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SunBears 2015

Fur, Fun & Sun , 2015

Fur, Fun & Sun

Welcome to SunBears Weekend 2015 On behalf of Bears San Diego, and the SunBears Weekend 2015 Steering Committee, I am pleased to welcome you to our weekend. We are planning a weekend full of activities that are fun and exciting with a price tag that makes it worthwhile, and an opportunity to make new friends and visit with old ones. The weekend is also our major fund raising event. This year’s beneficiaries are Special Delivery San Diego, The Trevor Project and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We hope you enjoy this weekend, get to know some of the wonderful people participating in our event, and take away fond memories.

Jeff Rosenfeld Chairman

SunBears Weekend 2015 Steering Committee


SunBears Weekend 2015

About Bears San Diego

Bears San Diego is a club for bears and bear fanciers. We are based in San Diego, California but we have members throughout the United States and even a few from overseas. Bears San Diego was established in San Diego in October 1994 when a need was recognized for a group who did not fit in with the main stream gays.

In 2003 Bears San Diego took the next step and began our journey to become a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We finalized the process in the summer of 2006 when Bears San Diego got it’s final approval from the Internal Revenue Service to do business as a Non-Profit Organization. Bears San Diego’s purpose is to bring together men of common interest on a social basis, providing events at a local bar, den night at member’s homes, outings to movies, restaurants, the zoo and parties with other Bear Clubs. These gatherings give participants the opportunity to actually meet other bears and admirers to create new friendships. Contact Info: Bears San Diego, PO Box 3151, San Diego CA 92163

Bears San Diego Board of Directors

Dave Bendixen


Brian Davis


Don Riggs


Jeff Rosenfeld


Aaron Borovoy


Donnie Vella

Public Relations

Jeff Breeze

Social Chairman

David Ferguson

Member at Large

Calvin Pierce

Member at Large

Al Seymour



Fur, Fun & Sun


SunBears Weekend 2015

Schedule of Events Thursday, November 19 Kickoff Dinner & Bear-eoke 7:00 pm - 12:00 am Redwing Bar & Grill • 4012 30TH Street, North Park

Friday, November 20 Hospitality Suite & Registration

Lafayette Hotel & Suites • 2223 El Cajon Blvd, North Park

Meet ‘N’ Greet

Pecs Bar • 2046 University Avenue, North Park

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm 7:00 pm - 12:00 am

Saturday, November 21 Private Pool Party & BBQ Lunch

Wayne D’s • 5263 Countryside Drive, College Area

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

VIP Reception Buffet

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Mr. So Cal Bear/Cub Contest & Show

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

SunBears Fuel Bear Dance Party

9:30 pm - 2:00 am

Rich’s San Diego • 1051 University Ave, Hillcrest Rich’s San Diego • 1051 University Ave, Hillcrest Rich’s San Diego • 1051 University Ave, Hillcrest

Sunday, November 22 Brunch & Bingo with The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Victory Celebration & Beer Bust

3:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Numbers Night Club • 3811 Park Blvd, Hillcrest The Hole in the Wall • 2820 Lytton Street, Point Loma

Farewell Dinner

Baja Betty’s • 1421 University Avenue, Hillcrest


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Fur, Fun & Sun


SunBears Weekend 2015

SunBears Weekend 20154


Fur, Fun & Sun

Program Schedule Saturday Night, November 21, 2015 Mr. So Cal Bear/Cub 2015 Contest & Show = Welcome & Greetings = Miss Roxy Bleau = Blessing by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence = Introduction of Judges = Introduction of Contestants - Street Wear = Bearspray – The Movie Part 1 = Contestants - Bear Minimum / Fantasy = Presentation of Charities = Contestants - Cruise Wear = Bearspray – The Movie Part 2 = Bearspray Live Performance = Silent Auction Winners = Winners of Mr. So Cal Bear/Mr. So Cal Cub 2015


SunBears Weekend 2015

SunBears Weekend 2015

Ticket Booth & Main Boat Departure Address: 1050 North Harbor Drive (Foot of Broadway), San Diego, CA 92101 - 619-234-4111 or 800-442-7847 8

Fur, Fun & Sun

Mistress of Ceremonies Miss Roxy Bleau Ms. Bleau arrived in San Diego after graduating from the Suzanne Sugarbaker School of Etiquette. Upon arrival in America’s Finest City, she threw herself into community service and has continued servicing her community for many years. She is known for providing an evening of “wit and tit”. She was honored with the title of “Founding Member”, along with Mr. Lee Albert, of Bears San Diego in 2005.

