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Our industry is always evolving therefore we constantly require the continuous education of our craft. We believe in all hairdressers. Passion and commitment live inside all of us who want to experience something new and different. We provide all levels of advanced education for stylists looking to be

inspired and enhance their knowledge. We encourage artists to openly express themselves and exchange ideas, to feel free in an environment that captivates the imagination of the mind and spirit. We see the importance for hairdressers to be able to connect on a deeper level within themselves

and with others. We want to blend the elements of a new modern methodology, Fusion, with the spirit and raw passion of an artist. Our goal is to affect hairdressers in a different way because we believe the academy will inspire and unlock their creativity as salon stylists and as hair artists.

Academy F is located in a historical 13th Century convent in the heart of the San Lorenzo district in central Florence. Influenced by the art and lifestyle of a bustling and creative city, Academy

Michael Polsinelli Founder, Creative Director

F sits in architectural surroundings

Marieke van Bakel F-Squad

inspired by the past. A city based on concepts of tradition and innovation, forming the perfect cornerstone of the style of the Academy. It is a concept space in which you can

Gianluca Sasso Founder, Artistic Director

exchange ideas and connect culturally. Everyone from the artistic team, to the

Nikos Georgoudis F-Squad

participants plays an integral part in the building of our educational journey. Our goal is to help stylists grow professionally and stimulate their creative energy.

Diva Poulos Artistic Director

The Academy F stems from an innovative approach, which is developed

Giovanni Iovino F-Squad

by the International Artistic team called F-Squad. Our core team consists of Creative Director Michael Polsinelli (Los Angeles), and Artistic Directors Gianluca Sasso (Florence), Diva

Anthony Polsinelli Artistic Director

Poulos (San Francisco), and Anthony Polsinelli (Toronto).

Ana Desin

F-Squad - Make-up


This seminar is our technical foundation developed to give a complete and in depth understanding of each individual technique, displaying the unique movements of the blade, scissors and blending shears. This class enables stylists to understand the how and why we utilize these tools in this manner in which we call Fusion. Participants will feel prepared and confident with their increase in technical knowledge from this workshop.


