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DAVIES Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway Volume 5, Issue 1 SPRING 2013


OTTAWA OFFICE House of Commons Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 (613) 943-0267

COMMUNITY OFFICE 2951 Kingsway Vancouver, BC V5R 5J4 (604) 775-6263


Dear Neighbours, Dear Neighbours,

Many issues that affect us require that all three levels of government work together to ensure all Canadians get the services we need. That’s why in January I hosted a special “Town Hall” community meeting with provincial and municipal representatives: Mable Elmore, MLA and Kerry Jang, City Councillor. Over 120 people attended our meeting. There was great input on many issues including child care, housing, jobs, the environment, transit, youth and health care. In this newsletter we explore these topics and report back to you how we can improve services to Canadians. I will take action on the items highlighted in this report and continue to work to build a healthy, prosperous and sustainable Canada. Sincerely,

Don in his office in Ottawa... 戴偉思攝於在他 渥太華的辦事處


親愛的鄰居 親愛的鄰居

很多影響我們的一些議題都需要三級政府的通 力合作,我們的市民才能夠獲得所需要的服 務。 因此,我在一月主持了一次特別的社區會議, 邀請了省政府和市政府的代表,省議員艾美 寶(Mable Elmore)和市議員鄭文宇(Kerry Jang)來參與。 會議有超過120名市民參加。他們就托兒服務、 房屋、就業、環境、交通、青年及醫療議題提 出了很好的意見。 在這份通訊裡,我們會探索這些議題並且向您 報告,究竟我們可以怎樣改善為市民提供的服 務。 我會就這份報告所著重的項目採取行動,並且 繼續與您一起建設一個健康、可持續和繁榮的 加拿大。

Don at the Town Hall with Mable Elmore, MLA and Kerry Jang, City Councillor

戴偉思 、省議員艾美寶及市議員鄭文宇攝於社區會議。

Vancouver Kingsway


Summary of Issues Summary of Issues

The following issues were raised at the Town Hall:

Child Care

Concerns about lack of resources to support children in school, and the need to develop a provincial and national child care plan.

Environment & Economy

Protecting our land, air and waters, fossil fuel dependency, sustainable resource development, pipelines, increasing the production of renewable resources to create jobs in Canada.


The need for affordable housing in Vancouver and to work together to create housing options of all types.

Health Care

Wait times, physician shortages, prescription costs and the need for better care for seniors.


More and better transit and investment in rail, port facilities and infrastructure.

Aboriginal Issues

Respect for First Nations peoples, the UN Declaration on Aboriginal Rights, and the lessons of the Idle No More movement.


議題摘要 議題摘要

以下是在社區會議裡提出的議題: 托兒 就支持學童投資和資源的缺乏感到關注,有需要發展卑 詩省和全國的托兒計劃。 環境和經濟 保護土地、空氣及水源、對化石能源的倚賴、可持續的 資源發展、輸油管、增加可再用資源的生產和在加拿大 創造就業。 房屋 溫哥華需要可負擔房屋,並且合力提供不同種類的房 屋。 醫療 輪候時間、醫生短缺、處方藥物費用高昂,耆老需要更 好的照顧。 交通 需要有更多及更好的運輸,投資在鐵路、港口等基建和 設施。 原住民議題 尊重原住民、聯合國原住民權利宣言,以及從Idle No More運動中學習。

Photo: Don with Mable Elmore, MLA (L) and Town Hall moderator Jennifer Gray-Grant (R).

Vancouver Kingsway



Federal Government Finances - where the money comes from (2010-2011 Fiscal Year):

非居民預留稅、入口關稅、 能源稅及煙酒關稅




聯邦政府財政 – 錢從那裡來(2010-2011財政年度)

個人入息稅 就業保險保金






聯邦政府財政 – 錢花在那裡(2010-2011財政年度) 加拿大稅局





Federal Government Finances - where the money goes (2010-2011 Fiscal Year):




撥給其他層面政府的主要撥款 福會福利撥款


Vancouver Kingsway

“Stimulate the economy by keeping parents able to work, and give support to children prior to their school years.” – Wendy

Social Issues Child Care

Social Issues

“A critical issue for people who live here and all three levels of government, is affordable housing in the city.” – Mark

Child care is primarily a provincial responsibility. However, the federal government can show leadership by developing a national child care strategy to provide affordable,quality child care across the country. The NDP supports the $10 per day Child Care Plan proposed by the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC. Learn more about the program: http://www.

“We need to encourage young people to get involved and stay engaged in the electoral process” – AmyT (Twitter) “We can put a person on the moon, we should be able to house people.” – Don


“We need a poverty reduction plan, income assistance for parents, an affordable housing strategy and an integrated child care system.” - Mable Elmore, MLA


建設健康社區 Affordable Housing

There are 300,000 homeless Canadians. Approximately 1.5 million households—about one out of every seven— cannot obtain a decent, affordable home. At the town hall meeting, participants emphasized the need for all three levels of government to work together on affordable housing. Federal New Democrats introduced Bill C-400 to establish a National Housing Strategy. This initiative would bring all three governments, housing organizations, and stakeholders to the table to develop a long term plan. We need more co-op, seniors, rental and affordable market housing - especially to give young families a chance at home ownership. 可負擔房屋 加拿大有30萬無家可歸人士。大約有150萬戶,即約七分之一的家 庭,沒有合適和可負擔的居所。 在社區會議裡,參與者都強調,三級政府必須在可負擔房屋的工 作上共同努力。 聯邦新民主黨在國會提出了C-400號法案,制定國家的房屋政策。 此倡議可以把三級政府、房屋組織及相關的單位帶到桌前,共同 制定長遠的計劃。我們需要有更多的耆老互助房屋、在市場上出 租及可負擔房屋,尤其是給與年青家庭置業安居的機會。