2820 Lytton Street

@ Rosecrans in San Diego

619.996.9000 9

SunBears Weekend 2015


Fur, Fun & Sun


SunBears Weekend 2015

Meet the Judges for Mr. So Cal Bear/Cub 2015

Dad Ron Brundige Mr. So Cal Bear 2011

Dad Ron is a native Texan and has been a resident of San Diego since 1978. He came to California when enlisted in the Navy and has never left. He has worked for the Department of Defense (USMC) for the last 38 years. Dad Ron holds the titles of Mr. So Cal Bear 2011 and Mr. Bear San Diego 2007 and has worked with Bears San Diego throughout the years to raise tens of thousands of dollars for various charities. He is currently a member of Bears San Diego, Fetish Men San Diego, San Diego Fetish Brotherhood, and the host of the San Diego Cigar and Boots. His interest in the community extends beyond the leather and bear communities to include assisting with other LGBT groups. Dad Ron has been honored to judge Bear and Leather contests in San Diego, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Dad Ron is very proud and supportive of his own Leather family, and is under the stewardship of a Master (Leather Bear). He is living life, and looking forward to the day that special cub/boy appears to light his cigar.

Emperor Mikie Too

His Most Imperial Majesty The Majestic Scorpion Emperor XLIII Emperor Mikie Too has lived in San Diego since August of 1999. He is very involved with The HIV Community and currently sits on The San Diego HIV Health Services Planning Council, as well as on The San Diego HIV Housing Committee for the County of San Diego. Emperor Mike Too has been a member of The Imperial Court de San Diego for over 8 years, and is the current Reigning Emperor of All San Diego. As Emperor, he has reached out to the LGBTQ community in San Diego, has built bridges between organizations, including the Power of 6, and has helped raise thousands of dollars for The Imperial Court charities and many other organizations.


Fur, Fun & Sun

Meet the Judges for Mr. So Cal Bear/Cub 2015

Sir Frank Cavallo

Mr. Los Angeles Leather Bear 2015

Sir Frank Cavallo was born and raised in New York City. It was there that he attended Seminary and graduated from College. He received a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in African American Studies and began his career within the field of education. Looking for a change of scenery, Sir Frank relocated to Los Angeles and began teaching in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He retired as an Elementary School Principal in 2012, after 32 years. He was a member of the Rotary Club for 5 years and received the Paul Harris fellowship award and has been listed in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. Sir Frank currently resides in Sherman Oaks California with his husband Harry, and they have been together for 16 years. For the past 30 years Sir Frank has been active within the Bear and Leather Communities. He is the current Mr. Los Angeles Leather Bear 2015 and serves on the Board of Bears LA. He has attended many Leather and Bear events both here and in Europe. Sir Frank is currently an associate member of PSLOD (Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert) and a member of the Maximus Cigar Club. His hobbies are but not limited to; cigar events, Blackfire Weekend in Palm Springs, Smokeout in Las Vegas and at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood and his Leather Family.

NUMB3RS 3811 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92103 619-294-7483 13


SunBears Weekend 2015

Meet the Judges for Mr. So Cal Bear/Cub 2015

Marceliano “Ben� Hernandez Mr. So Cal Bear 2013

Over the past several years, Marceliano has grown into the LGBTQ community and has developed a whole new perspective. He is very proud to be a part of it, and has learned there is more to the community then he first had realized. Marceliano is amazed at what the bears have been doing for the community and how much they reach out and help out others in need. Marceliano holds the titles of Mr. So Cal Bear 2013 and Mr. Imperial Bear 2013, and has worked with the LGBTQ communities in Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Diego. He has helped raise thousands of dollars for various non-profit organizations such as; Being Alive, Project 10, City x1 Youth Group LA, and Project Angel Food to name a few. Marceliano cannot wait to see who will be the next title holder and how they will impact the 2015 year!!

Rudy Ramrod

Huggy Bear 2015

Rudy Ramrod is one of the original San Diego drag kings of the San Diego Kings Club. They are the longest running drag king troupe in North America. Rudy and the kings have been performing in San Diego since 2000. Rudy has performed with over 300 charity shows in his drag career, and has worked with The Imperial Court de San Diego, Bears San Diego, The Leather Heart Foundation, The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and The Transgender Community just to name a few. Rudy has also performed at various Prides around Southern California as well as participated in drag clinics at many of the local colleges. Rudy is also one of the few lesbian entertainers to hold a spot on the Lips San Diego Menu and be part of the Lips Family. Rudy knows no limit when it comes to giving back to the community. Rudy is there is lend a hand, throw a show, come out to an event, or raise awareness. Rudy holds the titles of Huggy Bear 2015, Mr. Cinco De Mayo 2012, Enchanted Emerald Claddagh Prince for Life 2011, and Ms. Gay San Diego 2010 14

