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DID YOU KNOW that about two tablespoons of rice is left on the plate daily by the average Filipino consumer? Add up all that discarded portions and it is equal to food wasted amounting to billions of pesos each year! In fact, Philippine government data in 2015 placed our rice wastage at a staggering P1 billion annually. The problem of food waste in our country concerns not just rice, but other food products, too: pieces of viands left on plates, vegetables and fruits left to rot, leftover meals forgotten in the fridge until they get spoiled. And when we remember how many of our poor countrymen are starving, it is not fair to have food going to waste in our own home. The good thing is, there are easy, simple, and smart ways to reduce food wastage. Here, FamilyMatters asked savvy homemakers to share their best tips for seriously cutting down food wastage in your home.

With millions of Filipinos unable to eat three full meals a day, it’s unconscionable to leave the dinner table with uneaten food on our plate. By STEPHANIE MAYO September-November 2016 | FamilyMatters


Family Matters September-November 2016  
Family Matters September-November 2016