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Project CoSSOL - “Concepts for a Successful SelfOrganized Learning”

Workshop “How to make our students better citizens?”

KC6: “Interpersonal, Social and Civic Competences” December 2011 - Moers, Germany


Project CoSSOL - “Concepts for a Successful SelfOrganized Learning” The planned activities in the framework of the civic competences workshop are an attempt: • To make what goes on in the classroom more connected with the reality of the world outside the classroom. • To give greater recognition to the various skills needed to function in society as human being, worker, citizen, consumer, parent. • To accept the principal that learning is an active process that involves not only acquisition of knowledge, but also skills of critical thinking, of independent inquiry, of group participatory behavior.

Task1: “You Are a Problem Solver” (activity – 30 min.) Directions: • Choose a human rights situation from the true-life examples and workout a solution. • Assign someone in your group to be the leader and someone to be the secretary. • The group leader will supervise the discussion session and make sure everyone can share his ideas. • The secretary will write down all of the ideas. • Decide which idea your group will develop into a workable solution. Decide who will present it .

Task1: “You Are a Problem Solver” (performance – 20 min.)

Present your solutions.


Task2: Discussion “Our Future in the EU” (activity – 60 min.)

The subjects should be about the principles of the EU: Peace (Human Rights, Democracy, Immigration, Collaboration), Safety (European Army, Border control, Police, Lawmaking), Economic and Social Solidarity (Euro, Poverty, Jobs, Education, Vocational Education) Each participant should choose one of the groups depending on his interest. Directions: 1. Look for two examples from your own background of each subject which represent for you your future in the EU. And please write them on the sheet you got. 2. Discuss in the group the examples so that they fit to the subject. 3. Give an example of how you can bring this into your classes at your school. Present the outcomes.

Project CoSSOL - “Concepts for a Successful Self-Organized Learning”

Comenius Multilateral School Partnership 2010-2011

KC 6: “Interpersonal, Social and Civic Competences” Fourth Language School “Frederic JoliotCurie”, Varna Background’s photo “Sunrise in Crotone” by Donka Georgieva

Workshop Interpersonal, Social and Civic Competences (Key 6)  

Comenius project: CoSSOL/ "Concepts for a Successful Self-Organized Learning". Workshop at the German partner school - Mercator Berufskolle...

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