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and my manager trying to do the silently. Dollaz: Understood. Well it seems you on indepent thing under High Stakes Ent, you Dollaz: Is that causing a problem for your ya grind. Where do you see your career in know like how jay made Rocafella. fan base? I mean, your music is the next year? Although I would love to have that extra exceptional. You should'nt have a Smokey: In the next year I see me hand if it was givin to me, I dont look for problem getting support on the streets. hanging up my platinum record in my baby sitters in this game. I know my share Whats the reaction to your music from moms crib looking at it like damn I told of people, because I know how to fans? them I was gone do it. network, but at the end of the day, only Smokey: The reaction from anyone who Dollaz: Well we wish you the best of luck YOU know what you want, where YOU hears my music is always above great. I and success to you and your team. If you wanna be , and how YOU wanna get there get lots of love, but that's only when they had the opportunity to work with one artist na mean. actually hear it. The hard part is getting in the game. Who would it be? Dollaz: Yeah...its all about your hustle and them to hear it. Remember, I have no type Smokey: It would be Mr. Sean Jay-Z who you know in this game, and who THEY of promotional team or anything. So its just Carter. I look up to that man not only know. You feel me? So have you done any me on the blog sites and on twitter because he is one of the best MCs to ever shows since you started recording? touch a mic, but because of the grind this Smokey: Yea I did a show in Newark NJ in man had to go through to get where he is October '10 at the Key Club. It was a talent at right now. he didnt quit , complain, or show case and it was like a competition. make excuses, he just hustled, grind, and Shoutout to the winner by the way. And did what he had his mind set to do. Plus, although I didn't win, the dj at the club DJ Brooklyn would love for the king of rap and JNYCE of Streetz 106 pulled me aside after the king of Brooklyn to get crazy ona track the show and was like he was digging the na mean song I performed which was King Hustler. Dollaz: Good luck wit that. If you put in the so we exchanged info and we stay work, youll see the way, communicated, he plays my song on the whats BedStuy Fly? radio during his segment and all that na Smokey: BedStuy Fly is like the Vinny mean. But other than that I did a few show Styles of da Stuy. Its a small clothing store, cases at clubs and talent shows, nothing like a urban boutique with all the latest major yet. brands and styles for dudes na mean. They Dollaz: The song Dream On, what inspired got everything new and fly. I always shop that? there, other artist such as Maino and Fab Smokey: Right. that song is kinda like a shop there too. Best spot in Brooklyn. message to all the haters, fake supporters Dollaz: Thanks for the plug. Well be who really wanna pull me down and all that. keeping our eyes on them. Is there any Its just saying enough, no matter how much advice you'd like to give to artists who are you hate, boo, bash, or dont support, Im struggling to get into the music business? Is still going to make it no there are formula or matter what. So like the to you approach The reaction from anyone who hears my music blueprint hook said "If you thinking in this business? is always above great. I get lots of love, but Smokey: The main imma quit before I die, dream on" other than that, to gaining that's only when they actually hear it. The hard formula yall gone have to kill me to success in this game is stop my grind. And even if part is getting them to hear it. Remember, I have GRIND. never get lazy, you do, imma be spittin save the no type of promotional team or anything. So its discouraged, bars to Jesus with my excuses and just grind, hommie BIG na mean? hustle hard, and grind till just me on the blog sites and on twitter Dollaz: So you're already you cant grind anymore, promoting my won music encountering haters? Do and that's impossible. you get any opposition in stay on top of your game. your struggle to establish yourself as an promoting my own music. That can get you even when things dont look like its going artist? What are some of the struggles you but to far. No matter how great of an artist your way, keep pushing, cause eventually go through? you are. Its a never ending grind, and I’m everything will slowly , but surly pay off. Smokey: My main struggle as an artist is prepared to keep it going till the grave. Dollaz: Good advice mah G. How can your the Haters. peep this.. there are 100 Dollaz: Doing shows help out alot too. fans get in touch with you? people who like your music, but because Even if its talent shows and open mics, it Smokey: Everyone can go to my face book your a new artist, only 35 show love, and helps create a street buzz. Have you been or 45 hate because either your doing better in any battle contests? follow me on twiiter @TheSmokeAge and I then them and their mad, or because they Smokey: Nah none yet. I battle other local have a website dont know how to give a new artist a upcoming artist every now and then. Im Dollaz: Good looks bro. Again, much chance, enough to take about 4 minutes focusing on the main stream underground success to you and your team. And keep out of their life to view his video. the last 20 part of the game, don't wanna turn into one Grindin!!! want to show love and they want to of them artist who can murder anyone in a Smokey: iight man no doubt. good looks. support, but their so scared to be different battle, but cant write a mainstream industry -Fin that they just stay in the shadow watching worthy record to save their life. WANTED MAGAZINE • NOVEMBER, 2011



silently. Dollaz: Is that causing a problem for your fan base? I mean, your music is exceptional. You should'nt have a problem getting suppo...