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Here we detail the steps to configure the Audi 3D Car Configurator. Whether if the installation is wired or wireless the DSL router provider must have the private IP address This DSL router, ordered by your Company, must have forwarded the next ports to the Cisco Router ( that comes with the equipment. Both TCP as UDP

Ports: from 3.901 to 3.904 from 20 to 21 80 3800 1024 The tests that must be done to check that everything goes well are the next ones. Must be switched on completely the computer system; the Cisco router; the DSL router, as so the Tablet PC. From desktop keypad must be pressed Ctrl+Alt+F4 to stop the 3CC application. We open a MSDOS console (Start – Run – write cmd, and press Enter). You’ll see a screen as follows

We type ipconfig –all and Enter to see all networks connected to the PC and we should find next IPs (Main Computer) and that it’s the wireless between PC and Tablet PC. If the 3CC comes with an Access Point (white small square device) then we should see at the task a wireless point connected that is called SEEN-MEDIA Next step is to Ping the different devices plugged. If we have a wired connection we should ping the devices as follows:

Image attached to explain how to do ping. Always press Enter.

Ping to (zone Cisco LAN) Ping to (zone Cisco WAN) Ping to (zone Router DSL LAN) Ping to (IP from This way we check that we have internet connexion. Ping to (This way we check that DNS resolve correctly) If we had the system with an Access Point, then we should do a ping to the IP (Cisco Access Point) The way to connect physically the devices are as follows: Wired Network Behind the PC must have a network cable connected directly to the Cisco router in one of the LAN plugs. From Cisco Router must have a cable (WAN side) that goes directly to the DSL router. Wireless Network At the Main Computer must to be two different wireless networks. One is for the Access Point and the other one for the Tablet PC. From the PC must have no cable at all to connect the Cisco Router because this task must be done through the Access Point. The Access Point must be connected with the Cisco Router with the LAN cable to the LAN from the Cisco Router. From Cisco Router must have a cable (WAN side) that goes directly to the DSL router.

When we realize that everything goes well, next step must be getting the Public IP address. We can find it at the next web address. The IP that we get will give access to Seen Media to check Online and configure the 3CC with the necessary updates. When the process is terminated must stay someone in front of the 3CC because Seen Media will do some questions about what’s happening at the moment in the computer. A necessary and important note!!!. Nobody is allowed to install third-party software. There were Car Dealers that they had to return the equipment under cost. There is an clear explaining, may be the third party software can affect the stability and security from the complete system Therefore, is important to clarify that NEVER must be the equipment manipulated, not even change the screen size, not even the language of the Tablet PC system. No modification at all. Suggestions: Is not the first time that the whole system is stocked due to mistakes with the correct wired. Therefore we should consider switch off the whole system. The Cisco Router must be unplugged because there is no button to do it. First switch on the Cisco router; then the Access Point if it was there; then the Main PC; the DSL router and, at the end the Tablet PC. In this order and allways waiting till the last one has been switched on perfectly. Sometimes the Tablet PC does not connect to the system and it is due the wireless activation. Attached image to see where is this button.