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MINT – MIND THE GAP: Migration NEEDS Integration

Integration Strategies for Migrants

MINT Team 2008/2010

Sigulda Evening School

Steps how to integrate immigrant students in Sigulda Evening School

1. An immigrant family arrives in the Education Department of Sigulda Town Council. A potential school is offered.

2. A student and his/her parents visit the headmaster of the chosen school and they are informed about the following:   

 

School curriculum Rules and regulations Class teacher Activities of the Parents` Board An assistant headmaster and teachers work out an individual curriculum.

3. A class teacher informs about the immigrant student for volunteers to help integration

students and asks in the process.

4. A class teacher introduces the immigrant student to his/her classmates using “ice-breaking� activities.

5. A class teacher introduces the immigrant student to a foreign language teacher and decides according to further language studies (language lessons, additional activities e.t.c. depending on necessity).

6. A class teacher informs the immigrant student about the other possibilities to acquire foreign language outside school, together with his/her parents.

7. An imigrant student takes an active part in the study process in 1-2 weeks` time according to his/her individual curriculum.

8. An immigrant student regularly discusses his/her progress with the teaching staff.

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Comenius Project "Mind the Gap - Migration Needs Integration". Module 2