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Cyber Wellness and the Family | SPECIAL SECTION




It is not necessary to ban computers and gadgets from your home. They have their benefits when used as a tool to enhance family ties and bridge distances. BY JOJI O. RACELIS


hen I received a request to write an article for FamilyMatters on promoting cyber wellness in the home, it took me sometime to respond because I was too busy enjoying my first grandson, Rafael. This tiny eating and pooping miracle brought so much joy with him! With Rafael in our lives, cyber wellness and safety took on new meaning because it is something that will be so much a part of his future.

Rafael was born in Melbourne, Australia on April 14, 2016 to my son Carlo and his wife Giselle. It did not take any prodding for me to readily volunteer for four weeks of apo-stolic work. Since winter was approaching, that meant staying indoors most of the time, so I brought some work, reading materials, and books that I had been wanting to read. I was not able to do any of that. Each day brought with it new wonder and joy for things that had been classified previously as ordinary. A smile became something to be celebrated, a coo brought on cheers, and with that came the firm and uncontested belief that, indeed, Rafael was the cutest baby in the world!

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