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Contact details 268 Wilshire Drive Redding California 96002 530.781.2444


Founder: Since 2002, Joshua has enjoyed different levels of internet marketing that has expanded from Direct Web Copy, SEO Link Building, Social Media Marketing, and Reputation Management. GTS Link Building was founded in the early Spring of 2007 by owner Joshua Cabe Johnson.Establishing an early interest in SEO Link Building, he began his journey in researching his influenced mentors and competitors, and learning the objective in ranking well in the Search Engines. In early 2010, the competitive market of Backlinks and SEO became increasingly popular as well known SEO’s developed higher end bots for posting content to sites worldwide.The problem with this new movement was the overwhelming act of ‘shady’ and artificial link building…This was when Joshua began his mission to not only ensure quality link building, but to do their best in creating a white hat link building standard in the industry.Joshua, is now well known among top SEO’s for establishing trusted relationships, delivering powerful and long term results in the Search Engines.

IT Takes Passion, Persistence, and Tenacity to SEO Long Term We’ve gone through many seasons with managing hundreds of sites. What pulls us deeper into success by the year is the sheer determination of our ability to not give up. SEO can be very volatile to many business owners and webmasters in so many ways. It’s our job to help lift the stress, save time, and be the ‘go to guys’… If we are not helping our clients profit from their investments of online marketing, then we’ve already failed. It’s obviously disheartening to see a business throw in the towel due to labor fees,

Contact details 268 Wilshire Drive Redding California 96002 530.781.2444

inflated market costs, and economic instability. But, there are always options to take and people you need to trust to get you into a successful launch. In the past 4 years, we have seen the power of our services help our clients rank, profit, and refer their friends to GTS’s Link Building Campaigns. We desire to see our current and future clients succeed in their businesses and receive back in full, and way beyond, what they have invested into our company. For our local SEO packages we offer the following services:

 Micro niche website links (cloud hosted)  Manually built, relevant backlinks  SERP Analytics (individual login)  Non-spammy guest posts on relevant (and local) community sites  Geo targeted IP diversity  Syndication with pipes and rss feeds  On-page SEO Evaluation  Backlink Profile Evaluation  Premium press releases that have their own backlink profiles  Manually built bookmarks  Adaptive social signaling and mentions  Branded links (links to your local social media profiles: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, et cetera)

This Backlink Infograph is the perfect illustration of what we do behind the scenes so that you can better understand our services. It’s the sincere heavy lifting of SEO that we continue to launch for our SEO clients every single month. You’re not getting real results if you don’t have powerful backlinks. - See more at:

Contact details 268 Wilshire Drive Redding California 96002 530.781.2444 Relevant Backlinks:

Our Linking is simple: Document Matching! If you do not have well written, well planned linking to your website, you are not going to rank! Our in-house team acquires the right links in the perfect micro velocity for your business. This ensures a constant traction in the SERPS. All of your links come from PR5 and above root domains and will also be placed on PR2 and above pages for optimum relevant authority. Adaptive Social Signals:

Each Month, Our Level 2′s and up, will receive what we call adaptive social signals. These are called ‘adaptive’ because you will not get the same person ‘liking’, ‘tweeting’, ‘hash tagging’, or ‘+1′ing’ your page throughout your campaign. So, as an example: Let’s say you are promoting a page on your website and in the first 30 days you received 17 FaceBook likes to that page. Those 17 Facebook likes will come from 17 different people. And then next month, you will get new ‘likes’ from completely new people. This means that your Social signaling is continually growing in diversity and Brand name or Product recognition every month. This will happen on all of the different social platforms that are well respected throughout social sites. Some of the more common trusted platforms we are currently sending signals from are Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google +1, Pinterest,

Contact details 268 Wilshire Drive Redding California 96002 530.781.2444

Premium Press Releases:

Our Premium Press release service uses the world’s top PR Firms to distribute fresh news about your product, brand name, or industry throughout the region. In SEO, building trust, authority, and establishing your name with these communities are going to make a huge impact on your sales. We write, and hand submit your press releases into over 20 different PR firms, news wires, distribution outlets, social news portals, and more. We don’t stop there, with a powerful backlink campaign you need to take extra steps. So, our Social Media team will then take your Press Release urls, and give it an extra Social Media backlink boost through the major networks. Our Press Releases are so well syndicated, that each Press Release will have a minimum of 500 daily news results, picked up by major traffic platforms, cities, wires, social media hubs and more. This is Social Link Building at it’s best, This is GTS! Branded Linking:

This is all about us going the extra mile to link to your ‘other links out there’! Some SEO’s call this deep linking, satellite linking, or parasite linking, but we call it Branded Linking. This is because we work over time by linking AND social signaling ‘to’ your blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter page, YouTube video, +1 page, Squidoo lens, audio lens, press releases, etc… Basically, we like to link to anything that we feel is hosting a trusted and valuable resource in referencing your brand name, website, or product. As your campaign strengthens with GTS, these web properties will gain in Page Rank. The goal is that they will become better traffic portals for your online branding and marketing stability while increasing your websites link profile. Branded Linking is available for our Level 4 clients. There are a lot of great Link Building Services out there. But we have not found one company that is based solely out of the United States and offers SEO Link Building specifically as their main source of services. Most other companies offer all kinds of services including social media, web development, web design, and so much more. It’s a wonder why we keep our clients. At GTS they are specifically into the backlinks science and mystery behind Google. 100% Respected and Spam Free!

CONTACT US 268 Wilshire Drive

Contact details 268 Wilshire Drive Redding California 96002 530.781.2444

Redding California 96002 530.781.2444 For more information please visit

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