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"wish I could give you this feeling, I'm sung by Frank Ocean, who makes a secplanking on a million" line, I had to repeat ond guest appearance. "Why I Love You" the track one more time before I went to is more of a Jay-Z dominated track that "New Day". The second half of the album includes G.O.O.D music mate Mr. brings in more serious topics and makes Hudson crooning over the chorus and I you remember why you love these cats in can see the track opening for the beginthe first place. Now "New Day" is proba- ning of the show for the Watch the wait...IS the best track on the Throne tour. album. Even though I love when Jay-Z and Kanye give me laughs with their punches, I appreciate realness on a track even more. The duo speak about the fame and the- future of their unborn sons and put real emotions onto this RZA beat. Raw emotions showing their flaws and what they have learned from their mistakes, "New Day" is the anthem for the two and how they want a better life for their next lineage. "Primetime" follows up Kanye West & Jay Z afterwards and I don't love it but I don't hate it either so it's safe to say it's likable during the right time. Flux Palivion's "I can't stop" is sampled for the track "Who Gon Stop Me". This track I have a love/hate relationship with. The duo's lyrics are iffy but the beat overshadows the verses he bonus tracks on the deluxe ediand becomes slightly annoying. "Murder tion are: "Illest Motherfucker for Excellence" is the controversial and Alive", "That's My Bitch", inspirational song representing black "H.A.M" and "The Joy" which are all power with African tribals sounds in the back and the work of Swizz Beats and S1 pretty good. "Illest Motherfucker Alive" is equivalent to "H.A.M" with a slower pace on for the beat. Kanye and Jay-Z both and a better delivery. "That's My Bitch" is shine on this track because like we all a witty song talking nothing more than know neither one is shy to express their about females with vocals from La Roux opinions. "Domino, domino... only spot a which makes the track a good club song. few blacks the higher I go... what's up to Will (Smith) shout out to O(Obama) That "The Joy" may sound familiar since it was one of the G.O.O.D Friday songs ain't enough.. we gon' need? a million from last year. mo"- Jay Z, enough said. "Welcome to the Jungle" follows up next as a filler atch the Throne review: 8 out track and then introduces you to "Made In of 10 is my final grading on it. America" that voices the success of the Most of the tracks were legit duo and their celebration with a hook

with only 2 or 3 I could of did without. As far as the concept and structure of the album, it was what I expected. "Watch the Throne" was an album for Mr. West and Mr. Carter to remind the game who is on top and deliver material with concrete messages on a few tracks. From the heart, these two work better when there is motivation or a real reason to put out an album. After the Taylor Swift incident and the bad press Kanye was getting, when he put out "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", he had a passion to prove something which allowed the album to speak for itself and every song on there was a hit. Jay-Z' s "Blueprint 3" was put out to revive the industry when it seemed like it was lagging due to everyone trying to use autotune and the "create a dance and make a song for it" stage. Ye and Jay have been in the game for so long that they didn't have much to write about besides talking about how great they are because honestly, who ELSE is touching them? The artists you love to hate have put out the album of the year (yes I SAID it) and will follow up with a tour in the fall. "Watch the Throne" set the bar for this year, now let's see if someone can surpass it. It ain't over yet.

"Watch the Throne" was an album for Mr. West and Mr. Carter to remind the game who is on top and deliver material with concrete messages on a few tracks.



Brianna Davis, also known by her writing alias, "B.A.D", is a college student at University of Central Florida. Even though she is majoring in Psychology, deep down her love remains for music, especially hip hop. When a hip hop discussion surfaces, she is the first one to speak the most passionately on the matter and the last one to end it. During her free time, she likes to check for new music, work on her upcoming blog, and create poems.




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