Vancouver Kingsway


“我們需要更多 的醫生和平宜的 處方藥物。” - David

“We need better awareness of urban aborginal issues. The federal and provincial governments have to coordinate better services to break the cycle of dependency.” – Scott

Social Issues Health Care

Social Issues

“我的母親與我 同住,我們都全 職工作。我們需 要支持耆老能 夠有尊嚴地生 活。” – Tim

New Democrats have a practical plan to strengthen our public health care that includes: • more affordable prescription drugs; • timely access to health professionals; • new preventative health strategies. Better Care Closer to Home 25-30% of hospital beds and emergency rooms are taken up by people who could get the care they need through home care services and long-term care facilities. Better home and non-hospitable care leads to better outcomes and saves money. Support should also be provided to Canada’s 2 million caregivers by: •

improving access to the EI compassionate care benefit;

providing a Caregiver Tax Benefit, modeled on the Child Disability Benefit;

offering financial support to those who wish to add separate dwellings to their home to care for someone.

“It’s time for justice for First NaRead more about our plan at tions, Inuit and Metis people - period.” – Haisla



強化醫療服務 醫療 新民主黨有實際的計劃強化我們的醫療服務, 包括: - 更能負擔的處方藥物 - 適時能夠獲得專業的醫療服務 - 新的預防性健康策略 接近家居的護理 目前有25-30%的醫院床位和急診室的服務,都是由 本來可以透過家居護理和長期護理設施的人士所佔 用。因此更好的家居護理和長期護理服務不單可以 提供更佳的效果,更可以節省金錢。 我們更應該為200萬名護理人員提供支持: - 延長及改善接受就業保險人士的人道護理利益 - 按照殘障兒童利益的模式設立,提供照顧他人的 稅務利益 - 提供財務支持協助那些願意在家居增加居所設施 用作照顧他人的家庭 要了解更詳盡的計劃,可到此網址 Vancouver Kingsway


“Enbridge/Kinder Morgan is about fossil fuel development in Canada. We need to push for alternative energy sources.” – Linda

“Our water way rights affect everyone.” – Sandra “我非常擔心我 們的海港會發 生漏油污染事 故。” – Jun


Transit It’s time for long-term, predictable investment in Canada’s transit infrastructure. The federal government has a vital leadership role to play in shortening commutes and getting our economy moving again.


“公車經常都因 為坐滿人而不停 站。” – Esther

Traffic congestion is now costing us $10 billion in lost productivity every year. Modern transit systems: • ease gridlock and shorten commutes; • reduce air pollution and smog; and • strengthen our whole economy. We know that better transit builds better communities—and stronger economies. Take a stand for public transit:

PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT Comprehensive Energy Strategy Town Hall participants told us we need a Canadian energy strategy that realizes our potential and reflects the interests of all Canadians. The Official Opposition New Democrats are calling for Budget 2013 to include a sustainable vision for Canada’s energy economy. The federal government can start by working with the provinces to: • Restore investment in home energy efficiency retrofits; • Support renewable energy sectors to help Canada grow and succeed in a new global economy; • Take action on eliminating $1.3 billion in fossil fuel subsidies; • Help industry capture the benefits of clean technology markets by supporting green research and development; • Invest in economic sectors that have good wages and lower environmental footprints.

Vancouver Kingsway


"良好的經濟 同時需要潔淨 的環境。兩者 必須和諧共 存。" - Ling

JOBS & ECONOMY As a result of a well-regulated financial sector, Canada has weathered the financial crisis and subsequent global recession better than many nations. However, ongoing unrest in the global economy, combined with weak domestic policy, pose a risk to Canada’s future economic growth.

Jobs and Economy

“I’ve been working hard all my life, so I expect EI to be there when I need it.” – Dave

Many Town Hall participants said they want good jobs and valueadded production in Canada. We need a budget that will get more Canadians to work and address persistent high unemployment that has not fundamentally changed since the 2008 recession.

“It’s so hard to find a good job in this economy Four elements require urgent - especially if attention in Budget 2013: you’re young.” 1. Supporting jobs and skills – Sandra

training in a balanced economy;

"新民主黨計 劃降低小商業 的稅率是一個 好主意。"

- Kim

2. Promoting productivity growth by improving our infrastructure with strategic investments; 3. Building a sustainable vision for Canada’s energy economy; 4. Supporting Canada’s families (like child care).



就業與經濟 由於受到良好的規管,加拿大能夠在世界金融危機及經 濟衰退中做得比其他國家好。可是,持續的世界經濟不 穩定,以及疲弱的本土政策,為加拿大未來的經濟增長 帶來風險。 多位參與社區會議的參與者都說,他們渴望在加拿大有 好的工作和增值的工業。 政府的財政預算案仍然源用著2008年經濟衰退時的概 念,我們所需要的是能夠協助加拿大人工作和針對持久 高失業的財政預算案。 2013年的財政預算案急需以下四項: 1. 在平衡經濟中支持就業及技術培訓; 2. 透過改善基建及策略性投資促進生產力的增長; 3. 為加拿大的能源經濟建立可持續的願景; 4. 協助加拿大人的家庭(如托兒服務)。 Vancouver Kingsway


I want to hear from you. If you had 35 seconds to ask the federal government a question during Question Period in the House of Commons - what would you ask?

Your Question:

Don Davies



Don Davies

Member of Parliament House of Commons Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6


Town Hall Report - Spring 2013  

Volume 5, Issue 1 Quarterly Newsletter from Don Davies, MP

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