Fur, Fun & Sun

Meet the Judges for Mr. So Cal Bear/Cub 2015

Empress Martini Moore

The One Olive Shaken Not Stirred Empress XLI of Los Angeles & Hollywood

Empress Martini Moore started her carreer in drag 18 years ago and has travelled all over Northern and Southern California. In 2001 she became aware of the Imperial Court System. She has been involved with the Imperial Court for over fourteen years holding various titles as Performer of the Year 2002, Imperial Grand Duchess 5 of Long Beach and the Angel Empress 41 of Los Angeles and Hollywood. Six years ago she started the Mr. Imperial Bear/Cub contest to bring the Bear and Court Communities together. She believes in raising money for her community and has raised thousands of dollars for various charities like The Trevor Project, Project Angel Food, and the C.A.R.E program at St. Mary’s Hospital among others. Empress Martini is very honored to be a judge for the Mr. So Cal Bear and Cub contest and to support the bear community.Bear Hugs and Good Luck to all the contestants!!!


4012 30th St San Diego, CA 92104 15

SunBears Weekend 2015

Meet The Contestants For Mr. So Cal Bear/Cub 2015 Gustavo Alvarez

Mr. Imperial Bear 2015 Gustavo is from Los Angeles and works in restaurant management during the week and as a Go-Go bear on weekends. He describes himself as a mild to wild type of bear that loves hanging out with his friends, cuddling and watching a movie at home, going on hikes, and enjoys big butts and pizza. Although Gustavo is fairly new to the community, he looks forward to serving as a bridge between the bear generations to keep bear culture going. He also wants to raise funds for The Trevor Project, C.A.R.E. and other organizations that help people with HIV/AIDS

Aaron Borovoy

Mr. Bear San Diego 2013

Aaron is a happily married bear that is seeking the title of Mr. So Cal Bear because he has a passion for making a positive difference in the world, and empowering others to do the same. He enjoys good food and wine, hibernating naps, and spending time with his husband Peter. Although he was born under the sign of Taurus the bull, he is a bear through and through. Aaron was the first openly gay president of Temple Emanu-El. He has been actively involved in the San Diego LGBT community for over 25 years, and has served with The Imperial Court, the LGBT Community Center, UCSD’s Chancellor’s LGBT Advisory Board, JPride, and, of course, Bears San Diego. Aaron holds the titles of Mr. Bear San Diego 2013, The Mosaic Wolf Emperor of The Imperial Court de San Diego, and is the fully-professed Guard Isaac Weiner with The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. He has also received the “20 Years, 20 Heroes” award from Lambda Archives, and was a Champion of Pride honoree from LGBT Pride.


Fur, Fun & Sun

Meet the Contestants for Mr. So Cal Bear/Cub 2015 Rene Lopez

Journalist/Photographer Rene is a 25-year-old Mexican American cub who lives in Santa Maria, CA. He is a journalist who has contributed to many gay magazines and blogs; mainly about Pop-culture and gay sex tips. Rene currently writes for Playbear magazine and and also takes photos and films gay porn as a cameraman. As a videographer and porn producer, Rene has helped launch porn sites like and He has also worked filming popular New York musicals such as Bayside and Heathers. Rene currently has his own blog The Cub Club Blog where he writes about gay Pop-culture from Broadway, to film star interviews, to fashion and art. Rene’s major goal is to celebrate gay men in arts and business and to shine a light on companies, performers and artists in the gay community, this includes featuring bear singers, painters, web-series and models.

Francisco Perales

Mr. Cub LA 2015-16

Francisco is originally from Fort Worth, Texas and currently lives in Los Angeles. He was a hospital corpsman in the US Navy and is currently studying to be a Radiology Assistant at Los Angeles City College. He is also a case manager with Volunteers of America. Francisco describes himself as a hairy leather muscle cub with a cute face, buzz cut, lots of tattoos and is fun, honest, hungry, horny, a bottom, kinky, and thirsty. Francisco holds the title of Mr. Cub LA 2015-16 and looks forward to working with Bears LA to raise funds for Los Angeles LGBT youth.


