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DON BOSCO PREP “Empowering Young Men for Life” Volume 88

Summer 2012

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Summer 2012 Dear Parents and Students, Summer vacation provides an opportunity for many to get a bit of rest and relaxation and for families to spend a bit more time together. I hope you are finding that to be true for you. At the same time, St. John Bosco used to say, “For me, vacation is a different form of work.” And that is true for many as well. Our Salesian Community knows that reality. Fr. Manny is serving for five weeks as chaplain at Camp Echo Bay, a summer day camp for young people in New Rochelle, New York. And Br. Minh is studying Spanish in Quito, Ecuador for six weeks. Their absence is felt, and we look forward to their return in midAugust. Fr. James Mulloy will join our Salesian Community at that time as well, assigned here by Fr. Provincial to teach theology. Fr. Mulloy has spent most of his Salesian life teaching in the various high schools of our province, and we are blessed to receive him. Here on campus, much work is going into planning for the upcoming academic year. Some of it is the usual interviewing and hiring of new school personnel, the finalizing of the master schedule of classes, the acceptance of transfer students and the like. But we are taking some new projects in hand as well, some as set forth for us by our Centennial Strategic Plan. The new Summer Enrichment Academy is underway and going quite well. A 4-week academic th th program for boys entering the 7 and 8 grades, it has a very good enrollment and is proving to be both educational and fun. Congratulations to Mr. George Mihalik, our Admissions Director, for launching this great initiative. The installation of SMART Boards in 25 classrooms is just about complete, along with their accompanying overhead projectors. Thus all of our 40 classrooms will now have this helpful technology in support of education. The proceeds of last spring’s Moment of Magic Auction were designated for this project, and we remain grateful for those who supported the auction. The restructuring of the Office of Advancement is underway, with the refounding of the Board of Trustees set in motion and a three-month search process begun for a Director of Advancement. We are working with Graham-Pelton Consulting, Inc., a leading fundraising consulting firm for nonprofit organizations, to bring our already good development efforts to the next level. And the renovation of our athletic fields continues, although, as capital improvement projects generally go, not without challenge! The resolution of some drainage issues had to first be accomplished before the new synthetic turf was laid in the upper field, extending that phase of the project. That complete, the recapping of the track was undertaken, but the extent of the repair work needed was discovered to be greater than first anticipated. So the decision was made to tear up the entire track and install a totally new one. That process is underway at the moment. Meanwhile, the permits have been filed with the Town of Ramsey for the renovation of the lower athletic field and we await approval. So summer is busy here at Don Bosco Prep. But it is all for the good, to improve the educational service we offer the young in the style and spirit of St. John Bosco. May your weeks be happy and holy. You can count on our daily prayers. Blessings to you, Father James Heuser, SDB Director/President



Summer 2012 Dear Ironmen and Parents/Guardians, I hope this letter finds you well and that you have had the opportunity for rest, relaxation and quality family time during these summer months. As usual, the activity here at Don Bosco Prep continues throughout the summer with a variety of camps, summer enrichment programs and other activities going on-the campus that never sleeps! I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some items of importance as we approach the beginning of another school year. Student Orientations We welcome students back to the 2012-2013 academic year with the following schedule: Tuesday, Sept. 4th: Orientation for Grade 9 from 7:25-1:40pm Wednesday, Sept. 5th: Orientation for Grades 9 and 10 from 7:25-12:45pm Thursday, Sept. 6th: Orientation for Grades 11 and 12 from 7:25-12:45pm Friday, Sept. 7th: Mass of the Holy Spirit/First Day of Classes Parent/Student Handbook Students will receive one copy of their Parent/Student handbooks in the fall, as part of their student agenda. A downloadable copy of the Parent/Student handbook is also available on the school webpage. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading through the handbook; this book contains all of the school’s policies and procedures and it is your legal agreement with the school in terms of these policies and procedures. There is an agreement form distributed separately which needs to be signed by both the student and a parent and returned to your homeroom teacher no later than Monday, September 10th. Any student who does not return the signed agreement will be unable to attend school after that date. Finally, you may have heard about the recent scandal regarding academic dishonesty at Stuyvesant High School in New York City. This prompted a number of articles in the past weeks about this growing problem in education, from elementary schools through graduate schools. I was struck by a piece written for The New York Times in which a student at Stuyvesant High suggested that one cause of this epidemic was a lack of true community among students and teachers. Too often, the student opined, students are inclined towards poor behavior and academic dishonesty where there are weak relationships. I would encourage all of us, adults and young people, to use these days to examine the quality of our relationships and to return to school in September with a renewed faith in one another and a commitment to building the Don Bosco community. So often, I am pleased to hear this word-“community”- as the strongest characteristic of our school. Let this new school year be a year where we continue to build our relationships of trust, faithfulness and love with one another. These relationships, and this sense of community, are at the core of Salesian education! Again, I hope you have had an enjoyable summer and are rested and ready for another great school year at Don Bosco! Know that my prayers are with you through the remainder of the summer. In Christ,

