. The douzaine undertakes a number of parochial duties which include:

• • • • • • • • • •


Election organisation Cemetery management School committees Moorings Refuse and recycling Parish rates Noxious weed reports Quarry inspection Salle publique licences Dangerous roads

• • • • • • • • • •

Flag days Cistern inspection Civil defence Parish meetings Road name signs Dog tax collection Stream inspection Liquor licensing Seats, siting and upkeep Auctioneers’ licences

• • • • • • • • •

Barbed wire Crown & Anchor licences Fuel storage Hedge and tree inspection Illegal dumping Abreveurs and troughs Bookmakers’ licences Dangerous buildings Bornements and permits

Parish Matters


We hope you enjoyed reading about the renovation of the Castel Douzaine room in the last edition of Castel Matters. The new Douzaine Room has been open for six months now, with many people across the island taking advantage of its facilities. The Douzaine Hall is available to hire (for birthday parties, exercise classes or meetings) at £45 per session to private/standard hires. The sessions available are: • 8am-12noon • 1pm-5pm • 6pm-10pm. An additional fee is chargeable if setting up/packing away of chairs and tables is required. Please call us on 01481 255644 (9am – 12noon weekdays) or email: to book. For corporate hire please call/email the Douzaine Office for details.


Parish Matters

PARISH INFORMATION Barbed wire It is an offence to use barbed wire on the outside boundary of a hedge or fence when it borders a public place, road or way at a height less that 6ft from the road surface. Bornements or permits A bornement is required in respect of any building work within 1.5 metres of any public road. Application must be made in writing to the constables. The fee is £25 for each application. Cisterns, wells + pits These must be covered or fenced in such a manner as to prevent any person from falling in accidentally. Dog tax Ten pounds must be paid in January of every year in respect of each dog except for service dogs. There is a fine of £500 for non-payment. Douzaine Room It is available for hire on application to the parish secretary. Call 255644 for further information. Fairfield Fairfield is a delightful area and is available for use by the public. It is available to be hired for events. Please contact the parish secretary.


Floral Guernsey Helpers are required to form a new committee. If you are interested please contact the Parish Secretary on 255644 for further information. Hedges Hedges bordering a public road must be cut back between 1 and 15 June and 15 and 30 September every year. All dates inclusive. Noxious weeds Reports relating to noxious weeds can either be made to the douzaine office or to the States Horticultural Services on 234567. Owners’ + refuse rates The owners’ and refuse rates are levied on householders based on the TRP values of their dwellings. Only those properties that are charged a refuse rate are entitled to collection. Parochial rates are levied annually and cover the period from 1 January to 31 December in any given year. Parish meetings Two meetings are held every year in April/May to approve expenditure (known as the remede) and in November to elect parish officials.

Parish Matters

Parish office The office is located at: La Chambre de la Douzaine, Les Beaucamps Road. It is open from 9am - 12pm weekdays. ď‚• 255644 ďƒ Quarries These must be adequately protected by private land or fenced to ensure they are not a danger to the public. The quarries are inspected in the autumn by the parish constables. Recycling Recycling of glass, paper, cans, cardboard and clothing can be undertaken at the amenity site at Vazon. Refuse collection details can be seen overleaf. If any parishioner is genuinely unable to access the recycling banks within the parish and has no one able to do it for him/her, please contact the douzaine room. Arrangements can be made to collect recyclables on a regular basis.

Refuse waste Two bags of refuse waste per household are allowed each week (more information overleaf) and should be in place by 10pm. Wheelie bins can be used but the refuse waste must be in sacks. Do not put glass or any containers of liquid in the sacks, these should be put out separately in a box. No garden waste should be included; this can be taken to the tip at Chouet or Friquet Garden Centre. Streams Controlled streams are inspected twice a year between 1 and 30 June and 15 and 30 September. Owners must cut vegetation and clean streams so an unrestricted flow of water is ensured.

If you need any clarification on any parish matter, do not hesitate to contact the parish secretary on 255644 or the douzenier for your canton.


Parish Matters

REFUSE COLLECTION MONDAY EVENING: Belle Vue, Clos De Cache, Rue De La Carlton Estate Charruee, Rue De La Chemin Robin Cobo, Route Du La Planque Chou, Rue Croix, Rue De La Emrais, Clos Des Emrais, Ruette Des Forfaitures, Rutte Des Francis, Rue Des Galahad, Rue Du Grandes Mielles, Clos Grandes Rocques Road + estates Haye Des Puits, La Hougue Du Pommier, Route De La Houmets, Rue Des Lilyvale Crescent Mare De Carteret, Route De La Mielles, Clos Des Ollivier, Courtil Port Soif Road Presbytere, Rue Du Pretre, Rue Au Ronce, Rue Au Ronde Cheminee, Rue De La Saline, La Saumarez, Route De Saumarez, Ruette Touillets, Rue Des Varendes, Clos Des



