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15 OCT - 7.30PM : Compañia Danza Nomada Roberto Torres repeatedly felt the necessity to travel to Africa, at various moments in his life, creating a link that strengthened with time and a growing understanding of this continent. Africa inspired him as a creator. As a dancer it has enriched his expression, and as a person it touched him deepely, opening him to new worlds and new ways to be.

16 OCT - 3PM : Nick Bryson & Damian Punch 16th Oct 2011 - 3PM The Goldilock Zone Nick Bryson & Damien Punch, acclaimed for being trapped in the bodies of peacemaking Northern Ireland politicians in their first show ‘Hanging in There’, now take even more gigantic steps forward, but this time for the benefit of the whole of mankind!

16 OCT - 7.30PM : Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company The closing piece of the Tipperary Dance Platform will be a repeat performance from Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company of their new piece Solo Logic.


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