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My child is

lactose intolerant


Make milk a main beverage for meals. Instead of soft drinks and sweetened drinks, stock up on water, milk, yogurt, and orange juice and serve them during mealtimes. For selfconscious teens who avoid milk because they think it is fattening, make low-fat and fat-free milk and milk products available.


In addition to building bones, parents should also stave off bone loss, which can arise due to certain disorders, medications, and behaviors that interfere with bone development. Parents need to look for signs of eating disorders and over-training in preteen and teenage girls and address these problems right away. Eating disorders lead to poor nutrition and weight loss by decreasing the supply of important bone nutrients and lowering estrogen levels in girls, which in turn reduces bone density, Seek medical help if any of these signs of eating disorders are present: extreme or rapid weight loss; unhealthylooking thinness; and missed menstrual periods after regular periods for at least several months. Watch out, too, for unhealthy dieting practices such as trips to the bathroom after meals, preoccupation with thinness, eating very little, not eating in front of others, focusing on low-calorie and diet foods, over-training or excessive exercising. 16

Lactose intolerance—the inability to digest a sugar called lactose that is found in milk and dairy products—is usually present in older children, adolescents, and adults. Parents can try these measures to help lactose-intolerant children tolerate milk.


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Combine milk with other food such as cereals.

Serve milk in small amounts. Substitute milk with lactosefree milk products, soy-based beverages, calcium-fortified cereals and orange juice, tortillas, almonds, vegetables. Provide calcium supplements in the form of tablets and drops.

Less expensive non-dairy calcium food choices that are available include dark green leafy vegetables, fortified bread, tofu, cereals, and juices with added calcium.

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On the other hand, if your child is taking medications, talk to your doctor about this and ask what can be done to minimize their effect on bone growth. Another step you can take is to prohibit smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking and drinking reduce bone mass and interfere with calcium absorption. It is important to educate your children about the ill effects of these vices. At the same time, try to limit servings of salty foods. The more salt kids consume, the more calcium is lost. To lower salt intake, refrain from serving salty canned goods and snacks, and remove salt from the table and kitchen. Avoid proffering caffeine as well. Caffeine in sodas, coffee, and other beverages and foods induce calcium loss. Serve water, juices, soy milk, or rice milk instead. FM

Daily physical exertion stimulates cell production, making bones denser and stronger.

Family Matters September-November 2016  
Family Matters September-November 2016