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indog is a Visayan word which means

“to rise up” or “to stand”. Natural disasters, like earthquakes and typhoons awaken the better angels in people almost everywhere. For whatever loss of life and property and other dire sufferings these disasters may have brought upon their victims, people opening their hearts will always have time and effort in doing charity works that could help them. Tindog Visayas is created to seek help from the generous hands of people to rebuild schools from the affected provinces particularly in Hernani, Eastern Samar.

An average of 20 typhoons batters the Philippines every year. There are those which are very destructive and strong and there are also typhoons which do not cause too much destruction to people and to the environment.

And this year's deadliest typhoon is the tropical cyclone Yolanda that hit last November 8, 2013. It has an international name, Haiyan and has made 6 consecutive intense landfalls to the different provinces in the Visayan Region particularly in Leyte and Eastern Samar.

It brought too much damage and tragic devastation not only to the infrastructures but to the people as well.

It destroyed the Telecom towers and power lines which caused the cities’ isolation from the rest of the world.

Houses were razed to the ground due to the strong winds and the “storm surge” which is the ocean’s way of devouring the coastal areas.

Corrugated iron sheets were ripped off roofs and floated with the wind before crashing into buildings.

si Flash floods also turned streets into rivers. The seawall that used to protect the residents from big waves was also destroyed by the storm surge.

Cries of agony could be heard from folks still looking for missing relatives and from those whose properties were destroyed.

A lot of people died, got injured and was barely traumatized.

And one of the affected towns in the province of Eastern Samar is the province of Hernani. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 8,070 people. And it has a land area of 49.42 km². It was founded in 1950 as Nag-as (derived from the name of the river located southeast of the town proper).

The settlement is nestled in a flat terrain facing the vast Pacific Ocean. As a coastal town, fishing is the second big source of income for the 7,900 inhabitants. Many sand beaches make it a very attractive place for swimming and surfing, although it is touristic green field. Still it is a well-organized community caring for their environment and with a lot of economic potential.

Here are some of the tourist destinations that can be seen in the town of Hernani.

Bangon Falls

Batang Beach

Hernani Lighthouse

Panay Beach

After the destructive typhoon, everything was destroyed and damaged.

Pedro E Candido Memorial National High School

The First Outreach Program is a collective effort of the Philippine Women’s UniversityPhilippine School of Social Work (PWU-PSSW), the Mother Laura Gertrude Seland Foundation Inc. (MLGSFI), LANESRA Foundation and the Daughters of St. Francis de Sales (DSFS) at Barangay Batang, Hernani, Eastern Samar.

This is the newly donated site for Pedro E. Candido Memorial National High


This is an upland site for the school to assure that the children are safe from flood.

They are the volunteers who share their time, effort and sacrifices to the community.

The volunteers while repacking goods.

Children during their Psychosocial Care

After the activity, smiles can be clearly seen now on their faces. Last November 26, 2013, I went to my hometown Borongan, Eastern Samar to visit






hospitalized. Given






motorcycle ride with my brother (who also

came to visit my parents) from Borongan up to Matarinao, Salcedo. We passed by along the the towns of Maydolong, Balangkayan, Hernani (where in two barangays were totally washed out), General




Salcedo. The vast destruction moved me to call my friends and ask for help. On the 9th of December 2013, together with the Philippine Women's UniversityPhilippine School of Social Work (PWUPSSW),








(MLGSFI), the






Francis de Sales (DSFS), we left Manila for Psychosocial Care and Gift-giving. We witnessed how the parents value the education of their children. They plead to prioritize



rather than their houses.




Together with these youth, we appeal to your generous hearts to help the reconstruction of Pedro E. Candido Memorial National High School. Any amount contributed will surely be a big help to these young children and their families. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. May the Lord continuously reward you and your family with abundant blessings.

Sr. Grace Ador, DSFS Registered Social Worker

Outreach Program at Eastern Samar and Tacloban Leyte (Part 1)  
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