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pin’ ya heard?” The crowd goes bananas! All of a sudden Guru from Gangstar hits the stage and the music from DYWICK booms from the speaker. Guru spits his slang like a mechanic on the mic while the crowd sings along each word. I am mezmerized by the effect of everything going on around me. The whole crowd starts to jump and I jump with them. Just when we thought the energy was dying down, Kenny Parker mans the turntables. I’m feeling that nervous feeling in my stomach. Like I know I’m about to witness some crazyness jump off. At that moment the crashing symbol rings from the intro of Bridge is Over”. and the whole room flies off the hinges. I can literally feel the club bouncing as KRS goes into “Criminal Minded”. This is truly hip hop iat it’s pinacle. And I am proud to be a part of it. The set goes on to include appearances from Fat Joe, Supernatural, Mad Lion, and a host of others. I left the club that night with a beachball thrown in the crowd, a few numbers and an unforgetable memory that will stay with me forever.Now days I spend most of my time trying to find a moments peace throughout my busy day to recapture that feeling I experienced so long ago. But sadly, the Paladium no longer stands. A hot night spot and venue that catered to hip hop artists named Tramps also closed it’s doors during the mid 90s. No longer was I able to just reach out and touch the artists right there before my very eyes. The feeling of “knowing” the artist because they were so close to your was no longer a luxury for die hard concert fans like myself. I miss that connection between the artist an their fans. That is one of the elements that’s missing from todays big budget tours. What happened to the centerfold spreads and one-on-one interviews that we used to run to the newstands to cop our favorite magazines for? Some of todays hip hip artists lack the creative juices to perform with the longevity of KRS. Their shows pretty much put me to sleep. With the exception of artists like Lupe Fiasco, I just don’t see a great future up ahead. Boy, what I would do for one of those good ol’ ass whippins’. -KS




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