1 2 3


9.30 am

Guests arrive at Academy F

10.00 am

Welcome and Introduction of Academy F

10.30 am

Presentation of Technologic

12.30 pm


1.15 pm

Scissor Techniques

3.00 pm

15 min. Coffee Break

5.00 pm

Class Wrap up


9.30 am

Guests arrive at Academy F

9.45 am

Begin Class – Complete Scissor Techniques

11.30 am

15 min. Coffee Break

12.15 pm

Introduce Blending Shear Techniques

12.45 pm


1.30 pm

Blending Shear Techniques

2.45 pm

15 min. Coffee Break

3.00 pm

Introduce Blade Techniques

5.00 pm

Class Wrap up


9.00 am

Guests arrive at Academy F

9.30 am

Begin Class – Continue Blade Techniques

11.00 am

15 min. Coffee Break

12.30 pm


1.15 pm

Finish Blade Techniques

2.30 pm

15 min. Coffee Break

2.45 pm

Create your own Haircut

5.00 pm

Finish Class


TOOLS 1. Scissor

2. Blade

3. Blending Shear



2. Body Position

3. Pressure

4. Tension

5. Angle

F tech guide


6. Moisture

7. Rhythm

SCISSOR TECHNIQUES 1. Straight Cutting

2. Point Cutting

a. Vertical Point Cutting

b. Angled Point Cutting

c. Point over Comb

3. Gliding

a. Continuous

b. Interrupted I

c. Interrupted II

4. Push Cutting

5. Back Cutting

a. Under Panel I. Short Stroke

II. Long Stroke

III. Diagonal

IV. Vertical

a. Under Panel

I. Short Stroke

II. Long Stroke

6. Under Curve

7. Scissor Flicking a. Flicking Forward

b. Reverse Flicking


8. Scissor Skinning

9. Etching

10. Cutting the Curve


2. Inside Out

3. Back and Forth

4. Point Cutting with Blending Shears

5. Blending Shear Over Comb


BLADING TECHNIQUES 1. Serrating a. Over the Finger layering

b. Over the Finger Bob

2. Skimming

a. Panel Skimming

3. Twist and Skim

4. Blade Threading

5. Skinning

6. Slicing

7. Carving

8. Pen Technique

a. Vertical Penning

b. Horizontal Penning

9. Flicking

a. Finger Flicking

b. Shift and Flick

c. Surface FLicking

10. Peeling

a. Vertical Peeling

b. Horizontal Peeling

11. Blade over Comb



Technologic This 3 day seminar is a our technical foundation developed to give a complete and in depth understanding of each individual technique, displaying the unique movements of the blade, scissors and blending shears. F5 Fundamental Cutting This 6 day course is developed to provide stylists with theoretic and core cutting concepts of the Fusion Cutting method. Cutting in Motion This seminar introduces new seasonal collections, Spring/ Summer and Fall/Winter. “Cutting in Motion� is designed to stimulate the mind with fresh new ideas preventing stylists from becoming stagnant and repetitious.

Cutting for the Edge/Colour This is a seminar in which we will be utilizing technique to push these haircuts to the limit combining the elements of line, balance, and creative colour. Fusion Design The intention of this course is to provide stylists with the motivation and artistic inspiration to step out of the salon and enter a world of pure exploration. Basic Principles of Make-up This Seminar introduces the core elements of learning everything there is to know about the face. Make-up Collection Our Collection make-up seminar is our second class that coexists with our seasonal hair cut collections. We believe that make-up and hair is a union that compliments the entire appearance or overall look.

PLACES TO SEE 1. Duomo piazza del Duomo 2. Santa Maria Novella piazza Santa Maria Novella 3. Piazzale Michelangelo This panoramic terrace on a hill overlooking Florence from the Oltrarno offers a splendid view encompassing not only the city but also the surrounding hills. The walk up from the Arno is steep, but a No. 12 or 13 bus can take you there. 4. Palazzo Pitti piazza Pitti 5. Palazzo Vecchio piazza della Signoria pubblici/arte/musei/a.htm 6. Santa Croce piazza Santa Croce

RESTAURANTS 9. Il Latini This is a unique spot, which still offers a convivial Tuscan spirit, where the dining table is a place to make friends and share common interests. via dei Palchetti 6 +39 055 210916

NIGHTLIFE 14. Noir lungarno Corsini 12-14/r

10. Nove lungarno Guicciardini 10 +39 055 2302156

16. Dolce Vita Piazza del Carmine 6/r Tuesday-Sunday 5 pm 1.30 am in the winter, 10 am – 1.30 am in the summer.

11. La Busola Great Pizza and great Tiramisù, need we say more? via Porta Rossa 58 +39 055 293376 12. 4 Leoni piazza della Passera +39 055 218562 13. L’Osteria del Porcellino Is located just few steps from Piazza della Signoria and the Ponte Vecchio. It serves traditional tuscan dishes. via Val di Lamona 7/r +39 055264148

7. Uffizi Gallery Loggiato degli Uffizi 8. Galleria dell’Accademia via Ricasoli 58-60

hot spots in florence

15. Meccanò viale degli Olmi 1

17. Yab via Sassetti 5/r 18. Slowly via Porta Rossa 63/r 19. Tabasco One of the major Florentine gay clubs. piazza Santa Cecilia Nightly 10 pm – 4 am 20. Girasol Expect Latin and bossa nova sounds. via del Romito 1/r Tuesday-Sunday 8pm- 2am (happy hour 8:30-9:30 pm).

via Panicale 61/r +39 055 2645745


Stazione S.M.N.





Ca vo ur




via cale ni Pa piazza del Mercato Centrale

a on


piazza San Marco

piazza Stazione

Basilica di San Lorenzo


via Basilica di Santa Maria Novella



Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore


i via dei Cerretani

piazza della Repubblica 17 11


13 19

Sa pon nta te Trin ita


via dei Proconsolo


via dei Calzaiuoli

via dei Tornabuoni


piazza della Signoria Palazzo Vecchio 5

Ponte Vecchio

7 Uffizi

12 piazza Santo Spirito

10 Palazzo Pitti


English text

Academy F - Technologic manual  

Technologic manual by Academy F

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