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Don Bosco School, Bandlaguda, School Magazine

I am a language that most people                        know and those kinds of signs that stay in rows.      I am something that makes you feel either happy or sad or even humorous or tragic.                         I’m everywhere, even when you are busy as a bee.

If you guessed me right ‘Music’ I am. I’m a message in the form of melody and known as –

 M - Melody                                                                         U - Universality                                                                 S - Sincerity                                                                       I - Individuality                                                               C - Clarity

I’m a messenger and I attract you like a flower  attracts a butterfly and it is because you are the  butterfly and I am the flower.                                  You take away my pollen and bloom more flowers. You spread my message and others are inspired.

Because there isn’t any particular pitch or tone to contribute a message, what matters is the true meaning it gives. And you people implement me and spread my feathers.

In a rhythm that pleases you, calms you mind and pleases your heart, I could be anything from anywhere even from a chirp till the trumpet of an elephant. I have many voices and each voice has a different emotion.

This is the reason I make you feel relaxed and calm with this poem. I have spread my message on music and now it’s your turn.

Reuben Devis, Class 8 J

If I could Change One Thing In This World

If I could change one thing in the world it would be to stop people from littering. It is one of the major problems faced by humans. Littering places creates an unhygienic environment which leads to lots of problems, like health issues, breeding of mosquitoes which causes malaria, dengue etc.

We all litter thinking that its only one time but imagine all the people littering thinking one wrapper or plastic bag does no harm, but it does! Innocent animals choke on these items. Their lives are taken away because of our bad habits. Every day I see people littering and try my best to stop them. We all should take an initiative to ban littering and heavily fine those who litter.

How would you feel if you get to know that because of littering innocent animals’ lives are lost?

So, next time before littering think about what impact it would have on society.

Shlok Deshmukh