TUESDAY EVENING: Albecq, Clos D’ Banquette, La Bouverie, Rue De Camp, Clos Le Carteret, Route De Cherfs, Estates Les Cobo Coast Road Cobo, Route De Cornielles, Ruette Des Courtil Cobo Carteret, Clos De Deane, Clos Douit Boudin, Le Feugre, Le Fries, Ruette Des Genats Estate Genrotte, Ruette De La Giffardiere, La Hougue, Rue De La L’Aumone Estate Lande, Rue De La Marottes, Ruettes Des Masse, Rue De La Neuve, Rue La Percee, La Pre De La Cotte, Le Querites, Les Renouards, Rue Des Retot Salle, Clos De St Germain, Rue Terramar Court Tour, Ruette De La

WEDNESDAY EVENING: Albecq, Rue D’ Baissieres, Les Barmere, Clos De Beaumont, Clos De Beaucamps, Les Briocq, Ruette St Cache, Clos De La Cauvains, Clos Des Cauvains, Les Chemin Des Monts Cobo, Route De Cordage, Clos De Croix, La Delisles, Rue Des Efforts, Ruette Des Eglise, Rue Du Eturs, Rue Des Foire, Rue De La Goddards, Clos De Goddards Rise Goddards, Rue Des Houguette, La Landelles Les, I Mare Estate, La Mare, Route De La Mares Litres Mont D’Aval, Le Neuve, Rue La Perruque, Rue De La Petite Mare, De Lis Clos La Petits Puits, Clos Des Preel, Rue Du Queux Lane Rocquette, Clos De Sous La Mer Sous Les Courtils (Including all estates) Tamaris, Rue Des Tertre, Le Tertre, Route Du (Including all estates) Village Rachelle

THURSDAY EVENING: Beauvoir, Clos De Belles, Rue Des Bergers, Rue Des Boulains, Rue Des Candie Road Chemin Des Monts Clos Au Compte, Route Des Cohu, Rue Estates Courtil Simon Lane D’Enfer, Rue Dos D’Ane, Rue Du Douit, Rue Du Fauxquets, Rue Des Fresnes, Rue A Frie Plaidy, Rue Du Gele, Rue Du Grandes Moulins, Les Grantez, Rue Des Guildown, Clos Hamel, Rue Du Haut Séjour, Ruette De Haye, Rue De La Hechet, Rue Du Highland Estate Hougue, Rue Des Hurette, Rue De La Julienne, Ruette L’Eau, Rue A Marais, Rue Des Meadow Drive Morts, Rue Des Pelleys, Les Piette, Rue Ponchez, Ruette Porte, Rue De La Pre De Quertier Puits, Les Saumarez, Clos De Talbot Valley Torval, Rue Vallees, Rue Des Vazon Coast Road Villocq, Clos De Villocq, Estate Le Villocq, Lane Le

Parish Matters

RECYCLING The local recycling bank at Vazon will take: • Glass (coloured and clear) • Steel cans • Aluminium • Paper • Plastic • Textiles • Cardboard • Cartons Kerbside recycling will be collected on the same night as the refuse waste collection.

Blue Bag Cartons, tins and cans, aerosols, aluminium, plastic bottles, food/drink packaging. Clear Bag Cardboard, paper, magazines, envelopes.

To find out which bag is put out each week, go to:

Finding your stairs difficult? Let St John and Stannah make your life easier

T: 729268

E: W: St John Health Care Shop, Rohais, 41 St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1YN

Parish Matters

GLOSSARY Bornement n A permit required from the parish douzaine in Guernsey to make alterations to property within 1.5m of the public highway. Constable n There are two constables per parish. They carry out the decisions of the Douzaine and manage the day to day affairs of the parish. Each constable has a maximum length of service of 3 years. Canton n An area within the parish which is managed by two Douzeniers. Castel has 6 Cantons. Deputy n A member of the States of Guernsey. They represent the parish as politicians. Douzaine n The main body in each parish. The Douzaine is made up of 12 Douzeniers. Douzenier n A member of the Douzaine. They have a number of responsibilities which they partake in voluntarily. All 12 Douzeniers meet monthly. Parishioner n Someone who lives in the parish.





WORD WHEEL: The 9 letter word is CHERISHED.


NEW YEAR, NEW PROJECT With 20 years of experience, Chris Workman can help you undertake design and build projects from planning and consultation to modern designs or renovations.

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Open 7 days a week from 9:30am - late. Evening meals with local produce are served on Fridays and Saturdays during the winter. We also offer Daily Specials.

We would like wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and prosperous 2018. Thank you for supporting us over all of these years.

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Castel Matters: Winter '17 / Spring '18  

The Winter 2017/Spring 2018 edition of Castel Matters parish magazine.

Castel Matters: Winter '17 / Spring '18  

The Winter 2017/Spring 2018 edition of Castel Matters parish magazine.