John Stanczak Mr. John Stanczak 3


Dear Parents and Students, Although summer vacation has started, several important academic activities need to occur for various groups of students. First of all, all students have summer reading assignments. The reading assignments can be found on our Web site under Academics. Also, summer assignments for AP classes for the 2012-2013 academic year can also be found here. Second, any student who has failed any class is required to remediate that class, generally through summer school, before starting school again in the fall. Also, any student who was notified recently that they exceeded the number of cumulative absences, is required to attend summer school for the course with the lowest overall average before returning to school in September. It is the policy at Don Bosco Prep that failed classes must be made up before the start of the new academic year. Thus, no student will be allowed to attend classes starting in September unless the course has been successfully completed and documentation has been provided to the registrar’s office. Once the course(s) has been successfully completed, please provide the registrar office with the original summer school transcript so that your son’s academic records can be updated and a 2012-2013 course schedule can be given to your son in September. Please mail or hand deliver the original letter of completion or an official transcript from the institution he attended to the address below. It must clearly indicate: the name of the institution, the course(s), the dates attended, and the final grade. If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs. Judy Lawlor, Registrars Office at (201) 327-8003 Extension 113. Attention: Mrs. Judy Lawlor Registrar’s Office Don Bosco Preparatory High School 492 North Franklin Turnpike Ramsey, New Jersey 07446 Finally, if you would like to request a change in your son's schedule or if you have a concern regarding your son's schedule, you will need to contact the guidance office or contact your son’s guidance counselor when student advisors return in September. You can locate your son's advisor on his course schedule or report card. Students at the sophomore, junior, and senior levels will have the same guidance counselor they had this year. Incoming freshmen will be assigned a guidance counselor the day they arrive on campus in the fall for freshmen orientation. There will be plenty of time for students at all levels, to meet with their counselors to discuss the possibility of dropping/adding a course. Any questions you may have over the summer regarding your son's schedule should be directed to Mrs. Judy Lawlor in the Guidance Office either in person, by phone at 201327-8003 extension 113, or via email at

May the Lord grant you a safe, relaxing and productive summer.

Dr. Albert G. Del Principio Assistant Principal for Academics



I hope this message finds you well and that you are enjoying the summer weather. While this vacation time can be spent resting and recharging our mental and physical batteries, you should also have started making plans for the beginning of the 2012-2013 Academic Year. Most of you are aware of some of the points that follow, but a reminder is often useful, and those starting here at DBP should be mindful of the following: Please be reminded that the current dress code, as defined in the 2012-2013 Agenda/Handbook, will generally continue. There have been some clarifications regarding items such as footwear and socks, and those changes are noted below. Since the desired attire has been well documented, and adequate notifications have been made, the school will rigidly enforce the dress code in the days to come. Students and parents should not wait until the waning days of summer to contact Flynn and O’Hara for orders/questions. The time allotted to become compliant has been more than adequate. Please attend to uniform issues in a timely manner to avoid problems at the beginning of the next academic year. “This uniform is similar’’, “I didn’t have time” or “I’ve always worn this”, along with other potential defenses, will not be accepted as valid excuses for the failure to comply with uniform mandates. There is no “senior exemption” regarding the dress code. Please be aware that when wearing the regulation shorts, a student may only wear solid white sneakers-below the level of the ankle. Please refer to the new Agenda, if you should have any questions. “Hi-tops” and/or footwear other than plain, solid white are not acceptable with shorts. Sneakers that bear non-white stripping, logos or any type of colored design are not acceptable. Only white socks, ankle to mid-calf in length, may be worn with shorts. No extremes in length are permitted. Additionally, short athletic socks may not be worn with formal attire- dress socks only. Students who fail to conform to the mandated dress code will be subject to detention. The failure to become attire-compliant after warning may result in suspension until the issue is resolved Prior to buying any outerwear, parents are advised to check with bookstore personnel as to the appropriateness of wearing the garment on-campus. Not everything, such as “hoodies”, can be worn on campus during school hours. Parents and students are requested to make themselves familiar with the 20122013 Parent/Student Handbook (Agenda) that will be distributed at the beginning of school and will be available online at the Don Bosco website during the early part of August. Please enjoy your much deserved summer break. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Take care and be safe Ed Nekel AP for Student Affairs


