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Yoga a spiritual way to relax your mind and body has its origin in India. It leads to spiritual relaxation, connecting to inner self and a state of utmost tranquility. It not only includes meditation but also various 'Asanas' (various formations or moves) that relax and strengthen each and every part of your body. It has gained much popularity in past few years and has reached the western countries. It is now very much popular in western countries wherein those people are resorting to Yoga for their physical and mental fitness. With this there is much scope for Yoga teacher. If you also wish to have a career in this field you need to know how to become a yoga teacher. To become a Yoga teacher you need to first yourself master the art. You will have to take lessons in yoga and enroll yourself for yoga teacher training courses. Reading this article will help you to further clarify your doubts and become a yoga teacher. How to become a yoga teacher? • Becoming a Yoga teacher is not a tough task. However you need to have a strong will power to train your body to learn the art of Yoga. There will be two parts involved in this learning. Educational background and physical training. • Educational background is having a theoretical knowledge of the art, its benefits, training centers, yoga retreat centers, etc. This theoretical information will help you understand the art of Yoga and will help you get the details about certified yoga training courses, etc. • Register yourself with a Certified Yoga Training Institute. This will help you get formal training in this art. • Besides this formal training there are many institutions set up where people come together, practice and learn yoga. There are Yoga retreats where you can practice yoga and also learn yoga from the yoga instructors there. However, indulging in a certified training course will help you to become a certified Yoga trainer. • If you are from those people who themselves learn everything by reading, observation and practice; then you can apply the same in yoga as well. Now a days there are many CD's and DVD's available in the market. These CD's and DVD's teach you everything about Yoga, all the Asanas right from the base. You can buy such CD's and DVD's and learn Yoga at your home all by yourself. However, it is advisable to buy the CD's of professional Yoga Experts rather than opting for CD's released by celebs. • First have a look at all forms of Yoga. After understanding the various forms, decide which form you would like to learn and master. Then follow that particular form.

• PRACTICE- Learn it yourself or at a certified institute, you need to practice to master it and only then you can share it with others. Practice it alone or at Yoga and meditation retreats in your vicinity if you like to practice in groups.

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