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By Damian Kim



Damian Kim

NewVision Publishing 3204 W Olympic Blv, Los Angeles, CA 90006

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I recently turned a carnivore last year and before then, I was born and raised vegetarian because my parents wanted me to be healthy. My first hamburger was a McDonalds Big Mac that I had to eat because of a bet. Before then, I only ate veggie burgers at fast food restrauts. The Big Mac tasted really good because I thought it tasted close to a veggie burger. From then on, I started eating real hamburgers. This photo essay is about various hamburgers look when you buy them. I wanted to show them on how they look in the real world instead of the beautified hamburger look in the commercial world.

The Beginning: Burger King Veggie Burger

Carl’s Jr. Big Carl

In-N-Out Hamburger

McDonalds Big & Tasty

McDonalds Big Mac

McDonalds McDouble

Burger King Double Cheese Burger

Burger King Whopper

Burger King Big Fish

Carl’s Jr. Super Star

Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheese Burger

Carl’s Jr. Chicken Club Sandwich

Del Taco Cheese Burger

Del Taco Double Del

The End: Pepto Bismol


Set of photographs about how hamburgers look in the real world

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