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27 th October ‘‘We are who we are” The theme of Sean Walsh’s upcoming exhibition, under the title ‘We are who we are”, centre’s around ordinary everyday activity, familiar and mundane.Sean uses the art as a source for his overriding interest in structure and composition. Sean, who taught art for many years in Tipperary town, believes that much of what is exhibited nowadays is focussed on emotion and shock effect to the detriments of cohesion. He believes theres an underlying order all around us in nature and that human beings instinctively recognoise it as an essential part of their spirit. He wants through his artwork to draw out in the viewer a recognition of this fundamental truth. Exhibition opens in Tipperary Excel Art Gallery


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‘‘We are who we are” Ths workshop is an introduction Creative Writing with Sheila Quely. Is there a story that you have always wanted to wri...

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