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"Camera in Hand / World becomes Alive" As most of Margie’s friends know, she is thought to have Alzheimer's Disease, which in her case means that left hemisphere functions such as memory, the ability to find nouns to describe things, make phone calls and drive amongst others have been diminished. On the other hand artistic appreciation and the ability to see images in nature (‘fractal images’) has increased to an extent that we are all being educated in how to see the world in a more natural and expansive form! Her sense of adventure and fun also remain undiminished. Margie's artistic endeavours really began to evolve when she studied Colour and Design many years ago but little did I know how the gift of a digital camera for her birthday earlier this year would herald the emergence of a new 'power photographer'! The act of taking photographs has become an activity from which she gains much pleasure, appears to bring about a psychological state of ‘flow’ ; a way of being fully in the moment. Fractal Images are the so-called ‘fingerprint of nature’, a term used by Richard Taylor in his publication Can Science Be Used To Further The Understanding of Art? In the article he studied Jackson Pollock’s images to reveal fractal patterning in them. Earlier this year Margaret was also a member of the Willoughby Arts Centre where she painted Pollock-like images using acrylics. Intrigued by this, I analysed some of Margaret's photographs which had similar characteristics and showed that they too have a fractal dimension similar to those natural tree-like images which inspired much of Pollock’s work.

Trees are a natural fractal object <photographs Richard.Taylor} Our original intention was to publish a selection of Margie’s photos for the family but are also looking into placing them on Flickr and even We’ll keep you posted. If it all works out as planned we may even invite you to a QuickTime movie screening next year! Margie just loves taking photographs. This week alone I have already downloaded 500 photos and expect this trend to continue. Margie’s camera is indeed an outstanding resource and a good and faithful friend.

World becomes aline