I hope that you are enjoying your summer vacation. I offer a few thoughts to help you start to focus on the upcoming school year: 1) You will gradually need to transition yourself back to the school schedule. Reregulating your sleep and eating patterns may need some attention before school starts. 2) If you have asthma or severe allergies, remember to have the paperwork I sent home filled out by parent and physician and returned to me in September. 3) If you will need medication during school hours, Medication Authorization Forms need to be filled out and returned with the prescribed medication, to the Health Office in September. 4) Summer is a good time to catch up on outdated physicals. The forms for the physicals are downloadable from the Don Bosco website under Health Services. 5) If you receive any new vaccinations, send documentation of this to the Health Office. 6) If you sustained any injuries during the summer that may make attending gym impossible, bring documentation from your doctor that states this, and see me on return to school to make other safety accommodations as needed. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer. I look forward to hearing all about it in September!!

Sincerely, Mrs. Cena RN, School Nurse



******IMPORTANT DEADLINES****** The Guidance Center website has a listing of all SAT and ACT deadlines for this school year. You are particularly reminded that: August 27 – Registration deadline for September 8th ACT August 24 – Late registration deadline for September 8th ACT September 7 – Registration deadline for October 6th SAT/SAT Subject Tests September 8 – ACT Test September 12 – Senior Personal Essay due to your counselor. All seniors are required to turn in a personal essay. PLEASE NOTE: The Guidance Center website has a listing of colleges and universities visiting Don Bosco in the afternoon. While all students are free to visit with these representatives, senior students are especially encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity!


Juniors and Seniors October 2012 College Tour The college tour will be October 18-19. The tour will be open to juniors and seniors. The tour will be heading north — more information to follow. 7

Project Child Find Attention Parents of Students in Non-Public Schools Is a child in your life developing differently or having problems learning? If so, help is available for eligible children. The Region V Council for Special Education is sponsoring a Child Find public awareness campaign to locate and provide services for unserved/ underserved youth, including migrant and homeless children, with a delay or disability from birth through twenty-one years of age. Children may exhibit physical, mental, language, or emotional difficulties. How to Make a Referral 1. If your child is 5-21 years of age - If you would like to request an evaluation for special education classification, send a written request for an evaluation to your school principal. Include your child’s name, age, address and suspected disability. 2. If your child is ages 3-4 that written request must be sent to the special education department in the town where you live. 3. If your child is under the age of 3 - If your child should be crawling, walking or talking but isn’t, call for information about resources and services for your child under age 3. The New Jersey Early Intervention System statewide toll-free number is 1-888-NJ-EI-INFO (1-888-653-4463). A meeting will then be held with you and a team of evaluators who will decide if an evaluation is needed and what the evaluation will include. They will also review what interventions have already been put in place and by reviewing data will make a determination if the intervention is helping your child or if further interventions are needed prior to an evaluation. If your child is found eligible for Special Education services, an Individual Service Plan (ISP) will be developed. Please be aware that special education services detailed in an ISP (Individual Service Plan) for students in a nonpublic school may be limited. You as a parent also have the right to request and evaluation from the special education department in the town where you live for your child to be eligible for FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education). If a child is classified in a public school district, they are entitled to all services needed as per their Individualized Education Program (IEP). 8 please contact the If you have any questions, Region V office at 201-599-0585.

