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INDUSTRIAL DESIGN Portfolio - 2019

Dong Yoon Shin

About me


Who’s interested in user centric design in order to improve the quality of life and reduce environmental impact.

Part-time Construction Labor


• Unloaded and carry materials at foundation construction worksites.

CJ Engineering and Construction | Seoul | South Korea | 2018 • Installed Temporary Fence on Construction Site to secure trespassers.

California College of the Arts (San Francisco, CA)

• Cleaned out site from debris and discarded materials.

Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command

BFA Industrial Design Anticipated Graduation 2020

Signaller | Incheon | South Korea | 2016 - 2018

Otis College of Art and Design (Los Angeles, CA) BFA Product Design 2013 - 2015

• Served and discharged from ROK Army Special Force as a Signaller, Sergeant.

• Completed Airborne training in ROK Army Special Warfare School. • Implement and repair of field expedient antenna of the unit.



Industrial Design I | California College of the Arts | 2015



Digital Sketching Photoshop Illustrator Indesign Rhinoceros Solidworks Keyshot

Hand Sketching Rapid Prototyping Wood Working Model Making Ceramics Photography

• Researched and interviewed the user about pain-point of using ice cream scoop. • Implemented user-testing to improve the design of ice cream scoop. • Developed sketch models with modeling foams to understand ergonomics.

JEEP Emergency Industrial Design II | California College of the Arts | 2016 • Researched about Tsunami in order to come up with problem solution. • Developed rapid-prototypes with modeling foams to improve mockups. • Implemented user testing through interviewees to develop design.

ATO Industrial Design III | California College of the Arts | 2018


• Conceptualized with 3D CAD in order to express the aesthetic shape of radio.


• Researched about radio interface not only for shape but also UI/UX. • Developed rapid portotypes with 3D printed mockups.

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Scoop Wrist friendly ice cream scooper


Scooping hard ice cream puts a lot of strain in the User’s Wrist. Engaging in repetitive scooping ice cream increases risk of strains and sprains, such as Tendinitis, Tenosynovitis.

User Research Through interviewing with six interviewees, there are several problems while users scooping with their ice cream scoop.

Uncomfortableness Existing design of ice cream scoop is uncomfortable to hold since there’s not that much curvature on the handle grip. It is difficult for users to using the scoop which has designed in small sized head part since it requires consistent scooping

Injuries Repetitive usage of ice cream scooop causes the painpoint of wrist. Especially people who works in ice cream store also get hand and finger pain since the consistent usage of the ice cream scoop.

Impracticality Since some scoops are made out of non durable material, it can breakable while scooping ice cream.

Inspiration The core design principles in this project was to design an ergonomic scoop.

Design opportunity

Ergonomics Minimizes stress on the user’s wrist

Durability Made out of durable long lasting material

User-Friendly Easy to use scoop

Ideation Different types of scoop sketches were used to explore ergonomic form and functionality to spice up the scooping experience.

Form development Foam models were used to explore different grip and scoop shapes that eased stress of scooping ice cream.

Design Solution


Comfort Grip

Wide Scoop

Sharp Edge

In use

In order to display the different ways to use this scoop, there are some experiment with users to design the scoop which reduces the wrist pain.

ATO Radio Aesthetic Sculptural Table Top Radio


For decade, radio was the dominant form of media entertainment at home. However, since the popularity of smart devices usage, the number of radio listeners are declining. They also tend to be visually unappealling.

User Journey


User Interface

Aesthetic element


Radio in these days are not necessarily needed since it has been replaced by smart devices with digital radio system.

The operation system of radio is quite difficult for users to control. Since it consists of complicated parts, it takes time for users to handle the product.

Radio does not appeal as much to modern users since it’s visually unappealing design.

Young users say that they only spend around 12% of their time with radios, which are becoming more outdated as the years pass.

Since radio cannot transmit images or video, it lacks the movement and color of visual media forms.

Traditionally, radio has been designed in literal square shaped form.

For this reason, users do not feel a strong sense of ownership.

Since the popularity of streaming is growing all the time, young users don’t listen to radio.


Connectivity A system of products that enable users to incorporated them into the user’s digital lifestyle.

Aesthetics Focusing on aesthetically pleasing shape in order to appeal users.

Simplicity Monotonous operation system for users to control.

Inspiration Focused on form and shape which has curves, elegance, aesthetic in order to express beauty. Also, cranes wake up early in the morning such as deliver message such as radio.

Sketch Development Ideation sketch of the radio was to figure out and explore the aesthetic appealing form. Not only for visual asthetics but aslo mechanism and function were also come up with the ideas.

Form Development

Started from the sculptural shape to finalized form. Foam models were used to explore size, proportions.

How to use


Battery Charging System

Frequency Switch

Tuning Modulation

Volume control system

Voice recognition system

Exploded View Plastic Case Display Window/Touch sensitive screen

Display Module Touch sensitive Buttons

Speaker Cloth Fabric

FM/AM Antenna PCB Circuit Board

Plastic Case

Woofer Charging Base Case PCB Transmit Circuit Board Inductive Charging Base

JEEP Emergency Emergency radio for Tsunami protection

Risks of Tsunami

Tsunami caused by unerwater seismic activitcy which waves speed in up to 30mph and 100ft above sea level. It destroys everything in its path and waterborne diseases spread easily.

Tsunami Impact

ONLY 42%



The people who evacuated after the tsunami warning.

The people had before Tsunami Hit.

The distance the tsunami traveled inland.

Sketch Development Ideation sketches of Jeep emergency radio was to focus on user-centric design in order to protect from natural disaster tsunami.

Form Development The process of model making was focused on proportion, ergonomics and jeep brand inspired shape.

Form Development




11 12 13 14

1 Battery Cover 2 Li-ion Battery 3 Battery Cover 4 5 6 7 8

Rubber Grip Volume Button Cover Front Plastic Cover Carabiner Circuit Board

9 Power Button Cover 10 Woofer 11 Carabiner Pin 12 Display Cover Plastic 13 Channel Button Cover 14 Acrylic Display Cover 15 Speaker Cover









How to use

Power Button

Volume Control


Channel Control

Brush Erognomic one hand fitted brush


Incorrect brushing and the wrong type of brush can cause widespread damage to user’s hair and scalp. Since the constant traction from brushing, it removes outer cell layer of hair which causes breakage.

Design Solutions

Ergonomic Shape

Material chocies

Ergonomic shape support users to feel comfortable grip.

In order to prevent the cause of hair loss while using hair brush, material choices are important to care about.

User-Centric Focuse on user-centric approach to design hair brush.

Sketch Development

The process of modeling foams were used to explore the comfortable grip and hair brush shapes in order to design it as an ergonomic hairbrush.

Form Development

The process of modeling foams were used to explore the comfortable grip and hair brush shapes in order to design it as an ergonomic hairbrush.

Comfort Grip Plastic Bristle

Rubber Hand Band

Soft Rubber Base Standable Handle Grip

Palm Support

In Use

In order to display the different ways to use this hair brush, there are some experiment with users to designwhich reduces the wrist pain.


Polaroid SX-70

A three week CAD modeling and rendering exercise focusing on achieving complex surfacing and dyanmic product renders

Speed Form A three week CAD modeling and rendering exercise focusing on achieving complex surfacing and dyanmic product renders

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