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COMENIUS-Biography Rasim Toprak Germany (Mercator Berufskolleg Moers)

Immigration of my parents • • • • • •

Origin: Türkei – Kayseri – Sariz Ocupation: originally farmers Arrival in Hanover/Germany 1969 First only my father came to Germany 1 year later my mother joined him In the following years my five brothers and sisters followed my parents

Parents and Family • 1971: my parents moved to cologne • Father: worked for the Ford car company • Mother: worked for a printers • Brothers and sisters: Four live in Germany (Cologne, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Berlin) one lives in turkey (Kocaeli) Kayseri, 1975: Father , Mother, Sister, Brother

Parents and Family

Sariz, 1970, Picture for my father, my mother and my five brothers and sisters

About me • Born: am 18 June 1976 in Cologne. I am the youngest child of my parents • Kindergarden at the age of three • 6 – 10 years of age: primary school in Cologne • 10 –16 years of age: secondary modern school, Cologne • 16 – 19 years of age: grammar school, Cologne • Final Examination 1995 (Abitur =A-Level)

Cologne, 1976: Rasim Toprak

About me • • • •

1996: Study of economics at Cologne University 2002: Graduation (Diplom-Kaufmann) 2002 – 2003: Jobs in insurance companies During studies several casual jobs (additional trainig for students of schools, waiter, Insurance companies) • 2004- 2006 student teacher in Wuppertal – Subjects: economics, insurance and mathematics

• Since 2006: Teacher at Mercator Berufskolleg Moers

At Mercator Berufskolleg Moers • Subjects: economics, insurance, accountancy and mathematics • Junior head of department insurance • Since 2007 students adviser • 2009: First time involved in a COMENIUS-Project

Cologne, Summer 2008: Rasim Toprak

Family • 2003: I met my future wife Gülsemin for the first time • 2005: I married Gülsemin. We live in Cologne • She works for an IT-Firma as a consultant • In the meantime my parents become pensioners and live in Turkey six months of the year • At home we speak turkish and german, to my parents we only talk turkish Walltrop, 2003: Marriage, my wife and me

Friends • My circle of friends is multicultural. We have Germans, Croations, Portuguese, Italians, Iraniaus and Turks • What we all have in common is the enthusiasm for local soccer club 1. FC Köln • But I am also a Galatasaray Istanbul enthusiast Cologne , 2006: My friends and me at a party

Advantages of an Immigration Background

General: • Open-mindedness when working with people of different cultures • Being multilingual • Access to the advantages of both cultures At School: • Better acceptance by Turkish students • Example for the people with immigration background • Advice to collegues in case of problems with turkish students • Contact for Turkish parents

Life in Germany • I feel at home in Germany and I don`t see myself as an immigrant anymore. • Parts of German society should change their attitude towards the integration of immigrants, so that more people could feel at home in Germany. • There are still people who regard integration as complete assimilation and the necessity to give up an original culture. • But there are also a lot of immigrants who refuse to integrate into society appropriately. • I am of the opinion that projects like this are a contribution to a new understanding of integration.

Biography Toprak  

Biography Toprak

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