The Don Bosco Prep Bookstore will host the 2012-2013 Back-To-School Apparel and Book-Sale Days August 13 thru August 16 from 10:00 – 3:00 and 4:30 – 8:00 You will be provided the opportunity to purchase your sons supplementary books, DBP dress code apparel and accessories. Schedule of Assigned Grade Levels Freshman

Monday, August 13


Tuesday, August 14


Wednesday, August 15


Thursday, August 16

Remember, you are required to purchase from Flynn & O’Hara your sons khaki pants, shoes and shorts (if your son chooses to wear shorts in the early fall and spring months. All other dress code apparel is purchased at the Don Bosco Prep Bookstore. All families will need to attend the bookstore prior to the 2012 - 2013 school year. Please try to adhere to the schedule with regard to grade levels. Books will only be exchanged if a student changes a course. No exchanges will be made after October 1, 2012 and if the book is written in or damaged. Please examine USED books before making your purchase. USED books will not be exchanged under any circumstances. If you can’t attend the sale days as scheduled, please contact the bookstore and speak with Mrs. Saglimbene – 201-327-8003 ext. 143 or email at So as to secure your khaki pants and shoes for September, it is advised that you make this purchase from Flynn & O’Hara prior to August. Inventory of pants and shoes will not be available during the August Bookstore Sale. However, representatives from Flynn & O’Hara will be available to measure your sons on Monday and Tuesday, August 13 & August 14 from 10:00 to 3:00 and on Wednesday, August 15 from 4:30 to 7:30 pm 9

CLASS OF 2012 Principal’s List Fourth Marking Period Matthew Brown Thomas Hennessy

Gaston Jean-Louis Carl Palad

Christopher Wilson

CLASS OF 2012 First Honors Fourth Marking Period Alexander Badura Andrew Boman Kevin Burns Brendan Carroll Michael Cislo Joseph Dibble

Andrew Esoldi Nicholas Franco Connor Georgiopoulos John Geraghty Hayden Grimbilas George Mundanchira Daniel Murphy

Kristian O’Hara Kurt Penaflor Jacob Rigoglioso Sebastian Siclari Patrick Sweeney Grant Van Orden Alex Zabrodskiy

CLASS OF 2012 Second Honors Fourth Marking Period Ryan Berger Anthony Bontatibus Daniel Cleary Christian Costello Richard Courage Ryan Creazzo Steven Dazo Nicholas DiSanzo Douglas Dragon George Gerboth Nicholas Grippo Christopher Hecker

James Hoffmann Thomas Irwin Deepu James Sean Kang Brennen Leon Santiago Marin Matthew McMorrow Thomas McNulty Scott Menken Jonathan Miceli Aidan Murray Andrew Neggia Daniel Pallotta


Ryan Paradis Ronak Patel Stephen Prendergast Christopher Russo Brian Sanders Tyler Scharf Conor Sheehan Michael Strizak Joseph Tekerian Marshall Tomat Garrett Vinett Patrick Wallace Thomas Wright

CLASS OF 2013 Principal’s List Fourth Marking Period Youngil Cho Andrew Dawd Christopher deNicola

Daniel Jacobini Corey Meyer Brendan Mullen

Matthew Rogalski Michael Sielski Brian Zied

CLASS OF 2013 First Honors Fourth Marking Period Jonathan Bochicchio Evan Caltavuturo Sean Carey Liam Finnegan Michael Forlini Michael Gaffey

Anthony Gallo Joseph Luongo Robert Matts Alexander Mikelis Paul Neiro Damian O’Sullivan

Anthony Orosz Erik Plaia Hart Malord Sibug Nathan Singer Robert Smith

CLASS OF 2013 Second Honors Fourth Marking Period Isaac Abraham Nathan Alexander Adam Andriulli Ara Aprahamian Adam Baliatico Matthew Beier Daniel Biondi John Brunner Nicholas Buchanan Marc Buermann Joshua Bukai Erik Cannon William Collopy Travis Curtin Anthony Delzotto Nicholas Dipoto Peter Festa

Michael Flannagan Dylan Galimi Antonio Gancitano Aram Garewal Alexander Gulati Arslan Gungil Tristan Hollenbaugh Christopher Joong Matthew King Noah Lartigue Michael Leone Robert McAuley Cameron McMath Benjamin Mistretta Matthew Musto Michael Nemcik Nicholas Oster


