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Don Davies M.P. for Vancouver Kingsway

Community Newsletter September 2009 Dear Neighbours,


ipAwry gvWFIa, Kính gởi cộng động, Mga kapitbahay,

It has been my pleasure to meet so many of you at my office and at community barbecues, festivals, and block parties over the summer. It’s been very helpful to hear your concerns, ideas and priorities. I look forward to taking them back to Ottawa, and working to address them. Please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts and opinions on any issue at any time. It is my honour to represent you!

我非常高興在夏天這一段 時間裏,在我的辦公室、 在社區的燒烤日、節慶 日、和街區派對活動中與 大家見面。 聆聽你們感到關切的事 務、想法和緊要事項,大 有裨益。 我期待著把它 們帶回渥太華,並將認真 努力地加以處理。 如果我沒有機會遇到你和 你交談,請聯繫我並分享 你的想法。 我深感榮幸代表你們。

ienHW grmIAW iv`c mYnMU qhwfy iv`cNo bhuq swirAW nUM Awpxy d&qr Aqy kimaUintI bwribikaU, iqauhwrW Aqy blwk pwrtIAW iv`c iml ky bVI ^uSI hoeI hY[ quhwfIAW icMqwvW, ivcwrW Aqy qrjIhW bwry suxn nwl bVI mdd imlI hY[ mYN ienWH nUM autvw lY ky jwx AQy ienWH dw h`l k`Fx leI kMm krn dw ie`Ck u hW[ jykr mYnM U hwly q`k quhwfy nwl imlx dw Aqy g`l krn dw mOkw nhIN imilAw qW Awpxy ivcwr sWJy krn leI ikRpw krky myry nwl sMprk kro[

Naging isang malaking karangalan at kaligayahan para sa akin ang makasalamuha kayo sa aking tanggapan at sa iba’t ibang salo salo at pagdiriwang na aking dinaluhan nitong nakaraang tag-araw. Malaking tulong ang marinig at malaman ang inyong mga karanasan, nasasa isip, suliranin at pangangailangan Hinahangad kong maidulog ang mga ito pagpunta ko sa Ottawa upang mabigyan ng katugunan ang inyong mga naisin. Kung hindi man kayo nagkaroon pa ng pagkakataon na makipag usap sa akin, huwag pong mag atubiling lumapit sa aking tanggapan, at ako ay handang makinig kung ano man ang inyong saloobin. Isang malaking karangalan para sa akin ang kumatawan para sa inyo.

Tôi rất vui mừng được tiếp xúc rất nhiều người trong cộng đồng tại văn phòng của tôi cũng như tại các sinh hoạt trong cộng đồng trong khoảng thời gian qua. Quý vị đã giúp đỡ tôi rất nhiều với trọng trách của mình qua việc sẵn sàng bày tỏ những ý kiến và những điều quý vị quan tâm với tôi. Tôi đang chuẩn bị đem những ý kiến và mọi sự quan tâm đó của quý vị đến với Quốc Hội Canada tại Ottawa trong thời gian tới. Nếu như tôi chưa có cơ hội tiếp xúc với bất cứ quý vị nào, xin hãy trực tiếp liên lạc với tôi tại văn phòng.

quhwfI pRqIinDqw krn qy mYnUM mwx hY[

Working Hard. . . In the Community

Don at the Multicultural Helping House

Don calling for human rights in China

Don visits with Punjabi seniors

Stop the HST The HST that the BC Liberal Party and Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have forced onto people all over British Columbia is a multi-billion dollar tax grab that needs to be stopped. The HST will increase costs on many items that were previously untaxed, including things like home heating, shoes, vitamins and many goods and services that people use every day. This also represents a huge tax shift from corporations to ordinary taxpayers. Billions of dollars of tax will now fall onto the shoulders of citizens while the corporate sector will see its already low rates of taxation decreased even further. The Liberal government here in British Columbia betrayed voters during the past provincial election when they said that they were not considering bringing in the HST. This is wrong. For democracy to function, politicians must be honest about their policies.

The Truth About The HST •

The HST was signed between Stephen Harper’s Conservative government and Gordon Campbell’s Liberals.

Stephen Harper has been actively encouraging the provinces to sign HST agreements for some time.

The last budget contained money to lure provinces into creating the HST.

Conservative MPs in BC all voted for that budget, but are now claiming that they are not in favour of the HST.

Gordon Campbell misled BC’s voters during the election when he claimed he had no plans to bring in the HST.

