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Servicepunt Allochtonen (support members of an ethnic minority)

• Hans Leermakers Interns: • Sadika Zaryouh • Joëlle Burrill

Promotion team for Intercultural Talent Presented by: Hans Leermakers


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What does PASHJA stand for? Image-forming; Objectives/aims; Projects; School without racism; International internships Networking.

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What does PASHJA stand for?

Promo team; Intercultural talent; Founded in September of 2000; Promoting internships among students; A weekly meeting on Monday afternoons.

Image-forming • Cultural differences are an added value; • A positive role model for everyone.

Objectives/aims • To influence the image of, and about immigrants, both internally and externally; • To improve the participation of young immigrants at school and on the work floor.

Projects • Organizing multicultural events; • Influence the choice of career of immigrants; • Workshops for students and faculty; • Assist at information events; • Participate in debates; • Promoting internships; • Participating in a coaching project.

School without Racism • Koning Willem I College; • Signing the petition; • Predicate for the 15th time this semester (2008/2009); • Multicultural event.

School without Racism

International internships • Agreement between the city of ‘sHertogenbosch and KW1C; • Recruiting foreign internships (such as for Maroc and Turkey); • Train students in Intercultural Communication.


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