Matthew Owens Christopher Pawlowski Bernard Piela David Rameau Joseph Rametta Jack Ray Jason Reddy Jeffrey Remley Spencer Scannell Andrew Scerbo Kevin Sheehy Marek Sulich Kevin Teel Nicholas Tormey Thomas Whittam Albert Wunsch

CLASS OF 2014 Principal’s List Fourth Marking Period Joseph Chung Eric Cole Jack Costello Justin DeVuono Michael Higgins Samuel Jankun

Owen Lane Schan Lartigue Christopher Lengua Dylan Magee Kyle Panariello Joseph Pellicano

Patrick Piza Kevin Quimbo Charles Rabolli Steven Seeberger Jonathan Stimola Wisdom Zhao

CLASS OF 2014 First Honors Fourth Marking Period Timothy Alcide Thomas Alessandrello Dylan Amador Jack Baines Christopher Bazzini Joseph Bucci Eric DeZaio Sean Duffy John-Paul Esoldi Ryan Gallagher

Daniel Johnson Brian Keenan Edward Kochakian Matthew Longobardo Michael Luethke Ryan Magner Timothy Marcotte Dylan Mariano Eric Meile Conor Neville

Philip Ozuah Christopher Piekarz Kevin Ramos Matthew Sadowski Owen Santangelo Luke Schneider John Stabile James Streiff Brendan Twumasi-Ankrah Nicholas Ventura Christopher Wallack

CLASS OF 2014 Second Honors Fourth Marking Period John Acquaviva Gregory Agrapidis Robert Aparri Jeffrey Asiedu Lawrence Barnet Brendan Bisset Matthew Burk Robert Caldwell Connor Carroll Michael Cleary Michael De Luca Zachary DePhillips Brian Dorsey Christian Duffoo Luke Farinaro Colin Finn Joshua Floyd Ryan Flynn Justin Gallo Peter Getsos Justin Gilmore Kristopher Giordano Jordan Gregg

Victor Guillermo Mark Gutjahr Dylan Healey Mark Helgesen Dylan Herina Komail Jafri Anthony Jorge Kevin Keery Zachary Laaguiby William Lenart Michael Lennon Kyle Levermore Jarred Liscio Michael Lowther Fabio Macias Daniel Magurno Kevin Maher Joseph Maliani Miles Malik Cormac Malley Shane Martin Michael Matos Michael Mazzola 12

John McDermott Joshua McGann Trevor McGee Matthew Morandi Ryan Morano Raymond Naughton John O’Neill Michael Pallotta Nicholas Picone Christian Podest Francis Purritano Adam Ramos Dayton Rudd Joseph Sicilano Jon Slater Andrew Stefany Robert Townsend Jedrick Trante Richard Trautwein Alec Wapshare Sean Weir Taylor Whiteman Timothy Wolfangel Gerard Wood

CLASS OF 2015 Principal’s List Fourth Marking Period Matthew Barker Michael Bigley Alexander Flores Gabriel Garofalo

Anthony Gonnello Thomas Lucido Kevin McFadden Christopher Puntasecca

Jesse Rusak Christopher Russo John Tawil Christopher Walker

CLASS OF 2015 First Honors Fourth Marking Period Brennain Cassidy Michael Cooke Peter D’Almeida Jack Dalzell Anthony DePinho Alexandro Forte Rustel Francisco

Michael Giampiccolo Douglas Hauser Robert Iametti Gabriel Jimenez Ryan Kelly William Kivlehan Andrew Lawson

Kevin Lee Joseph Liotta John O’Donnell Kyle O’Hara Constante Palad Cjhristopher Park Brendan Toomey Donovan Tucker

CLASS OF 2015 Second Honors Fourth Marking Period Nicholas Adams Alec Baliatico Christopher Benson Joseph Buda Nicholas Caputo Brett Casserly Michael Connelly Amanie Craddock Shawn Diertl Pascaly Dorilas Christopher Downing Timothy Faenza Marco Gancitano

Michael Glerum Nathaniel Greig Nicholas Halloran Stelios Hartofilis Edward Hayes John Humphrey Christopher Jaochico Ryan Johnson Michael Jordan Jack Judge David Juechter Stile Kang Patrick Lazzari