Getting Smart on Crime I recently met with members of the Canadian Association of Police Boards (CAPB). They told me that the government has given them no assurance it will actually deliver the 2,500 new police officers they promised, and no commitment to funding beyond five years. As Public Safety Critic I believe we need new police officers, and we also need more funding for prevention so we don’t see people turn to crime in the first place. Programs for youth are also key. We need to give young people every reason to say no to gangs by keeping them active in their communities. I urge the government to play a leadership role in community safety. Let’s get smart on crime. 戴偉思籲求政府提供2500名新警察 最近我曾和加拿大警局協會的成員們會面。他們告訴我, 政府未向他們做出提供2500名新警察的保證,也未做出五 年後撥款的決定。

Don at the Pacific Institution with Samantha Carter, Assistant Warden, and Mark Noonward, Acting Deputy Warden

作為公共安全評論員,我相信,我們不僅需要新的警務人員,我們也需要更多的資金用於預防,如此我們不會看到 人們先轉向犯罪。提供青年項目也是關鍵。 我們需要使年輕人在社區維持活躍, 給予他們充分理由謝絕幫派。 我敦促政府在社區安全方面發揮領導作用,聰明地處理犯罪問題。

Don Meets with Vietnamese Cultural Workers In July, I met with Vietnamese media and cultural workers. We talked about issues facing Vietnamese youth and the importance of preserving Vietnamese culture. I learned about the cultural priorities of the Vietnamese community. These include things like building a cultural and community centre, securing space for dance and arts, preserving Vietnamese language and heritage, and developing Vietnamese film, TV and print media in Vancouver. Please contact my office if you would like to meet with me to discuss the needs and priorities of your organization!

MPs Don Davies and Charlie Angus meet with vietnamese cultural workers Betty Chau Nguyen, Thai-Hoa Le and Trang Kieu Nguyen

Vào tháng 7 vừa qua, tôi đã gặp gỡ nhiều người trong cộng đồng người Canada gốc Việt và trao đổi nhiều vấn đề liên quan đến thanh thiếu niên, cũng như vấn đề bảo tồn văn hoá Việt Nam.

Qua những sự trao đổi tôi được biết hiện tại mối quan tâm hàng đầu của cộng đồng người Việt đó là xây dựng một trung tâm văn hoá và sinh hoạt cho cộng đồng. Chúng tôi cũng đã trao đổi về tầm quan trọng của việc bảo tôn văn hoá và ngôn ngữ Việt cho những thế hệ tiếp nối, đồng thời khuyến khích thêm sự phát triển về ngành điện ảnh và truyền thông trong cộng đồng người Canada gốc Việt. Xin liên lạc trực tiếp đến văn phòng của tôi để chúng ta cùng trao đổi những nhu cầu cấp bách cho tổ chức của quý vị hiện nay. 2 Vancouver Kingsway

Don in the Community Greetings and Congratulatory Messages Are you or someone you know celebrating a special day or achievement? I would be pleased to send along personalized greetings! Don hosting a monthly meeting of the Vancouver Kingsway Chinese seniors group

Don presents awards at the Vancouver Chinatown Festival

Message from Don Davies, M.P. I would be delighted to send greetings for any anniversary, birthday, graduation, new citizenship or other special occasion. Please contact my office to make arrangements. Message from Her Majesty, the Queen

Don and MP Charlie Angus meet with JJ Moon of the Korean Society of BC

Don and MP Niki Ashton with SUCCESS Community Program Director Lee Ma Woo

Anniversaries: 60 years or more Birthdays: 100 years or more (Three months notice required, requires a photocopy of birth or wedding certificate). Message from the Governor General of Canada Anniversaries: 50 years or more Birthdays: 90 years or more (Nine weeks notice required). Message from the Prime Minister

Don tours the new Canada Line

Don with Vancouver Kensington NDP MLA Mable Elmore

Anniversaries: 25 years or more Birthdays: 75 years or more (Six weeks notice required).

Don Calls for Komagata Maru Apology In June, I stood up in the House of Commons and asked for an apology from the Prime Minister to the South Asian community for the Komagata Maru incident. “May 23 marked the 95th anniversary of one of the most shameful events in Canadian history. On that date in 1914, the Japanese ship Komagata Maru arrived in Vancouver with almost 400 passengers. Most of these people were Sikhs, and there were also Hindus and Muslims aboard. “The Canadian government did not allow the passengers to disembark, and after two months they were forced to return to India where 20 passengers were killed by British troops. “I attended a moving vigil in Stanley Park with representatives of the Professor Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation and of the South Asian community, people such as Sahib Thind, Jasbir Sandhu and Raj Hundal. “A proper and dignified apology in the House of Commons by the Prime Minister of Canada is long overdue and I urge the House to work together to do so.” fOn fyvIz v`lNo hwaUs AO& kwmnz iv`c kwmwgwtwmwrU sbMDI mw&I dI mMg jUn iv`c mYN hwaUs AO& kwmnz iv`c Klo ky pRDwn mMqrI qoN kwmwgwtwmwrU Gtnw sbMDI d`Kx eySIAweI BweIcwry qoN mw&I mMgx dI mMg kIqI[ “23 meI kYnf y w dy ieiqhws dIAW sB qoN Srmnwk GtnwvW iv`cNo ie`k dI vrHg y F M dw idn hY[1914 iv`c ies qwrI^ nUM qkrIbn 400 musw&rW smyq jwpwnI smud M rI jhwz kwmwgwtwmwrU vYnkUvr phuiM cAw[ ienWH iv`cNo bhuqy lok is`K sn Aqy ihMdU Aqy muslmwn vI ies jhwz qy sn[