SunBears Weekend 2015

Meet The Contestants For Mr. So Cal Bear/Cub 2015 Jonathan Russell

Mr. Bear LA 2015-16 Jonathan lives in Bakersfield, CA and works for a mental health facility advocating for individuals with a variety of mental illnesses. He loves his job. When not at work you can find him working on charity events with Bears LA, hanging out with friends or restoring his 1916 craftsman bungalow. Jonathan is currently single and looking for Mr. Right. Jonathan holds the title of Mr. Bear LA 2015-16. He is also the new face of Bearwood underwear, based in Long Beach, which is a new underwear company specially for bears, and was featured as “Bear of the Week” on Bear World magazine’s website. Jonathan is currently working to re-establish a bear group in Bakersfield and looks forward to meeting and working with his fellow bears throughout Southern California.

BC B ig




1010 University Ave San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 574-7878


Fur, Fun & Sun


SunBears Weekend 2015

HEAT BAR & KITCHEN Proudly Supports

SUNBEARS 2015 Weekend


and receive 15% off your entire bill expires Nov 30, 2015

3797 Park Blvd, San Diego (619) 546-4328


Fur, Fun & Sun




Luna Grill. Fresh Mediterranean



SunBears Weekend 2015

at SunBears Weekend 2015?


Fur, Fun & Sun

CafĂŠ On Park 127 University Ave. San Diego CA Phone: (619) 688-9283

3952 Fourth Ave

San Diego, CA 92103 Hillcrest

1236 University Ave Hillcrest 619.241.2710 23

SunBears Weekend 2015


Fur, Fun & Sun


SunBears Weekend 2015

California keepsakes designed by artists who Live, Love and Laugh in the City by the Bay.

e z o o t Sn . Ea ery an A.M

3940 Fifth Ave. San Diego, CA 92103 Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30A-2:30P Sat-Sun 7:00A-2:30P

141 University Ave, Ste 3 San Diego, CA 92103 26

Fur, Fun & Sun



SunBears Weekend 2015


Fur, Fun & Sun

Our SunBears Weekend 2015 Charities

The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources including a nationwide, 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline, digital community and advocacy/educational programs that create a safe, supportive and positive environment for everyone. The Trevor Project envisions a future where the possibilities opportunities and dreams are the same for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Special Delivery San Diego has been saving lives and filling bellies with nourishment since 1991. They are a non-profit organization with a staff that is 100% volunteer! They currently cook and deliver fresh, homemade and nutritious meals to 130+ individuals and families five days a week! Special Delivery’s mission is to alleviate hunger and malnourishment for those living with AIDS, Cancer and other critical illnesses & to people medically homebound throughout the San Diego community. Fresh, wholesome food is prepared, infused with love and homedelivered to feed both the body and the soul.

Founded in 2005, The Asylum of the Tortured Heart, or the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of men and women dedicated to the support, education and development of diverse communities of San Diego. 29

SunBears Weekend 2015




Fur, Fun & Sun


SunBears Weekend 2015

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors and Donors Diamond Sponsor Rich’s San Diego Platinum Sponsors Jaegermeister

Gold Sponsors Baja Betty’s Bears of the Old Pueblo CCBC Resort Dr. Jeffery Keeny Gossip Grill Gun Oil Heat Bar & Kitchen Hillcrest Brewery Mankind Numbers PECS Bar Pleasures & Treasures Redwing Bar & Grill San Diego Desserts-Bistro Sixty Texas Bear Round Up The Hole in the Wall Titan Men Urban MO’s

Silver Sponsors B.C.B Company Cabais Mexi Deli Cafe on Park Edible Arrangements Empire House Hornblower Cruises & Events Killer Bob Graphics Latrice Royale LiveLocal Luna Grill Orfila Winery Rough Trade Gear San Diego Harbor Excursion SF Mercantile Snooze an A.M. Eatery Uptown Tavern 32

Fur, Fun & Sun

Who’s the huggiest bear of all? You decide!

HuggyBear 2016 Sunday Dec. 13

Doors 5pm Contest 6pm NUMBERS 3811 Park Blvd. San Diego

A Fundraiser for the 2015 Bears San Diego Charities (Special Delivery, Trevor Project, and the S.D. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence)

$5.00 Door Donation to benefit the Bears San Diego Charities

Contestants sell hugs and auction off an item. The contestant who raises the most money wins the title!

TITLE IS OPEN TO EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF GENDER For more information and to become a contestant, contact Aaron Borovoy at (619) 890-9182 or at


SUNBEARS WEEKEND 2015 “ FUR, FUN AND SUN” Fuel Bear Dance Party November 21, 2015

Fuel Dance Party Every 3rd Saturday of the month 9:30 PM to 2:00 AM


Sunbears15 program  

Runbook for SunBears Weekend 2015

Sunbears15 program  

Runbook for SunBears Weekend 2015