Liam McCormack Kyle McGowan Brian Meerholz Christopher Mihalinec Fran Narkaj Dermot O’Brien Joshua Perez Paul Potenza Alex Sanders Zachary Weland Griffin Welch Thomas Wisniewski


FALL FASHION 2012 November 8, 2012 Thinking about donating a basket? Here are some ideas: Hobbies Baking/Cooking Beach Lovers Book Lovers Music Lovers Exercise/Fitness Gardening Video Games Wine Lovers Electronics Digital Cameras IPods Flat Screen TVs Video Game consoles Designer Items Handbags Jewelry Accessories

Life Events Birthday Anniversary Graduation Christening Tickets Broadway Plays Concerts Sporting Events TV Shows Movie Theatres Gift Certificates Car Washes Grocery Stores Movie Theatres Restaurants SAT Tutoring

General Beauty Supplies College Supplies Computer Supplies DBP Sports Teams Travel Accessories Entertainment Gourmet Meals Sports Camps Basketball Lacrosse Football Soccer, etc

Health & Beauty Manicure/Pedicure Facials Haircuts Personal Training

No time to shop - Cash donations are greatly appreciated 15

To All Don Bosco Parents,

Please consider joining the Don Bosco Prep Fathers’ Club. The Fathers’ Club is a social and philanthropic organization that provides the parents of Don Bosco students the opportunity to support the school community. Club members plan and staff social and fundraising events, run the refreshment stand during varsity football games, and provide volunteers for many school activities. Over the course of the summer, we will be gathering for a few meetings to prepare for the kickoff of the football season; snack shack clean up, inventory and restocking, the Freshman BBQ and Touchdown Club BBQ. These are fun events which lead us into the busy fall football season and our major fundraiser; running the Ironman snack bar. Last year’s net proceeds funded more than $25,000 in scholarships and school activities. It takes many volunteers to keep the snack bar operating, and we hope that you will consider joining us this summer and/or fall. We have found that the more active and involved you are as a Father of a DBP, the more likely that your son will be an engaged and contributing member of the school community. On behalf of all of us in the Fathers’ Club, I hope that you will find some time in your schedule and become a part of the Fathers’ Club and contribute whatever time you may be able to afford. If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, please call me at 973/495-9771, or email me at We look forward to having you as a member of the Don Bosco Prep Fathers’ Club.

Sincerely, Casey Meyer DBP Fathers’ Club President 2012 - 2013


Don Bosco Prep High School Finish Line Club FINISH LINE CLUB MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION – (2012-2013 SEASONS) Parents Name __________________________________________________________ Street ___________________________________Town_______________________ Home Phone Number ___________________________________________________ Athlete Cell Number ____________________________________________________ PARENTS E-Mail Address________________________________________________ Son’s Name ________________________Graduation Year _______________ SPORT PARTICIPATION (Check appropriate sport(s): ____ Cross Country

______ Winter Track

_____ Spring Track

Membership Amount $ _________________ 2012-2013 Membership Fees: $45 for family of One Season DBP XC/Track athlete $70 for family of Multiple Season DBP XC/Track athlete $70 for family of more than one DBP athlete regardless of # of seasons (Please include all athletes information on form) ** PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS LEGIBLE AND CORRECT ** (MOST COMMUNICATION IS DONE VIA E-MAIL) Please indicate what committee(s) you would be available to volunteer for: ___ Refreshments (Cross Country) ___ Cross Country end of season dinner ___ Pasta Dinner (Winter Track)

____ All Seasons Banquet ____ Refreshments (Spring Track) ____ Assistance at meets (Spring Track)

___ Other: _____________________________________________________________

Make checks payable to:

Don Bosco Prep Finish Line Club

Mail to:

Josephine Carapezza 319 Franklin Tpke Mahwah, NJ 07430 17

Don Bosco Prep Cross Country Picnic For Athletes, Families and Coaches Sponsored by the Finish Line Club Sunday, September 9th, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Don Bosco Prep lower parking lot Family Fee- $25.00 Welcome to the 2012 cross country season! Meet your son’s coaches and get to know our athletes and families. Siblings welcome.