Don speaks in the House of Commons

“BwvyN aunWH kol kYnf y w iv`c suAwgq kIqy jwx leI hr ie`k jwiez kwrx mOjd U sI, pr kYnf y w dI srkwr ny aunWH nUM jhwz ‘coN auqrn dI iejwzq nw id`qI[ Asl iv`c ieh &Yslw ie`k nslvwdI &Yslw sI ijhVw d`Kx eySIAweI lokW nUM swfy dyS iv`c vVn qoN rokx leI ilAw igAw[ “smud M rI jhwz do mhIny q`t qy KVHw irhw Aqy i&r Bwrq vwps prqx qy mjbUr kIqw igAw ij`Qy brqwnvI &OjW v`lNo 20 musw&r mwr id`qy gey[ ieh bI sI dy ieiqhws dw ie`k kwlw D`bw hY jo lMmy smyN qoN drusqI leI cIk pukwr kr irhw hY[ “mYN stYnly pwrk iv`c ie`k kruxwmeI ivijl qy hwzr sI, aus QW dy bhuq nyVy ij~Qy jhwz TihirAw sI[ mYN pR& o s Y r mohn isMG &waUNfySn dy Aqy d`Kx eySIAweI BweIcwry dy swihb iQMd, jsbIr sMDU Aqy rwj huf M l vrgy numwieMidAW dy ivcwrSIl SbdW nUM suixAw[ nWH dy Sbd sw& sn: auh cwhud M y hn jo inAWpUrn hY Aqy lMmy smyN qoN loVINdw hY, pRDwn mMqrI v`lNo hwaUs AO& kwmnz iv`c ie`k munwsb Aqy snmwnjnk mw&I[ auh ies dy h`kdwr hn Aqy mYN hwaUs nUM rl ky Aijhw krn leI zordwr s`dw idMdw hW[ 3

Don Supports Citizenship for Live-In Caregivers Ang ating bansa ay nakatayo sa mahirap na gawa at pangarap ng bagong Canadians. Ang nakikitirang tagapagalaga ay dumaranas ng malaking pansariling sacripisyo, at dumating dito sa bansa upang magkaloob ng mahalagang paglilingkod sa Canadian na mga pamilya, ngunit sila ay itinuturing ng kaiba kaysa sa ibang uri ng nangingibang bansa.

Our country is built on the hard work and dreams of new Canadians. Live-In Caregivers make big personal sacrifices, and come to this country to provide a vital service to Canadian families. However, they are treated differently from every other class of immigrant. • I am working to make the Live-In Caregiver Program fairer for all caregivers. • I want to make sure that caregivers live in a safe, secure and dignified work environment.

Don with members of the Filipino-Canadian community including Angie Igonia (left) Perla de Peralta (right)

• I am working to help caregivers become permanent residents when they come to Canada and sponsor their families to join them quickly. I believe that if you are good enough to work in this country, you are good enough to come here on the citizenship track.

• Ako ay gumagawang magkaroon ang Live-incaregiver Program na mabuti para sa lahat ng tagapagalaga.

• Gusto kung makasiguro na ang mga tagapagalaga ay manirahan ng libre, ligtas at mabuting gawang kapaligiran. • Ako ay gumagawa na masiguro na ang mga tagapagalaga ay maaring dalhin ang kanilang Pamilya kasama nila at maaring madaliang maging permanent residents kung sila ay dumating sa Canada para magtrabaho. Ako ay naniniwala na kung ikaw ay mabuting talaga na magtrabaho dito sa bansa, ikaw ay mabuti ring pumunta dito sa pamamagitan ng Pagkamamamayang paraan.

Create Your Canada! This September, Don will work with Kingsway high school students to help them participate in Canadian politics. Working with teachers, students will learn how to imagine a new law and then make it happen! Don will take the best three ideas, as chosen by a community panel, and fly these students to Ottawa. Don will have their ideas drafted by Parliamentary lawyers and then introduce them as private member’s bills in Parliament - with the students watching in the House of Commons! Let’s engage our youth and harness their creativity!

The NDP Working Hard. . .

. . . and Don Working Hard!

• NDP MPs introduced 143 bills (62% of all bills introduced)

• Don ranks in the top 10% of all MPs for words spoken in the House of Commons.

• Each NDP member did the same amount of work as 41 Conservative backbenchers, 19 Bloc Quebecois MPs, and 3 Liberal MPs

• That puts Don at #24 out of 308 MPs.

• In the last session of Parliament, Don drafted four bills, was quoted 84 times, and spoke a total of 33,822 words!

• Don is also ranked the #1 MP on Twitter for being most responsive to the public.

Contact Don 4

Community Office

Ottawa Office

2951 Kingsway Vancouver, BC V5R 5J4 Tel: 604-775-6263 Fax: 604-775-6284

Room 518, Confederation Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 Tel: 613-943-0267 Fax: 613-943-0219


Community Newsletter - September 2009  

A collection of articles and issues from around Vancouver Kingsway that Don has been working on!

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