Please send in your money by Wednesday, September 5th . Make checks payable to DBP Finish Line Club. Mail check and form to: Josephine Carapezza 319 Franklin Tpke Mahwah, NJ 07430 We hope to see all of the cross country team and families there! Athlete’s name __________________________________________ Total # of people attending (including athlete)__________________ Total payment: $25 per family Questions? Sheila Costello, Finish Line Club President, 201-612-0281 Josephine Carapezza, Finish Line Club Treasurer (201) 529-5324 18


Yearbook Corner

Freshmen ID/yearbook pictures Sophomore ID/yearbook pictures Junior ID/yearbook pictures Senior Portrait Makeups Senior Portrait Pose Selection due Senior Quotes/Activities due After Hours submission due SENIOR ADS DUE

Underclassmen Picture Dates – September 5, 6 Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior ID/Yearbook pictures will be taken during the Orientation days in September (9/5: Freshmen and Sophomores 9/6: Juniors). Please look for the picture order form/ flyer that Lifetouch will be sending to your home over the summer (usually towards the end of August.) Please read it carefully as it explains the different ways you can order/pay for pictures. Please make sure your son is properly attired – in dress code and hair cut according to the handbook guidelines. Your son will be turned away if his appearance is questionable. Underclassmen picture makeup day is scheduled for October 11.

Senior Portrait Pose Selection – deadline October 10, By now, you should have received a mailing from Prestige Portraits with your son’s portrait pictures that were taken in May. Instructions were provided regarding how to select (online) the Yearbook pose. Please do so by October 10. If you do not choose a pose by October 10, one will be chosen for you by Prestige. If you request a different pose after October 10, there will be a $25.00 “change

Senior Portrait makeup day is September 11, 2012. Please notify Prestige Portraits (1-800-426-9533) if you wish to have your son’s Senior picture retaken. There is a $15.00 retake fee. If your son misses this date, he will need to go to the studio in Elmsford, NY for his Senior picture sitting.

Do YOU have any school event pictures you would like to submit to the Yearbook staff? If so, please refer to page 21 for instructions on how you can share your pictures with us by using eShare, a utility that is available through our publisher, Herff Jones.

Senior Quotes/Activites – deadline November 20, 2012 The September Bulletin will provide detailed instructions on how your son can submit his Senior Quote/list of school activities online. Please encourage him now to start thinking about this information.

“After Hours” Articles – deadline November 20, 2012 As you may be aware, there is a section in the Yearbook named “After Hours.” This section is dedicated to events and happenings by students and faculty “after school hours.” Did your son do something special over the summer? Will your son be doing something special this school year? Will he be earning an award soon (i.e. Eagle Scout)? Did he do some special volunteer work? If so, the Bosconian staff would like to hear from you. Please contact Ms. Fecht, Yearbook Adviser, or email an article (with pictures) to by November 20, 2012.


9/5 9/5 9/6 9/11 10/10 11/20 11/20 11/15

Senior Ads – deadline November 15, 2012 Only ½ page ads will be accepted. Dimensions are Length (5 ½”) X Width (8 ½”). The ad section of the Yearbook will be in color, so please submit a color ad. Price for ad is $200. Your submitted ad must be camera ready. A camera ready ad is one where a) you cut-out and paste the pictures and text on a piece of paper and then submit the completed ad or b) you create the ad using a software package of your choice and you print it out and submit it. Your ad will be published just the way you submit it. The Yearbook staff will not alter anything. The Yearbook staff will not print out any ads, so please do not electronically send us the ad. Please do not submit loose photos and text – they will not be accepted and will be returned to you. Please make sure the student’s full name is on the ad.

Ads must be submitted with a completed Senior Ad Form (below). A copy of this form will also be available online in September.

Don Bosco Yearbook Senior Ads: 2012-2013 Parent/Guardian Name


Phone number


E-mail address


Student Name


Make checks payable to Don Bosco Prep. Each ½ page ad is $200. All ads and full payments are due by November 15, 2012. Please PROOFREAD your ads. Please check that all spelling/grammar is correct. We cannot correct any errors.

Payment along with this form and the camera-ready ad must be given to Ms. Fecht (2nd floor St. Johns) directly by the senior student. Valuable family photos can be reclaimed at the end of the school year, usually at the Senior Dinner.


Please make sure your son’s full name appears somewhere in the ad !


Summer Photos: Sept 30 Fall Photos: Nov 30



Bosco Bulletin Summer 2012  

Bosco Bulletin Summer 2012